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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. Greta, do try and see Iqbal and Dor (Carla has reviewed the latter, I think). Not perfect but make a nice change from the usual Hindi film plots.

  3. I have them both, just haven’t gotten around to them yet :-) Lots of people have recommended Dor so I really need to see it soon especially…

  4. I found the filmi geek blog first, and added a list of recommendations for every decade there. AM resuming it here for you. It is not a complete list, just what came into my mind:

    1950s: Devdas, Do Bigha Zameen, Mr. & Mrs. 55, Do Ankhen Baraah Haath, Naya Daur, Sujata, Baiju Bawra, Mirza Ghalib, Bombay ka Babu

    1960s: Bandini (a must, but keep kleenexes handy) with one of the best Asha numbers ever; Sahib, Bibi aur Ghulam, Haqeeqat (possibly the best war-films of Indian cinema despite its defects and with songs to die for), Teri Soorat Meri Ankhen, Gumraah (didn’t like the ending), Waqt

    1970s: Guddi, More of Jaya in Upkaar, Zanjeer (Amitabh’s baptism in the angry young man role), Abhimaan, Anamika, Kora Kagaz, Naya Din Nayi Raat, Mili, Naukar.

    Others: Garam Hava, Dastak (v v good), Mera Naam Joker, Kabhie Kabhie, Khilona, Heer Ranjha (for being the only Indian film totally in verse) but this last is difficult to find,
    Gaman, Muzaffar Ali’s first film: a hard look at the Bombay Dream, worth watching for its music alone: 2 most famous ghazals: Raat Bhar Aaapki Yaad Aati rahi, and Seene Mein Jalan Aankh mein Toofan sa Kyon Hai.

  5. Thanks, Bawa. I have seen most of these, but the ones I haven’t I will look for (except Mera Naam Joker, which I have already sworn I will never torture myself with ;-)

  6. Ok, thats like wow! Just put them because you haven’t gone round to wriitng about them yet.

    Mera Naam Joker went like this: 3 parts; excellent first part (it was Rishi Kapoor playing Raj as a teenager), with Raj not in sight); good second part, OK its got Raj in it but the Russian girl was gorgeous; totally superflous and in bad taste part 3.

    Would watch it just for the Rishi bit!

  7. I’ll never get around to writing about all the ones I’ve seen :-D I’ve been watching them for six years and writing this blog for one year, and I continue to watch them too! I’ll never catch up. But that’s okay. And I like the list; it might help other people decide what they want to see too!

    Re: Mera Naam Joker, I just can’t stand Self-Indulgent Raj Kapoor, and I think this SIRK’s magnum opus. Would rather watch Shammi again :-)

    • I like Raj Kapoor, but I don’t know if I can ever convince myself to watch Mera Naam Joker. Something about Raj Kapoor being a clown just freaks me out.

      I got the nerve to watch The 120 Days Of Sodom but I can’t bring myself to seeing Raj Kapoor as a clown.

      There’s something wrong in the world methinks…

  8. madam , please see and give your views of those movies which are rarely kept in channels like Zee Cinema , Set Max etc… like Rajesh Khanna’s Babu, Bandhish,Akhri khat, Akhir Kyun, Angarey and others .See the filmography from wikipedia /google of Jitendra, Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar and Rajesh coz many of their films are not being kept ion tv

  9. plz see those hit movies and tell me abt it.Also pls tell who starred in Tinku? Whether Dil Daulat Duniya was a superhit?
    Plz read wikipedia article abt Rajesh.Its a great article.

  10. Impressive list of movies here…I have seen most of them. The ones I have not, I now have to see.

    A few others that you may want to see (or maybe you already have) :
    1960s : Satyakam, Khamoshi
    1970s : Tere Mere Sapne, Imtihaan

  11. Hi raja :-) Have been over at Atul’s sighing happily over songs.

    Satyakam I have seen, Khamoshi not yet (although I have it); Tere Mere Sapne I wrote about here (I adore Vijay Anand) and Imtihaan, I just started watching the other day and was interrupted. Need to get back to it, apparently it’s a remake of “To Sir With Love”? which is one of my favorite films.

  12. please i want the BANARASI BABU 1973


  13. Having just discovered your blog I’m systematically making my way through it, and I hope it won’t be too much of a diversion when I respond to some very old posts long forgotten. :-)

    Chronologically speaking I’ve completed till Tarana 1951, and am looking forward to reading further on.
    There is a lot of catching up to do, and I’m loving it.

  14. Thanks pacifist :-) Enjoy the journey, I know I am!!

  15. Just saw ‘Nehle Pe Dehla’ over the weekend. Loved it for the sheer amount of ‘Masala’. Sunil Dutt, Vinod Khanna, Bindu, Ranjeet, Saira Banu and PremNath – Copakabana!!

  16. btw ‘Copakabana’ is Premnath’s ‘punch word’ after every second sentence. So you see, what’s in store – pure and unadulterated 70’s masala!

  17. No ARADHANA in 70’s list..why?
    Even if you have not reviewed it, you can give the text unlinked, just to make this kind of “complete”


  18. Where is Mr X in Bombay, an all time Kishore fav of mine…Kishore the INVISIBLE Man ,,what more do you want..even if you don’t like Mere Mehboob qayamat hogi song..( Of course you would!!)

  19. Ayyooo.. I am going nuts looking at the costly misses..


  20. I have watched a lot of films that aren’t on the blog…I didn’t start this until I’d been watching films for five years or so, and I couldn’t possibly list all the ones I’ve seen and not reviewed. I don’t even review all the films I watch now, if I have nothing much to say about them or nothing that hasn’t already been said :)

  21. Dear Memsaab,
    Thanks for your reply..Please do not mind my comments if felt offensive..
    i love your site and read most reviews here..i was sort of lurking from last one year and got courage to join up only now.. I have subscribed to all posts that I commented sent by wordpress site..

    jaan hain to jahaan hai..

    I am a kishore kumar fan, have you reviews any of his golden oldies that I have not seen?
    If it is not illegal my blog name is nageskumarcs blogspot com

    Can I contribute reviews to you too.You may use them , edit them, whaetver… Thanks…

    Best wishes,


    • Your comments have not offended me at all :) I am glad to meet you. You should post reviews of Kishore’s films on YOUR blog—it’s a great way to meet like-minded people :)

  22. Friends,
    This is addressed to all readers..

    I am trying to recall a Hindi Murrder Mystery of 70’s which stared Dev Anand (?), IS Johar ( Sure!) etc in which an Old man ( Old actror like Nazir hussain, sapru or somebody) is found murdered on a rocking chair, Five or six suspects walk into the room and find the body after the murder, but for some reason thinking that the ‘other person’ has killed him and to save the suspected murderer, they keep planting their personal belongings like Key chain, cigar, shoe marks etc so that the evidence should point at them..What none of them know is that the murder was already committed before the firs guy planted the false evidence..

    Now go figure it out…
    Please let me know…


  23. I’ve seen and not reviewed. I don’t even review all the films I watch now,

  24. another good film to review is Mein Azaad hoon starring Amitabh Bacchan.It is a remake of the famous Hollywood film Meet John Doe starring Gary Cooper.

  25. you have provided links even for tyaag and dhanwan right?
    that is not being notified in brackets against the name of the film.
    It would be great if you could provide with details of where from we can donwload or you may give us the link in the same way as these 2 films above.

    • There are links that one of my friends provided to download Tyaag in the Tyaag post itself. I don’t remember Dhanwan being posted here…

      • okay, if you have provided for some more films, please do notify it by putting in brackets against the film name( download from here)I have not watched some of the films like Chupa Rustom , Neend Hamare Khwaab Tumhare.

  26. Memsaab, I watched Yeh raat phir na aaygi after reading your review and am I glad! It is a real gem in the B&W Mystery- romance genre..
    I have written reviews of some 20 films so far , many after reading your /similar blogs, on IMDB site

    The link to my reviews is


  27. pls put a review on mother india (1957) and naya daur (1959). if you haven’t watched those movies then pls do. they’re really good ones. and do watch baazi (1951).

  28. see gupt(1996). it’s a murder mystery….
    not knowing about that, i accidently saw the last part before the beginning of the movie and i came to know who the villain was.
    because of this i’ve never seen a murder mystery ;(

  29. You should watch Action Replayy (2010). You might like it lol

  30. This is noit a foillow-up to your current thread—just a note to say how much I’m enjoying your site (which I discovered only recently). My wife and I started watching Hindi films back in 1988, when there was only unsubtitled VHS. You may have started viewing later,but you know a lot more about Hindi films than we do. Please continue your good work. It and your manner (andaz?) are greatly appreciated. All possible good wishes to you.

  31. Hi ‘memsahib’ / Your Highness,
    Great work! Kudos to you.
    Check out Hum Dil Chuke Hain Sanam.
    I bet you’ll add it to your list of all-time favorites.

  32. Have you seen the 1963 film Sehra? Have you heard its songs?

  33. The list has not been updated after 2010.

  34. Memsaab (I don’t know your real name, sorry), I really miss your writing. You seemed to have a great grasp on Indian cinema, and I loved the way you wrote your reviews. It’s been almost a year, and I along with a few other fans are dying to see your next post. I too live in America, and I can feel your pain on today’s political scenario. Hopefully, things will change for the better.

    By the way, what do you think of the recent #Metoo movement. This has inspired a revolution of sorts here, and it is good to see women finally emerging victorious after long struggle for centuries. Do you think this could happen in India?

    Also, I do not know if you are into old TV shows. But I wanted to tell you that I have been watching TV shows, BH90210 and the Brady Bunch. Have you seen these before.

    • Ha ha, I am watching a “The Rookies” binge right now. I love old TV shows. I am old enough to have watched the Brady Bunch when it was first on the air :) Thank you for your kind words. I have been watching Hindi movies, but the time for writing posts just doesn’t seem to arrive. I do feel so sad about what’s become of our country, although I do believe that the good will prevail (and it’s not Bernie, fuck him forever). I am not sure India is ready for a #metoo movement. I posted a link to this review of Padmavaat yesterday and the backlash even from women (who have probably not bothered to read the article) has been really sad. Let me know what you think of it:

  35. What a site! What devotion to Bollywood! You might be the one rare person to come close to having watched the number of Indian movies I have watched! And you are a recent entrant while I have had my lifetime to devote to this!

    I can see that you have shied clear of the new-age / artsy / serious cinema from India. I have enjoyed a lot of those too, but I can totally align with your selection. There’s

    But, is this a list of all the movies you have watched? There must be more, right?

    Why do I ask? Well, in the list above I don’t see Dilip Kumar’s “Ram aur Shyam”, or Hema’s take on it, “Seeta aur Geeta”, or Sridevi’s copy of that in Chaalbaaz. Each a delight in its own, but none of them missable!

    Then there was “Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein”; a gentle love story, while the older “Anaari” is a love-story and a court-case, delightful despite RaJ Kapoor, because of the resplendent Nutan and Lalita Pawar, or “Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai” where the smoldering Pran is riveting, at least before the preachy end.

    Now that I chanced upon here, I’ll keep returning. Thanks, memsaab!

    • Ha!!!! Yes, I have also seen every single film you mention above including a lot of the new-age types which are not really my favorites (except the really good ones) :) This index is only a list of films I have written about, and I tend not to write about films that other people have reviewed extensively unless I think I have a different take. I also don’t write about films that leave no real impression (for better or worse) :) I do need to get back to writing though. I miss it!

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