Roop Tera Mastana (1972) (mini-review)

I quickly grew tired of the plot (Pran evil, Mumtaz helpless, Jeetendra clueless, I.S. Johar painful), but remained riveted to Mumtaz’s Disney princess wardrobe and accessories.





Sometimes her outfits were more Vegas show girl than princess, but they were still fabulous.



Even burdened with more Spare Hair than one head and neck should have to hold up, Mumtaz is stunning.


Other reasons to watch: a Masala Death Trap which is basically a giant panini press where the sandwich is a human being…


…and two Mumtaz dances which are really fun (the rest of the songs were made tedious by awkward choreography that made Mumtaz and Jeetendra look like they hated each other).

I think that covers it.

24 Comments to “Roop Tera Mastana (1972) (mini-review)”

  1. Nice matching hairdos too. Mumtaz can be counted upon to dress well, or at least, interestingly.

  2. Nice memories about this film as a young man saw the shooting of a song in which leading pair were at Shree Sound Studios Dadar It was a palace set with a round bed I do not remember the song though the photo is above the caption ‘sometimes her outfit were mere vegas……’third from left Mumtaz in a yellow outfit

  3. I’m going to watch this just for those dresses and her.

    • Yes, I didn’t even capture them all and certainly most of them deserved many different angles to get the full effect. It’s also a fairly benign story, so no reason not to watch it really. Basic formoola :)

  4. I believe Mumtaz can rock any outfit- Indian, western, good, bad, ugly… less hair, more hair.. less accessories, OTT accessories!

  5. ” basically a giant panini press where the sandwich is a human being…

    LOL! That had me in splits.

    I have seen this film, years ago, but all I remember of it is Mumtaz.

  6. See, I knew I couldn’t be the only one awestruck by Mumtaz’s hair, clothes and accessories in “Roop Tera Mastana.” I want a friend like Mumu or at least one with a closet like her’s. :-D

  7. Dear Memsaab, Here’s a link I posted on Dustedoff’s website featuring child artistes of Bollywood. Madhu, a strange incident happened last night. I was at my clinic (back after a long illness) in Bhopal , it was a very busy time when 2 young men came & said would I please make a house call to see an unconscious patient not far away ( no, this is not like “Woh kaun thi ? !!) I said there are too many patients here to leave. Anyway I went. I stepped into a large hall where there were quite a lot of people. The patient was a plump middle aged lady & she WAS unconscious, I examined her asking questions to the people around me. To my left side a lady kept telling me about how hectic the day had been for the patient & so on, then I turned to look at her –and stared — it was a stout elderly lady in her 60’s with white hair, and guess who it was ? Even after almost 50 years since I’d seen her on the screen I recognized her in a flash. I exclaimed, ” Arrey, aap toh Baby Fareeda hain !” She said yes and I told her that I was quite a big fan of hers and seen all her movies (true) and that just 2 days back I’d seen her song with Dilp Kumar “Aayee hain baharen mitey zulm aur sitam” on TV-( featured at No. 8 on your list here). I said she’d brought all my childhood memories flooding back.Although she had aged considerably , she still had the smooth, pink baby face of her childhood- She’d acted in “Sujata”, “Kabuliwaala”, “Dosti” , “Bhramachari”, “Phool aur patthar” etc. I spoke to her for some time, prescibed IV drips etc to the patient who’d had a mild stroke, and went away , saying that I hoped the lady would regain consciousness (I didn’t ask how Baby Fareeda was related to her.) Now, this is where the second coincidence begins. Today morning the patient, wearing a burqa walked into my clinic with her grown up son & daughter in tow . Baby Fareeda had phoned me late in the night to say that by the grace of God the patient had recovered 2 hours after I’d seen her. Anyway I was really happy to see the lady better and asked her how she knew Baby Fareeda. Then they told me she was Baby Fareeda’s sister (her name was Fawzia). I told them all to give Fareeda my best wishes and tell her how extremely happy I was to see her.And that I’d loved her song in “Dosti” – “Gudiya, hum se roothi rahoogi”. Then the young man said do you know who my mother Fawzia is ? I said, no. He said have seen the song “Phoolon ka taaron ka sab ka kehna hain, ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai” from “Hare Rama,hare Krishna” . I told him I’d seen the movie and the song a zillion times. The guy said my mother is that little girl in the song and she played Zeenat Aman’s childhood role. I was astonished. I remembered the girl perfectly , she was in a yellow shirt and red checked jumpers, wearing glasses and constantly sucking her thumb. She played the dysfunctional little girl, neglected by her parents perfectly,your heart goes out to her .Then on a sudden whim I asked if the little boy who played Sharmila Tagore’s son in “Aradhana” who features in the song “Chanda hai tu, mera sooraj hai tu” and who later stabs Manmohan to death was their brother because I always felt he had a resemblance to Baby Fareeda. Fawzia said, yes he was her older brother, Master Shahid ! Now aren’t these all a series of strange links connected up ? Best wishes & regards ! Pradeep. On Mon, 18 Jul 2016 22:50:27 +0530 MemsaabStory wrote >

    #mailMsgBodyContainer a:hover { color: red; } #mailMsgBodyContainer a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } #mailMsgBodyContainer a.primaryactionlink:link,#mailMsgBodyContainer a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } #mailMsgBodyContainer a.primaryactionlink:hover,#mailMsgBodyContainer a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } #mailMsgBodyContainer /*@mediaonlyscreenand(max-device-width:480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; }

    memsaab posted: “I quickly grew tired of the plot (Pran evil, Mumtaz helpless, Jeetendra clueless, I.S. Johar painful), but remained riveted to Mumtaz’s Disney princess wardrobe and accessories.

    Sometimes her outfits were more Vegas show girl than princess, but t”

  8. Wonderful incident Dr Pradeep Baby Farida & Master Shahid were reel life siblings in Prasad Prod’s Beti Bete Farida played the younger Jamuna and Shahid played the young Sunil Dutt Infact the song Aaj kal mein dhal gaya was picturised on Farida They both worked together in many films Master Shahid also played the younger brother to Asha Parekh and Aruna Irani in Aya Sawan Jhoom ke

  9. The title of the movie pretty much sums up her ensemble wardrobe selection.

  10. Thanks so much Dr Pradeep; it never occurred to me that Fawzia was the child star in Hare Rama Hare Krishna. These children were neighbours of Dilip Kumar in Pali Hill; I even read that Baby Farida got married after her stint in movies as a child star ended; she refused to do Raj Kapoor’s Bobby. I don’t know what made her come back to movies and TV serials after so many years. I always thought that Master Shahid grew up to become actor Sumeet Saigal. Now I stand corrected.

    Is there any news of Bobby the wonder child in movies like Mastana(1970) and Amar Prem(1971)? I plan to watch Mastana tonight. It was supposedly a super hit when it was released.

  11. I also want to express a contrarian view – hope it doesn’t offend anyone… agreed that Mumtaz had a charm of her own, but I think the hype around her was too much..She was a great actress (Khilona and Aap Ki Kasam are ample proofs), a great friend (to Shatrughan Sinha & Rajesh Khanna), daring (the torrid scenes in Kathputhli and Apradh) & forgiving (she agreed to do movies with Shashi Kapoor even though he rejected her earlier as she was an extra in movies before she hit the jackpot)… but her facial expressions became a tad too predictable. I was appalled that she had such a short role in “Do Raaste”. However, to be fair, she also did not get too many challenging roles after “Khilona”.

    Movies like “Roti” (where she showed enough spunk and actually was the replacement for Dimple Kapadia), Roop Tera… & Kathputhli did gross injustice to her acting talent. Chor Machaye Shor was a reprieve. I am just wondering how Dimple Kapadia would have fitted into the role of Kashmiri woman in “Roti’? Mumtaz was just perfect for the role.

    To put it simply, she was reasonably good looking and a great actress but she got more attention than she deserved!

  12. Mumtaz ji always looked best in her outfits…. and in bollywood glorius Mumtaz ji always rocked with her movies and movies reviews….. crb tech reviews

  13. Jeetendra was one glam star who rocked equally well with rafi mukesh and kishor,devanand and shammi the real glam gods couldn’t.ha maine bhi pyar kiya is an example.

  14. I think Mumtaz was one of the best talented actress in her Era where she demonstrated her ability of acting between drama or tragedy . For example in 1970 she acted in Khilona as courtesan who leaves her work to be with her mehboob crazy poet ( Sanjeev Kumar ) and in the same year she acted as supporting actress in Bhai Bhai opposite Sunil dutt and Asha parekh. Between the two movies her acting was going from one extreme to other as in one movie she is very quiet , romantic , sensitive and that’s khilona where in Bhai Bhai she acted as thief, dancer , gangster so she was a multi talents actress

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