Spring is springing!

Except for the fact that we are supposed to get two inches of snow today, spring is in the air and I decided it was time for a new look.

Hope it works for you!

49 Comments to “Spring is springing!”

  1. I like it, despite not reacting well to change :)

  2. @Eliza: LOL! Most people don’t react well to change…

    I’m glad you all like it, or at least are pretending to. It’s very kind of you :D

  3. Ooh! I like it very much. It looks very crisp and clean and fresh – just like Spring.

  4. Memsaab, you may be looking forward to spring, but in India, summer precedes and post cedes some windy days, which are the last reminders of a forgotten season. But your reviews are refreshing enough, so come on sweltering summer; Memsaab and ME are ready for the encounter! As for the new look, why not add your pic as well, at one of the lovely windows( maybe beside SK)? Then it would be a real hit. Looks nice anyway.

  5. so new and different but same at the same time!

  6. Same to same but different? :) One of my favorite sayings of all time.

  7. I love it!
    Nanda’s expression is so expressive of spring itself.

  8. I love that picture of her, she looks so pretty.

    Images are all from PC’s collection of album covers, as usual, at Third Floor Music :)

  9. Beautiful and much easy to navigate through archives now..

  10. Stunning and candid photographs of Madhubala. May be you will be interested.


  11. I like the new look though I must say I miss some of the ‘Eastman’ color that was part of the banner on your old pages.

  12. When I logged in, I wondered whether I had wandered to some unfamiliar site, then I realised that it was the same beloved blog of ours, it is just that the furnitures, curtains and other decorations were new. It will take some getting used to, but I am sure I will like it. This new look seems quite nice, especially the tags at the top.

    Moreover, it is nice to see Shammi Kapoor back in the header.

  13. Very nice new layout – memsaab’s window on Indian Films?

    The comments section is much neater now and i am now able to view all comments clearly in my browser. Earlier the first two words used to be missing!

    There is a change for us too. Autumn has begun!

  14. Any particular reason why comments are “waiting for approval” of late?

  15. I like it. I’m always game for a new look. Spring or no spring.

    I love the pics of Mumu and Dharam in this one. Both of them look so mischievous. But do add your pic too.

  16. I miss the old one, but love the new one too! (and I love that ‘spring’ green detail on Shammi’s suit – did you think him the only one worthy of being tinted a bit? ;-). I know I would!)

  17. Like it. The blog head is really cool…..really like the tinted Shammi and Mumtaz.

    I think its way better than the previous one. Great job!!!!

  18. …and the view that Asha has is much better than the spring outside IMO :-D

  19. I liked the new look, but I miss the old one. Please do add your pic too. It is somewhat uncompleted without it….

  20. Did anyone notice..that only Shammi is in some ‘color’ in that banner? ;-)

    And this one looks more vintage and er..romantic. Ah..spring it is!

  21. hey nice pic spring is the best season so lovely .

  22. Recently discovered your blog -very cool!

  23. I like the new look if only because the videos are big again.

  24. LOL Tom :) You and your videos!!! (thank goodness for them) :)

  25. Very refreshing new look, memsaab – and I’m so happy to see one of my favorite actresses, Nanda, peeking curiously through the windows!

  26. Very sober! I like the clean cut look – but SPRING is the season of COLORS (HOLI HAI)! But at least now I won’t have to minimise the browser hurriedly – the old banner suggested I was on a sort of naughty site and I browse your site on the job you see – Baaaad I know!. Overall – thumbs up.

    By the way I stumbled on an archived article of ‘Tehelka’ on you and your group. The link is below:

    Were you present at the Star/Screen awards? I was seeing some snippets of it and discussing with family when I just heard Farha saying ‘Greta….’ something.

    • Yes, that article is from a few years ago :) My first bit of publicity! And no I wasn’t at the awards…must be another gori mem out there named Greta :) Probably a blonde Swedish one, even better!

      And LOL@minimizing. I will try to keep that in mind for future headers too :D (Readership does jump during the week, so you aren’t the only one reading at work)…I know it should be more colorful, but I am not feeling colorful these days. I need peace and solace, so there you have it. Shammi and Asha and Nanda and Dharam and Mumu…all there to console me in a muted palette :)

  27. wow i love that header and the new look, I’m such an LP art sleeve geek, i know the Lp’s each of those images come from (Tessri manzil, Bhabhi and Loafer).

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