I forgive you, Vinod.

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  1. One can forgive Vinod Khanna a LOT – epecially when he channels eye-candy so effectively. :-)

    His outfit looks like his Rajneesh suit (didnt he take off on a spiritual sabbatical from Bollywood to Acharya Rajneesh’s cult?).

  2. Yes, he was smack in the midst of his Rajneesh stint when this photo was taken (1978, I forget which month)…I think he quit films in 1979 or late 78, but then of course returned later.

  3. And who could possibly blame you? ;-) I’ve been lucky – I haven’t seen much bad Vinod yet, but when I do (as is sure to happen someday), I’ll make a beeline for this post!

  4. Even in a bad film, Vinod is usually pretty good. But not in THAT one :)

  5. HE IS SEEMS TO BE saying.. i will take you up there:)

  6. I think he is the only man who can make bright orange appear as a suitable color for menswear. Odd clothes, weird pose- nothing seems to be able to make him look any less. :)

  7. Anonymous: He does!

    shweta: It looks vaguely like a prison jumpsuit. But yes, he still looks gorgeous!

  8. I’m not sure I’m as generous as you, Memsaab. Mine eyes!

  9. I never trust a man with knobby ankles!

  10. Perhaps he was saying ” I will only allow one photograph to be taken”

  11. Yeah, this doesn’t do anything, and I usually find Vinod to be hot on wheels. The finger comes across as waggly/scoldy.

    However, I give him mad props for trying to rock that outfit.

  12. UGH…memsaab I must ask, what have you been drinking? :D :D

    I like Vinod as much as the next woman, but this shot – no way!

    M (just saw a song from Kudrat, and yes, Vinod was HOT in that!)

  13. No, I don’t forgive him this! That orangey-red suit, that necklace-like thing: nothing do I forgive. You’re very generous :-)

  14. This made me burst out laughing so hard. What a way to start the day. Thanks. ;D

  15. Oh my goodness!!! I go off for the evening and then go to sleep and wake up to such vitriol! Poor Vinod.

    I’m thinking he pulls it off much better than anyone else possibly could, and remember he WAS brainwashed at the time. I still forgive him. For both this eye-shattering outfit and the atrocity of that last film I saw of his.


  16. “I think he is the only man who can make bright orange appear as a suitable color for menswear. ”

    Well it wasn’t a pantsuit but SRK rocked bright orange cargo pants in Kal Ho Na Ho.

    As for this picture, Vinod is not my preferance but he sure doesn’t look bad in this picture. And I can see why women like him (as opposed to the Shashi loving which I can’t even come close to understanding)

  17. I’d forgotten about SRK’s orange pants in KHNH…

    Vinod is a very MANLY man. Shashi is beautiful. Speaking purely aesthetically (ha ha ha!) (no really), I am glad to have them both around. But if I had to choose one, I’d choose Vinod myself.

    Glad I don’t have to, though. And now I’m thinking I need to put up some vintage FEMALE pinups for the men (who are so inclined) who visit here too.

  18. Hey Memsaab, have you seen Vinod Khanna in Dayavan? Love the eye candy. I’m pretty sure the Indian college girls of the late 70’s, early 80’s would swoon at the sight of these posts. Oh, I just recently saw Delhi 6. It was pretty good.

  19. I have not see Dayavan, don’t think I have it. And I’m waiting for Delhi 6 to come out on DVD :-)

  20. re: SRK’s orange cargo pants in KHNH: agreed! They are fab! I like to think the people who made his doll agree, since that’s basically what he’s wearing in doll form.

  21. i think he looks great in anything and nothing!

  22. He was always in this colour those days. The orange is the sanyasi colour and the necklace is the one that all Osho-ites wore, but yes what is he trying to convey…..looks uncomfortable like he is going to slide off the bamboo….

  23. Maybe he’s saying: You have one more second to take this photo before I fall off this bamboo.

    I think he looks v. handsome no matter what too :)

  24. Agree with you Memsaab. Vinod in orange, necklace, falling off, staying put…doesn’t matter. Shiva, Shiva is what I thought when I saw him thus :-)

  25. His voice…….&…….Physics.

  26. Sounds awesome. Vinod Khanna is really good in Dayavan. Out of curiosity, do you buy your films online or rent them at the Desi store?

  27. I mostly buy them :) There aren’t that many desi stores around here…

  28. *swoon*



    @ the pic

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