Nahiiin! Face Gallery

I don’t think “Nahiiiiin!!!” requires much by way of explanation, except to say that abject despair and/or terror have produced some really classic moments. Even in films which lack any other redeeming characteristic, a good hearty “NOOOOOOOO!” accompanied by the requisite facial contortions and wringing of hands will always perk me right up. I would bet that anyone who watches Hindi movies on a regular basis has his or her own favorite Nahiiin!!! Scenes firmly fixed in memory.

The Gallery here is a collection of screenshots paying tribute to those actors who give this kind of opportunity their very best effort. This is often at the behest of the director, so I am not necessarily blaming (or should that be crediting) the actors involved—nor, it must be said, am I necessarily endorsing the movies represented here.

I will keep this updated as I add more tears of woe and tortured expressions; I also encourage anyone who wants to send me screenshots for this gallery (memsaabstory at gmail dot com), because it could take decades to find them all on my own. And really, isn’t this a case of “the more the merrier”?

Nahiiin Face Gallery (updated 10 June 2016)

26 Comments to “Nahiiin! Face Gallery”

  1. Haha..that nahi gallery is one and only i have ever seen and who else but you can think of. It reminds me of a girl from a Kyrgistan where old indian movies are broadcasted in TV she cant understand a word of Hindi but first time she met me (an Indian girl ) she said Nahi…mujhe chod do I was surprised first she can speak hindi and then why she is saying so?? And she told she learned this for Hema Malini after watching her movie and after that i noticed too she has her own nahi style now i am a Hema nahi fan!

  2. Oh priceless, priceless!

    Can we nominate our favorites? Here are mine:

    1. Ashu in ‘Dhund’ (1973) – Risk of over usage but sorry, this IS priceless!
    2. Dharam in ‘Mere Humdum Mere Dost’ (1978) – Oh Dharam, Dharam!
    3. Mala Sinha in ‘Maryada’ (1971) – So demented :-)
    4. Sunil Dutt in ‘Nagin’ (1976) – Ah, that hand on head. Always works.
    5. Rajesh Khanna in ‘Jaanwar’ (1982) – But is this a ‘nahin’ face? Looks like he’s sighing, ‘yes, yes, yes’ in ecstasy :-D Is this a family friendly blog, dear one? :-)

  3. I think if we add Vimmi’s face (of Humraaz – 1967 fame) to the gallery will run shouting “nahin!!” , the readers of this blog. :-)

    Sorry, just couldn’t hold back myself .

  4. Hahaha, How come thisarticle did not appear before :) And I am not surprised that the picture of our beloved Asha Parekh occupies the pride of place with this writeup.

    • It takes time to put these things together, something I am sadly short on these days!!!! I predict that there are several actors who will one day have entire pages to themselves though :D

  5. Nutan in Gauri at your very own
    was the first pic that came to my mind!

  6. I have to watch Hare Kaanch Ki Chooriyan again. It seems the entire case spent the film just saying – “Nahiiiiiiin!”

  7. One of the things I would do as a schoolboy was to make up all sorts of movie names. Like “Khoon se range haath” (“Blood-soaked hands”). Come to think of it, the best – and simplest – movie name would just have been “Nahiiin!!!”.

    Apparently Yash Chopra is returning to direction after 8 years – his next movie, an SRK-Katrina Kaif starrer, is slated for a Diwali release. Maybe we need to suggest this name to him? ;-) *Raja runs to avoid objects thrown in his direction by the gazillion SRK-Katrina fans spread around the world*

  8. I do love Bollywood films especially because in many films, the most sublime moments are given the most puerile treatment. This Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!! section really tickles me pink. Thankkkk youuuuuuuu Memsaab a million times!!

  9. if you want to play a prank on someone, just drop a steel plate and scream – Nahiiiiiiiiiiiin! (do it when a few people are there and they’ll get so scared).
    my dad taught me this trick but i dare not try it.
    is the 1st pic from the movie kati patang?

  10. I LOVE it!! I love this whole site, thank you:)

    • I still laugh every time I open up the pdf file. It’s become my “make myself feel better” thing when I’m having a bad day :D Bless Hindi cinema and all its riches!

  11. This has been the best thing I’ve seen in a long time . Made me burst out laughing
    Thanks for going to the trouble of collecting

  12. haha! Love it! I thought I was the only weirdo who collected screen caps of my favourite NAHIN! moments to post up on the net. My friends make fun of me for having a folder on my desktop labelled “NAHIN! Faces”

    My favourite is Dharam from Mere Hamdam Mere Dost. It’s so ridiculous just like the film (I make so much fun of that movie).

  13. Hema Malini? Her drug induced NAiiiiiiiii is famous…

  14. Sanjeev Kumar’s Thakur shouts ‘Nayiiiiiiii’ to Gabbar’s ‘Ye haath muze de de thakur’

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