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  1. Hi,

    here’s a trivia question for you & the readers. Does anyone know the name of the actor who danced with Helen during the famous ‘Monica’ song in the movie ‘Caravan’ ?

    He also appeared in other songs during the early ’70’s, including ‘Jai Jai Shiv Shankar’ from ‘Aap Ki Kasam’

    Also, is he still alive & if so, what is he up to nowadays ?

    By the way you have a great site & I love reading your film reviews.

    Take care,


  2. Ooh Pavitra, good question! and I’m glad you like my site, keep coming back and commenting.

  3. Speaking of Trivia –
    This one is about Shammi Kapoor but it needs to be rechecked of course. Once I was watching the 1951 movie Jadu starring Suresh and Nalini Jaywant. There was a villian character there. I would have missed him surely but for his mannerisms and voice which sent me signals that I had seen that before. Finally it clicked. Hey that was Shammi Kapoor of the struggling days. Could someone please verify whether it’s Shammi Kapoor or someone else.

    • I doubt that it was Shammi, only because I think he was “launched” with a little bit more fanfare as a hero…even if it took him a while to make it big. I am pretty sure his first film was (the dreadful) Jeevan Jyoti in 1952.

      • Of course, in the titles of cast and crew of JADOO, the name Amanullah appears. But watch his mannerism, his style of speaking.

        Anyway, Shammi Kapoor’s first film as a hero was THOKAR. I remember Shammi Kapoor recounting how THOKAR indeed proved to be ‘THOKAR’ (stumbling) Actually, I think there are at least six movies that Shammi Kapoor acted in the same year. Jeevan Jyoti was one of them.

  4. Hi
    I love yr blog
    I am one of the largest collectors of Hindi cinema memorabilia, and i wonfder where u r based. If u are in Mumbai, can we meet up?

    • Hi, I’m in the US but I travel to Mumbai as much as I can. Would love to see your collection! Actually, when you left this comment I was there…if you’d like, you can email me at memsaabstory at gmail dot com and I’ll let you know when I’m going to be there again.

    • Dear Asuja,
      I collect film memorabilia too especially Hindi film booklets. I dont have very many but am trying to increase my collection. Also need some Lobby cards and autographs of great actors like Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor.
      My father wrote Shammi kapoor’s China Town and Shashi Kapoor’s Sharmeelee.

      My Email: sunrise607@rediffmail.com

      I live in Mumbai. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Kind Regards,

  5. Great blog. Became a member of wordpress just to follow this blog…

    Can’t wait to try my hand on the next quiz…


    • Thanks :-) I’m very glad you like it! I’ve been thinking it was time for another trivia post…will rack my brains to come up with something difficult!

  6. Just realised that Dev Anand’s 86th birthday is coming up on Sept 23rd.
    Maybe you could do a piece on him – ten favourite Dev Anand movies or songs or something like that. I love your “ten favourite……” series – always invites a lot of interesting debate and discussion. :-)

  7. Dear Memsaab,
    I have just come across your website and it is fascinating. Where was it all this time or rather where was I !!!!
    Does anyone collect film memorabilia here. Like film booklets, old lobby cards, film star autographs etc. Kindly let me have Shammi Kapoor’s address and phone number as I want to send him an autograph request.
    He was a friend of my late father Vrajendra Gaur- who wrote his films like China Town, Jaane Anjaane and Singapore.
    Dev Anand whose Birthday it is today was also a friend of my father and he wrote amny films for Dev like – Jaali Note, Sarhad, Manzil, Baarish, Baat Ek Raat Ki, Mahal, Duniya, Warrant, Teen Deviyaan.
    [also The Great Gambler, Lal Paththar, Sharmeelee, Saraswatichandra,
    Dulhan Wohi Jo Piya man Bhaye, Bimal Roy’s Parineeta, etc.etc.]

    Kind Regards,
    Suneel V. Gaur

    Email: sunrise607@rediffmail.com

  8. Respected sir,
    I am a freelance journalist with writing experience of more than 14 years. I have written in many reputed publication and websites.
    My forte is essentially writing Bollywood matter. I have in-depth knowledge of Bollywood music / films. I have done a hard core research in ‘Bollywood Nostalgia’ ranging in movies/ facts/ profiles/ articles etc.
    I was a staff writer for RAVE, the international music magazine and freelanced many years for Screen.
    I have a data base of interesting Bollywood trivia and wish to convert in to a book. I have attached below a piece, if you find it interesting than contact me.
    Note: It would be better if you contact me on my mobile – 9324973776 as I do not visit cyber often.
    Thanking You.
    M A KHAN

  9. Greta, I don’t know where else to ask this so I am going to post this here.

    You know this song “ketaki gulab” from Basant Bahar ?

    I would really like to know who the singers (in the movie) are. One is of course Bharat Bhushan ; who is the other ?

    I promised one of my friends in Bangalore a few months ago I would find out for her. But it slipped my mind – I am in Bangalore now and she refuses to talk to me unless I find out the name for her. ;-)

    Was hoping you (or somebody else reading this) will be able to help me out here. I believe he is a famous Marathi actor of yesteryear but I could be wrong.

    Hope you don’t mind my using your blog for this purpose. I don’t know how else to get this info. Have searched all over the place on the net but drawn a blank. Thanks.




    EMAIL: sunrise607@rediffmail.com

    • Hai Ram Suneel! You are awesome indeed! You have rescued Raja from stone-cold silence from his friend :) I see from imdb that he’s been in several films that I have/have seen. Need to look out for him now.

      I am sorry to hear how things ended for him though. I think it’s the same no matter what line of work you are in, or how brilliant you are—if you don’t manage what you get or don’t get very much, you are stuck in old age. :(

      Bahut bahut shukriya for helping Raja out :)

      • memsaab, (sigh) Worshipping of the rising sun in Bollywood goes on. Parshuram’s destitution is not the only one.
        Master Nisar, one of the greatest actor of the silent movie, died near the Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai, begging. You know what? Even the Vice-Roy of British India had to change his route when there were thousands of Nisar’s fan out to greet him.
        Khan Mastana was an eminent playback singer and music director of the Forties. He died begging near the Mahim Dargah, Mumbai. His son also languishes there, often harassed by children who pull his clothes.
        There are many other stories too that cannot be recounted here.

        • Worshipping the rising sun is human nature I guess. Just like NOT putting great old films on DVD with subtitles ;-) Maybe that’s why we never seem to learn anything from history.

          Out with the old, in with the new. It’s not right, but it happens everywhere in every walk of life :(

  11. Hello Memsaab,

    Its my pleasure . Anything for you Memsaab and anything for fellow Hindi film buffs who religiously follow your great blog !!

    You could do some research work on the great Parshuram and devote some space to him on your esteemed blog.

    All Good Wishes,
    Suneel V. Gaur

  12. Hi Memsaab,
    I dont know much about his films but Parshuram was a popular actor in the black and white era-1950s and 60s. So you could try any of his films. You could try out google. In fact you could watch Basant Bahar for starters.

    Two other very very popular film stars who had to face extreme destitution in their last days were Chander Mohan- the first actor of Hindi films who charged 1 lakh Rupee in the 1940s. This amount must be equivelent to a few millions today.
    Motilal the legend of Hindi films was another one who had to face extreme hardships in his last days. Motilal was also a very highly paid film star of the 1950s and 60s. Mr.Sampat was a memorable film of his. He also acted in Leader, etc.in character roles.
    He was responsible for my late father’s career in Hindi films as a writer as he [Motilal] was instrumental in getting my father his first film, Sawan.
    After listening to one of the Radio Plays written by my father which was broadcast from Lucknow Radio Station, he was very impressed and got my father to write for Hindi films.

    These great stars like Motilal, Chander Mohan, Nissar, Parshuram lead lavish lifestyles in their heydays and probably there were few investment schemes in those days. They never saved for a rainy day which eventually lead to a life of penury.

    The Hindi film industry has always been a ruthless place. Filmfolks are not known to have come to the aid of a fellow film star or technician facing hard times. The industry salutes the rising sun but is nowhere around when the sun is setting.

    Suneel V. Gaur

    Email: sunrise607@rediffmail.com

    • From what I understand about Chandramohan, he died while still actively working—so he didn’t really suffer any hardships; but the numerous “wives” he left behind (and probably children too) were left destitute since he spent all his earnings as he went and saved nothing.

      I haven’t seen Basant Bahar, so will start with that one!

      ps Did you ever hear from Shammiji? :)

    • I know a lady who was more famous than Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif in her glorious days, when her films like Jhoola, Kangan and Bandhan were released. A day came when i saw her standing in a line to buy ticket to see a movie(Aradhna) in New York. She also worked as a clerk in Connecticut. She wrote here autobiography but alas! it was never typed. She stayed at my place for 3 days in New York. You guessed it right, she was no other than THE LEELA CHITNIS.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Suneel.
    And to you, Greta.

    I may have just managed to redeem myself. For months this question has been bothering my friend, her husband and myself.

    My friend was positive that this was a famous Marathi actor of yesteryear – I just had no clue who it was.

    Pity that actors of yesteryear end up in such a sorry state. The industry is indeed very “fair-weather” in this respect.

  14. Dear Memsaab,
    Thanks to you I did hear from Shammi ji. He remembered my father very fondly.He said my father was a dear friend of his but it was unfortunate that they could not work together in more films. My father wrote his China Town, Jaane Anjaane and Singapore. He also recalled that my father was a humorous person and both of them had the quest to know more about life.
    He was kind enough to give me his Address.
    And look at my laziness I have not grabbed this great oppurtunity so far.
    But I will do so very soon and let you know. I will also inform you about how the meeting went.
    I will send you a picture of my father from his younger days with Prithviraj Kapoor, on your email.

    As far as I have heard Chandra Mohan did face difficult times during his last days. Because Motilal and Chander Mohan are the two frequent examples we hear of film stars falling on bad days.

    Suneel V.Gaur

    • Oh lovely! Do go and see him, he’s so interesting to talk to. I would love to hear all about it! I would also dearly love to see the photo of your father with Prithviraj, please do email it to me (memsaabstory at gmail dot com).

      Re: Chandramohan…sounds like he couldn’t earn enough even at his exhorbitant rates to keep up with his spending! (I have that trouble too sometimes but hopefully on a smaller scale). I have read that Manorama too was pretty destitute when she passed on a couple of years ago, although Mira Nair tried to help her out when she hired her for Water.

  15. Dear Greta,

    You evinced an interest in the story of how my father was discovered.

    Here is the story of how Bimal Roy discovered my father:

    Right from his child hood he was very passionate about acting. He always dreamed of becoming a film actor, but knew that getting a break in the Bombay film industry was almost impossible, so he continued with his administrative job even as his heart was set on an acting career. He however continued to be involved with amateur theatre both acting in & directing plays.

    St. Francis School (SFS) is a well-known school in Nagpur (My dad was brought up in Nagpur). The school authorities wanted to establish a college. The school’s principal requested my father to stage a play in order to raise funds for the college. My father &his friends decided on a play which had already been staged several times. In order to draw the audience the play’s director decided on a film personality as a chief guest. He decided to invite Bimal Roy. Dad wasn’t too keen; he felt it would be better to invite a film star & not a director. Dad felt a star would be a bigger attraction than a director. But Bimal Roy was the final choice. As luck would have it Roy missed his flight & the play had to be postponed to the following day. My dad was scornful, he was sure Roy wouldn’t make it. But fortunately for my father he was proved wrong. Roy did make it. He loved my father’s performance & the rest as they say is history.

    Thank God his friends ignored my dad’s choice of a film star as a chief guest. You & I wouldn’t be discussing him right now.

    • Oh that is so cool!!!!

      I am watching Anokhi Raat right now and LOVING IT. I will link to this when I write my post about it! Do try and do a guest post about your father, I know people would be thrilled to read it :)

  16. Memsaab – tussi chaa gayi….You are all over the umm…Hindi Film …umm….place :)

    Love your efforts to view and document all that you (and we) love about Hindi Films.

    I am glad I stumbled onto your blog that day. Keep up the good work :)

  17. can any one tell me about the last days of film star Bharat Bhushan (Baiju Bawra) and where are his family, Are they in film industry.

  18. i couldnt find anything regarding khan mastana, the old singer of the forties. no biography or pics.

  19. do u have any photo of Jai jawan Jai makan&Hum do dakoo if no i can send u some very rare photo print &some old photo of other memorable actor /actress & also some old front page covers of uttam kumar and suchitra sen movies…..

  20. has anyone seen dholak &dekh kabira roya. from my faint childhood memories, i remember them to b great movies.

  21. Ahaaaa. there it is. The movie was Jadu. I need to check this Shammi clone ASAP.

  22. It was just by chance that I came across memsaabstory. I m now addicted. I m an ardent fan of old Bollywood songs and movies. I check out anything concerning Bollywood nostalgia. You have really been a lifesaver.God Bless

  23. Bharat Bhushan’s wife Ratna was an Actress and did supporting /small roles in movies.. She is now no more and Daughter of Bharat Bhushan-Aparajita acted in movies of 90s and did a role of Mandodari(Ravan’s wife) in Ramayan Serial of Ramanad Sagar

  24. where is aparajita bhushan nowadays and what happened to her sister, i think she was not well?
    by the way baiju bawra, basant bahar, kavi kalidas dvds were released by my company in usa.
    also anokhi raat.

    • Bharat Bhushan’s 25th death anniversary is on 27-1-2017….He passed away on 27-1-1992 in Malad Mumbai…. I have made an honest effort to write a book on his life titled ” BHARAT BHUSHAN- AN UNFORGETTABLE BAIJU BAWRA” ..Very soon this book will be published. . His elder daughter Anuradha is no more and Aparajitaji stays in Kondva, pune.. I met her one year back. But she has almost disconnected everyone and keeps deeply engaged herself into spirituality. She is in good health..

      • Thanks Madan Deshpande,
        Writing a book on a tragic hero… your efforts should appreciated by all Vintage Film Lovers.Bharat Bhushan Life was like a Bollywood Script with lot of ups & downs.. also you managed to trace Aprajita… for that congratulations once again..Bharat Bhushan’s relatives are in meruth, few years back i did communicated with one of them.Do inform us when book gets released.Best Luck…
        Vikram Bhatt

  25. Hindi film and music followers may not have noted that almost all the lyricists are male and the love songs and the evergreens for all the female voices whether playback or for themselves were written by males.
    That there are many good Hindi film songs untraceable; amongst these is one ” lori ” by Asha Bhonsle that ends with the words “… Yeh pyar ki kahani yeh pyar ki kahani ” and another good song from the film Madan Manjari (1961) ” hum apne gham ko”

  26. I am a movie buff myself. You are right about a lot of music being lost for ever, i discover everyday a song or two off some strange music links or websites, songs so amazing now that ever before and not available anywehre on CD s or MP3. Many songs i have never heard and i have been fortunate in finding some through weblinks. I need your help. Can you help me memsaab? I am looking for a title track and no one knows which movie it is or even heard. It is a 70s Hindi movie, i think. I have to sing it to you to see if you recall seeing/hearing it, especially that you also like soundtracks and record it off DVDs (amazing, amazing!!! )

  27. Have been enjoying movie reviews and have watched some of the movies based solely on your reviews. When I hear a particular song that I like, I try to look for the movie – two such songs that held my attention were (1) Aaj ki kali ghata – Geeta Dutt from Uski Kahani and (2) Tu jahan mile mujhe – Asha from Doosri Sita. I have looked everywhere for these films or even a synopsis. I am sure with your extensive movie knowledge you will know where they can be found, or what they are about.

  28. When your book is coming out. Sunder

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