Vaasna (1968)


This film’s stern message is pretty much summed up in my “Effects of Alcohol” poster, although the poster is more efficient in delivering it. But the poster does not have Raaj Kumar and his gravelly voice, Padmini emoting as a put-upon wife and mother, a Comic Side Plot (Laxmi Chhaya being romanced by Rajendranath), lovely songs by Chitragupta with lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi, Memsaab’s favorite victim Biswajeet, or—most importantly—a Helen dance.

In short: if you have a few hours to spend being bashed over the head with examples of the ruination alcohol will bring to you and your melodramatic loved ones, the film offers some worthy extras. If you are pressed for time, just read the poster.

We begin with young Deepak on his 21st birthday, being forced to drink alcohol at a club by a sozzled goofy friend. Appropriately, this debauchery is accompanied by Helen with a host of strangely dressed background dancers, and a bored blonde smoking a cigarette.



When he staggers home, Deepak’s mother Laxmi (Padmini) is shocked and furious. She drags Deepak to a garlanded photograph of his father and tells him their story (via flashback). Her husband Kailash (Raaj Kumar) was a wealthy aristocrat with great dreams of building up India—and a little drinking problem. We know that he is rich and busy because he is always surrounded by ringing telephones.


That would be enough to drive me to drink too. Laxmi herself directs a dance academy which puts on shows to benefit orphans, but Kailash does not like her to dance in public.


They clash over these two issues, but life goes along fairly smoothly until Kailash is suddenly bankrupted and loses everything on little Deepak’s birthday. He finds refuge in the bottle and disappears, leaving Laxmi to deal with the auctioning of the house and all their belongings. Their faithful manservant Shyamu (David) offers her and Deepak and Kailash’s sister Geeta (Kumud Chhugani) a home at his very modest house in Hyderabad.

Laxmi is stressed out by these events and starts passing out now and then. Geeta fetches a doctor, Shekhar (Biswajeet), who has just opened his dispensary and is assisted by med school failure Rajaram (Rajendranath). Geeta and Shekhar are quickly smitten with each other.


Meanwhile, Kailash has also landed up in Hyderabad, where he has fallen into bad company. A local smuggler by the name of Sagar (Tiwari) uses his addiction to keep Kailash dependent on him, and uses Kailash’s respectability as a shield for his illegal activities.


He also takes Kailash to visit a local kotha, where the dancer Chamelibai (beautiful Sayeeda Khan) is coerced by her loving Ma (Manorama) into plying her profession.


She does not want to dance—until she sees Kailash come in. It seems that she has been previously acquainted with him, as Sagar’s men find out after Kailash leaves.


We don’t ever find out how Kailash and Chamelibai became acquainted earlier. There are plenty of loose threads lying around in this movie.

At this point the Comic Side Plot gets underway and it is welcome since it involves Memsaab favorites Rajendranath, Laxmi Chhaya and Mukri; plus, drunken self-pity can only entertain to a point.


Mini (Laxmi Chhaya) runs a dancing school for girls and is the daughter of Johny (Mukri)—a Christian who owns (what else) an “English” bar, where Kailash often boozes it up. The English bar features some fabulous wallpaper:


And Mini’s school for girls gives Rajendranath a chance to dress up as a woman:


Why do I never get tired of that? Laxmi Chhaya’s own superb dancing skills are not utilized at all, although she does get to dance a short little jig with Rajendranath. But not giving her a full song and dance is basically criminal, in my book.


Geeta and Dr. Shekhar are officially in love (sealed with a lovely song “Yeh Parbaton Ke Raat”). Kumud Chhugani reminds me a lot of Babita:


And finally little Deepak sees his father on the streets of Hyderabad one day, and follows him to Chamelibai’s house. When Kailash sends a gift to Deepak on his birthday, Laxmi goes to Chamelibai to see if she can talk to him. There is a long exchange between the women about the difference between being a wife and a whore, which I think is supposed to be meaningful but I don’t get much out of it.

When Laxmi gets sick again, though, Deepak goes back to Chamelibai’s and when Kailash shows up, drags him home.


Their happiness is of course short-lived. Sagar is furious that Kailash has left him, and convinced that he is the reason the police are now tailing him and confiscating his ill-gotten goods. Kailash is also not very healthy, as Dr. Shekhar had ascertained earlier in a passing diagnosis on the street (how I love filmi medicine).


Also, he cannot stop drinking. How will all of this pan out? Will Sagar get Kailash before the booze does? Will anyone else ever be happy?

As I said earlier: the main message (alcohol is evil) is not subtle. Unfortunately, it’s not really dealt with in any kind of depth either—we never get to find out why and how Kailash became an alcoholic, and nor does he ever have to deal with ramifications of his behavior when drunk. Mostly, he’s let off the hook and just stays drunk throughout, while everyone around him suffers on his behalf. I mean, there is the liver damage, but even it is brushed aside. 

Other preachy moments abound but they don’t have any real depth or effect either—mostly they are just throwaway lines or scenes.




Despite all this, I did enjoy large parts of it and didn’t even really get bored. It moves along at a good pace, never getting stuck any place too long. It also may be unique in that the CSP was one of my favorite parts!

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  1. O Lord! Raj Kumar!!! OK. I’ll be better off reading your poster – at least it wont “act” and talk. lol Seriously though, if the comic side plot is the best thing about the movie then it doesnt say much for the main feature. Havent seen the movie but I remember some really nice songs – wasnt the Itni naazuk na bano song from this film?

    Rajendranath looks surprisingly distinguished in that last screen cap – he should have sported greying temples more often.

  2. He really does emote in the “old” style of theatrical acting…looks offscreen while declaiming his lines, etc.

    It wasn’t really a good movie, although it tried hard. I didn’t get up and walk away, so that’s something! But yeah…the CSP being the best part should be some kind of warning.

  3. I always like to imagine what’s going through the gori girl’s mind during those scenes. “Oh God, more of that *music*, if I’d known when that hot guy in the Taj lobby asked if I wanted to be in films that he meant this instead of porn I’d never have come. That other chick looks whiter than me. How’d she get that gig instead of mine? Is this real alcohol? At least the tobacco’s decent.”

  4. Random comments:
    If my blood could curdle, Biswajeet would manage to make it do so- dunno y. he just makes me cringe :D

    I want a red phone like Raj Kumar- when people call, I’ll answer: “Jaani, hum bol rahen hai (Darling, we are speaking/have picked up the phone)

    Despite its apparent awfulness, I think bad old movies are still way better than bad new movies :D

  5. There is no good bad movie like a old bad movie! I agree with you, Shweta!

    you are right, ajnabi, that is the thought that crosses my mind as well. Maybe most of them never thought anything, since they were as it is stoned all the time (old cliché) ;-)

    The two lines form the last but second and third screen caps are I think some lame attempts at giving teh film some kind of depth.

    memsaab, i agree with you, not giving a song and dance to Laxmi Chhayya borders at criminality for me.

    Screen cap 4: He wears his sleeping dress and coat to work! no wonder he goes bankrupt! No amount of colourful telephones can help you!

    English Bar: I hate the way most christians are portrayed in indian cinema. you would think they are all drunkards. the only positive thing is that they all seem to enjoy their alcohol, while most of the hindus and some of the muslims are for the greater part having a real bad time with it. at least in the movies!

    Wonder why they didn’t add meena kumari to the cast, she would have fit in quite nicely. I always wonder how the male cast can wear those heavy suits and night suits and schlafmantels in the heat of Hyderabad. i would prefer a David type dhoti!

    Biswajeet: no comments! for the worst of him watch mujhe kehte hai raja! manorama’s dialogue in the 8th screen cap fits him in the film to the T.

  6. I have long avoided this movie due to Raj Kumar. There is something about him that makes me not want to plunk down $7 dollars for a dvd. Oddly enough I don’t really dislike Raj when I do end up seeing one of his films (except for some early 60s thing he did with Mala Sinha where the DVD froze up and I was so happy because then I didn’t have to finish watching the movie).

    And since I am the lone Biswajeet lover I should get this DVD just to show him my support :)

  7. I love that you love Biswajeet, Mike. That is awesome.

  8. I loved Raaj kumar in this movie,and am of the opinion that he is one of the most talented actors,Bollywood has ever produced!
    The songs in ‘vaasna’ were great too.

  9. I’m not as devoted as Mike, but I can bear Biswajeet – mainly, I think, because he acted in some films I like: Mere Sanam, Bees Saal Baad, Kohra etc. And yes, Kumud Chhugani does look like Babita; also perhaps a bit like Daisy Irani.

    I hate these preachy films that batter you over the head with the message they’ve set out to thrash into you. I recently saw an absolutely awful Jeetendra-Nanda starrer called Parivar which was all about family planning. Hideous!

  10. This film was, I believe, ‘loosely based’ upon ‘The Lost-Weekend’ starring Ray Milland.

    It also has one of my all-time favourite Mohd. Rafi songs ‘Itni Naazuk Na Bano’. His phrasing in here is amazing. I think it was picturised on Biswajeet & the actress’s suitcases were so obviously empty. So much for realism in Hindi cinema !

    Asli Jat

    • Hi AJ :) The songs are just beautiful. I noticed that about the suitcases too! And I haven’t seen the Lost Weekend but I’ll add this to my list of “loosely based upon” films :)

  11. rajendranath spent the last few years in the same city where I stay. and just imagine my surprise when one movie buff told me the other day- “look, Rajendra nath lived in this colony. One could see him walking down this place every morning.” And my remark ? I lived in this very colony for two years.

    Yes, it is true. I lived in the neighbourhood of Rajendranath for two years.

  12. Those dancers were just the chinese warning the world they would take over the world’s track suit trade…

    In films busy and imp businessmen have loads of multi-coloured phone but not a pen or paper in sight: no wonder they go bankrupt, they can’t remember all those messages they get!

    I want a Hindi film doctor, not only for diagnosis but for 2-minute solutions to complex problems…on the other hand, he would expect 20 minute speeches while I had a fatal wound and no one would ever call an ambulance, so perhaps not.

  13. don’t worry michael, everybody has his/her ‘special tastes’, you love biswajeet, memsaab likes mard, i have started liking mala sinha (only in dusted off’s screen caps)! ;-)

    dustedoff: parivar sounds lots of fun, a review with lots of screen caps pleeeeaaaaseeee!

    bawa:maybe the hindi film businessmen and the real ones should employ able secretaries and not helen or bindu or someone from that tribe. but then as dusted of pointed out last time, we won’t have any hindi film plots. in hindi films the police and the ambulance always come in the end! so be brave and let yourself be treated by a hindi film doctor. you will not only save a film ticket but will also have instant solutions and then you can always go to your sane doctor, hakim, vaidya, yunani hakim or homeopath (this is for national integration!).
    I think this would be a scene worthy of Manmohan desai, only he could have done justice to it.

    So much intelligent and wise advice and nobody to follow it. ;-)
    Thank you memsaab for the platform to voice my views! *sigh*

    memsaab: I ‘cruel’? okay, many accuse me of it.
    I ‘fair’? my nephews and nieces would agree and also many of my pupils, but only after they have accused me of the first crime.
    I ‘woman’ ? okay, I have a X chromosome. But don’t tell it to everybody ;-)

  14. Sorry, forgot to provide some links I’d found for ‘The Lost Weekend’ :

    Also, regarding the Helen number in this film. When you had that post on your favourite Helen songs, I had wanted to nominate the one from ‘Vaasna’, but never got round to it. But now you seen it anyway …

    btw, what did you think of the kids song & what they were singing about ? I think it had Mehmood Jr. in there …

    Asli Jat

    • It is a fabulous Helen number! I love the beginning esp. with the silhouettes. I liked the kid song, it was cute AND subtitled—I actually did do a screencap of it but ran out of space for it. Mehmood Jr. sure was a cute kid—and sure did know it, too! :) Thanks for the links!

  15. Who knew you’d get such mileage out of that poster! I’m so glad!

    I’ll prescribe you some medicines!

    • Well it IS the Best.Present.Ever! So thank you again! And I’m so glad to know that at least one of my friends stops by here occasionally :-)))

      Medicine may not help me—I will need one of those powerful Hindi film injections instead.

  16. Rajkumar looks just like he did offscreen. Yeah, he wore a lurid colored silk cravat and a smoking jacket like thing complete with very, very, very pink makeup and his usual wig to play golf in the the middle of the day in the MUmbai summer heat. He played at the US club and I have seen him like this with mine own eyes for years.

    Occasionally, he would take off his jacket after a game and enjoy a drink at the bar, revealing what my straight laced and very suspicious dad called with a disdainful sniff “Raj Kumar colorful Blouses”. Yep, they were more blouselike complete with a knotted closure at the waist.

    He was known to be a very generous tip giver and the caddies and staff at the club loved him.

    Categorise the above under “completely unnesecary factoid about Raj Kumar”.

    • All my vintage magazines say the same and show him out and about in the most unbelievably fancy outfits. The very thought of that plus makeup plus wig in the summer heat makes me feel ill!!!! And I fell over at your description of your dad and his comment!

      But I’m glad he was a generous tipper. That says a lot about a person IMO :)

    • Didnt he used to be a cop or something? A cop with colorful blouses who likes to play golf and tips very well. There’s a movie in that by itself.

      • They are “Raj Kumar colorful Blouses” and you have to say it with a disdainful sniff.

        :-D I STILL fall over laughing every time I think of Kiran’s father’s description.

  17. harvey: No, you don’t want to see Parivaar or even read a review of it, it was so abysmally horrible! My old favourite Ek Phool Do Maali was a masterpiece compared to this one.

  18. I only discovered them about 6-7 years ago, but I’m making up for lost time! :)

  19. Why is it titled ‘Vaasna’ when it’s about sharaab and not shabaab? Or is it about both?

  20. Well I don’t know. I don’t know what Vaasna means, or Shabaab either :) I am familiar in many ways with SHARAAB though!

  21. I was wondering the same thing as Amit… why call a movie about alcohol “Lust”? Is it that Liquor is unsexy? So it’s the Lust for Liquor? Liquor Leads to Lust? Maybe it was just clever marketing and they just threw it in for kicks.

    I’ve thought about this entirely too much.

  22. Aaahhh thanks Amrita :) I would say that it’s about the lust for alcohol. And probably named in order to “titillate” (or should that be “tipillate” ha ha. Sorry.)…

  23. Hillary goes Indian!

    Memsaab, I am going to (shamelessly) plug this:

    Hillary Clinton wears a jacket from my friend’s (almost sister) collection,

    based in NY, originally from Ludhiana.

    If you decide remove the post, I shall totally understand, but we were so excited to see her wearing an Indian-origin thing!

  24. Yay for Hillary!!!!! She is a woman of taste :)

    Love the site, am going to explore it. I love Indian textiles, love love love them.

  25. Thanks Amrita.
    I haven’t come across any usage of “vaasna” in relation to desire for alcohol, and it is primarily used for sexual feelings/sexual desire.

  26. Thanks memsaab: she does the whole thing, from designing the fabric and production of material to the final garment.
    BTW, all the models on the site are friends and colleagues…so you see real people wearing the stuff!

  27. Well, i think vaasna is meant here in its original Sanskrit meaning:
    literally ‘desiring’ or ‘wishing’; latent behavioural tendency in one’s nature brought about through past action (karma) and the sanskara that resulted from this (

    This also maybe explains, why Raaj Kumar’s tendency to drink is not explained. All karma! ;-)

    Agree with memsaab: Yay for Hillary!!
    but disagree with *But I’m glad he was a generous tipper. That says a lot about a person* I knew a guy with generous tipping habits, who beat his wife and know some nice people who are really miserly at giving tips.
    And also people who gave generous tips and then bitch about others, who in their opinion give miserly tips. But I agree with you so far, that a generous ‘tipper’ is always a good sign, but not a sure indicator.

  28. LOL—my own father, who is a kind and generous and lovely man, is a bad tipper (although I like to think that I’ve influenced him for the better in that direction). You are right about it not really being much of an indicator of character! I stand corrected.

    Thanks for the info re: vaasna and its original sanskrit meaning. V. interesting!

    and bawa: love the designs she has :)

  29. Kumud chhugani and Babita were both sindhi”s hence the resemblence
    but Kumud Chuugani was very beautifull unfortunately she just could not act hence i think she kind of faded away although she acted really good as Dharmendra”s sister in Resham Ki Dori. It was said in those days that her career suffered because of her exclusivity contract with Kishore Sahu.
    does any one know if she won any filmfare nomination for supporting actress for Resham ki dori?
    does any one know her wherabouts now?

    • Yes,Kumud Chhugani did act well as Dharmendra’s sister in ‘Resham ki Dori’.True,she didn’t act in that many films.’Vaasna’ was perhaps one of her best movies.

  30. one of your screenshots reminded me of the trailer of an upcoming movie.. where arshad warsi says to naseeruddin shah,”tumhara ishq ishq aur hamara ishq sex!!” means “your love is love and my love is sex, isn’t it?”

  31. Greetings:
    thanx for your informative page.
    Soundtracks also have been updated on imdb.

    • Is it really YOU? I kind of thought you were a fake person…you have seen more Hindi movies than anybody else on the planet. I rely on your synopses more than you will EVER KNOW :)

      • greetings, thank you for your kind words/email, appreciate them v. much.

        1. yes it’s really me
        2. yes, i am single (pun :-))
        3. and no – it’s not just Hindi movies – but in a variety of Indian/English/international languages.

        take care and keep up the good work.

  32. @ memsaab
    Kumud Chhugani – if this name is typed in google , the first image to appear in google is the one which you have uploaded.
    so this means you are very famous.
    thats the reason you must promote character actors (Kumud Chhugani)who have been forgotten or are nameless faces( sholay character actors) in memories of hindi movie followers and also
    promote the famous stars by uploading more pictures from their lesser known but classic or good movies eg- rajesh khanna’s from jaanwar , shehzada, tyaag etc…. or jeetendra from luv kush
    Congrats for this feat.
    but do promote them….
    yeah do seeAnbe Vaa..1966

  33. Kumud Chuggani was a dancer and at one of the dance festivals she won the first prize and got the award from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. This paved the path for her entry in Bollywood. But she ended up playing second fiddle to the heroine. But some of the movies that she did were good like “Tangewala”, “ Holi Ayee Re”, “Pehchan”. She ended up getting slotted in sister roles – she played Dharmendra’s sister in “ Resham Ki Dori” and Anil Dhawan’s sister in “Ghulam, Begum, Badshah”. In one of the hit movies of Biswajeet-Mumtaz which was a murder mystery, she had a prominent role and even came up in a bikini. I think the movie’ s name was Shararat. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    Yes, we read that she was bound by contract with Kishore Sahu. However, please note that those who don’t want to get into the flesh trade and become a top heroine prefer to quit the limelight. A beauty like Kumud chose to get married to an architect in Mumbai and she started getting involved in her husband’s business. To her credit, Kumud has never ever looked back at Bollywood after she left – so you won’t find any news about her in the internet.
    There are very few actresses like Kajol who can work under their terms and conditions.During the 70’S and 80’s actors and actresses got slotted so much that they simply couldn’t extricate themselves from the image. Think of all the successful female stars of 70’S and look at their personal lives and you know what I mean. Sharmila and Saira Banu were married. Hema Malini got tagged to Dharmendra and had her mother as a constant escort to protect her from the wolves. what about others ? Rekha, Parveen Babi, Zeenat Aman, Leena Chandavarkar, Bindiya Goswami, Ranjeeta Kaur, Sarika, Mumtaz,Reena Roy … all of them had a disastrous marital life.

    • I think the murder mystery movie,Kumud acted in ,in the 1970’s with Sanjay Khan and Mumtaz,was ‘Shart’!

    • Kumud Chhugani did not act in Pehchan she was really do pretty I wonder how she looks now .Sayeeda khan was great but Padmini was was so loud and theatrical and over emoting in this movie matched Rajkumar in his overacting and weird manmerism

  34. Coming to Padmini, she got married in 1961 to Dr Ramachandran. Can you believe that she made a come back four years after getting married and 9 years later she was one of the heroines in Raj Kapoor’s mera nam joker where she exposed her entire bosom. One wonders what made Padmini accept such a role after marriage. The reason is not far to seek. Those actresses who get married to doctors (sic) and go abroad are simply unable to resist the smell of rupee notes and so a few years later they try to make a comeback. Vasna was one such film which had Padmini don the make up again. She was also seen in Aurat where Rajesh Khanna played her brother.
    Greta, you should review “Chanda Aur Bijli” (Sanjeev Kumar – Padmini) and also the movie where Padmini plays the governess to a tiny tot who reforms three hard core criminals. Can someone recall the name of this movie ? Pran was one of the villains.
    Following the footsteps of Padmini, we have one more actress who married a doctor and is attempting a come back. We all know who it is.
    Greta – you should also review Intezar, Inteqam and Waapas.

  35. The actress who is seen in the 1st screen cap is Sayeeda Khan , who though beautiful. couldn’t make it in Bollywood. She married producer Brij Sadanah.In 1991, Brij shot his wife, daughter and himself dead.Last week there was an article in which Sayeeda Khan’s sister spoke about the tragic story of her sister and how she is still unmarried and leading a life as a writer in the Mahesh Bhatt camp. The lady has even sung in night clubs to make both the ends meet.

    Sayeeda Khan’s son Kamal could not make it in Bollywood despite a dream debut opposite Kajol.

  36. I think this movie was not the run of the mill movies, the starting & ending were very different. I still wonder the theme, apart from alcoholism there wasnt anything. Raaj Kumar who is known to be the top 3 actors of Cinema wasnt at his best. This movie was a let down to his fans. His male ego which he always carries on screen also is badly missed, this he made up in movies of 70s, 80s & 90s.

    25-30% of the movie length is devoted to comedy shows the director had no proper vision, he just filled up the duration. Actual duration of the movie with story was only like 90 mins. It would have been better had there not been extensive comedy in the movie as the theme was mainly to avoid alcohol in life, which is good. Comedy robbed what little was there as a message. Unfortunately, they choose a wrong hero who himself was a habitual drinker. ;)

    Personally, I didnt like the movie, Raaj Kumar was a loser in the movie (unbecoming of his stature) & Padmini had nothing but tears for the entire duration of the movie. None of the actors, not even one could do justice to his talent, nobody can say 1 actor has done a great job, all were under performing. Maybe the Telugu Director could not speak Hindi properly to direct stalwarts of Hindi cinema. The climax where Sagar (Tiwary) the villain tells some BS & unnecessarily fights with Raaj Kumar to meet his end. Very poor movie, maybe 1 star out of 10. A big let down & a time waste.

    In my book Big B, Rajesh Khanna & Raaj Kumar were the best heroes to have ever graced cinema. Rishi Kapoor was good too.

    • Maybe Raaj Kumar wanted to try something different. I can understand why you didn’t like it, but I did like sections of it and thought at least it was trying to say something out of the ordinary even if it didn’t mostly succeed.

  37. Memsaab, your blog is very good. I like the idea of making a good blog for filmy fans. As regards Vaasna, ohh… just handling 7 -8 telephones ringing at a time make him a businessman? He mouths some inspiring quotes for 2 mins. in his office & thats it to make a role of a successful businessman? No briefcase to carry, no files, no nothing. While he is busy handling 7-8 phone calls, Padmini informs his sister is arriving & he just goes without giving a thought to the phones which are on hold. His dedication to business was shown as if it is his pastime, no wonder his business failed. Being a fan of Raaj Kumar I was let down very badly, it is one of the worst movies he has done, just like betaaj badshah & God & Gun. His acting wasnt good nor was his unimpressive role as a bad loser in every way of life. A drunkard, a bad businessman, a foolish brother, irresponsible father & husband. He didnt even know whom to trust & whom not to. He was easily duped in an accident issue, his so-called friend has nothing to give him except a bottle of whisky.Raaj Kumar runs, jumps building walls, what not? All this for a very renowned man of society, who is known to be a philanthropist. LOL, how can you say the movie was good in parts, I didnt see any sense in anything.

    Memsaab, it is time you start posts on 36 Ghante, Namak Haraam & many good movies. Please suggest a good Raaj Kumar / Big B / Rajesh Khanna suspense movie, I want to remove this bad memory of watching a very bad movie, Vaasna.


  38. Biswajeet was an awesome actor who got excellent songs on screen. His pair with Mala Sinha was a hit.Remember Do Kaliyan?

  39. please tell us some thing about kumud chhugani’s wiki.

  40. It’s great reading feedbacks on the film Vaasna. I have seen the song Yeh Parvaaton ke dayare so many times and have been listening to this lovely, mellow romantic song for many years. One of my favorites. Kumud Chhugani is soooo beautifu. The guitar and Saxophone pieces in the song Yeh Parbaton ke…” are out of this world. I get goosebump instantaneously…inexplicable joy listening or watching this song. Life is beautiful due to these songs and such beautiful actresses.

  41. the name of sayeeda khan’s character is saloni and not chamelibai. the song is ye parbato ke daayere and ye parbato ke raat.

    • Biswajeet and Joy mukherjee were jockeys for the maestro,RAFI,i sincerely believe rafi and james hadley chase have enriched the lives of indians.Chase of course prevailed over europe and africa as well.

  42. Rafi songs for the duo Biswajeet and Joy Mukherji have really done wonders for them.Even today they are heard and appreciated although the concerned films are long forgotten.

  43. Biswajeet and Kumud Chhugani made a good romantic pair. Loved the songs in Vaasna!

  44. I like songs of the movie. The name of the movie suggests it to be a some b grade movie.

  45. Vaasna ,in this movie,refers to ‘lust’ ,for alcohol!

  46. I happened to see the 1985 movie by Ram Dayal called Karma Yuddh. The movie featured Mithun Chakraborty and Anita Raj. I was shocked to see Kumud Chuggani’s name in the credits down below in the supporting cast. She was seen as a vamp in this movie who gets killed by her lover Amrish Puri. I can’t believe that Chuggani had to stoop so low. I was always under the impression that she had quit films by 1977. Now the truth is out that she had acted in this 1985 flick which also happens to be her last film.
    Dear Kumud, why did you have to degrade yourself so much? Tears are rolling down my eyes. Imagine someone who was appreciated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and was a great Kathak exponent appearing in ten-minute roles in a commercial potboiler. Was she so desperate for roles and money? Oh Kumud,
    you really break my heart! Kumud was introduced in 1965 by Kishore Sahu when she was 20. In 1985 she must have been 40 years old. Does this mean that she got married after she turned 40? How sad!

    I am happy that she turned to spirituality later on.

    I am so disappointed with Kumud for letting me down. Did not expect her to do this.

  47. I am just worried whether Kumud became a victim of the casting couch in Bollywood. Oh God!

  48. She seems more famous on the internet, than she was in Bollywood!

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