Hinjew wedding…

Uncles in yarmulkes:


A white girl in a sari (with the beautiful “Miss Neesha”):


Sarita and David are married!

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12 Comments to “Hinjew wedding…”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me to see “uncles” (lol, how asian) in yamulkes since Muslims wears “topees” and so do Hindus. But a white girl in a saree? Very bizarre. It looks okay (unnatural, but okay) – white people wearing Indian clothes doesn’t have quite the same affect as South Asians wearing Indian clothes.

  2. No sadly, we just don’t carry it off as well. I mostly just wear them around the house :-) They are so comfortable and elegant!

  3. you look lovely in your sari. ive worn indian clothes most of my life. i love how they look & they are so comfortable. i mostly wear kurtas, & shalwar kameez, & i have lots of colorful indian skirts. i have no sari yet mostly because i feel funny about going into a shop to buy one & learning how to wear it but now that ive seen you it will inspire me. is it difficult to wrap it all around you? my dream is to wear a sari. i am also white but many people ask me if im pakistani so maybe i will get away with it.

    • I missed this, eva—it’s easy to wear a sari once you are used to it and feel securely wrapped :) They are quite comfortable actually. And hide a multitude of issues if you need them to!

  4. hey…you look lovely in the saree!
    amazing blog btw…i haven’t known a hindi movie conoisseur as passionate as you…honestly…keep up the good work and all the very best.

    and if you ever decide to delete the blog or make it private, let me know in advance; so that i can email the rare reviews and posts to myself!


  5. Oh I’m sorry the white girl looks hot as hell in a Sari – it looks better on her, definately! She’d make an Indian man a very very happy groom, lol! :-)

  6. Indeed, Raj is right. :D

  7. Hi Memsahab!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are you of Indian origin ? Which country are you from? If you dont have an iota of Indian connection, how you became a fan of hindi movies? Can you understand, read and write hindi? Thanks for building a rich repository of bollywood information.

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