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November 6, 2017

An open letter to American Democratic party leaders

I am going to take up some space here to talk about American politics. I am disabling comments on the post because the internet is a cesspool of idiots and horrible people about whom I don’t care, and from whom I don’t need to hear. Then I’ll get back to Indian movies (although BTW India? You need to take care of some political stuff in your own house too. Get on that, will you? I want to be able to move there if things here don’t improve fast but as it is now you aren’t any better!). But right now, after living through a year of the dumpster fire that is our government, I need to vent.

So here’s the thing.

It appears that at least some of you (*cough* Elizabeth Warren *cough*) think that Bernie Sanders and his rabble of supporters are necessary to the future of our party. I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s why.

The main thing that distinguishes Democrats from Republicans is our diversity. Women, people of color, LBGTQ people, and other marginalized communities depend on our leaders in the Democratic party to advocate for us, fight for us, and keep us safe because the GOP sure as hell isn’t going to.

Bernie does not advocate for diversity. He thinks “identity politics” as he calls it, “can wait” or are somehow disconnected from social class. He’s wrong; and it makes many of us feel like we’re being sold “trickle-down economics” from the right and “trickle-down civil rights”* from the so-called progressive left.

Civil rights are economic rights. Access to health care, abortion, reproductive control, are all economic issues. Systemic racism and sexism and discrimination of all kinds are economic issues. The GOP keeps chipping away at the progress we have made on behalf of women, LGBTQs, and people of color—but we need those Sanders white guys in order to win?! I don’t think so. The white guys who support us already because they get it will continue to do so, the ones who don’t can fuck right off.

Bernie would be a terrible President. He is divisive, he is rigid, he does not listen to other people. He would make the gridlock in our Capitol even worse (if that’s possible). He showed that in the Democratic primary last year when he refused to concede the nomination and work with Democrats to defeat Trump. He was more concerned with his own ego than he was the future of the country. Oh, who does that sound like?

His supporters argue that the election was “rigged” and attack women and people of color with racist and sexist language when they are challenged. They seem to think more people wanted to nominate Sanders than Clinton, despite his loss to her by 3.5 million votes. They persist in their grievances in the face of constant rebuttals from thoughtful and informed people. Oh, who do they sound like?

If you really think Sanders is the future of the party, and that his supporters are necessary in order to win, and dismiss all the characteristics of both that are in a direct line with Trump and his supporters, then we’re done here.

There is a reason Sanders lost to Clinton by 3.5 million votes, and it’s not that the all-powerful DNC was pulling the strings. It was because people like me—who could not have told you the name of the DNC chair—looked at both candidates and liked what Clinton had to offer more. I am sick and tired of people not understanding that. It’s insulting to all of us who chose our nominee carefully and thoughtfully to be dismissed as not understanding people’s “real problems”. She had real workable policy ideas; she had years of making a difference in public service for people who needed it most. She was literally the most qualified person on the planet to be President. We also saw that she had to swim upstream against white male attacks from both the left and the right (including Sanders and his supporters even after she had the nomination firmly locked down) and admired her resilience and tenacity in the face of it all. What you seem to be missing, dear leaders, is that WE ARE ALL Hillary Fucking Rodham Clinton and we are tired of that shit. Our choice won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes and we’ve watched in dismay as she’s continued to be the scapegoat for everyone else’s failures. We know what that’s like too. But she isn’t the point here.

Sanders supporters keep whining: “But he would have won!” First of all, they don’t know that as fact and will never know it; and second of all, if he had won it would have been because Clinton supporters wouldn’t have been dumb and self-absorbed enough to sabotage an important race and people’s futures by casting a holier-than-thou third party vote or not showing up at all. They don’t get to both help Trump win and whine that Bernie would have; logic and reason do not work that way.

The Republicans haven’t won anything without cheating since George W. was “elected” (truth: not elected) in 2000. Where have you been while they have been suppressing minority and poor voters, drawing extreme gerrymandering maps (including using prison populations as “voters” even though they can’t vote!), taking advantage of the outdated Electoral College to give rural mostly white voters a disproportionate amount of power, and using easily hacked voting machines to their advantage? I know that the media is biased in their coverage of Democrats and never talks about what you’re doing behind the scenes. Democrats are, by and large, people who don’t make great headlines because we don’t bait people who can’t fight back and make outrageously false claims. But seriously, why are Republicans still getting away with all this?

It is really hard to be a Democrat and has been for a while. You don’t seem to be helping this country make progress. I’m not sure exactly what you stand for any more, because people of color, women and LGBTQs are still struggling for equality and justice. The only reason I’ve stuck with you—like many—is because you’ve been my only real, viable alternative to the GOP’s reprehensible racism, sexism, homophobia, and general hatred.

But if you think embracing as the party’s leader a man who is dependent on a vague notion of “Revolution!” to enact his ideas (which aren’t anything new), but doesn’t think including those of us who aren’t white and male is absolutely necessary; if you embrace as leader a man who did a lot to sabotage us and very little to help in the last election; if you embrace yet another man who dismisses women (when he’s not sticking his hand in their faces and talking over them), then I’m done with you forever. We are the ones who are necessary: we women, people of color, worshipers of different religions; all of us on that wide spectrum of sexuality that doesn’t distinguish right or wrong; we who have always showed up, who haven’t sold out because we were disgruntled and our egos bruised. I disagreed with Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to vote (totally support his right to and reasons for kneeling during the anthem) (also, the team who picked him up would have so many forever fans because of it, if the white guys running the league could only figure that out), although I got it. Or at least I thought I did.

Now, I really DO get it. I do. I’m right there with you Colin, sitting on that bench and watching, and we are not alone. Women particularly are used to not being heard so you might not have heard from a lot of us, but believe me plenty of us are really angry. We talk to each other, though, and we are not having it if you don’t recognize who really supports you.

You need to figure out what you want this party to represent. We need a party who stands with us and doesn’t equivocate over what is truly important. We need leaders who will DO something with the energy and enthusiasm propelling us onto the streets to march and protest. Equality and diversity matter to us, and not as afterthoughts. Gun control matters to us. Justice matters to us. Kindness matters to us. Humanity towards all living creatures on this planet matters to us. We’re tired of tiny increments and backward steps. If nothing else, Trump’s election shone a klieg light on everything that still needs big-time fixing. Sexism, racism, homophobia are all right up there still. And we’ll keep fighting against those things even if we aren’t Democrats any more. Something else will take your place in our lives even if we don’t know what it is yet. So don’t underestimate us or take us for granted, because on top of everything else that will be the last goddamn straw.

*I did not make “trickle-down civil rights” up myself, a smart woman named Monica Chilton did, but it’s so perfectly perfect.

May 28, 2016

The old cowhand…


This week, two days before he would have turned 14, I said goodbye to one of the most entertaining and endearing characters to ever cross my path. Bandit came to me just over three years ago, right before his 11th birthday. His rescuer and foster dad, Eric, posted the following on my Facebook page the next day, and I think his words and pictures describe Bandit’s backstory (as he calls them, Acts I and II) so eloquently and beautifully that with his permission I am sharing them with you.

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March 17, 2015

The year in pictures (mostly)


The cobwebs have grown thick on here, except for the intrepid commenter here and there (thank you for not letting this die completely!). The last year (plus) has been full of things not-Hindi-movie related. I haven’t given up watching Indian movies completely, although mostly now I rewatch old favorites; I think I finally got exhausted by all the poor video quality, no subtitles, and other barriers to my enjoyment. Also, I took up knitting again with a vengeance, and knitting and subtitles (or having to concentrate due to lack of subtitles) do not go together, at least for me.

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December 19, 2013

The luckiest Mem in the world

is mostly likely ME. I need to finish this post and get the sad one off the top of the page, because despite the ensuing sorrow on my return home I really feel very blessed indeed and strengthened by my recent trip to India. I spent three glorious weeks there with my beloved Friend Greg: two weeks in Mumbai and one week in Shimla (joined by my friends Carla—Filmigeek—and her husband at the very beginning and end of the trip in Mumbai). We even managed to fit in Diwali celebrations in both places!


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March 4, 2012

The Warrior (1981)

I stray once again out of Hindi movie territory, tempted by the complete and utter dreaminess of Indonesia’s action star Barry Prima (thanks to Todd, whose guidance into the weird wide world of cinema has been invaluable if not always properly appreciated by me). There are two main factors which prevented me from really loving this loony film: the heavy-handed English dubbing, done by even worse actors than those onscreen—I much prefer subtitles; and the incredible amount of gore. I am not a big fan of blood even when it’s obviously fake, and this movie is soaked in it. Even the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail makes me shudder (a not-coincidental reference, by the way).

Enough about the bad points. The Warrior does have a fair number of good ones. In fact, in many ways it reminded me of (besides Python) a Manmohan Desai film: vicious jack-booted, badly-bewigged colonial (Dutch) oppressors, one with a daughter who falls for the rebel hero; active animal participation; and an unsubtle crazy mish-mash of religious references and imagery. There is even a CSP guy in the form of the hero’s best friend to interrupt the plot with slapstick on occasion, which does actually serve as relief from all the carnage. Plus, we are given voodoo-practicing zombies and kung fu on top of all that, and—Barry Prima. He really is dreamy, even with bloodied empty eye-sockets and Christ-like stigmata.

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September 5, 2011

The Memdogs

A week ago or so, I left a comment over at Atul’s blog in which I mentioned my dogs. Atul responded with a question about my use of the plural, and I realized that I have never given a proper welcome here to my second third (counting Gemma) little Miss Thing. Then Salim left a comment asking about Callie and I took it to mean that the universe is telling me it’s time to give the two girls who light up my life their due.

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June 12, 2011

The Beastmaster (1982)

Okay, so I know I haven’t posted much lately and now that I am it isn’t even an Indian movie, but boy do I have a treat for you. Well…you might not see it that way, but I did ask over at the Facebook page if I should post it and one responsive reader said “Heck yeah, yaar!” with nobody else objecting (thanks Joelette for enabling me!). Truly in my opinion The Beastmaster is crying out to be Bolly’d up. It is Dara-Singh-sword-and-sandals meets Manmohan-Desai-clever-animals meets Hindi-cinema-separated-families meets Wadia-Brothers-fantasy-magic; but made in Hollywood so only half the melodrama and no songs, with possibly slightly better production values.

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May 16, 2011

Facebook Mem

After getting emails and comments for a while now asking about a Facebook presence, I have created a MemsaabStory page there. When I figure out how, I will link the blog and the Facebook page so that you can get updates in your feed if you “Like” the page. If you don’t want updates bombarding your wall, then ignore this. I plan to try and post some of the awesome things I stumble across occasionally or (more often) people send to me too.

I know I have been quieter than usual, there is just a lot going on right now. Hopefully I will soon get back to having no life so that I can watch movies again. Until then—see you on Facebook!

April 16, 2011

Mis vacaciones

Some of you noticed that I disappeared for a while (it was only a week!). I have been in Panama, visiting one of my dearest and oldest friends, Greg. He moved there four years ago with his partner (who is from Ecuador and Panama) and it was way past time to see his not-that-new-anymore home. Being a textile junkie I knew about the exquisitely embroidered molas made by the Kuna Indian women, but I confess that I didn’t know what else to expect from Panama except that it would likely be hot and there is a big canal there.

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March 23, 2011

Spring is springing!

Except for the fact that we are supposed to get two inches of snow today, spring is in the air and I decided it was time for a new look.

Hope it works for you!