Jail Yatra (1981)

Even though I have already watched an Eighties film this year, I decided to risk another since this looked basically harmless and kind of fluffy. And indeed it mostly does resemble a stuffed animal: cute on the outside (Vinod Khanna in mechanics’ overalls, Reena Roy in bright sarees, Ashok Kumar as a kindly benefactor) and comfortably squishy on the inside (story elements we’ve seen a gazillion times before). Even villain Amjad Khan is too well-fed and portly to seem threatening. It’s Bhappi Sonie at the helm, after all: he’s generally benign.

Until the end, when a woman’s honor is deemed more important than her happiness or her safety. Sigh. And Nirupa Roy turns on all the waterworks because she has ruined her own life, although naturally she blames fate and not herself. Sigh again. But I don’t expect much else from the era, and up to that point there is fun—and plenty of eye candy—to be had.

Raju (Vinod Khanna) lives with his mother Radha (Nirupa Roy) in Pune. He has a good heart but not much sense, which results in him getting into trouble time and again.

This seemed largely like a role tailor-made for Randhir Kapoor rather than Vinod Khanna, but I am not complaining!

Inspector Dayal (Anwar Hussain) is exasperated by his stupidity (and probably by Radha’s constant weeping presence, begging him to forgive her son and let him go) and finally he tells Raju that if he doesn’t leave Pune and go away then the Inspector himself will. Raju takes this to heart, and decides to move to Bombay and find work there. Radha is not happy at the prospect.

She tells Raju that years before, when he was a baby, his father had betrayed them with another woman. We flash back to Radha and a busybody neighbor who has told her that her husband is meeting a woman at her mansion in the evenings. As they watch, Radha’s husband Mr. Verma (Ashok Kumar) pulls up in a car and goes inside, greeted by the lady—and then the lights are turned off.

I roll my eyes and think to myself: “Radha. Talk to your husband. Ask him what’s going on.” But of course, being Nirupa Roy, she doesn’t. Instead she packs up their little son and flees with him on the next train out. On the train she is befriended by a sympathetic woman named Shanta (?), who offers to take her in after Radha pours out her story.

But Shanta has an ulterior motive.

Radha manages to escape with little Raju—and we return to the present, where a furious Raju vows to never forgive his father, wherever he might be. He sets off for Bombay despite his mother’s worries.

Almost the minute he gets there, the same lady whose home his father had visited, driving Radha away (although Raju doesn’t know her, of course), beckons him into her garden and offers to sell him a lovely Mercedes which is standing in her driveway—for the sum of 20 rupees. Even Raju isn’t that dumb, but after the woman’s daughter Rupa (Heena Kausar) comes out and assures him that her mother isn’t crazy and that the car does belong to him now, he drives it away. Not long after, an indignant woman (Katy Mirza) at a petrol station claims that it is her car.

She has him arrested, and he is taken to the local police station—to which Inspector Dayal has just been transferred. Dayal is not at all happy to see Raju again. But as the woman angrily insists that the car belongs to her, the woman who had sold it to Raju shows up with her lawyer. Her name is Sitara Devi, the late and very wealthy Nagardas Ahuja’s widow. The woman claiming the car is her husband’s mistress, Rosy D’Silva, and he had left the car to Rosy in his will—with one stipulation.

Mrs. Ahuja for the win! I think this must be based on a true incident and I salute the wronged wife who came up with it. In any case, Rosy is none too pleased with her 20 rupees—but there’s also nothing she can do about it.

Raju goes off in his legitimately-owned car and finds work at a local garage run by China Reddy Eveready (Jagdeep).  This is of course the Comic Side Plot and it involves Eveready and his lovely wife (Jyoti Bakshi, who I am happy to see—I loved her in Bullet), and a sage’s prediction that should they have a child Eveready will die. That is all I am going to say on the subject, except that it’s a relatively unobtrusive CSP for which I am grateful.

Eveready hires Raju as a mechanic. Tinkering underneath a car one day, Raju overhears a plot to throw acid into the face of someone approaching by car. He intervenes and saves the intended victim: it’s Sarita Devi again, with her daughter Rupa, and the plot to throw acid has been conjured up by a vengeful Rosy D’Silva. They are grateful for his help and all pronounce each other ma-beta-bahen-bhai. I look forward to the fireworks when Raju and his real Ma and new fake Ma come face to face!

I’d also really like to know who the actress playing Sarita Devi is—can anybody help me?

Elsewhere in the city, Raju’s father Mr. Verma is living with his “sister” and son Kuldeep (Amjad Khan)! His “sister” is none other than the evil Shanta who tried to rob poor vulnerable Radha. Several years after meeting her, wily Shanta showed up at Verma’s house with little boy Kuldeep (I am a bit confused as to the name change, but never mind) claiming that Radha had committed suicide in the wake of her husband’s betrayal and that she was bringing their son back to him. Verma had explained that Radha misunderstood the situation: Sitara Devi had hired him in his capacity as a lawyer to defend her brother Sunil on a murder charge. Since Sunil was hiding from the police in her house, she turned the lights out so that he would not be seen through the window.

Oh Radha-Nirupa, if only you would use some common sense sometimes.

As Shanta had planned, Verma then asked her to stay on and help bring up his “son.” She has been happily living off of him for 25 years now, and Kuldeep has grown up to be a Very Bad Person, to Verma’s deep despair.

So unhappy is he that he decides to kill himself and writes a suicide note.

On the street he throws himself into an oncoming car’s path, but the driver—Raju of course—slams on the brakes and stops short of hitting him. Verma tells him that he wants to die because his son is a badmash and he has nothing left to live for; Raju scolds him and assures the “poor” old man that he will help him find a job. He asks if Verma knows anything about cars:

A pseudo-grieving Kuldeep is assured by Inspector Dayal that the police are looking day and night for his father’s body as Verma gets a job at Eveready garage.

Raju is about to meet the love of his life when he delivers her repaired car. Shanno (Reena Roy) is a wealthy and beautiful girl, and after a little incident (during which it is implied that Raju sees her nekkid! rrracy!), he is smitten with her.

When Verma figures it all out, he vows to help Raju although he knows that his own son Kuldeep is also interested in Shanno.

He devises an elaborate and painfully silly plan to draw psychiatrist Shanno and mechanic Raju together. I am sure you can imagine how silly it is given that Shanno is a shrink.

Anyway, there’s only been one song (a nice tongawala number pictured on Raju near the beginning of the film) thus far, and the romancing gives us a few more, including a qawwali called “Yeh Mohibi Humko Apna Jaaniye” which is good fun.

But Kuldeep wants Shanno for himself; and he has also seduced poor Rupa into believing he wants to marry her—and now she is pregnant. Can Raju and Shanno find happiness or will Kuldeep’s nefarious plotting put a stop to their romance? Will Kuldeep find out that Verma is alive? Will Verma discover that Raju and not Kuldeep is his real son? Will he be reunited with Radha?

Jail Yatra has all the answers and more. It has the best bar I have ever seen in a home, ever (not to mention the loudest carpet). If someone can find that horse and the accompanying stools and send it to me, I’ll…well, I don’t know what I’ll do, but it will be good.

Vinod and Reena sing a little song and dance badly (at least Vinod does) in matchy-matchy outfits, but look very cute together nonetheless.

Vinod is forced to dance a lot in this, which he doesn’t really seem to enjoy. I’m always happy to get the Bee Gees and “Stayin’ Alive” in a Hindi movie, especially when it’s the original not channeled through Bappida.

In a film with lots of bad wigs, two of them really stand out as ill-fitting and simply terrible.

And there are many, many gaudily patterned, brightly-colored chiffon sarees, some of which can be seen above—but all of which I don’t have time to capture.

In short, Jail Yatra is occasionally eye-rolling fun if you can stomach a woman (Rupa) wanting (encouraged by Raju) to marry the man (Kuldeep) who has lied to her, seduced her, knocked her up, then poisoned her and put her in the trunk of someone else’s car. If he succeeds in his second attempt on her life and frames Raju for it, can I be blamed if I mutter “thinning the herd…” over and over to comfort myself? Even if the herd includes Vinod Khanna, now in jail on a charge of murder?

I think not. Oh, and…um…spoiler.

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  1. Oh how I love that matching overalls song! And is that a picture of Vinod SWEATY in denim I see up there? Too bad I just placed my nehaflix order yesterday. What do you think of Reena Roy generally? I loved her in Nagin and thought she was spunky in Jaani Dushman but haven’t seen much else.

    That horse bar is absolutely fantastic beyond words! I think we should build one! And then take it out for walks in the park :)

    Also, the idea of Nirupa being lost in merriments…talk about filmi irony!

    • I haven’t seen nearly enough of Reena Roy…mostly I remember her from Nagin, and also Jangal Mein Mangal which was a really early one for her. She looked beautiful in this, and very cute with Vinod, who was smashing as always.

      Yes, we need to make the horse bar HAPPEN! And why not put it on wheels? :) Nirupa was very disapproving of the merriments to be had in the big bad city.

  2. Katy Mirza in a saree? Doesn’t she look peggers?

    These kind of stories are so hard to recount, but they ‘sorta’ make sense when you are watching the film.

    • No, Katy didn’t look preggers although she did have some meat on her bones :) She is very pretty indeed, I think!

      Are you saying that my recap made no sense, Ava? LOL! Actually, the story hung together pretty well and moved along at a good pace, as long as you are willing to believe that the city of Bombay only has about ten inhabitants who are bound to run into each other constantly :D

  3. Vinod must have been very much into spiritualism when this film was being shot. He hardly had any films of note in the 80s except for his comeback vehicles in 1987 – ‘Insaaf’ and ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

    • Yes, this was def his Osho phase (when not in overalls he wore that saffron t-shirt most of the time). I think he “retired” in 1982? 83? which for us is a great pity, although maybe it was good for him :)

    • Possibly he ‘retired’ in ’82 since I don’t know of any of his movies that released in ’83 barring ‘Daulat Ke Dushman’ (per imdb). Don’t want to comment on whether it was good for him or not :-).

  4. Great review from your side and thanks a ton for sharing the experience of watching this long forgotten movie of early eighties. Vinod Khanna had taken Sanyaas (retirement) from the movies at that time and moved off to the Ashram of Bhagwan Rajneesh (later Osho). He was a handsome star and very talented too (still he is despite being old now). I would love to watch this masala flick.

    Jitendra Mathur

  5. Oh, I’d forgotten Katy Mirza and Jyoti Bakshi. I really liked Jyoti. And Katy Mirza too, in the magazines. :)

    • Mostly I had only seen or heard of Katy in my vintage magazines, always talking about her huge bosom and nothing else. Raja is the one who identified her for me—I thought she was very strikingly beautiful. And Jyoti was great in this too despite the CSP handicap :)

  6. Stayin’ alive? Just the other day, I was reading an article on CPR, which said that the best way to count how many times you depress the person’s chest is to hum Stayin’ alive – the beats are almost exactly the recommended ones. :-)

    Vinod Khanna and Reena Roy look so good together… just for that I might watch this film.

    • I’ve read that about Stayin’ Alive too :) This isn’t a bad film—good timepass, as they say!

      • My fav Bee Gees number from Sat Night Fever is “How deep is your love”.

        LoL at ur comment about enjoying Staying Alive rather than
        Bappi Da’s!

        Double LoL at “Nirupa Roy turning out the water works”!

  7. Finally, a film with Katy Mirza delivering dialogues. I had been looking for one such film for quite sometime. Thanks! Her name appears in the credit roll of Kasme Vaade but I couldn’t find her in that film. Maybe a case of censor snips, I thought. And then I thought I had managed to see her in the credit title of Shaan. According to Jerry Pinto the girl in that sequence is Katy Mirza.

    Even though that girl looks quite slim and unlike Katy Mirza of magazine shots, this I thought was fine because in 1978 Katy Mirza went in for a bust reduction operation. I even did a post about a brief bio of her. But now I am kind of not so sure, Here in Jail Yatra she looks like a Khatay Peetay Ghar ki Ladki. May be this film was filmed before 1978 and released later. It’s all really confusing. And I just tried to date a film by looking at a heroine’s bust.

    • More likely she just put on some weight in the three years between Shaan and this film. I remember your post about her—I feel a kinship with her because I’ve had a breast reduction operation too ;-) Best thing I ever did for myself!

  8. Nice review, Greta.
    I love Reena Roy. She was beautiful, a very good dancer and a pretty good actress too.

    Loved her in Nagin. This was the movie where she got noticed (well, at least by me. ;-) ). . In this mother of all multi-starrers, she was at the heart of it all – and carried off the role of a Nagin superbly.

    Also liked her in Apnapan, Badaltey Rishtey and a host of other movies.

    • She is pretty good in Nagin, although it’s a mess of a film (in a good way)…I will have to watch more of her! She did her best to help Vinod out in the dancing department but she had a hard row to hoe, as my mother would say :)

      • Memsaab, watch her home production Sanam Teri Kasam with Kamal Hasan. It is known for its RD songs but must warn
        u about some of the disco numbers tho!

        • I haven’t seen enough of Kamal Hasan either…so maybe I will look for this despite the disco :D

          • I saw it recently as I happened to get
            the DVD in a desi shop.
            I think it is a good masala movie with
            enjoyable songs.

            Kamal Hasan’s true talent can be
            gauged from his movies down South.
            His commercial hindi films include
            Ek Dujey Ke Liye with Rati (hindi version of telugu
            film “Maro Charitra), Sagar with Dimple
            (Ramesh Sippy’s movie) and Sanam Teri Kasam

  9. Nice review, Memsaab.

    Its an 80s movie but the story has a lot of 70s fee to it: Nirupa check, Ashok Kumar check, lost and found check, .

    I must have seen this movie aeons back, and the only thing I remember is the scene where Vinod sees (Nekkid!!LOL) Reena for the first time. If I remember correctly her reaction is just a coy smile on knowing that (or may be im mistaken), which I though was quite weird. But Reena is looking cute in the matchy clothes!!!

    P.S: Katy Mirza, any relation to Aziz Mirza?

  10. I have read the sentence mentioning the best bar and then looked at the photo and literally laughed out loud! Memsaab, you are so good and in addition to your lovely prose, you have a talent to make the reader think that watching the films you review is a good idea :)

    Thank you.

    • Eliza, your comment “you have a talent to make the reader think that watching the films you review is a good idea” made ME laugh out loud. I am still laughing, actually.

      Watch them at your own risk, is all I can say :)

  11. Hi Memsaab!

    The lady playing Sarita devi is Ashoo…I think.

    • I think so too—Ashoo is about the only female name high enough up in the credits to be her (she’s in the film a fair amount). I will try to verify it somehow.

      Do you have any idea who the lady is playing Shanta (the evil woman living with Verma)?

      • In the image that you have put up of the role Sarita Devi, it seems to be an actress by the name of Aashu / Ashu / Ashoo (real name Lalita Desai). She is seen in many films of the 70s. You might remember her in the swimming pool scene in ‘Seeta Aur Geeta’ where a woman in a bikni and long haircome sto ask medical advice to Sanjeev Kumar when he is having tea with Hema Malini by the poolside. Ashu was a well known name on the Marathi commercial theatre.

  12. hmmm…Vandana shastri????

  13. ‘But of course, being Nirupa Roy, she doesn’t. Instead she packs up their little son and flees with him on the next train out.’

    At least she doesn’t go into the Sati-Savitri mode. But talking about issues seem never to be up on the priority list of Hindi films (or for that matter any films).

    How typical that the other woman is a Christian!

    Ashok Kumar’s character must be a really bad father who doesn’t notice his son’s name changing from Raju to Kuldeep to Kuljeet!

    • Ha ha ha! Well, I am responsible for changing him to Kuljeet (and I have fixed it now thank you :D) but I did not understand how Raju became Kuldeep…surely he was already named before Nirupa took him away!

  14. No memsaab, she can`t be Beena Banerjee, because I know who Beena Banerjee is – she is the daughter of Pardeep Kumar. She is the one who played as a doctor in “Meri jung ” with Anil Kapoor and Amjad Khans wife in “Lekin”.

  15. When the film released decades back a friend of mine was keen to see the film and as I quite liked Vinod Khanna I accompanied her. The film began and then there was the scene with Nirupa Roy in the train with the woman who has that ulterior motive I groaned, how predictable –typical Hindi film I thought and my friend giggled at the hackneyed scene. Thankfully just then, for the first and only time Bombay witnessed a massive power failure. The ticket money was refunded and I was glad to return home. MY friend saw the film later but I was not eager to waste money on this film I may have later seen the film on television but to be honest I have no memory of it. Sad considering I quite liked both Vinod Khanna and Reena Roy

    • That is hilarious :) The plot contains nothing new at all, combines all the same old elements but it’s pretty well done (stylish!) and the cast is fun to watch.

  16. Hmmm…have I seen this film? I know I have seen that matching overalls Bollywood dance somewhere…unless there is another matching overalls Bollywood dance out there someplace….and I guess there certainly could be.

    Always fun to see you write up an 80s film…they can be so scary…still hoping you get to COMMANDO! It is a doosy, but such a crazy fun doosy.

    • You may have seen the song on my site/facebook awhile ago – I stumbled across it and was too delighted not to share :)

      Memsaab, for the love of Helen, DO NOT WATCH COMMANDO. That was my first Shashi film, believe it or not.

    • I’ve seen a Mithun matching overalls dance somewhere but do not recall where…

      Beth—now you know I HAVE to see it! Don’t throw down the gauntlet like that! X-)

  17. Ahh, an 80s film :-)

    I never know what to think of them…or their music/songs.

    I like both Reena Roy and Vinod Khanna. And the bar! :-D
    Wonder if they were thinking of the Trojan horse.

    Haven’t seen Reena after Nagin. She had such an earthy beauty. Does anyone know what she’s doing nowdays?

    • This one isn’t so bad…it still retains a 70s feel to it :)

      I don’t know what has happened to Reena Roy…but probably someone does and might share it!

      • Reena Roy married Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan in the mid 80s when she was at the top of her game and left the industry. Had a daughter, divorced, returned to India, is involved in TV productions with her sister Barkha, has opened a dance school (I think), and looks happy and well fed now :-)

        Here’s a recent pic of her with her frequent costar of the 80s, Rajesh Khanna–they made several MELODRAMAS (!), I still haven’t recovered from one called ‘Asha Jyoti’, never was a man so put upon as Rajesh in that one ;-). Reena Roy has a very dedicated fan base.


        • I should have known you would know all about her :)

          So…I shouldn’t watch Asha Jyoti? :D All my vintage magazines go up to 1982, where she was still kind of obsessed with Shatrughan Sinha despite his having gotten married (he continued to string her along, to be fair). I’m glad she is happy now :)

          • Let’s just say that ‘Asha Jyoti’ would squarely fall into that realm of filmdom that makes you want to ‘stick needles in your eyes’ and ‘cut your wrists with chhoti chhoti pieces of bad F(r)iends DVDs’ as you so memorably put it :-D. I would, however, seeing I’m your ‘lowly’ good friend, keep you company as you do the above :-)

            On another note, do you want a stash of post 1982 film mags? Let me know while I’m still in country. ML :-)

          • it’s chhotE chhotE pieces :) Ha! I’m correcting Hindi grammar!

            I don’t think I do want any post-1982 film mags. Anything prior to that I would! Hope you are having fun *hugs* :)

        • Suhan, I would be very interested in the post 1982 Bollywood film mags, if you are trying to get rid of them and Memsaab does not want them! Just let me know the details (cost, etc).

      • Back in India after a failed marriage to Majid Khan, the pakistani
        crickter she married and settled with in Lahore. She has a daugther who must be grown up by now! She has been in India since the late 90s I think acc to Mags

  18. I am surprised to see no mention of M.B. Shetty in the post.This was his last movie as a henchman. he was hardly there in the 2 movies after this. he didn’t look at his best fitness wise in this movie.
    Shetty was Amjad Khan’s henchmen in very few movies.
    Anwar Hussain needed him the most when he was the main villain.

    The title Jail Yatra// Journey to Jail was very funny. did Jail play an important part in the movie ?

  19. Ms D’silva looked like Sonia Sahni to me for a second.

    I know this is Off topic though Sonia Sahni seems be the least known but very recognisable Vamp at the time – wonder did she ever do a positive role in any film ?

    • No, Shetty was there only briefly for one fight scene—he was looking pretty old (I did take a ss of him for the 80s gallery though) :)

      I’ve seen Sonia Sahni in a nice character role, although she wasn’t the heroine of the film. But she wasn’t a vamp either. But I don’t remember where :)

      I think the title refers to the fact that Raju keeps getting arrested when he tries to help people out, because he messes it all up. That was sort of forgotten for a good chunk of the middle though :)

      • You may be thinking of Sonia Sahni in a nice character role in Jangal Mein Mangal. :-)

        Sonia played all sorts of roles. She was heroine in most of IS Johar’s movies (and there are quite a few!). She was CSP in a highly-forgettable Rajesh movie (Maalik). Played a sweet character role (opp Pran) in Jangal Mein Mangal. Played Rishi Kapoor’s mom in Bobby. And of course vamp/negative roles too.

        • That’s true, she was a good person in JMM…but it was another one I was thinking of—Sharafat, that’s the one :)

          So Chris now you have a whole bunch of films to see Ms. Sahni in as a nice character :)

  20. Vinod Khanna’s last movie from his first inning.Ashok Kumar’s wig is very funny.Song “yeh jo nazer”is good.Memsaab did you ever watched Manoj Kumar’s movie Clerk(its on youtube) if not plz watch Ashok Kumar’s heart attack part from that movie and you will fall from your chair.

    And today is our hero’s b’day.LONG LIVE SHAMMI KAPOOR.

  21. A horse bar! I never knew what it was I needed for the corner of my living room but I think it is indeed a horse bar. And if it was on wheels….I haven’t seen the film but I feel that might change.

  22. I’m not a fan of Reena Roy or really even Vinod Khanna (oops, did I say that out loud? :-0, but I liked them as a couple in “Jail Yatra.” They looked so…freshly scrubbed…like a soap commercial. :-)

  23. a good time pass movie.
    no vulgarity
    how come people have forgotten reena roy – she gave stiff competition to rekha and hema malini in thier genre of roles.
    reena roy was also a good looking actress and she really acted well.

    very nice movie and good songs by rd espeacially ye jo nazar nazar hai tumhari…. and nahi lagta by lata

    • I don’t think people have necessarily forgotten Reena Roy—I just haven’t seen much of her, mostly because she was active in a period that I just don’t watch many movies from.

      • I love Reena also. She was a heroine for a good 13 years. I love watching her, even if her best known films were with Jeetendra and Shatrughan. She compensated for Jeetu’s bad dancing and Shatru’s hammy acting. She’s had some bad breaks in life. The thing about her is that her movies seem to foreshadow what happened later in her life. She won the Filmfare Award for “Apnapan” (1977) about a divorced woman who wants her child back. The same thing happened to her in real life when she and Mohsin Khan divorced, and he got custody of their daughter for several years, until his second wife urged him to give the daughter back to Reena. In “Aasha” (1980), her most famous song “Sheesha ho ya dil ho” seems to echo her own heartbreaks.

  24. “Yeh Mohibi Humko Apna Jaaniye”???

    Isn’t the qawwali “Kya Takalluf Hai Wallah Leejiye Dil Bismillah”?

  25. This is for your artist identification project:
    I don`t know the name of the lady who plays “Shantha”, but she is a famous Marathi film actress(May be her name itself is “SHANTHA”) “Maharastrians” can help us to identify her name….. I think she acted in V.shantharam`s films or Dada Kondke`s film(she looks like usha chavhaan, who was dada kondke`s film “tere mere beech mein”)I have seen her in a Marathi dance sequences(i.e., Tamasha, a type of marathi dance) Sorry I can`t remember, I hope memsaab you will find out her name.

    further, in 5th screen cap there is a lady in red saree, she acted in 1982 film “Bazaar” as smita patil`s hyderabadi muslim mother, I don`t know her name, she acted in many films as a supporting actress, I am trying to remember in which film she was there, I think she acted in a film directed by yash chopra also.


  26. “Mujhe Jeene Do” is the only respectable role I’ve yet to see Nirupa Roy and only thanks to Sunil’s Dutt’s feministic inclinations- bless his wonderful soul. RIP.

  27. Memsaab i want to ask you , why in this film anwar hussain’s voice has been dubbed by someone else? Anwar Hussain’s peak period as per popularity was 1967-1979 especially baharoan ke sapne, victoria 203, chor ke ghar chor, ek se badkar ek, dushman, jaise ko taisa, chori mera kaam, phaansi…. Was it that he fell unwell? i know that he was step brother of nargiz dutt. but no idea as to when he fell ill and died. as per imdb he died in 1991. when i saw this film jail yatra , i found out that anwar hussian’s voice was really different from what it is in his other films from 1967-1979

    • I have no idea (he was Nargis’ half-brother, not step-brother, Jaddanbai was his mother but they had two different fathers). I didn’t notice it was different, but it very well could have been. Maybe he had other commitments and couldn’t dub or something…

      • JAIL YATRA was SEP 1981 release, and as mentioned above by someone ,this was not release,of our dear VINOOD uncle,before his sanyas in USA for about four years,in fact as to best of my rememberence in the following year(1982)VINOOD uncle had four major releases,in fact they were five, MARCH 1982 DAULAT,APRIL 1982 RAJPUT,JULY 1982 RAJMAHAL,OCT 1982 INSAAN,and last one coincidently was released on31-12-1982 and that was TAAQAT,so in fact TAAQAT was his last release.

  28. strangely, I was looking for Anwar Hussain, the singer and I landed here. I watched this movie a while back. Vinod Khanna was such a talented actor. I still can’t believe he ruined a career.

  29. In continution to earlier writeup about JAIL YATRA which was released in sep.1981,this one was total fun movie in sense that one never gets bored watching this movie,even now every fifteen days its shown on ZEE CLASSIC,not to forget it had all great songs by burmanda,an magical/bombastic REENA AUNTY,and EVER HANDSOME VINOOD uncle,no wonder that once somewhere around 1973,he along with FEROZ KHAN uncle and SHASHI KAPOOR uncle was considered in ten best looking men in world. Back to this one,apart from this movie both of them(VINOOD uncle/REENA aunty paired togther in about fifteen movies and in specfic during 1980/81period when REENA aunty was passing through turbelent times in her personal life they were quite close to each other,in fact around this time they were considering marriage,but that was not to happen, VINOOD uncle went to USA on his sanyas(acharya RAJNEESH)and REENA aunty married Moshin KHAN in 1983 only to come back few years after.The personal chemistry they shared can itself be felt in this movie,unlike in todays times when. Attachments/bonds/personal feelings are things of past,IN todays times attachments/bonds/feelings everything is artificial/untrue/sinster.This movie starred three mysterious women,and they were JYOTI BAKSHI(Introduced by DEV SAAB in 1976 BULLET),KATY MIRZA aunty both of them passed few years ago under mysterious circumstances,and third one HINA KAUSER aunty,daughter of K.ASIF if I am not wrong,though a pleasant face and could act well too,but could not make in top bracket,disappered around three decades ago, only recently read in newspaper that she being married to wanted man by INDIA IQBAL MIRCHI,anyway strange are laws of nature,just watch movie for sheermagic/equation DEAR VINOOD uncle and REENA aunty shared on/off screen they had,I Hope since both of them are in Bombay they must have kept in touch,of wellbeing of each other .RAVINDER MINHAS,JALANDHAR CITY,PANJAB.minhas35@yahoo.com.

  30. Jyoti Bakshi Arjun Bakshi(Malhar-Bade Armano Se Rakha Hai) Ki Beti Thi.

  31. wanted a review of the movie Jail Yatra, what better way than to find a piece here on your blog Memsaab. Sadly I’d like to watch it for the sake of that unsung hero Vinod Khanna, who left us all today. What an icon, may his soul RIP :(

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