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  1. have you really watched all of these movies? i am a true blue hindi movie fan 9 we in india do not appreciate the term “Bollywood”) have been goign through your site and getting amazing help for a bolywood quiz show i am going to be on.

  2. These are just the movies I’ve watched (and not even all of them, just the ones I wanted to write about) since I started this blog ;-) I’ve watched many many many more than these. I try to keep the use of the term “Bollywood” to a minimum out of respect for those of you who don’t like it :-)

    Best of luck on the quiz show (is it Boman Irani’s that you will be on?)!

  3. Hey memsab!
    I’ve been checking out your blog and love it. I also do a Bollywood (sorry to those whoe don’t like the term, I understand) wordpress blog with my dost, Nandini. You should stop by.

    Be sure to check out the movies we’ve seen too.

  4. Food and movies! Two of my favorite things, I will certainly check it out :-)

  5. Hello Greta !
    Wonderful blog … read through some of your reviews and other posts and thoroughly enjoyed those …
    Keep them coming …
    Cheers !

  6. Thanks Amarendra :-) Love your name!

  7. who is the dancer who looks a bit like helen? she was in the holi dance number in phool aur patthar & she was the dancer in the song na muh chupa ke in the film hamraaz. thanks.

  8. She is Madhumati, she resembles Helen very closely. She mimics her mannerisms and is a good dancer too, so sometimes it’s v.v. difficult (if there are no closeups) to tell the difference!

  9. i still havent explored this whole site yet, there is so much & i dont want to miss an inch. i just want to say that 2 years ago i discovered this indian video/dvd/music shop not far from where i live & it is like a treasure cave in there. it had been there for 20 years & i didnt even know about it! my most precious possession (apart from my cats) is the now over 150 old films i bought from there. i am very sad to say they are closing down very soon because the 3 brothers who run it want to do things on their own now. if i won the lottery this week i would buy the shop, stock & all. i am very sad to see it go but i am grateful i have a wonderful film collection now because of them. i will be going back one last time with hundreds of pounds & buying as many more films & music as i can. i will never find another source like that one.

  10. It’s not nearly as much fun as a physical store, but there are lots of places online to buy Hindi films :-) So don’t give up! One of the things I love about Hindi movies is that I can watch them over and over again too, something I rarely do with Hollywood or western films…

  11. Hi,
    There is a classic wonderful movie, `Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi’ *ing
    Meena Kumari, Raj Kumar, Nadira and Sarika in principal roles. The songs are excellent, the acting is great and Meena Kumari plays a nurse in the movie. Few years back, Honey Irani made of a copy of this movie called,
    `Armaan’ with Gracy Singh playing Meena Kumari’s role, Preity Zinta playing Nadira’s role and Anil Kapoor playing Raj Kumar’s role…This movie was a big flop…..Watch the original it is classic and it has Meena Kumari my favorite at her best and the movie was a huge hit. Please no negative remarks about Meena Kumari – Thanks

  12. Hi Anvar: I have seen Dil Apna Aur Preet Paraye, and remember that it was quite the potboiler and I liked it a lot :-) Helen is in it too (just a dance, though)! and so is Baby Naaz.

  13. Ooooh, this is good stuff. I’d also add a recommendation to Andaz Apna Apna. We just watched it yesterday for what seems like the forty-third time, and it’s still hilarious….

  14. I need to watch that one again, saw it waaaaay back at the very beginning of it all :-)

  15. Hi, I do not find Mamta (1960s) in this list.
    Don’t tell me you haven’t seen it ?

    If not, please please see it.
    Ashok Kumar, Suchitra Sen, Dharam.

    Fantastic movie.

    And Devar (also 1960s).
    Dharam, Sharmila Tagore, Deven Verma.
    A different type of movie.

    I loved both these movies and hope you will like them too.
    Even if you don’t, please do see them and let us know what you think.

  16. I’ve seen a lot of films that aren’t listed here…these are the ones I’ve written about only.

    But I haven’t seen Mamta or Devar, although I have them both. I’ll move them up on my list of films to watch!

  17. Memsaab I have explored your site and reviewed each postings on our Super Star Rajesh Khanna its really very very good stuff u have posted. I really thank u very much u have reviewed beautifully on our Super Star Rajesh Khanna’s movie. Its wonderful collection and effort u made I have to salute u on your works.
    You have reviewed nearly 18 movies of our Super Star Rajesh Khanna:
    I hope that u will surely review the left out movies of our Super Star Rajesh Khanna. I once again thank you memsaab for your contribution.

  18. I am writing another RK post right now :)! I’ll keep writing about him as long as I have films of his to watch! Glad you enjoy them.

  19. Thank you memsaab for reviewing our Super Star Rajesh Khanna’s movie Chalta Purza. Its great review and I really glad and enjoyed your review. Why dont u start reviewing every movie of our Super Star Rajesh Khanna from Aakhri Khat – 1966 onwards. If u dont mind, its only suggestion memsaab. I once again you very much for reviewing Chalta Purza.

  20. Family Photos of TK & RK clippings of both the daughters is so nice memsaab

  21. Watch Ram aur Shyam & Sita aur Geeta – I guarantee you’ll love them

  22. Welcome av! I have seen both of those films several times, and you are bilkul correct! I do love them :-)

  23. Memsaab, are you a fan of Sanjeev Kumar? (I absolutely love him.) And have you seen Koshish? If not, I really reccomend it.

  24. I have seen Koshish and I loved it too. And yes, I am a big fan of Sanjeev Kumar! Haven’t seen him in a while though, need to remedy that…

  25. Hi Memsaab,

    Ever since I came across your blog, I’ve found to be a compulsive addiction. What surprises me the most is your range in the movies, considering the fact that you actually write about some of them! Also, I feel you watch and evaluate them with an endearing ability of keeping them to the time they were made, and the society they represent.

    Based on your liking, two quick recommendations, *just in case* you haven’t seen them already. I’d love to see your entry on them:

    “Dastak”–starring Sanjeev Kumar and Rehana Sultana. a 1970 movie.

    “Dil Kya Kare”–starring Mahima, Ajay Devgan, kajol and Chandrachur Singh.

    I hope you didn’t mind this unsolicited intrusion :-)

  26. I don’t mind a bit! I always appreciate recommendations…I’d get bored if I watched the same kind of thing over and over :-) I have been wanting to see Dastak–you’ve reminded me to track it down. I have seen Dil Kya Kare, which I liked okay but didn’t love.

    Keep visiting and thanks for your compliments :-) And keep recommending too! Hopefully I’ll see Dastak soon.


  28. Watched Talash (1969) yesterday. Half-expected to read its review here but cannot find it. Is it one of those movies which you have seen but not reviewed ? I found the movie OK – the songs are just lovely. It has a couple of Helen dances too. Rajendra Kumar was no great shakes but Sharmila was lovely to watch.

    If you have not seen the movie, you should (am not saying you will like it :-) ). And once you see it, you should review it. In your inimitable style. :-)

  29. I have seen it, and as I recall I quite liked it…would need to watch it again to review, but maybe I will! Have been rewatching many things recently :-)

  30. Hi,

    Came across your blog while searching for “Parinda” movie and came here through another blog. Haven’t gone across it too much, but i think it is great effort you have put in.
    I wanted to start blogging about movies but never got to it. Maybe, one day and if i do start , i will surely mention you as inspiration.

    I am one of those ppl, who was fortunate enough to grow up with bollywood movies and i love them. Being away from india for past decade , i still manage to get my regular dose of bollywood movies. I still can see a scene and tell from which movie it is and what’s movie story is. I know, it sounds crazy, but i have seen many jaws drop when i can recount stuff from movies.

    If you are Sanjeev Kumar fan, the movie “Aandhi” is must see. Also, i dont know if u have updated your movie list, but Umrao Jaan (Rekha starrer) is another must watch. I had an oppurtunity to meet Muzaffar Ali, amazing person and what a talent, he paints, designs clothes, poems and movie direction.(He directed Umrao Jaan). The jewelry, Rekha has worn in movie is real and belongs the to director.

    Will try to catch up and see what movies are you watching .. :)

  31. I don’t think I have seen Aandhi, will surely look out for it. I love Rekha’s Umrao Jaan. It’s nice to know that Muzaaffar Ali is creative on many fronts! :-) And you should write a blog, especially if you have that kind of recall. It is a lot of fun and you meet lots of other movie fans too :)

  32. hi madam,

    I came upon this blog recently, what a great job you have done. I am great fan of madhubala and I liked the blog of the movie Tarana. It is really a good movie with great stars and good songs. I would like to recommend some movies which I hope you would like it. They are Madhubala, Dilip Kumar, and Nimmi starrer AMAR (1954), Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma (both double role) Angoor, some of the Amol Palekar movies like Chitchor, Damaad, Golmaal, etc.

    Once you see these movies, if you will like it you should review it in your style. :-)


  33. Hi Prathima :-) I’m glad you like my blog, do keep visiting. I have Amar but haven’t watched it yet—I need to see it soon, as many people have been recommending it :-) I have seen Angoor and Golmaal, and Chitchor is another in my stack of “Watch soon!” films. Loved both Angoor and Golmaal, especially Golmaal…I haven’t reviewed them here as I saw them before I started the blog. One of these days I’ll try to catch up a bit with some of my favorites.

  34. Memsaab

    simply great but missed some great movies…

    amar-prem, paakeezah and Saheb bibi aur ghulam…


  35. hey,memsaab

    i like your style very much. I am a bollywood movie fanatic and prefer to stock good movies on dvd in my collection. Kindly indicate the label and price of dvd in india.

  36. I distinctly remember reading the reviews of film Yahudi here, because it was then I ordered it.

    I saw it recently and came back here to refresh my memory on what you had said about it.
    But its not here!!
    Was I dreaming? :-/
    Its not at dustedoff either so it wasn’t a case of mistaken identity either.
    *very puzzled*

  37. recently, saw ‘Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon’ (EROS) and ‘Do Badan’ (EAGLE) on DVD and oh my God the prints were so bad. I understand that even Bigflix stocks these poor copies.

  38. why don’t you discuss pakistani comedy stage plays of legends like umer sharif, moin akhter, etc. In India, these plays are hugely popular and are freely available on dvd/vcd and there is a big demand for them.

  39. ‘Bakra Qiston Pay’ (PRIYA) by Umer Sharif is one of the most popular and entertaining comedy plays and encouraged by the huge public demand the producers bought out the Parts II, III and IV. These plays are mainly staged for audience in Pakistan(Lahore, Karachi, etc.). and mirrors the common man on the streets in Pakistan. Many a times there are messages against India, the jokes are often vulgar. Nevertheless, there are copycats in India who have become comedy stars in India by simply lifting many jokes from these plays.

    • Memsaab enjoys watching Bollywood movies and writes about them. I love listening to Bollywood songs and I write about them. I am sure you too can write about the comedy plays that you enjoy instead of asking others to do it. Just my two bit.

  40. have you seen ‘kabuliwallah ‘ ?

  41. Hello memsaab,

    Wonderful reviews! I accidentally bumped into your blog when I was looking for ‘Teen Bahuraniyan’ review, and I am hooked. You have a fantastic way of writing and I totally understand your love for Shammi. He was and is FAB! I don’t think any youngster has managed to capture his zest and energy.

    By the way, have you watched ‘Shaagird’? I would love to read your review on that movie. Saira Banu is not as irritating and the comedy by IS Johar is great!

    • I haven’t seen Shagird, although I plan to :) I love IS Johar. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog—it’s a great community at this point and you are most welcome!

  42. Saw “Chhaya” (1961) a couple of days ago with Sunil Dutt and Asha Parekh. And Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s direction

    Simple movie, predictable but quite enjoyable if your mind just wants to relax and you don’t want complicated plots. :-) The story stays on target all along – no CSPs.

    As for songs, there is “Itna na mujhse” – which is based on Mozart’s 40th symphony. And another lovely Talat number “Aansoo samajh ke”.

    I quite liked the movie. If you haven’t seen it, it is probably worth a watch. Don’t expect anything spectacular and you will not be disappointed. :-)

    • Oooh, I will look for it. I’ll watch anything with Asha, and if Sunil and Hrishida are involved and it’s early 60s in vintage I will probably like it :)

  43. Where do you buy your movies?? Which sites stock these fabulous films?? Sorry, I’m pretty new to the world of Hindi cinema & have no idea which online stores are best. -Thankyou. Carmel

    • They should be paying me!!! :) But I mostly order from (in the US, very reliable) or (in India, very reliable and inexpensive except shipping costs—pays to fill up your cart before ordering, but that’s not difficult!). I also find things on eBay and download a fair number of films from different torrent sites on the interwebs. Netflix and Jaman are good if you want to rent or watch online (free with ads).

    • Hi, I live in London, can I use Induna &/or Nehaflix?

  44. great sir….no words to comment u ……….u build up a knowledge ocean


    • Your English is fine Prakash BUT WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING AT ME? :D

      Wow, you’ve mentioned some films I’ve never heard of…Kaali Ghata and Maati Maangey Khoon sound very interesting! I have written up Anita here already and seen Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein, although before I started my blog. Might watch Us Paar although Basuda’s films are sometimes a little slow for me. Glad you like my blog, and welcome!

  46. sorry madam,I am very excited by seeing such good reviews about my favourite topic “old hindi movies”,everyone gets bored,while I start talking about that, that`s why I am getting hyper about my language,as I have got like minded people to converse with. please excuse me for that. Please inform me if at all I go overboard about my langauage and writing skill. I am a little bit melodramatic like my fav.hindi films.

    Yes “Us paar” is somewhat a slow movie about a nomadic girl moushumi and his small but intense meeting with a young man from modern city(VINOD MEHRA AND another village girl PADMA KHANNA and other actors:JALAL AGHA, RAJA PARANJAPE(famous marathi character artist).But music by s.d.burman is first rate.
    But his “SWAAMI” starring shabana azmi,vikram and girish karnaad ,preethi ganguly (dada moni`s fat grand daugher)dheeraj kumar,I think you may like,which was produced by Hemamalini`s mother Jaya chakravarthy. (Beautiful music from rajesh roshan: 1:kya karoon sajni(yesudas)2.Pal bhar mein yeh kya hogaya(lata)3.yadhon mein woh(kishorekumar)(I find shades of HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM in “SWAAMI”,I think you may like Shabana Azmi, that`s why I am recommending her movies which you may like to watch:
    1.BHAVNA(produced by gurudutt`s brother devi dutt who also produced shabana starrer “MASOOM”*marc zubeir,rohini hattangadi,saeed jaffrey,urmila mathondkar as a child artist, beautiful songs by lataji and bappi lahiri,a female protagonist`s film, all male character except kanwaljeet`s filmed as lustful creatures, but anyways good melodrama if you like, then go for it.
    2.SURAAG(produced by NRI people)starring sanjeev kumar, geetha siddarth,marc zuber(a little bit slow movie,but interesting theme”)
    3.ADHA DIN AADHI RAAT(shabana and vinod khanna)
    4.LAHU KE DO RANG(mahesh bhatt`s one of the first directorisl ventures having vinod khanna in double role,one role opposite my favourite HELEN, whose name will always prominent in your reviews, which I like very much)
    5.VISHWASGHAT(*sanjeev kumar,dina patak I think it is a somewhat rehash of GOD FATHER, but anyway it is worth watching for sanjeevkumar, kabir bedi,madan puri, then it is the second movie of mahesh bhatt’s directorial factory)
    6.ATHITHI(*SHASHI KAPOOR,vidya sinha,shathrughna sinha, -which I also haven`t seen , I hope you will review it)
    7.KARM(*rajesh khanna,vidyasinha,achala sachdev,manmohankrishan,asrani,om shivpuri,ifthekar: from B.R.FILMS camp-a film about “MARRIAGE AND HOROSCOPES”, got some beautiful songs by R.D.BURMAN
    8.HEERA AUR PATTHAR:*SHASHI KAPOOR (commercial potboiler)and music by kalyanji anandji,but I have`nt seen it.
    9.SWEEKAR KIYA MAINE:this one I am dying to see, for USHA KHANNA`S beautiful music score and asha,lataji`s song,*vinod mehra,I have`n got the opportunity to see it.
    10.SAMAY KI DHARA:*shatrughna sinha, tina munim:this one again man,woman and the other woman subject,(music by jugalkishore tilak raaj(one ashabhosle`s song is very good) but I haven`t seen it. all the information I god from watching newspaper advertisement,articles .
    11.RAASTE PYAR KE:: (tearjerker,melodramatic)*rekha(beautiful),jeetendra,utpaldutt(small role)nadira(my favuorate)om puri(unable to fit into commercial circuit)khushboo(as a child artist).this film produced by south indian people.but very good songs by laxmi kanat pyarelal and lata,asha,s.p.balasubramaniam,kishorekumar .

    I think you are going to scold me for boring you, enough for today. I feel I have found my tribe of people. thank you so much.

    with regards

    • No I will not scold you!!! MELODRAMA ALWAYS WELCOME HERE!!!!! :D I am always happy to meet people with a passion that matches or exceeds mine! Certainly too you will be able to inform me about a lot of things I don’t know :) I have seen some of these above, but not all certainly. I’ve seen many films which aren’t reviewed here, either because I saw them before I began this blog, or so many other people have written about them already and I have nothing to add, or I just didn’t have anything to say :) But thanks for the recommendations, and we definitely share some faves (Helen, Nadira—although I think Preeti Ganguly is beautiful, fat or not ;)…Cheers! The tribe is glad to have you :)

  47. memsaab, have you sen Warrant stg Dev and Zeenat. Supp to be a good thriller…Fab songs too .cant just seem to find DVD/ torrent/ rapidshare whatever..Please help


  48. Hi memsaab,

    Came across ur blog while searching for Shashi kapoor ; loved the vintage photo u had posted of him ;))))…
    I too m a movie buff i love movies and esp old ones…..
    Great Blog ; God Blesss….

  49. Hi,

    You are doing a wonderful service to us less mortals, by writing reviews on movies, some of which are quite rare.

    I myself am a self confessed and avid rare Hindi movies and rare Hindi film songs lover/fan, and have started my own group called “Rare Hindi Film Songs” on Face Book in mid May ’10. The group now boasts of more than 900 members and has over 3,300 video/audio links to some of the rarest songs of Hindi Films over the last 6 decades.

    Should you have any interest and inclination, please do visit the group, at your convenience, to hear csome real rare gems being posted each day.

    I do subscribe to your blog and get regular updates on your new posts.

    In the end, I would sincerely like to thank you for the good work which you are doing and wish you all the best for years to come.



  50. Hi Memsaab,

    Hope you have had a chance to visit the “Rare Hindi Film Songs” – RHFS on Face Book.

    The reason to write back to you is that last week, there was in intersting article written by Mr. Rajiv Vijayakar, the famous Hindi Film and Film Music Journalist and Critic, in Screen India (Screen India is one of the oldest weekly published from India, which exclusively writes about Hindi/English movies, music and Television).

    This article is titled “The Face(Book) of Music” The RHFS group got a mention and I thought you would be interested to have a read at the same. The weblink to the article is

    Hope you find time to read this article.

    Warm regards


    • That is a very nice article, I do read Screen India regularly :) It is one of the few mainstream publications to still write about older films…I don’t spend much time on Facebook but did go and look at your group, I’m glad it is gaining in popularity :)

  51. Memsaab,
    I am your latest fan. I have read nearly all your reviews, and have set a goal of completing the whole set before 2011. Also I have enjoyed all those I have read greatly. Your wonderful reviews have greatly increased my interest in the GOLDEN OLDIES and the colorful 70s and I have completely lost interest in the current sleazy Bolly mass productions. I sincerely request to carry on your great work and more OLDIES to your list (like KOHRA, MAHAL).
    But I would like to make a small inquiry. Do U dislike Manoj Kumar a little? I am asking because U have added some really biting staff about him in your reviews. I know he had acted in some weird preachy films in the 70s but I have found him very cool compared to over-dramatics like Joy Mukherjee, Raj Kapoor. His specialty was in supernatural thrillers(WOH KAUN THI, POONAM KI RAAT), where he was both convincing as a playboy and a confused, agitated soul.
    Anyway, best wishes for U in this festive(feastive) season, and am esgerly waiting for your reviews.

    • I try to watch new Hindi movies as well, but mostly I get tired of them by the first half hour and turn them off :) They are just so…NOISY. And I almost never write about them here because there are plenty of people writing about them everywhere else :)

      I do dislike Manoj Kumar’s FILMS (and his characters in those films) (I don’t know him personally and he may be a very nice man)—I find them preachy and hypocritical to be honest. His work as an actor in the 60s is okay, but he’s not an actor I really ever find compelling to watch. Sorry :( Forgive me and keep reading :)

  52. Thanks a lot for visiting RHFS. Hope you are inspired to keep on coming back for visits, even though they may be brief and irregular.
    Take care

  53. Hi, can you please do a review of these 2 movies, their both from RISHI KAPOOR:
    – Anjaine Mein
    – Rajaa

  54. I SO agree with you about the new movies – they are SO noisy – even the music is not very musical – its a collection of a lot of loud noises, well mostly…
    And they seem so frenzied… Too much action, the humor too somehow, tends to be overdone in many places…
    Overall, I feel exhausted at the end of the movie (not in a nice way), and there is nothing that remains with me as unique about the movie…

    Some of the recent (last 10 years) movies that I have liked though are (not in any particular order) –
    Jab we met (I really liked both of them in this movie)
    Munna Bhai – both of them (superb!! – And I know a lot of people think the second one was better, but I love the first one more)
    3 Idiots – this was a very good example of the movie being much better than the book on which it was supposed to be based on.
    Dil Chahata Hai (though I liked it much better till before Dimple had to die and then it got all melodramatic with Amir-Preti track)
    Swades – though this was a litle corny in places, I thought it was a movie made with a lot of heart. And I actually liked shah rukh in this one.
    Jodha Akbar – (a good part of the movie was good…)
    Lagaan – (I couldn’t handle the length though – and almost flipped out when they started singing bhajan just before the last day’s play)

    Recently, I have liked the off-beat movies like Pipli [Live], Tere Bin Laden and Phas gaye re Obama.

  55. Why is ‘ALL QUIET ON THE MEMSAAB FRONT?’ Has she been so enamored with Facebook that she has forgotten about her own moonstruck fans? Or am I the only one left here and everyone has followed her footsteps? (OH GOD, WHAT ANGUISH!) MEMSAAAAAAB! WHERE ARE UUUUUU? Please come back! Someone guide me (like Sadhana in WKT) to her (with background horror score, if U wish).

    • I know, I know…I am just very busy on the work front these days and weekends have been unusually crazy lately too. I am trying to get back to it, be patient! (I’m basically ignoring FB too, except for shorter snippets of stuff) :D

  56. recommendation: Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, probably the finest satire to come out of Hindi cinema, the climax is the funniest thing you will ever see on celluloid. although I must say you need to aware of Indian history to truly appreciate it (Mythologies included)

  57. Memsaab, the great villain named “ERROR 404” has re-emerged. He has kidnapped your latest child post “PATTHAR AUR PAYAL” and has confined it somewhere in the Web underworld. I am very concerned about its safety. Its tracks have appeared in front of my lair, but it is nowhere to be seen! Time for you to become the TIGERMOM again, and stretch your claws to retrieve your child. If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us, your worshippers. We are ever-ready to pay our blood-debt to the goddess of all filmi buffs. Best of Luck!

    • Ha ha!!! It has disappeared because it isn’t finished yet—I hit publish by mistake instead of save! Am trying to finish it today, work permitting :)

  58. Meemsaab, one of my favorite movie of all time is “Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro”. Remember the dead guy walking scene from “Weekend at Bernie’s?” this movie is the inspiration for that. The drama on stage towards the end of the movie is priceless, I break up every time I watch it. Growing up on a staple diet of one movie every Sunday(Thanks to the national provider DoorDarshan), I probably have watched it a million time and it is fresh everytime. Doordarshan used to show it ever so often.Here’s the wikilink:

    watch it and you wont be disappointed.

  59. Memsaab, there was a movie called Pran Jaye Par Vachan na Jaye, and in it was a beautiful song…..chaiin se humko kabhi aapne jeene na diya….which was deleted from the film because of some spat between Asha Bhosle the singer and O P Nayyar the music director, but the song was shot on Rekha….do you have the video of that?

    • I don’t have it but if someone does it might be up on Youtube. I just got a copy (vcd, no subs *sad*) of the film, and I do know of one spectacular dance with Rekha in it, but not sure if it is the same one you are thinking of :)

  60. Memsaab ..

    Thx for the index. Whether possible to indicate next to it, the respective sites online where these movies can perhaps be viewed.

    Am living in Malaysia where it is next to impossible to get all these, especially the purani Hindi jewels.



    15 Nov 2011

    • I don’t watch movies online, so I wouldn’t know where you can see them. You can order dvds and vcds online from, they have a large selection and great customer service :)

  61. I just noticed that you have not reviewed “Kora Kaaghaz” (1974), a nice movie starring Vijay Anand and Jaya Bhaduri. It has a nice story line and the music by Kalyanji Anandji is lovely. I am eager to read your take on this movie.

  62. memsaab, pls could u throw some light on old hindi actor sudhir of dharmatma fame

  63. i think you should also review the tamil movie Michael Madhana Kama Rajan starring kamal hasan, an excellent and full length comic caper.

  64. memsaab how come you have not reviewed Aradhana 1969 till now? Have you never seen it?

    • I’ve seen it a couple of times…I know it’s heresy, but it’s not one of my favorites. Maybe one of these days I will write it up but I’d have to watch it again first.

  65. I recall that you had reviewed ‘Masoom” (1983) in the past. But I cannot find it in the list above. Or am I mistaken.

  66. Njoyed my Eid holidays in middle east watching 2 of my fav. movies Massey Sahib (1986) & 36 chowringee lane (1981) for the 2nd time ( last watched during DD ‘era) was been looking for these gem of movies since long & at last I found it on d IN :)
    Never knew the actress was Arundhati Roy( as tribal lady – saila ) in Massey Sahib, hats off to Raghuvir Yadav for his brilliant performance. Would like to share his interview on same at

    Talking about 36 chowringee lane again Jennifer Kendal who gives a brilliant performance as Miss Stoneham. Was thrilled to see her collection of music records (of Connie Francis – Yellow Polka Dot Bikini & Lipstick On Your Collar…) & ws soooo J & grrrrr!! when she presented that beautiful antique gramophone & records to her selfish student ) It also reminded me some of our lovely Anglo Indians who lived in our neighborhood. This movie is worth watching and will leave us with a few poignant lessons about life.

    Mem…i would love to hear from you on these movies ……… cheers!

  67. Memsaheb cd you please also add up in ur list shashi & leela naidu’s The Householder (1963), story about young married couple & amol palekar’s Taxi Taxi (1977) – thanks in advance.

  68. please review Rahu Ketu for me! I wathched it some 30-33 yrs back, and just remember that it was kind of offbeat

  69. No Guru Dutt classics :( Not even Pyaasa or Kaagaz ke Phool

    • It’s not because I don’t like Guru Dutt, it’s because I watched those films before I began writing the blog. Pyaasa is one of my favorite films. In fact the only Guru Dutt film I don’t like is Chaudhvin Ka Chand, it’s terribly sexist :)

      • I remember some 10-11 years earlier, Pyaasa was one of the fav films of Doordarshan, and they used to broadcast it occasionally on Sundays. My fav is, however, Kagaz ke Phool. I tried to went past Chaudhvin ka Chand and Sahab, Biwi aur Gulam but i think I had inferior intelligence to understand these classics.

        • Oh don’t sell yourself short :) If the filmmaker doesn’t convey any message to you, or you don’t care for the message it does convey, it is not necessarily your lack.

  70. Have you seen Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hain?I know you dislike Raj Kapoor, but it is a very nice movie.I loved it.And what about Vidhaata?

    • I have seen it, and liked it too :) I am not sure about Vidhaata…I know I have it, and may have seen it but don’t recall the plot etc. off the top of my head.

  71. Have you seen Sheesh Mahal ,Beimaan(1972)??

  72. Have you watched Chandi Sona (1977) yet??I recommend that,it is a treat to watch.

  73. I just saw Halaku(1956) today and it is an awesome,very very enjoyable,the songs too are great!!I would strongly recommend that.

  74. I love this collection of yours!! Well, there are a few movies (old and new) which are really worth to watch.. You gotta see Anand (1971). It entirely belongs to Rajesh Khanna.. Then watch Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013). I’d rate it as the best movie of the year. And then watch English Vinglish (2012). Sridevi’s first movie after come back. These are some movies which i watched recently and i just loved them. Btw, I found your dogs really cute! I always wanted a pup but dad n mum say that its really difficult to maintain and train them :( And hey, also watch Aamir Khan’s Lagaan (2001). I bet you’d love it..! And also when you watch these movies, do post about them.. looking really forward to read it :)

    • I’ve seen a great many movies that aren’t listed here (including Anand and Lagaan)…these are just the ones I’ve written about here :) And your mum and dad are right—dogs are a lot of work, kind of like having four-legged children!

      • Since when did you start watching Hindi movies? Did you learn Hindi by watching movies or by classes? And that’s one HUGE collection out there. In class, I play a game where i will give only the vowels, year, and actor/actress of the movie and they have to guess it. I’m the only one who likes old Bollywood. So, I guess this can help me :) And I can also watch a lot of movies during my free time.. :)

  75. You have not mentioned anand and amar prem.

  76. Recently watched dosti.can you please tell me who are those two young boys in the movie

  77. Have you watched:
    1. Mughal-E-Azam (1960),
    2. Bees Saal Baad (1962), or
    3. Neel Kamal (1968)?

  78. Dont you watch new movies i mean recent releases?

  79. Have you watched the 1963 film Sehra or heard its songs?

  80. please do watch Ferry starring Dev Anand and Geeta Bali. its a wonderful movie.

  81. I always read your review but not for the sake of reading the story or review but for looking at the screenshots of the movie, from picture quality point of view, if you could understand what I mean.

    I would be grateful, if you alway mention which manufacturer/studio/brand DVD from which have review and you have uploaded the images of the movie.

    • I actually always spent as much time on the photos (color-correcting, enhancing, etc.) as I did on writing the review. It’s criminal how bad VCD and DVD companies are at doing those basics. I’m glad you appreciate the work I put into the screenshots though :)

  82. Hello Memsaab ( Greta K)
    I Love your web site.
    You have amazing coverage of my favorite Shammi Kapoor
    I have couple of questions probably you are the only one who could answer
    the film Basant – why is the connection of the name to film itself.

    Have seen the movie GULSANOBAR ( Shammi Kapoor) and what is the story

  83. who are you to criticise a good actor like Manoj Kumar.
    Watch scathing depiction of indians in western cinema television programs etc!!!

  84. There is no name of movie amrapali

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