My ten favorite sharaab songs


As a gori mem who enjoys her gigantic icy-cold Kingfishers every day while in India (and “several” glasses of wine every other evening), I do love a good song about the devil’s potion! Inspired by Dusted Off’s post on the same subject, I have changed one of her rules: I’m including fake-pretend drinking because it’s a fascinating (to me anyway) artifact of Hindi movies. If you need to chase someone off, or get them to hate you—pretend to have a drink! (I would be lonely and unwanted indeed!) Of course some would point out that *most* movie drinking is “pretend” unless you are Dharmendra. I am only including songs from movies I’ve seen, where I loved the song and the performance and picturization of it. Liking the film is a plus too, but not strictly necessary.

So without further ado, here they are!

10. “De De Pyar De” from Sharaabi (1984) (sung by Asha, music by Bappi Lahiri). Poor Bappida! I bash him a lot here, but he did write good songs for this film. A drunken Amitabh co-opts a wedding band late at night to help him find his beloved Jaya Prada, who lives somewhere in the neighborhood. Angry neighbors call the police, but when Jaya finally comes out he is so very happy to see her that all is forgiven. Awwww!!!


9. “Maine To Paani Piya Tha” from Keemat (1973) (sung by Asha, music by Laxmikant Pyarelal). Hindi film heroines are not usually allowed to get drunk unless it’s by mistake or at the hands of the villain. Here Rekha accidentally drinks a tumbler full of gin instead of the water she thinks it is, resulting in multiple Rajendranaths and a very cute song. I’m including here since I can’t find it elsewhere.


Rekha is so young and so cute!


8. “Samjho Ho Hi Gaya” from Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006) (sung by Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi and Vinod Rathod, music by Shantanu Moitra). Our favorite pair of criminals get drunk together and Munna tells Circuit how he has wooed Jhanvi that day—with a Kissing Car and some circus lions! I just love the chemistry of these two, and the picturization is so much fun.



7. “Abhi To Haath Mein Jaam Hai” and “Haan Ji Haan Main Ne Sharab Pi Hai” from Seeta Aur Geeta (1972) (sung by Manna Dey and Lata, respectively, music by RD Burman). Okay yes! I’m cheating a bit. I’ve covered “Abhi To Haath Mein” before in my favorite Dharmendra songs post so it doesn’t really count (but it deserves a mention here too), and I adore Hema’s fake-pretend drunk song. She performs this beautifully, looking like she hasn’t a care in the world in her black and white-lace maxi dress and white go-go boots! But at times you can see the pain of her heart breaking written across her face. And Sanjeev Kumar looks just as disapproving as she knew he would!



6. “Sheeshe Se Piya” from Phool Aur Patthar (1966) (sung by Asha, music by Ravi). This is my favorite Shashikala song. I’m not sure that she’s necessarily drunk (although she looks it) but she extols the virtues and blessings of a stiff drink to her former (though she doesn’t know it yet) lover Dharmendra, who has fallen in love with weepy widow Meena Kumari (he’s going to need it).


5. “Piya Tu Ab To Aaja” from Caravan (1972) (sung by Asha and RD Burman, music by RD Burman). Perhaps the most famous drinking song in Hindi cinema, courtesy of the one and only Helen. She’s imbibing heavily at the bar as she waits for her lover to show up. When he does, her alcohol intake doesn’t seem to have inhibited her coordination at all!


You go, girl!


4. “Yeh Meri Zindagi” from Ziddi (1964) (sung by Lata, music by SD Burman). Asha pretends to be drunk in order to leave the path clear for her sister and to save Joy Mukherjee from *gasp* marrying a criminal’s daughter. A wonderful song from a movie that’s filled with them!


3. “Sachaai Chhup Nahin Sakti” from Dushman (1971) (sung by Kishore, music by Laxmikant Pyarelal). Although the song is not about drinking, Rajesh is drunk as he sings it. He’s been drinking steadily as he drove (!) his truck along, and he decides to stop and visit his favorite nautch girl Bindu—whom he then proceeds to taunt about her unfaithfulness. What does he expect? A girl has to make a living! Rajesh has a lot of good drunk songs, but this one is my favorite—he is utterly charming, even in his cups.


2. “Pee Ke Hum Jo Chale” from Gumnaam (1965) (sung by Asha and Usha Mangeshkar, music by Shankar Jaikishan). I can’t believe I can’t find this on the interwebs anywhere! Fabulous song pictured on Nanda and Helen as they get drunk to forget that all their compadres on the island are being murdered one by one, and they might be next! Really really cute song, and the two actresses look like they’re having a blast.



I want to get drunk with Helen!


1. “Jaane Kya Peelaya Tune” from Jugnu (1973) (sung by Lata, music by SD Burman). How I love this song! Hema has mistakenly (of course) had a glass of doctored (by Prem Chopra) Coke meant for Dharmendra and she is completely and cheerfully drunk. He is alternately amused, irritated, and completely enraptured—and who wouldn’t be. He carries her to his car and drives her home, as she climbs all over him and his car. This is the Dream Girl at her dreamiest—and cutest—best, in a movie I love, and with a hero I adore.


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  1. Good idea for a discussion.
    Top of mind, a couple of songs from Inteqam come in for contention
    – kaise rahoon chup (Sadhana)
    – jo unki tamanna (Sanjay).

    And Waheeda in Prem Pujari with “Rangeela re”. Lovely song.

  2. And there was “tumhari mast nazar” from Dil Hi To Hai – where both Raj Kapoor and Nutan are drunk. Nutan is just very sweet in this movie. :-)

  3. I agree with your Seeta Aur Geeta and Jugnu songs. Lovely – Hema in her prime. :-)

    Dev Anand in Paying Guest

  4. Ah so you are a Hema fan, hey raja? :-) Me too! I haven’t been able to watch Inteqam—I have the VCD but it doesn’t play beyond ten minutes or so :( It’s a film that REALLY needs to be put on DVD. And I can’t find Dil Hi To Hai either.

    What is wrong with people making DVDs?????? (I’m beginning to feel like a broken record myself)…

  5. Phew! Does me heart good to see ole Kaka make it back to this blog of yours :-D not that I haven’t enjoyed your foray into the 40 and 50s and especially the screencaps of the dishiest Kapoor of them all.

    Lovely songs all. But on this song in particular which seems to be also called “Vaada tera vaada” (spelt with a “w” too every now and then), there’s an anecdote from Pyarelal as to how the singing of it came about. Here goes:

    “We had an unspoken bond that continues even today. Rajesh Khanna was lucky for us and we were lucky for him too….. We used so many singers for him….but he would always request us to fit in Kishore Kumar wherever possible. I recall how Kishoreda was very reluctant to sing ‘Waada tera waada’ in Dushman and was insisting we get Rafi for it. We surrounded Kishoreda and Rajesh Khanna winked at Laxmi[kant] and me and told Kishoreda that in that case we would scrap the song. And he immediately changed his mind!”

    • Aakhri Khat coming soon, promise!!!!! :-) What can I do when I’m distracted by these really old ones though? So rare, they are!

      Rajesh definitely had a feel for the music. Bless him.

  6. Yes. Hema, Asha Parekh, Mumtaz – from the late 60s/ early 1970s. Seeta Aur Geeta was one of my favourite movies, growing up. Hema was just outstanding in that movie.

    Inteqam has lovely songs – and, in “aa jaane ja” possibly the greatest cabaret song ever in Hindi movies (with due respect to “piya tu”). Again it is Helen of course. The movie is OK too.

    DHTH is also OK. Raj Kapoor is refreshingly non-stereotyped, Nutan plays a sweet role and Pran always adds to a movie’s value.

    Paying Guest is definitely worth a watch. Good storyline, some good comedy scenes between Dev and Nutan. (It was while watching this movie that I fell in love with Nutan :-) ).

    These are well-known movies – am surprised you are not able to find them on DVD.

    • Hey, I know they are well-known and loved, but tell that to the people who decide what to put on DVD. Inteqam is only on VCD, I don’t even think I’ve even seen DHTH on VCD (and wouldn’t watch it without subs anyway), and Paying Guest I think is on DVD but not easy to find…


  7. Sharabi: I like another drunk song from this- “chaar yaar”- because of Smita’s funny special appearance- i thougth she did v well.

    Ziddi: Cant agree w/ u enough, as well as w/ Munna Bhai II- that song always makes me smile.

    But the Caravan song is def my fav- RD in his prime with Helen emoting [heart]

    And though I have issues with the movie, I think “Na Jao Saiyaan” from Sahib Biwi Aur Gulam is the most beautifully shot drunk song ever.

    • I have to strongly ditto “chaar yaar.” It’s the first song that came to mind when I saw this post’s title.

      On the other hand, “samjho ho hi gaya” will always hold a special place in my heart b/c I listened to it non-stop between the time I applied to my dream college until I heard the decision. <3

    • I need to watch Sharaabi again…haven’t seen it in a long time. Arthur, the Dudley Moore film that it’s “inspired” by is one I really love. It just makes me laugh and laugh…


  8. Another drunking post and so many great daaru songs. I’d never heard Maine to paani piya tha before – such a cute song. There is no end to good sharaabi songs in Bollywood, and the more I think the more I recall. Of the fun drunk songs, my favorite has to be the Rishi-Neetu one from Khel Khel MeinKhullam khulla pyaar karenge hum dono. The lyrics are hilarious and everybody seems to be having fun from the actors to the singers.

    One very curious fact about filmi alcohol needs to be noted – it may be imbibed in copious amounts without EVER leaving a hang over!

    • Time for you to do yours! :-) There are a lot of good drinking songs, I just went with the ones that I remembered off the top of my head (it seems more realistic that they are favorites, although with my memory it’s kind of a crap shoot any more). I haven’t been able to get through Khel Khel Mein but I will keep trying :-)

  9. Great list. But Inteha Ho Gayee is the greatest sloshed song ever!

    • I agree that it’s great…I dithered for a long time over that and De De Pyar De…and I have to admit that the candelabras the wedding band is carrying won me over in the final call.

      But since I did it with Seeta Aur Geeta maybe I should have done a two-fer for Sharaabi :-)

  10. Talk about drinking songs and jaane kya pilyaa tune comes first to my mind. Jugnu was the best !

  11. I think you missed out on posting sharaabi songs of Guru Dutt, Meena Kumari and Raj Kapoor. These three had several such songs in their movies.

    “Chhoo lene do naazuk hothon ko” from “Kaajal” is one that readily comes to mind.

    • Depressed drinking doesn’t entertain me as much. I like happy drunks!

      • I second that! Back on Board memsaab

      • Hmm…you could add Lata’s ZAMAANA YEH SAMJHAA KE HAMM PEEKE AAYE…to the list of happy drunks memsaab.
        Besides, This song is from the 1953 Anarkali, starring Bina Rai and Pradeep Kumar. By today’s standard, it is no great shakes. However, none of the drunk songs have caught the imagination of the cinegoers as this one. There was something lacking in the original composition as some gap needed to be plugged. Brooding all over, C.Ramchandra reached home and while eating he started getting hiccups. Eureka! He had found the way to fill in the little space. He added the hiccups! It was a very popular song of that era.

        Dilip Kumar’s MUJHE DUNYAA WAALON SHARABI NA SAMJHO sung by Rafi Sahaab in the 1964 flick, Leader, is also a happy drunk song.

  12. Oops, I meant Raj Kumar and not Raj Kapoor. The Kaajal song is picturised on Raj Kumar, with Meena Kumari also there in the picturisation.

  13. Are you allowed to have 2 Hema Malini songs? And so many references to Dharmendra?

    • Yes, I am. It’s my blog and I can do what I want :-) Plus, Dharmendra is probably Hindi cinema’s greatest all-around cheerful drinker! and if he’s there, chances are good that Hema is too.

  14. What about “Jaam bhi hain – hungama ho gaya”
    A drunk Bindu on screen with Asha on vocals and LP music.
    Movie – Anhonee – 1973

    Catch it on youtube if you haven’t already. Its just awesome.

  15. Memsaab ji, what about “Yeh Kya Hua” from Amar Prem? ….and “chingari Koi Bhadke….” its all there if you want to get philosophically drunk….

    I like your selection of sharabi songs too….thanks…

    • “Yeh Kya Hua” came *this* close to being here…but as I’ve said a few times now, I like the more cheerful drunk songs over the sad, philosophical ones…I’m shallow that way.

  16. More drunkness! I love it. I’d like to second “khullam khulla pyar karenge” and “hungama ho gaya” – both songs show a serious appreciation for having a good time.

    Continuing on the women-who-like-to-drink theme, two that I absolutely love are:

    Na chhedo kal ke afsane – Raat aur Din – Lata

    Maar dalega dard-e-jigar – Pati Patni – Asha

  17. Ooh yes, I forgot the one from Raat Aur Din. It is totally FAB!

    And I’ve watched the one from Anhonee now and HAVE TO SEE the film! :-) Ha! and Shashikala’s song from Pati Patna is too much fun as well. So must see Pati Patni too!

    In related news: I would have made a fabulous Bollywood vamp in my younger days.

  18. Rajesh and Bindu’s chemistry has always been pretty awesome. There’s a little known number from “Tyaag” with him and a very drunk Prem Chopra listening to Bindu telling Prem C. “Tujhe pyaas hai, mere paas hain yeh jaam” which translates “If you’re thirsty I’ve got the wine” :-) sung by Asha B who was sooo good at these. But it doesn’t fit with your criterion of “happy” drinking song. SD Burman was the MD, the film’s got some lovely songs which not many know of which is a pity.

    One that does fit in though is the very lovable number from Bhola Bhala “Waqt waqt ki baat hain” (RD Burman and Kishore). Rajesh plays a bit of a loser life insurance agent who makes a huge sale for which he’s felicitated by the company’s burra sahibs and gets drunk–sweet :-)

    • Ah, the song from Bhola Bhala almost made it to this list too. And I didn’t start off thinking that they had to be cheerful, but realized while compiling the list that I just prefer those…

      The argument could be made though, that one day there should be a list of melancholy drinking songs :-)

  19. 11:00 a.m. is probably too early to drink, huh? Well, I guess I’m stuck with this awesome round-up till later, then. ;-)

    Oh, have you seen the PPCC’s drunk off? This post reminded me of it:

    • Well, it depends what day it is, and who you are with, and what you are doing :-)

      I participated in that drunkoff as I recall! I don’t recall offhand who I voted for, but I suspect it was the Shash.

  20. Since the drunkard songs must be happy drunkard songs, here are some happy drunkard songs

    Drunks gentlemen
    Jhanak jhanak tori baaje paayaliya(Mere Huzoor)
    Peene waalon ko peene ka bahaana chhahiye(Haath ki safaai)(1974)
    Kabhi khole na tizori ka taala(Bidaai)(1974)
    Saala main to saahab ban gayaa (Sagina)
    Dulhan khoobsurat hai.. abhi gyaarah nahin baje hain (Phaandebaaz)
    Mujhe naulakha mangade re o sainya deewaane(Sharaabi)(1984)

    Drunk ladies
    Dil jale to jale (Taxi Driver)
    Haay haay haay ye nigaahen(Paying guest)
    Aao huzoor tumko(Kismat)
    Rangeela re(Prem Pujari)(1970)
    Laga laga laga re laga prem rog(Maine pyar kyun kiya)

  21. Oops, haay haay ye nigaahen has a gentleman (Dev saab) getting drunk.

  22. Great entry!

    I’m looking so late at this.!

    The following ones might not be favourites, but pop out whenever I think “drink” songs:

    1. Thodi si jo pi li hain….chori toh nahi ki hain (Amitabh doing it, in “Namak Halal”)

    2. Kajol singing “Zara sa jhum loo main?” in DDLJ

    3. Do ghoot mujhe bhi pila de sharabi–sung by Mumtaz….and this one is a sure shot public entertainer in “cultural functions”!!

    4. Inteha ho gayee Intezaar ki–done by Amitabh

    5. and then there was this Asha Bhosle song (the first line of which I just can’t remember…..) where she is drunk and sings something like “o sharabi….something something…o sharabi..Hic!” (sung by Lata and I remember the tune not the lines :(

    • Yes, I love Thodi Si Jo Peele Hain—it was in the running! An excellent fake-pretend drunk song. Forgot all about Kajol being drunk in DDLJ! although I can’t stand watching a young woman singing with an old lady voice, sorry :( And Inteha Ho Gayi…almost made it to this list too. The Mumtaz song looks familiar—she’s pretending, hai na? Is it from Jheel Ke Us Paar? And finally—do you mean Asha Parekh, not Bhosle? since Lata sings?…

  23. Hema was just awesome in Jugnu! I like ‘jaha char yaar’ too.
    But my all time favorite remains ‘Jungle Mein Mor Naacha’ from Madhumati.

    And let me offer some real drunken madness:
    Ambika Johar in ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Sharabi’ from “5 Rifles ” by I.S.Johar

    The song was already famous at the time, so I.S.Johar got her daughter to lip-sync it.

    And here’s a very drunk gori mem with Kamal Haasan, ‘Gol Gol Duniya’ from Yeh To Kamaal Ho Gaya (1982).

  24. Here Rekha accidentally drinks a tumbler full of gin instead of the water she thinks it is

    How can you not realize that it’s not water you’re drinking????

    It boggles the mind, I tells ya.

    • It does, although she chugs it so fast that she probably didn’t taste it. Of course, that much gin that fast would also KILL a normal human being, or at least hospitalize her, not make her dance around clad in only a man’s shirt!

  25. Three more classic sharaabi songs

    Zindagi khwab hai (Jaagte Raho) – Motilal (sub-titled here)

    Chhalkaaye jaam (Mere Hamdam Mere Dost) – Dharam (Rafi saab in his element :-) )

    Jungle mein mor naacha (Madhumati) – Johnny Walker

  26. I wish the video quality was better, but I think this just became my favorite song. 8-D

    Main Main qartoon – Mr. Qartoon M.A. – Rafi, Asha, Shamshad

    • Oh so cute!!!! I do love Johnny Walker (I think it’s him!) :-) Never heard of this one. Sigh.

      • In that case, the best of Johny Walker’s happily drunk song is: JUNGLE MEIN MOR NAACHAA from Madhumati. Rafi Sahaab has changed his voice to such an extent that it is hard to believe that Johny Walker is not singing the song.
        Likewise, there’s a duet song filmed on Johny Walker and Madhubala in Gateway of India. Watching both of them thus makes us feel groggy too.
        Not to forget Dilip Kumar in Bairaag: PEETE PEETE KABHI KABHI YOON JAAM. Hilarious scene, this with the beautiful Leena Chandavarkar to boot.

  27. i missed “ye lal rang” from Prem Nagar

  28. Another favourite song –

    Aruna Irani – Lata M – LP – Roti Kapada Aur Makaan

  29. This video of “Mr Qartoon” is badly mutilated by these so called special effects by the uploader.

  30. “Piya tu…” was literally a gateway drug into Hindi films for me. I’d started watching new movies (meaning 2002 movies) at our local theater (awesome Galaxy Cinema) and didn’t know where to begin with older films, just a bunch of names on DVDs at the grocery store. Bought a cd of Bollywood songs, “Piya tu…” was on it, requested it from Nazar tv, public access cable show (before You Tube!) and when they showed it, I was hooked, big time. Sharaabi, indeed.

  31. AB in Namak Halal singing “Thodisi peele hai, chori to nahin ki hai – awesome entertaining drunken song

  32. There is a song in Chaalbaaz with sridevi, where she drinks out of choice and not accidentally or by mistake and even hiccups her way through the song happily
    “kisi ki haath na aayegi ye ladki” i think

  33. I must say this post has thrown up so many songs on the subject that I had not thought about.

  34. Great list… lots for me to check out. I have to revisit ‘Jugnu’ soon (it underwhelmed me a little on first viewing) and pay more attention to your no. 1 song. I’m with Raja on ‘Chhalkain Jaam’ from ‘Mere Humdum Mere Dost’… I absolutely love it.

  35. I don’t know if it qualifies, but what the hell, it IS a song about drinking and it has Helen and is easily top of charts as far as drinking songs go … AND this video has classic subtitles : check out Helen singing “I’m a chunk of sweet, try me out” : )

    If you haven’t seen the Chaalbaaz Sribaby : DO ASAP! Apart from being v funny, I like the fact that she chugs away like nobody’s bizness (AND sponges booze off people : )) ) through the movie.

    Sharaabi should be disqualified : I mean, ALL the songs are to do with booze, almost. Sheesh, am too frunk (f err finely drunk) to add much.

    • I totally loooove Sridevi in Chaalbaaz. Absolutely awesome. :-)

    • “Mungda Mungda” is chock full of drunks so we’ll take it (and those subtitles are hilarious, although a case could be made that Helen IS a chunk of sweet!)

      Chaalbaaz is a remake of Seeta Aur Geeta, yes? So I should watch it for that if nothing else. Sridevi is hilarious. And I thought of the Sharaabi thing, but limited it to one of the songs although they are all lots of fun.

      • Yes, you should definitely watch “Chalbaaz” – it’s an edgier, blacker(humor-wise), more kick-ass version of Seeta aur Geeta. As I said on bollyviewer’s blog, I actually like it better than SAG(and I love SAG).

  36. And I cannot believe this one has not come up –

    Huzoor is kadar na itaraake chaliye

    Naseer, Shabana and Saeed Jaffery on screen, RDB- Gulzar magic
    Movie – Masoom

  37. First Atul’s post on title songs and now this on drinking songs, great ideas everywhere! Here are some of favorite drinking/pretend drinking/holding a drink/singing about drinking/already drunk (did I cover them all?) songs that I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

    Chal Mere Bhai (Naseeb)

    Jai Jai Shiv Shankar (Aap Ki Kasam)

    Teri Meri Yaari Badi Purani (Charitraheen)

    Maybe we’ll see a blog entry about “high” songs soon? :-)

    • Oh how could I forget “Chal Mere Bhai”??? Haven’t seen the other films except Aap Ki Kasam—but Jai Jai Shiv Shankar is not strictly speaking a drunk song but a “bhang” song…I think Madhu over at Dusted Off is contemplating a song about bhang/high songs :-)

      • Excellent! I’ll be looking forward to that one, wonder where Dum Maro Dum will end up…

        Back to the topic at hand, I know Prem Chopra likes to knock back a few…

  38. Ok, I know this is strictly speaking not a drunkard song but it has Nutan, one of my fav actresses in one of my fav movies, in a glass throughout.
    So I am trying to push its case through. ;-)

    • Oh that IS cute. I see my guy Asit Sen in there too, and Rekha looks stunning.

      • :-)
        This song brings back so many memories for me.
        I don’t know if you have seen the movie but I used to hate Rekha movies before I saw this one. This movie completely changed my opinion of her. It is a bold story that talks about a “taboo” subject (in India at least) – rape. I saw it a long time ago, so don’t remember it all that well but I think the subject was handled in a fairly mature manner, examining the impact on the victim, her family, the way Indian society treats it etc. I remember Rekha’s performance being jaw-dropping in this movie. Till then she had acted in movies like Imaan Dharam etc – this was new ground for her.
        Lovely songs in the movie too.

  39. Speaking of booze and Hindi cinema, the only name that pops up in my mind is of Keshto Mukherjee.

    I checked out dustedoff’s blog: whilst there’s sobriety and melody reigning in that collection of “daaru songs”, here’s really the chaos and drunkenness!

    Anyway, I’ll place my 2 pints too. Dilip Kumar with the charming lady Leena Chandavarkar – “Peete-2 Kabhi-2 Yun Jaam …”:


  40. How I would have loved to see Keshto Mukherji singing a drunkard song. It seems that the nearest he came to singing a bewda song was whistling at Helen in the song “Mungdaa Mungdaa (Inkaar).

    • I sort of remember seeing Keshto in a drunk song…maybe in Pratiggya? Can’t remember off hand…there might be one out there though Atul! Don’t give up!

      • Keshto Mukherji in any song, not just a drunk song, will be a novelty. Just now I found a qawwali in “Fakeera” (1976) in which I found some actors whom I have never seen lip syncing songs. In this disguise song- Ifteqaar, the perennial police officer sings a few lines. Then there is another disguised person, who looks like Keshto Mukherji to me, and he too sings a few lines. Can someone confirm/ refute whether Keshto Mukherji is there in this song ?

        • No I don’t see Keshto…What a fabulous qawwali though, with SO MANY character actors. I saw Fakira long ago, must watch it again!!!

          • What about the person seated adjacent to Asit Sen ? The person seated on the other side of Asit Sen is of course Ifteqaar in his big beard.

          • No he is not Keshto…his name is on the tip of my tongue but won’t come out. But he’s not Keshto. Sorry :(

  41. Great post, really loved it; and since many songs have already been referenced; how about
    1) Mujhe Duniyawalon Sharabi Na Samjho — Dilip Kumar
    2) Mujhko Yaron Maaf Karna — Raj Kapoor
    3) Kaise Rahoo Chup Ke Maine Pee — Sadhana
    4) Sawan Ke Mahine Mein — Dev Anand

  42. Yes, Kaise rahoon chup ki maine pi hi kya hai……WOW!!!!!!

  43. And And you have got to watch Mumtaz in this song from Upasana:
    Pyas meri bhuja na payega- she looks great…..

    • Oh that is FANTASTIC. If I’d seen this film it would go on the list for sure! Yay Mumtaz. She needs a whole post of favorite songs by herself anyway. I have Upaasna but haven’t watched it because it’s not subtitled *sad*…but now I think I might have to!

  44. Where is thodi si jo pi lee hai, chori to nahi ki hai ?

  45. This one is good too and brings back memories for me of my childhood. :-)

    • This is a good one!!!! I won’t ask what part of it reminds you of childhood! ;-)

      (hope it’s the mirrored wall though)

      • ;-) Hey, don’t twist my words, I didn’t say “childhood”, I said “my childhood”. :-)
        I remember seeing this movie when not yet in my teens and I just loved the catchy music and tagline “bye bye miss goodnight”. (In those days I would just lap up any Rajesh movie anyway. And Hema was just “wow”. I don’t think the movie was all that successful though).

        Anyway, so much nicer seeing everybody having fun and dancing to catchy music (I love dancing by the way) instead of a Rajesh with glass in hand going “ye laal rang kab mujhe chhodega”. :-)

        • I meant “your” childhood…Hopefully you didn’t have a staggering Rajesh-type in your family’s midst is kind of what I meant too :) Although if someone had to stagger through your family parties, it wouldn’t be so bad if it were Rajesh…

  46. Oh how could I have forgotten this ‘daaru’ song by Kishore Kumar from one of my favoritest Rajesh films “Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein” :-) So much angst! And Asrani whom I love, and the beauteous Hema. Unfortunately not subtitled which is a shame because the lyrics are by Gulzar.

    Clearly there are as many Rajesh and ‘sharaab’ numbers as there is him and the rain ones :-)

  47. Has anyone mentioned ARRE PAISE KA KHEL NIRAALA sung by Rafi in Biwi O Biwi and picturised on Sanjeev Kumar. That movie can be watched again and again.

  48. This was a great post!! I love your selection, especially the song from dushmann.

  49. Not happy with this list though

    if i had to select i would recommend the best 15 as follows
    1)Yeh Kya Hua(Superstar rajesh khanna)
    2)Thodisi Jo Peeli Hain
    3)Chalka Yeh Jaam(dharmendra)
    4)Peete Peete Kabhi Kabhi Yun Jaam(dilip kuamr)
    5)Tu Kya Jane O Bewafa
    6)Haan Maine Sharaab Pe Hain
    7)Jane Kya Pilaya Tune
    8)Do Ghoot Mujhe Bi pilade
    9)Chori Chori Chupke Chupke tere mere(devanand)
    10)Peene walon ko peene ka
    11)Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai(Superstar rajesh khanna)
    12)Mujhe Duniya walon sharabi na samjho(dilip kuamr)
    13)Michael Daru Peeta hai(pran)
    14)Hum Kitne Nadaan The yaro(dharmendra)
    15)duniya mujhse kehti hai ke peena chod dey(dharmendra)
    16)kaise kahe hum(shahsi kapoor)
    17)Hai Hai Hai Yeh Nighayen(devanand)
    18)Chingari Koi Badke
    19)Khulam Khula Pyaar Karenge Hum Dono
    20) Ae mere dil kaheen aur chal (Daag, 1952)
    21)Aao huzoor tumko (Kismat, 1968)
    22)Nadiya Se Dariya—most melodiuos of the whole list
    23) Lachak Lachak Teri Jawani (sitapur ki geeta- rajesh khanna and hema)
    24)Hum Bequdi Me Tum ko
    25)Zindagi Khawab Hai

  50. You mentioned you couldnt find “Pee Ke Hum Jo Chale” from Gumnaam. It is here Hope you enjoy it. I am a big fun of old (Hindi and Tamil) songs myself and I have a collection of 4000 videos online.

  51. Very interesting list. Here is another great sharaab song from “Kismat”. Enjoy.

  52. This is in response to the query(July 11, 2010) by sguarecutatul about the unidentified man in the qawwali scene from “Fakira” . Memsaab, you are right in saying that the guy is not Keshto Mukerjee. He is RANJAN—the swashbuckling hero of Hindi movies in 1950’s and 60’s. He was among the very few male actors from the South who made it big in Bollywood. He gave a number of very successful movies including Nishaan, Madari, Chanderlekha, Mangla, Shin Shinaki Boobla Boo etc. Top heroines of that era like Madhbala, Meena Kumari, Munawar Sultana, Nassem Bano (mother of Saira Bano) Bhanumati were his leading ladies. People flocked to cinema houses just to watch his sword-fighting and horse-riding. Very few people know that he was a leading authority on Indian classical music. But Bollywood, true to its nature, was not kind to him in his later days. He was reduced to accept very insignificant, small two-liner roles as an extra(eg Fakira). As it has happened with numerous one-time filmy celebrities, he died in relative obscurity–unknown, unhonored, unsung.
    Shame on you Bollywood!!

  53. there is also a very good and entertaining song on daru…….from film karma….’de daru’…..picturised on anil kapoor, nasir, jacky dada and dara singh… must include this in your list………………

  54. Add my favourites in your list

    1. Din Dhal Jaye hai , raat na jaaye…………….. Guide
    2. Ek Ghar Banuanga , Tere Ghar ke Samne ———————- Tere Ghar ke Samne
    3. Ham Bekhudi me tumko Pukare …….

  55. I know and have seen all the songs discussed. All of them are awesome. As the them is sharaabi songs in a happy mood, may I also suggest “Peele Peele. O Mere Raja, Peele Peele O Meri Jaani” picturized on Raaj Kumar and Nana Patekar from Tirangaa. The film was hilarious, Pralaynath Gendaswamy et. al, and Raaj Kumar taking a superb catch of a Bomb thrown at him and coming onto the screen tossing the bomb in his hand as a plucked mango (his introductory scene)

  56. Lata’s mastery of “sharaabi” songs, in my opinion, is unparalleled. There are so many of them – quite literally, so many. My favourite sharaabi song of Lata-ji is “Pyasa Mera Dil Kitni Shaam Se, from Ehsaan”, followed by “Kuchh Aur Behak Jaoon Tab Mere Qareeb Aana from Chambal Ki Kasam”.

    Lata’s versatility is quite supreme.

  57. How can you forget1-Jetendra-souten ki beti song, Kumar gaurav & Sanjaydutt in NAAM,, Mithun Chakraborty in Daata & prem pratigya.Many many more No time, Excuse.

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