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Hindi cinema is very unique in that the same people appeared in hundreds of films across many decades, in several cases as many as six. These actors and background figures begin to feel like family after a while, especially since many of them tended to play the same type of character over and over (Nazir Kashmiri as Ramu Kaka, for instance!). They are very often hard to identify (by their “real” names), so as I started to figure out who they were I began collecting screen caps to remember them by.

This page contains links to pdf files which contain those screen caps (and occasionally photographs from vintage film magazines) of Hindi cinema’s luminaries. Artists—I want to include “behind-the-scenes” people too when I can—are listed alphabetically by first name (or only name as the case may be) along with the date of the screenshot or photograph. I have organized them by decade, and those artists who had careers spanning many decades will be represented in each.

These pdf files can be downloaded and printed. As I add more artists and replace pictures when I find better quality screen caps or photos (or have to fix my own stupid mistakes and typos!) I will update them.


1910s/20s/1930sGallery_1910s-1930s (07 Feb 2015)

1940sGallery_1940s (07 Feb 2015)

1950sGallery_1950s (07 Feb 2015)

1960sGallery_1960s (25 Oct 2012)

1970sGallery_1970s (07 Feb 2015)

1980sGallery_1980s (25 Oct 2012)

1990sGallery_1990s (17 Apr 2012)

Artist Index

This is an index of all the artists featured, with the galleries they appear in next to their names. I will update it as appropriate too, I hope.

Artist Index (07 Feb 2015)

Artist Identification Project

I now post screen shots of actors/personalities for whom I need help identifying on my Memsaabstory Facebook page. You don’t need to be signed up with Facebook to access the page, although you do in order to comment there I think. If you can help and don’t want to join Facebook (I don’t blame you!) you can email me at memsaabstory (at) gmail (dot) com if you recognize anyone!

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  1. Lovely!!! Oh you’re so dedicated… I love it how you have the years in the parenthesis after each name. Hats off!

  2. hats off memsaab!! this is AWESOME!!

  3. This is a marvelous resource! I know that I will be referring to it regularly.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.

  4. This. Is. Awesome!

  5. I’m so happy you all are happy. Some people cure the sick and feed the hungry, and I—I screencap and identify Hindi movie actors.

  6. Memsaab – awesome job! Thanks for sharing this priceless info with us.

    I scrolled through the 1950’s gallery and realised that Chandrashekhar acted as a poilce inspector in Kati Patang (i rewatched it a few days ago!).

    I have come to know the names of many actors from ur gallery.

  7. Hello memsaab,
    love your blog, great insight and knowledge.. just a couple of things,
    -I dont see any Guru Dutt on here, not a fan? Pyaasa..
    -Do you know the connection between Anwar Hussain and Sanjay Dutt?
    -Would love to see your reviews on
    Do Beegha Zameen, balraj sahani classic
    Haqeeqat- classic dharmendra,
    Khamoshi-another classic dharmendra and waheeda,
    Do aankhen Barah Haath- Shantaram masterpiece
    johar mehmood in hong kong–classic pran and Upkaar
    Mera Naam Joker
    And your list of best looking actors and actresses, for both stars and ranjit lol just to see how different indian and western tastes are, btw ranjit shirts were quite common back in the day

    • I adore Guru Dutt, he isn’t on here mostly because his films are so widely written about by better writers than I, so I don’t have anything to add. Plus, I saw all his films before I started writing this blog. I think Pyaasa is a masterpiece, and really love his earlier films too. One of these days I’ll write one of them up!

      Anwar Hussain is Sanjay Dutt’s uncle (mama) :) And some of the films on your list are on mine to watch (some of them I have already though).

      Ranjeet…*sigh* He is dreamy ;-)

  8. I love love love the 1940s gallery. Everyone is so beautiful there. I keep going back and just staring at the beauty :)

  9. Hi,
    Very well catalogued just like a pro.
    Mala Sinha, Nanda, Sashi Kapoor missing.

    Keep up the good work

    Thank you

  10. My eyes are filled with tears of gratitude…please keep adding! So important for those of us who see the same actors, and the same names in credits over and over, but can’t always match the names with the faces.

  11. ok, sorry. I think I should start READING your posts :P

    I am currently looking at 60s :)

  12. Holy Moly… How much love and hardwork has gone in the making of this.

    *Bows to thee* We are not worthy. Awesome awesome awesome. You made a Bolly-Good day :)

  13. This is too wonderful for words…so much gorgeousness in one place. You must show me how to do screencaps – so that I can add yet another obsession to my list of addictions.:-)

  14. Memsaab, this is a great project, no two ways about that! Great reference gallery this is going to be soon. Wow.

    On page 1 of the 40s section, the last picture, is that really Madhubala, I thought that was Noorjehan, but i really cant say. Have a look again.

  15. Greta,

    Back again after a long time. Couldn’t spot Sudhir in the ’60s gallery. Was ‘Haqeeqat’, the Dharmendra starrer Sudhir’s screen debut.There is a Mohammad Rafi clasic picturised on a Sudhir, sans moustache, in that film.


    • No these lists are very incomplete, and I will start working on them to fill them in. Are you a Sudhir fan too? because I LOVE him. So handsome! He and Ranjeet…especially together in a film…just make my heart flutter ;-)

      Edited to add: He’s there now! ;-)

  16. Brilliant idea.

    Feedback: I’m not to keen on some of the pictures, e.g. Premnath in the 70s gallery – unless it’s difficult to find an image, the face should be clearly shown.

  17. Thank you very much for compiling this list. Now I will be able to see faces of many names I have read in film credits.
    I have observed that in 70s list, Sanjeev Khan is listed. It should be Sanjeev Kumar (screen name). His original name is Hari Jariwala.

    • OMG, that is such a horrible error that I was moved to fix it immediately. Thank you for letting me know—arghh. I know his name is Sanjeev Kumar, and that his real name has everything to do with textiles (zari or jari) and that he was Gujarati. Hope that makes up a little for my terrible mistake ;-)

  18. It is interesting to notice how these actors age with time. Of course there are exceptions. For instance, Ashok Kumar looks aged right from the beginning.

  19. have to say 70’s were the best years for handsome indian men, great pic of amitabh, unmatched intensity. my mom said that she used to love anil dhavan. Vinod khanna, vijay arora, AB, Danny, Dharam, shashi, young jeetendra, peaking rajesh, shatru and many more all still iconic, truly 70,s will be unmatched for indian cinema. plus parveen bobby zeenat aman, hema malini wow..
    you i your favorite 70′ face other then ranjeet lol..

    • sorry i meant who is your favorite quintessential 70’s face?

    • I don’t think I can pick a single quintessential male 1970s face, although on the female side I think it would be Parveen Babi. She was just so incredibly beautiful and I loved her free-spirited persona too.

      I love Amitabh in Deewaar, I think it’s one of the best films ever made and he was simply great in it. And Vinod Khanna and Dharmendra are big favorites here too, along with Rajesh :) And you make fun of my Ranjeet love, but he is seriously HOT. Seriously.


  20. I didn’t know where else to write – I’m a first time visitor to your blog and I absolutely love it! It’s so nice to hear the opinions of a genuine wordsmith, and you are hilaaaaarious, too :)

  21. Hi memsaab!

    Hats off to you memsaab. This is just priceless.

    I love 70s hindi cinema and my favourite is of course the 70s gallery. I just loved it.

    I just want to call your attention to the lady in the first screencap in the second row from 70s gallery. She is not Alka. Her name is Zahira. She was with Rishi kapoor in “Zehrila insaan”

  22. The 60s gallery link needs to be fixed – it goes to the 50s gallery instead.

    • Oops!!! I will fix it today—I have more people to add to the real 1960s gallery anyway :) Thanks for letting me know.

      Updated to add: it should be right now, and much bigger! :P

  23. the character actor in 70’s and 80’s is wrongly mentioned as satyendra kapoor ,he in fact is satyen kappu,he played zeenats father in lawaris,inspector in don,was in all prakash mehra movies,main villain in namak halaal etc etc

    • A lot of Hindi film actors changed their names numerous times over the years, so I basically go by what imdb lists them under, which for Satyen Kappu is Satyendra Kapoor. I have seen him credited both ways.

  24. Pls allow me to add some SS of folks who can be added to the AG, pardon me if they are duplicated. Usually while watching a phillum I tend to pick on folks who could be of interest here like this one
    Lalita Kumar aka Lalita Sinha a Veteran of almost 80 plus movies and been in Biz since her first movie Teen Batti Char Rasta ? from 1953.

    The shots yu will see here are from the hilarious BIWI HO TO AISI from 1988. She made a wonderful pair of husband-wife, Mr n Mrs Poonawalla, with none other than Gulshan Bawra, SS also enclosed. Remember her as RADHA in Hum Saab Ustad Hain from 1965, a musical entertainer with Kishoreda, Dara Singh and Sheikh Mukhtar, Ameeta, Bela Bose, King Kong,Maruti. I have seen this movie at least 25 times and not had enough !!

    Memsaab yu can pick any SS which yu deem fit for AG, and another one will follow and that is of your fav, at least one of them, SUDHIR, his debut movie BAROOD 1960 which I saw yesterday. He looks cute there.
    It was a wonderful movie with Sheikh Mukhtar, Kum Kum, Mukri and toddler Honey Irani !!

    Cheers and the various SS-

  25. Its a fantastic list…!! But I must say Anil Kapoor’s name is not mentioned in any of the lists…Kindly include his name too

    • I haven’t gotten around to Anil Kapoor era yet :)

      • Anil Kapoor’s photo should have been in the list of 1980s, he could also have been in the 70s list since he made his debut in 1978. But really cant stop admiring the hardwork u had put in creating this one of a kind list.

        • They are a work in progress…he’ll get there! I can’t bring myself to watch many 80s films at a time…one every six months or so seems to be my limit! If you have a clear screenshot of him from the 70s (or 80s) do send it and I’ll be happy to add it! Actually quite a few of the bigger stars are underrepresented, since this grew out of my obsession with identifying the lesser known and “background” people. I started the “library” of screencaps just for my own edification and then decided to share :) Thanks for the kind words :)

          • I have a few small screen shots, but I dont know if its worth being included in the Ultimate Collection, however will mail it to you including the Movie Name and Year of Release, plz send a mail on my mail Id.

          • my mail id is paddyji@gmail dot com

  26. I just stumbled upon this blog and find it absolutely awesome. Thanks for the amazing reads on Indian, Pakistani and Bengladeshi movies. :)

  27. Hey Greta, quick question: is Chaman Puri related to Amrish Puri?

    • Yes, he is the oldest of the three brothers: Chaman, Madan and Amrish :) I personally think that Chaman looks like both Madan and Amrish and therefore belongs in the middle!

      • And if I mya barge in they have one lucky sister also, Chandrakanta Mehra. And another youngest bro called Harish Puri.He never joined phillums.

        I think Chandrakanta is the youngest of ’em all.

        Cheers .)

      • Did you know Amrish Puri application for a lead role was rejected in 1954? Not sure which movie though.

      • Did you know Amrish Puri’s application for a lead role was rejected in 1954? Not sure which movie though.

  28. Yep indeed Shashi he failed the Screen Test and went to work for Ministry of Labor, right ? Wud hv been nice to know who failed him.

    Same was with Big B, he was found not fit, voice wise to work for AIR !

    Destinies had other ideas though .)


  29. arjun hingorani,rajesh khanna,jhonny walker, nasir hussain,farida jalal,babita,paintal,shahsi kapoor,alaita pawar,gurnaam singh,feroz khan,imtiaz khan,sulochana latkar,tanuja,pran….

    — I think the above mentioned actor’s fotos need to be changed as the fotos appearing in gallery are not as nice as they actually looked were in the 70’s. i mean i want them to look more attractive so put other fotos from other films or better print

    kishore kumar,vk sharma,Ranjit Chowdhry,mehmood,macmohan,amjad kahn are missing from the gallery.

    Meena T ‘s foto is the most perfect foto from the gallery. its very clear.
    great work by memsaab but please do change those fotos as clear as that of Meena T

  30. Great work. Please mention name of the movie for each picture if you could. Where did you get all these awesome pics?

  31. They are mostly screencaps that I’ve taken, although some are from readers who have contributed :) It’s pretty time-consuming to do actually, hard to get clear pictures with the crappy video quality that are Hindi movies. And my friends, family, dog, boss all make other demands on my time that I either want or have to pay attention to! :D

  32. Hi Greta, any idea who the girl is in this song? Is that Ragini or Naina?

  33. This is amazing, Greta!!

    One question – do you know anything at all about who Honey O’Brien was? She is one of the only gori woman I’ve ever seen really given some attention in an older Hindi film – you definitely see enough of her at that party in Awaara to remember her.

    • I do not know much about Honey O’Brien. I haven’t seen her in anything else that I can recall either. A gori woman much more predominant (had small roles in some B movies and was a dancer) is Leonara—or Lino—Jones (she’s in the 60s gallery, I’m trying to get a better screencap of her though). She was English, and lived in India (she had a dancer boyfriend who was a friend of Terence Lyons), until she returned to England in the late 60s or so. I’ve seen her in lots of songs as a dancer.

  34. This is a great resource, Greta! Thanks for doing all this work. I’ll probably print it and put it in a binder for easy viewing, sometime :-) Best of luck on the ongoing quest!

  35. Thank you for this site that features cinematic artists. I don’t think I would have been aware of them otherwise. One of them even looks like Elvis! :)

  36. Great job! This is a wonderful resource and you have a great eye for screencaps.

    This really deserves some award or something.. Maybe a Padma Bhushan. :)

  37. I have been hooked on to your blog, the treasure trove, since a couple of days now and this post is probably a personification of your immense knowledge of bollywood. I am in awe not just for the post contents, but also for the gems in the comments.

  38. Awaiting further updates :)

  39. A few suggestions.

    Talat Mahmood (the ghazal singer) was a leading man in the 1950s:

    Karan Dewan, leading man in the 40s and 50s:

    Mohammed Rafi has a cameo in Jugnu (1947): (around 1:20)

    Sandhya, the leading lady in V. Shantaram films:

    (also Gopi Krishna, dancer in the video)

    And V. Shantaram himself.

    Also, V. H. Desai the weird professor in Andaz.

    Mumtaz Ali, mother of Mehmood, was a dancer in the 1940s / 1950s.

    And an assortment of character actors I’ve put together in a photobucket album (Zahur Raja, Wasti, Vasant Chaudhary, Tony Walker, Susheel Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, Sudesh Kumar, SK Prem, Rajendra Singh, Raja Sulochana, Raja Pranjpe, Raja Gosavi, Preeti Bala, Prabhu Dayal, Peace Kanwal, Pandharibai,Mirza Musharraf, Mirajkar, Maya Banerjee, Masood, Kumud Chuggani, Keshav Data, Jayamala, Jawahar Kaul, Jagdish Srivastava, Jabin, Ghulam Mohammad (actor), Diwan Sharar, Chand Burke, Anjana, Anant Kumar, Amir Banu):


    • That list was a bit messy so I cleaned it up.

      30s, 50s, 60s, 70s: Raja Pranjpe

      30s, 40s, 50s – Keshavrao Date, Diwan Sharar

      40s: Zahur Raja, Maya Banerjee, Masood, Ghulam Mohammed

      40s, 50s: Amir Banu

      40s, 50s, 60s: Wasti

      50s, 60s, 70s: Vasant Chowdhury, Sudesh Kumar, SK Prem, Pandharibai

      50s – Tony Walker, Raja Sulochana, Jawahar Kaul, Jagdish Srivastava

      50s, 60s – Sushil Kumar, Sudhir Kumar, Raja Gosavi, Peace Kanwal, Mirza Musharraf, Mirajkar, Jabeen, Chand Burke

      60s – Preeti Bala, Jaymala

      60s, 70s – Kumud Chuggani

      60s. 70s, 80s – Anjana

    • I will definitely take a look at your album and mine it for the gallery if you don’t mind :) Thanks! (Mumtaz Ali was Mehmood’s FATHER, by the way ;-))

      You don’t happen to recognize any of the people in my Identification Project page, do you? :)

      • Mumtaz is a girl’s name though (Mumtaz, Mumtaz Begum, Minoo Mumtaz, Madhubala aka Baby Mumtaz), isn’t it? And he plays a character named Janaki in Basant..

        Note: my photobucket submissions are just the artists from the Hindi actors page not yet included here..

        I’ll try to get screencaps from Aarthi which I’m watching right now of Peace Kanwal and Keshto (for the 60s section). :)

      • Mumtaz Ali was definitely a man, and Mehmood’s father. It looks like your photobucket gallery is mostly taken from Surjit Singh’s actor gallery (I link to it in my sidebar)…I don’t really want to duplicate his efforts in mine since his site is easy enough for people to look at on their own.

  40. In 1950s gallery, Nazir Kashmiri’s photo, the caption reads “Feerless Nadia” . Please correct this.

  41. oops, I see that I was looking at an old download where Rashid Khan (and not Nazir Kashmiri) was mistakenly described as Fearless Nadia. You have made lots of changes since then and made corrctions. Please ignore my earlier post. :D

  42. I found Radheshyam in Pyaasa thanks to this gallery! <–you can use this for the 50s section if you wish to

    Also, is this MA Lateef?

    He's not credited for the film but it looks like him and he's been in some other Guru Dutt films.

    • I don’t know who MA Lateef is, although I would like to! I see his name in everything as well :) I will use that Radheshyam picture for the 50s gallery—he looks so young! Thank you :)

  43. @Upen and Memsaab,

    M A Lateef the versatile actor is in Aar Paar as KAZI, a very youngish MA, do check him out if yu see this musical. If I get time I will dig out a few SS.


    • Kasi is played by Rajendra Singh (according to Surjit Singh Saab).

      Lateef most likely plays the brother-in-law of Guru Dutt in a missing scene.

  44. Good blog of hindi cinema. You could also review the movie Aandhi (a 70’s flick starring Sanjeev Kumar and Aparna Sen).It is a socio-political drama but ofocurse the main reason are the excellent songs sung by Kishore Kumar.
    I am especially very fond of Kishore da as a singer.I think he is one of the best musicians not only of India but the entire world.the beauty about his singing is that it is completely natural and not a trained form. also he brought a lot of music forms like yodelling in Hindi music which made it feel even better.

    • I think you mean it stars Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen. I agree it’s a very fine film, but the memsaab dances to her own tune and reviews what strikes her fancy, I think, without much regard for what you or I or anyone else would like her to review.

      • *singing* I gotta be me! *end singing*

        Actually I have seen Aandhi, years ago, and remember liking it, but to write it up I would have to watch it again :) You never know!

      • thanks for the correction.It’s ok.I am not forcing memsaab to review the was just an enthusiastic request where i used the word could and not should.i do respect the personal freedom of others.

        • Well, you have reminded me about the film so you may see it here :) I took no offense (although sometimes people DO use the word “should” and I appreciate that you did not!).

  45. Upen
    As far as I can recall yes indeed Cuckoo was Anglo Indian… the saddest part is we do not know much about her life, not even her real name or DOB, what she did after the films etc. If any one has info pls share with us.


  46. hello.. why isn’t aishwarya rai in the list??!

  47. Man o’man.Awesome work !! Also, that chappie Dhruv from 1977 looks so like Sanjay Dutt doesn’t he ? And Imtiaz Khan like good ol Gabbar .

    • Dhruv reminds me so much of Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210 (the original) that I can’t get past it :) But yes, he does resemble Sanju too!!

  48. ah…..never saw that particular series…the original and the spinoff :D Growing up was with Friends and Frasier and weirdly Mork & Mindy and Happy days :p Doubt the series would compare to some of tvs finest nowadays…but yes, he does look like Luke :D

  49. I couldn’t find Raj Kapoor in the 50s or 60s gallery. Is he missing? Or have I not been looking carefully?

    • I haven’t put lots of the stars in there because everyone knows who they are. I began collecting screencaps only of the people who were less familiar (to me anyway) and now that I’ve put this up here I’m adding the stars as I see a movie with them. But I dislike Raj Kapoor films so it may be a while before he makes it in there :)

  50. Hmmm…. Well, I was not a big Raj Kapoor fan. I really, really don’t like lot of his films – In fact I don’t like any of the mvoies for which he seems to be remembered most these days – Satyam Shivam Sundaram and Bobby for sure. I also just don’t get Sangam. But people seem to remember him by these.

    I liked him in his earlier movies – with Nargis – I thought Awara was a very good film – and he was so young when he directed it. Then he produced Boot Polish – tthats a lovely movie. Jagate raho too was a very different kind of film. I liked Raj Kapoor – Nargis movies – Aah is one movie I love…

    Have you watched these earlier movies?

    • Don’t read my review of Aah (I called it “Aaaaaaaaaaaah”). I did like Andaz, but more for Dilip and Nargis than Raj. Awara I liked too, but again more for others. Haven’t seen Boot Polish or Jagte Raho, although I might someday because I understand they are different from his usual.

  51. The Rajkumar actor (from Sautela Bhai) clean-shaven:

    His full name is Rajkumar Pandey.

  52. Upendra: Re your Dec 17 post. That guy is Rajendra Singh. And M A Lateef can be found as the club owner in Taxi Driver.

  53. Why don’t post something about Sonia Sahani , from Johar and mehmood in Goa and other movies. There were many such actress like Kalpan from Professor!

  54. I am unable to open any of the Artists’ galleries.Can someone suggest something ?

  55. If you click on each link you should be able to download the pdf file (choose to save it to your hard drive); then you should be able to open them with Acrobat Reader (free download from

    If it doesn’t work let me know and I can email them to you. Probably your browser is trying to open them and isn’t able to for some reason. Save them to your computer instead :) Hope it helps.

  56. Greta ji

    In 1970`s artiste gallery, I have observed that

    1)It is not Anju mahendru`s screen cap,
    I think it is Suman sikand`s(Hanste Zakham actress)another screencap.(repetition I think) You have uploaded one photo of Suman sikand already.

    If you want to see anju mahendru, you can watch Rajesh khanna`s Bandhan,
    Dev anand`s Jewel Thief,
    Sanjeev Kumar`s Dastak

    2)you have uploaded Nazneen`s screen cap as Sheffali.
    I am 100 % sure that the actress in the screen cap is NAZNEEN ,not sheffali.
    In hindi movie industry, There are 2 sheffalis according to me.
    One the actress who is there with madan puri`s moll in Joy mukherjee starrer SHAGIRD.
    Another sheffali, remember ,I identified her in Sher-e-watan.(She is there in Manoranjan-1974,Ganwaar-1970,Gaddar-1973)

    Nazneen is there in
    Simmi garewal`s Chalte chalte(1976)
    Jeetendra`s Ek Hi bhool(as rekh`s widow freind)
    Kora kagaz(1974)(as Jaya badhuri`s naught sister who appears in song “mera padne mein nahin laage dil”
    Naya din nayi raat(1974)(as one of the inmate of mental hospital with jaya badhuri)
    Dildaar(1977)with jeetendra and rekha
    As “KUNTHI” in famous B.R.Chopra`s Mahabharat-T.V.Mega Serial

    3)Most probably you have interchanged the two photographs of Paro(1970)and Zaibunnisa.
    Both the actresses are there in SHARAFAT(I think you have taken the screen caps of both the actresses from that movie ,that`s why the confusion)(Dharmendra, Hemamalini starrer).

    Further,another confusion is there, Paro has been credited in some movies as Paro devi also.
    Please check the correctness of this fact.

    But I am 75% sure Zaibunnisa and parodevi/paro photos should be interchanged.Parodevi`s photo must be credited as Zaibunnisa, and Zaibunnisa`s photo must be credited as Parodevi/Paro .
    Both the actresses are especially essayed many roles as Brothel caretakers in many Hindi movie song sequences, sitting and chewing paan and spreading their hands with appreciation(In Hindi langauge, that action called as “nazar utaarna”i.e.warding off evil influences.(sorry for my faulty English langauge)

    Paro, whose face I know clearly as
    a)Leena chandavarkar`s caretaker in Rajesh Khanna`s 1971 Mehboob ki Mehandi,
    b)1973- Hanste zakham(she is there with specs in the song “Ye manaa meri jaan, mohabbat sazaa hai”-party song/qawwali)
    c)1972-Mom ki gudia
    d)as Laxmi Chhaya`s madam in 1971 Mera Gaon mera desh(she is there in the song sequence-“Haaye sharmaaoon,kis kis ko bataaoon-laxmi chhaya”
    e)1973-Dharma-she is there in the famous pran, bindu qawwali song “Raaz ki baat keh doon tho, jaane mehfil mein phir kiya ho”)


  57. I don’t know about number two, because I am not really familiar with either Shefali or Nazneen, but you are definitely correct about the other two mixups, and so I will change her to Nazneen as well! Thank you for the corrections!!! :) It’s always a work in progress and I’m grateful for people’s help.

  58. Gretaji

    1)Nazneen`s identity can be identified by watching the song from chalte chalte(1976),she is there in following songs
    a)Jaana kahaa hai,pyaar yaahaan hai(sung by bappi lahiri, sulakshana pandit picturised on Nazneen and Vishal anand aka Bheesham kohli(dev anand look like)
    b)another song from the same movie-“pyar mein kabhi kabhi aisa ho jata hai,choti si baat ka fasana”(sung by lata mangeshkar,shailendra singh)(picturised on nazneen and vishal anand aka Bheesham kohli

    2)Sheffali is there in
    MANORANJAN(1973) movie song “Dulhan maike chali,gori ki doli saji hai”-
    picturised on sanjeev kumar, zeenat aman, faryal, sabeena and many more famle actresses-picturised in police van-sung by lata mangeshkar, asha bhosle,usha mangeshkar

    She can also be seen in Ganwaar(1969)movie song featuring Rajendra kumar`s sharaabi song-“Idhar sharaab ka saagar peekar sharaab kheloonga main”(sheffali is one of the 3 dancers dancing around rajinder kumar)

    regards and lot`s of love

  59. Dear Greta Memsaab: Please add Bhudo Advani IMDB: with alternate credits as Budho Advani and Budo Adwani, He was a character actor and comedian who had worked in at least 45 films and for 44 years from 1933 to 1977. His work in many Gujarati language films has not been recorded or easily available. His public images are non existent. Best sources are the frame gabs from two of the Raj Kapoor’s films; Shree 420 (1955) and Boot Polish (1958). His extensive work mandates a tribute and perhaps, a full spotlight entry on your excellent archival blog. Regards: AT

    • If you send me some screen caps from those films I’ll happily add him, but I don’t know who he is offhand :)

      • Bhudo the toothless wonder! I posted a screencap of him earlier here. He’s the prison cellmate of David Abraham (the main one) and appears in “Lapak Lapak” in Boot Polish. In Shree 420 he’s the assistant of Nemo and is seen in the front of the car in close-up when Raj Kapoor gets in and elsewhere (the political rally, Nemo’s home, etc.).

        In his later films like Ab Dilhi Door Nahin — he only makes cameos. He’s a man in the street during the song you posted recently of the boys singing. He’s the bald toothless man.

        In Madhumati — he’s the Maharaj swami guy — also the role he has in Jagte Raho.

  60. Greta ji

    1)Divya dutta-shashi sharma mix up:

    Under the 1990 category , under DIVYA DUTTA(1999)`s name wrong screencap has been posted. The posted screencap was that of SHASHI SHARMA.

    Both Divya Dutta and Shashi sharma were there in Raja Ki aayegi baraat(1997)(I am guessing that You have taken the screen caps of these two actresses,from that movie)

    Divya dutta was there in Agnisaakshi(1996)Raja ki aayegi baraat(1997),Silsilay(2005),
    Mr.Ya Miss(2005),VeerZara,Umrao jaan(2006),U me aur Hum(2008).
    DIVYA DUTTA`S correct and exact screencap can be seen at IMDB.COM with her profile and filmography.

    Shashi sharma was introduced by Sanjay khan in his Television serial “The Sword of Tippu Sultan” as one of the major ageing queen`s role
    Shashi sharma was there in Raja ki aayegi baraat as Saeed jaffry`s elder daughter in law and other important movies of shashi sharma are Mehandi(1998-Rani mukherjee is there in this movie also),Xcuseme(2003-In this movie she played a role of Maharani)and Badshah(1999-she played a C.B.I.officer in this movie)

    2)Further Jagirdar has got another name as Gajanan Jagirdar, If you want you can add this GAJANAN to his name.

    3)Under artise gallery section of 1980
    Neelam(1981) has got another name as NEELAM MEHRA, If you want you can add this MEHRA
    to her name.She is more popular as NEELAM MEHRA.

    4)Under Artiste gallery 1960
    Vijayalaxmi(1964)(who was there in Mehmood`s shabnam and sanjeev kumar`s Alibaba and 40 thieves has got another more popular name as L.R.VIJAYALAXMI

    5)Satyendra kapoor has got 2 more popular names as SATYEN KAPPU,SATYENDRA KAPPU.

    6)DHRUV(1977) has got another name as UDAYCHANDRA(His famous films are Baaton baaton mein,Khel khilari ka, Hum paanch)

    7)Tiwari(1971) has got 2 more names as RAMAYAN TIWARI & R.TIWARI(Kaajal,Neelkamal,Madhumati).
    (Name of his son is BHUSHAN TIWARI.His name also in some movies credited as TIWARI & BHOOSHAN TIWARI. He was also a famous villain in movies like Mehmood`s Kunwara Baap,Ginny aur johnny)

    • Thank you—I’ve fixed the Divya Datta/Shashi Sharma mixup. Probably it is due to wrong info in imdb, which happens all the time!

      I use the name by which the actors are identified in imdb…if I put all the variations of all these actors’ credited names I would be typing for the rest of my life ;)

  61. The 1950s one seems to be not working; it leads to the index instead. :(

    The 60s Vijayalaxmi should probably be credited at L. Vijayalaxmi to avoid confusion with the Mahal-Aah actress. :)

  62. when I click on the artist gallery 1950, it leads to artist index, though the name shows as artist gallery 50s. I hope you can correct it. With Callie not keeping well it must be time for it.
    Speedy recovery!

  63. WOWW..i loved your work its wonderful..i loved the 60’s gallery very much.

  64. Love the website. Just a small correction in the 1990’s gallery: the artist tagged as Anant Jog is actually Kuldeep Pawar.

  65. Haan bhool gayaa thaa

    Thanks for identifying Gautam Mukherjee,Sopariwala,Kidar Sahgal,Harbans Darshan.M.Arora
    You are just……….you know what?? (just “SUPERB”)

  66. Do you have AZURI’s photo in the gallery ? I could not locate it.

    • I don’t know who Azuri is…if he were in the gallery, he’d be in the Artist Index. If you have a good quality screencap of him, I’ll add him :)

  67. Memsaab ji,
    AZURI( real name- Anna Marie Gueizelor),was born in 1907,in Bangalore to a German Father and Indian-Hindu-Mother.She was an actress and an excellent dancer.It was said that Cuckoo took inspiration from her dances and copied her.Azuri acted in about 50 films from 1934(Nadira) to 1960(Bahana).
    She migrated to Pakistan and acted in few films there.She died in Lahore,Pakistan in Aug 1998.She acted/danced in many famous films like Rattan,Shahajehan,Parwana etc.
    She is given credit to bring dancing as an essential item in Hindi films.She was very good looking.
    -Arunkumar Deshmukh.
    Note-I do not have her photo,that is why I was seeking it.

  68. I think in the 70’s Gallery, the female artist you have identified as “Shefali-1974” is perhaps “Nazneen”. She was the heroine in Chalte Chalte (1977) and later acted as “Kunti” in the Mega TV Serial “Mahabharata” of B. R Chopra in the 80’s

  69. Memsaab your madness to the memory of the Hindi film industry is touching. May the fever increase and spread. Viva Memsaab!!

    • Ha ha, thanks Srikant :) I am the sort who generally loses interest in things after a while, but somehow Hindi cinema keeps on giving me reasons to stay!

  70. Its fun to see all these people’s age progression from the 1950s to the 1980s, especially Helen’s and Bela Bose’s photos.

  71. Grand expansion especially in the 80s section! Habib and Hiralal are my favorites. <3 Also love the color photos of Nayampalli. Another actor I love for his famed past as a monster movie actor! although most of this films seem to have gone the way of the dodo.

    a few minor name fixes — Sheikh is just Sheikh, the M. Y. Sheikh is a different actor. Lohan is Lotan. And Raju Kumar is just Raj Kumar (in the credits at least). Adding the u would most likely help distinguish him from the Raaj Kumar, the mythological actor Raj Kumar and the Kannada actor Rajkumar but for the most part the latter two are much less common in Hindi films than our trusted cop Raj Kumar I feel we should give him the proper name. and Raaj has the extra a in his name.

  72. IN 1970 gallery Meena Roy (1972) should be Meena Rai. I have her autographed photo.Neelam Mehta should be Neelam Mehra (1976) & Satyendra Kapoor should be Satyen Kapoo(1975). Pl cross check before correcting.

    • I generally go with the listing on imdb—it isn’t always correct, but Indian actors/actresses/everybody have so many different spellings of their names (credits vary from film to film) that I default to the imdb spelling.

  73. In case of Meena Rai, there can be spelling difference, but Mehta & Mehra are totallly different surnames.Satyen Kapoo is not Kapoor at all.

  74. Pl include Sunil Dhawan who acted in Fareb(1996) directed by Vikram Bhatt.

  75. Been looking into this actor for awhile and I can say for certain now that the Pran Jaye actor tagged as Daljeet in the 70s section is actually named Madan Khanna. He was the President of Junior Artists Company according to a filmfare magazine. Here he is in Dilli Ka Thug one of the few films he is credited in.

  76. Folks

    I have been collecting SS of Bolly artists from the movies I saw/seen, quite a few known faces but some are not very familiar faces, all the same these are sharp snaps, maybe it will interest yu, so have a look, updates in new albums will keep on coming, The links-


  77. Pl include Kunwar Ajit’s ,photo in Artist gallery,who acted in Resham Ki Dori, Shakka,Khotay Sikke etc.

  78. Memsaab
    I salute the film industry is celebrating 100 yrs of celebration.Being an ardent fan of hindi films..i feel that they should highlight urs research .I am watching all the channels of tv where in they are showing clips of cinema history of different era since 1913 till now…have any critics/historian frm hindi film industry or tv channel reporters have approached u? if not..then they are foolish ,missing a great oportunity..i dont know how to congrates or appreciate you..u r simply great..great Researcher.

    • Nobody has, and I am sure that these more “forgotten” artists will be largely ignored throughout the celebrations. Would be nice to include them—some of them worked for over half of that 100 years! but… :)

      • These adorable and forgotten artists are remembered and adored more by the audiences and Hindi film lovers than their own industry people. Hindi film industry disrespects and ignores its own legendary contributors, especially who are either not influential and rich themselves, or do not have influential successors who carry forward their hold in the industry.
        Recently, I do not remember any film personality commenting during the demise of Shamshad Begum, the legendary singer. Bharat Bhusan was treated as an ‘extra’ and a daily wage worker when his wealth and influence went away. Recently, Mala Sinha was treated shabbily by the Dada Saheb Phalke Awards Committee whereas Pamela Chopra was given great respect and a Phalke Award (She is after all, the wife of Yash Chopra, and mother to Aditya Chopra, the owner of the moneyed and influential Yashraj Studios). Ramesh Deo is being recently remembered and called to parties because his son (Abhinay Deo) has become a successful director in Hindi and Marathi cinema. There are many examples, which you also know.
        The present lot of the film industry stars feel they constitute the Hindi film industry and do not even care to remember their illustrious seniors who contributed immensely to the growth and glory of the industry. The mainstream film media as well as the government pander and promote such things.
        So, I do not think either the present film folks or the government will care to remember or acknowledge their contribution. Some film based channels like Zee Classic though, are showing repertories of past Greats like V. Shantaram.
        All the same, it will be great if the contribution of everyone in shaping and taking Hindi cinema to its glory and adding to its colour and undying charm is codified, acknowledged, recognized and given due place in the 100 years history. I think you are the best person to write Hindi film history and advise both the film fraternity and the government in this regard

  79. Every body is well aware of the Nath Brothers(Late prem nath/Late Rajendranath)who have achieved their success with their own identity of roles…they are also linked to famous kapoor khandan being the brothers in law of late Raj kapoor.But i regret to mention that their younger brother Narendranath is totally news of him in media nor he has been shown by media during funeral of Rajendranath.Please remember that during 70s he was present in many films either as a villain or aa charecter artist and gradually reduced to act as henchman or in ghostly charecters of Ramsay brothers films.
    Memsaabjee..can u find his whereabouts?Please find about his present conditions.

  80. No doubt Mr.Nitin Manmohan is a big producer in hindi film industries,produced big budget hit films.
    I have read and watched his interviews in media.But i am very sorry to mention that he never mentions about his late father MANMOHAN.I don’t know the he ashamed to refer his late father’s name because he is a big man now.

    Few people know that late MANMOHAN was a big name in 70s..doing main villain like his counter parts premchopra and pran or character roles in many films.But till date i have never seen any tribute to him in any big film megazines including Film Fare nor in any Film award ceremony…not even by his son Nitin Manmohan.

    Since i am a fan of Late Manmohan..let my message be forwarded to Mr.Nitin Manmohan for his necessary notice.

  81. Thank you Suhanjee….Really a nice tribute to late MANMOHAN probably by his elder son i think.So much pleasure as well as tragic experience of his life..a perfect gentle man contrast to his screen image.
    But ocasionally he should be remembered by his son in current media.

  82. you did so great work. still there a lot to do. good luck to you in this task!

    you do not have children of 80 and 90. Especially from movie Ocean (with Sunny Deol) and Parivaar (with Mithun).
    in 80s there is no Kumar Gaurav. Rati Agnihotri. Mithun. Raj Babbar. Raj Kiran…
    And Dimple Kapadia starts in 90s only?
    Where is Mithun of 90s
    Om Puri…
    Minakshi Sheshadri…
    Ritu Shivpuri….
    Jaya Prada…
    and many many more…

    best regards
    Maria. Russia

  83. Finally a name to a face I have seen in so many of the oldies. Sad that it had to be this way :-( Hope he had a good life. How are you by the way?

    “Character actor Kedarnath Sahab passes away

    Kedarnath Sahab, better known as Segal Sahab known for his many character roles in films like Sholay, Amar Akbar Anthony and Deewar, passed away on September 29
    Character actor Kedarnath Sahab passes away”

  84. WOW!!!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!!! would love to see 2000 onwards, please upload soon.Will be waiting for you reply. keep up the good work.

  85. Hindi cine artist -1970 page 8
    on right upper corner the photo shown under name Maruti is wrong.

  86. oh my god! i was completely mesmerized by the treasure of knowledge you have unearthed….
    this is the best and fantastic website for those who love vintage films.
    my compliments, sir…

  87. I have enjoyed your fun write ups on Indian movie history. Memsaab, you are extremely knowledgeable. For some reason I enjoy listening to 1960s melodies. Great songs sung by Rafi Saheb, Songs from Dev Anand movies likes of Hum Dono, Tere Ghar ke Saamne, Jab Pyar Kissise Hota. to name a few. I love listening to these songs on a Sunday afternoon long drives with ice cream in one hand, I watch old movies on the net when time permits. I had a chance to watch Sanjay Khan and Mala Sinha Movie “Dillagi”. A light breezy romantic comedy with super great songs. Sanjay Khan was striking good looking tall lanky guy. I want to watch a movie Son of India….I will write back once I have had the chance to watch this movie. Wish you great success and fun in doing what you are doing.

  88. A song from Movie Dillagi

  89. where did my writeup of last week go?

    • It may have gone into spam…I can’t look through all of that to make sure legitimate comments haven’t made their way there, there are simply way too many of them. Try again!

  90. Thank you for your response!

    Here it is again

    I am a fan of the early Hindi movies. I have with me a collection (~1800) movies including 2 silent (prapanch pash and miss frontier mail). The earliest movie I have is Amrit Manthan (1934) with Chandramohan, Nalini Tharkud, Shanta Apte and K Date.

    I have movies of all the great heroes and all actors (chandramohan,prithwiraj kapoor, sehgal, p sanyal,p mullick, harish,s mukhtar, s modi, nawab, mr vinayak,ram shukul, k sahu a kumar , yaqub, ullahs etc..

    But I have no movies of Master vitthal or the Billimorea brothers. Actually E billimorea, I spotted in Jadoo (with Nalini Jeywant)

    I have looked into internet and searched movie vendors in Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi and Bangalore But no one was able to be of any help with Vitthal or D Billimorea movies. I tried to e mail the living encyclopaedia of Hindi film world Mr Arun kumar Deshmukh but no response has been received

    I would appreciate if you have any information or put me in touch with someone who can be of help.

    I live in New Jersey


  91. Miss Frontier Mail is not a silent movie as pointed by Pradhyapak Surjit Singhji. It
    appaears to be silent for first fem minutes only. Sorry for wrong info

  92. great work..Ur name should be up there with these stars. Its nice to know there are others who think like you. Can live an entire lifetime on your hardwork.

  93. Please post your review for the films Telephone 1985 starring Shatru and Parveen and Insaaf 1987 featuring Vinit Khanna, Simple. I also want to know about film stars who have faded away, like Padma Khanna, Leena Das, Poison, Sonu Walls, etc.please do work on my requests.

  94. Padma Khanna is in Edison,N.J. running Indian dance classes at INDIANICA in

  95. Hi Greta, I love your blog and it always pops up in my google searches as I have a penchant for googling obscure old actors and trivia whenever I come across them in old songs/movies. I am looking for the name of the male dancer in the Huzurewala song ( black and white) with Helen and Madhumati…..who is the guy who these two are fighting for, albeit playfully? Thanks

    Also , I read your post as well as the 4-page magazine obituary on Chandramohan! Delighted to have come across it! I had watched Pukar as a teenager and the actor’s eyes had stuck in my head ever since. Finally yesterday found out who he was and all about him!


  96. Maddy

    The dancing guy you are referring in the song of Ye raat phir na ayegi is MANOHAR DEEPAK(with Helen and Madhumati).Manohar deepak is the real life husband of dancer Madhumati
    He also lip syncs for the Rafi song “abhi kamsin ho nadaan ho jaane jaana”
    He is there in the famous bangda song of Raj kapoor`s Jagte raho(main jhooth boliyaa)

  97. Manohar Deepak also appears in Dev Anand`s Bambai Ka babu in a inspector`s role

  98. Very nice collection for die hard Bollywood fan. We fan always wonders when what is the nane of that artist like dinu Kaka or ramu kaka, or side artist in Villan gang & cute side actresses of yesteryears cinama.
    Thank you for your crave passion to Bollywood

  99. Dear Admin,
    Can you Pl tell me the name of one character which normally seen all Dev Anand Movies.

  100. Great job done by
    Almost impossible task don very systematic.
    Very good information for old movie lover
    How are interested in to know the real names
    Of Character actors usually seen on screen, almost in all movies. Thanks a lot for pictures
    Of unknown Artist with their working years.

  101. Very nice, great efforts,
    Sir I did not know the name of many extra artists who appeared in almost every films.One of them is KEDARANATH SEHGAL who worked in many films of the 70s. and 80s.Now we recognize him by their name.
    Thanks Sir

  102. Very nice, great efforts,
    Sir I don’t know the name of many extra artists who appeared in almost every films.One of them is KEDARANATH SEHGAL who worked in many films of 70s and 80s. Now we recognize him by their name.
    Thanks Sir

  103. What is the name of that famous ham actor of the b-grade movies who always played a mad villain? He probably appeared in a few horror films as well.

  104. There was a fair blue-eyed extra with grey hair who was one invariably one of the characters in most of the party scenes of the Hindi films of 1960s and early 70s. He looked like a foreigner and I vaguely remember him as having acted as a full-time villain in a flop Hindi movie in the later 1960s trying to smuggle a gem-studded dagger (khanjar) out of India.”Khanjar Europe Jayeega” he said. I think he also appeared as Robert in the final scene of “Yaadon ki Baaraat” Do you have details about him and the name of the movie in which he was the full-fledged villain?

    • You might mean the guy who was the villain in Yakeen? According to someone in the comments of that review his name is Gautam Mukherjee ( Not sure if we’re thinking of the same person though.

      • Thanks for the quick reply about the identity of the blue-eyed Fair-skinned man in grey hair almost always dressed in a suit and an extra in almost all party scenes of the Hindi movies of 1960s and early 1970s and the bad man in the last scene of “Yaadon ki Baaraat ” who escapes in a plane. I’m afraid it is not Gautum Mukherjee. But could it be one Sopariwala (Supariwala) as listed under imdb for “Yaadon ki Baaraat”? Or was he an Anglo Indian?

        • A couple of people have told me his name is Gautam Mukherjee, but I think I have been given Supariwala as his name also. He could very well have been an Anglo-Indian, many of them went into the film business.

  105. its nice to see you as active again after an absence of 2 years. What happened? I hope everything is alright now.

    Or is it some computer glitch that did not let me access this account any more and now ‘out of blue’ the comments appeared again……

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