Memsaab’s Story

I love Hindi movies. If you want to know how and why I started watching them, read this post. (I’ve seen a lot of them — literally hundreds.)

The name Memsaab comes from two things:

  • My mother called me “Your Highness” when she was fed up with me (which was often), and she used the same exact sarcastic tone that Shammi Kapoor uses when he calls his heroines “Memsaab.”
  • When I started this blog more than ten years ago, there weren’t discussions about privilege and intersectionality taking place. My use of the term “memsaab” was meant to be tongue in cheek and referenced my childhood in Africa; certainly I did not mean any offense by it, but I acknowledge that a white woman using the word is problematic in a lot of ways. I confess I don’t quite know what to do about it at this point (suggestions welcomed!).

My aim on this blog (insofar as I ever have any kind of aim) is to write about films that aren’t already extensively covered elsewhere (by better writers than I—see links in the sidebar). Above all, my heart belongs to Shammi Kapoor, although I am pretty fond of Dharmendra and Dara Singh as well. Nobody has ever accused me of having impeccable taste, with good reason. I dislike many films that have won accolades from all and sundry, and love films that everyone else hated (or never saw). I have a very high Minimum Daily Masala Requirement; watching “art” films for me is like watching grass grow. I have seen hundreds of films before I started this blog, too, so just because it’s not written about here doesn’t mean I haven’t seen it or didn’t like it! Most of all, I love how diverse Hindi cinema is and how long and rich a history it has. It is one of the sorrows of my life that this history and diversity isn’t better documented and preserved and I want to do my bit to help out, one person and trivia point at a time.

Indian textiles are another passion born of my love for India in general. I collect antique saris, and buy new ones when they are pretty, and wear them whenever I have an excuse to (or just around the house).

I also love my crazy little spaniels, my family, and my friends (not always in that order).

I hate right-wing conservatives, ignorance and vegetables (pretty much in that order).

Enjoy reading, introduce yourself if you want to, and leave comments if you have them—but please remember: if you would find a comment rude if someone said it to you, I might find it rude if you say it to me! Be polite, be thoughtful, and you will always be welcome.

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  1. Memsaab, as you know I visit and enjoy your blog a lot. Where do you live and where do you get most of your movies? I use a combination of the library, netflix and get a few online at various sites. You’ve got so many great films listed and it made me wonder about your sources.

  2. My favorite place to buy DVDs online is Great selection, prices and best of all—great customer service. I also have rented them from Netflix, and I buy them when I’m in India too.

  3. i’m so happy that i found your blog….:)
    i was searching for shammi kapoor pictures….and found you! i’m looking forward to read all your reviews!

  4. Thanks Anja! :-) I am sad to say I don’t speak (or read, more to the point) German so I cannot enjoy your blog. But I do hope you enjoy mine!

  5. no problem! koi bhaat nahin! i speak english :)

    do you plan to write more reviews about shammi movies?
    i’m in mumbai at the moment and try to buy as most shammi movies as possible…not easy…

  6. Yes, my goal is to write about every single one of his films where he is the hero, anyway.

    A good place to find Shammi films (and a good selection generally) in Bombay is Rhythm House in the Colaba/Fort area (near the FabIndia store on MG Road :-). I was there in January and they had quite a few Shammi movies.

  7. i know this place and spend a loooot of time there.
    my office is right opposite!
    i saw 8 movies now and i’m stilling waiting for junglee and an evening in paris…


  8. Dear Memsaab,

    I am a writer with Tehelka magazine in Delhi. I would like to interview you about your wonderfully crazy blog. If you like the idea, please mail me. I would be happy to mail you links to stories I have done so you can check me out.

    Nisha Susan

  9. Nisha, it would be an honor and a pleasure (I can talk endlessly about Hindi films!). I have sent you an email :-) Thanks!

  10. Nice blog! I’m sure my family and friends who are huge fans of Shammi Kapoor will appreciate your insight, for your sincerity shines through. And what’s your favorite saree store? I remember growing up in Bombay and being dragged along by mom to Benzer and Kalaniketan =) Also, please let me know how to get on your blog roll. I am compiling one, and would appreciate an exchange.

  11. Hey, nice blog! I never imagined an American would be so fond of Hindi movies, I must admit. And Shammi Kapoor! He is my favorite too – all of the Kapoors in fact. There’s something so charming and passionate and over-the-top about all of them. Must be the eyes! :-)

    Anyhow, I think I’m going to keep visiting here. Mind if blogroll you?

  12. Hi jottingsnmusings and welcome :-) Please feel free to blogroll me, any fan of Shammi’s is a friend of mine! And I look forward to seeing you back here (just don’t get mad at me when you see what I have to say about Raj Kapoor)…

  13. Dear Memsaab,

    I am Ashwin Ahmad, a journalist with the Times of India. I would like to interview you on your passion for Indian cinema. Please send me an email, so I can forward you my questions…

    Best wishes,
    Ashwin Ahmad

  14. Memsaab – Can’t find your e-mail, tut. Sanket, Beth and we at the PPCC are organizing an online watch-a-long. We’re tending towards masala – Shaan, Naseeb – but the choice is still up in the air. Probably a weekend, since some of us are on the other side of the world. If you’re keen, e-mail


    The PPCC’s suggestion was that we make it an “everybody all the time!!!” show and try to rope in all available filmi bloggers. Masala zindabad.

  15. Dear Greta,
    I had seen your blog and got surprised.
    your love for Hindi movies has motivated me to write you. I am amazed with your knowledge in Hindi movies, its great to know than you are a non-Hindi personality that also your knowledge is as like sea, I bet any Hindi user can’t go in the deep of this knowledge as like you.
    I am Sagar Nahar, I am having a blog गीतों की महफिल which belongs for Hindi songs which are rare and I my heartiest wish is Hindi loggers should know about you and your blog also.
    so please drop me a mail at my email id so that I can ask question from you.

  16. Hi,

    I have started a site on Indian movies and would like to link your blog to our site. Could you please send me an email, so that I can discuss it with you?


  17. Sagar: Thanks for your kind blog post about me.

    Thanks Dr. Amar :-)

    Pritam: you are welcome to link here from your site.

  18. Watch Chupke Chupke and Angoor. Truly classic comedy.

  19. I’ve seen Chupke Chupke, which I liked a lot but since the language subtleties are lost on me (and pretty difficult to translate I think) it wasn’t as funny for me…Angoor I have but haven’t watched yet :-) But I will!

  20. Hello! I live in California and only just getting into hindi movies,mostly for their historic and cultural significance. One of my uncles was a well known Bollywood actor of his day and some family member in India are still in that business.
    So having lived most of my grown up life in the UK and the US, and by sucessfully ignoring and dodging all filmi influences in my life, I find your blog and actually like it!

  21. Hi Aarjay, glad you like the blog :-) Also glad you are connecting with Hindi films! Better late than never (at least that’s what I tell myself!!). They are a great way to connect with Indian history and culture, I think. Who was your uncle? I’ll bet he had a treasure trove of stories to tell.

  22. Oh yes, I did hear a lot of stories! K.N Singh was my dad’s eldest brother. Yes I know he features on your trivia #22. There is a cool article i came across a great article on him on the rediff image search.

  23. Oh! memsaabstory loves KN Singh!!! Wow. He’s in a lot of my favorite old movies, and he’s one of my favorite things about those movies. Is your dad anything like him? :-)

  24. WOW! I am so impressed with your blog. I love everything about it. I am going to blog roll you. Thanks for this blog and more.

  25. Thanks Kanan, I’m glad you like it :-)

  26. Oh great and wonderful one. As I gaze amongst the tens that admire you and read your life’s passion, I must reflect with a bit of saddness that I neglected to take you up on the many offers to sit in your warm little living room and enjoy a glass of wine and watch a good Bollywood film. From my heart, if I had to do it all over again, I would have accpeted each and every invite. As I read through each and every post from my livingroom in Central America, I think of you. And I miss you.

  27. Oh great and peripatetic one, I miss you too. And I always knew you would be sorry for not taking me up on the Bollywood evening offers! :-) But it’s never too late—the invitation is always open!

  28. Hi Memshaab,

    Your comment on my picture of Asha Parekh on my flickr pages has brought me to your astounding blog! You can put most Indians, including me, to shame with your extensive knowledge of Bollywood movies. However, I am willing to learn.

    Will keep in touch.

    All the best.

  29. Roop and Swapan, thanks for stopping by :-)

    Swapan, your photos of Asha are just lovely. How great that you got to meet her at her home too! She’s one of my favorite actresses.

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  31. I’m diggin the blog memsaab.

  32. Rajaram: You can link from my blog if you like as long as you give me credit :-)

    Chiraag B: Hey, thanks :-) I’ve often admired the graphics at Pardon My Hindi too!

  33. hello. i read abt u in an article and then visited your blog . and theonly thing i will say taht you are awesome. i never thought that there will be firangis who love bolltywood that much. i got shocked at first. now i read your blog most of the time. to get more inner knowledge abt bollywood.

    bollywood grown so much in these years. it also touched the bottom and then revived when no body thought it will. and its growin just like india. now the quality of movies are also improving.

    do you know the movies made in 50’s 60’s and 70’s are some of the best movies ever made in bollywood(well at that time it was not known as bollywood but bombay film industry) . but in the late 80’s and early 90’s the movies made in bollywood are some of the wosrt of them that time they try their best to copy western style in everything like music,stories.etc……..

    during 2003 people are just talking abt how much money film makers are losing .as most of the movies at that time became flops. but as the indian economy grew and made a mark in the following years so did hollywood studios are comin to make moveis in india and indian billionaires are also getting into the great bollywood film making. now i just hope the future will be more brighter than now.

  34. hello again. one thing i wanna mention that you did not talk abt guru dutt. he is contemporary of raj kapoor and a brilliant film maker .he acted directed and produced some of the best movies of bollywood.

    do you know when one of his movies flopped he stopped directing films. that movie was ” kaggaz ke phool” or ” paper flowers” that movie is one of the best movie ever made in bollywood and it was teh first movie made in cinema scope inn india.

    hope you will watch some of his movies …..

  35. He is most famous for making brilliant lyrical and artistic films within the context of popular Indian cinema of the 1950s, and expanding its commercial conventions, starting with his 1957 masterpiece, Pyaasa. Several of his later works have a cult following. His movies go full house when re-released; especially in Germany, France and Japan. Today, no world cinema class is complete without inclusion of Guru Dutt. Pyaasa was rated as one of the best 100 films of all time by the Time Magazine.

    hers the link:

  36. her is another link on guru dutt:

    hope you will like it.

  37. hi tapn, I’m glad you like the blog :-) I have seen quite a few of Guru Dutt’s films, just haven’t written about them here. I probably should! I’m a big fan of his, Pyaasa is a wonderful film (Kaagaz Ke Phool is a little too depressing for me although it is v.v. good)…I also really like Baaz (his pirate film with Geeta Bali), Aar Paar, Mr. and Mrs. 55 and Twelve O’Clock

    The only film he was in (but didn’t direct) that I’ve written about here is Sanjh Aur Savera.

  38. Hi

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  39. Yee……………Ha!


    (It’s 11.21 am India on the 24th)

    With all best wishes!



  40. Thanks, gilga! Very sweet of you to remember :-) A very happy birthday to you too on the first! Yay Scorpio!

  41. Hi Memsaab,
    I found your blog through “” as i am also featured in their guest blogs writer list.

    I just wanted to say that its nice to see another passionate movie lover here.

    Can we exchange links on each other’s blog. It will surely help in geeting in touch with more movie lovers.

    Chek out my site
    I am sure you will like it.
    Do let me know if you are willing to put my link….and exchange

    with warm wishes,

  42. Hi Memsaab, I can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoy your blog and I have had so much fun sharing it with my non-Bollywood loving buddies! They do all especially get a kick out of the “wrong subtitles.” The phrase “Shoe bite” is now used regularly in my circle of friends.

    Each post you make is full of your great sense of humor, your exellent writing, and your love for Indian films, not to mention your knowledge of filmi performers. Thanks to you I can now spot Iftakar in any film he is in (which seems to be 90 percent of Bollywood films)… I tell you, if I wasn’t gay I would want to become your to-be husband!

    As thanks for all the fun you deliver through Memsaabstory I would like to gift you, if you think you would enjoy them, a few DVDs that you may not have…one is Homi Wadia’s 1937 film TOOFANI TARZAN (with subtitles) starring John Cawas. I think it is one you would very much enjoy. I also happened to have a few extra copies of Wadia’s later Tarzan-like films ZIMBO and ZIMBO COMES TO TOWN both starring Azad, Chitra, and Human Chipanzee Pedro (or Pedro the Ape Bomb, as he is credited in the second film….Pedro is now my favorite animal actor, next to Dog Moti that is)

    E-mail me and let me know the best way to send these to you and they will be yours to keep…and I look very forward to hearing your thoughts on them if and when you get around to watching them!

    Thanks again and I can’t wait until your next blog posting!

  43. Mike, I’ve sent you an email. Pedro the Ape Bomb…Toofani Tarzan…I cannot get over it. This calls for a glass of Prosecco! *clink* :-D

  44. Hey there, memsaab! Inspired by you, I’ve just launched my very own filmi blog – and being the old fashioned girl I am, this focuses solely on old movies, Hindi as well as English. I know the blog looks and feels a lot like memsaabstory, but I’m working on it… and think of it as a salute to you ;-). I love memsaabstory!
    Ah, yes: here’s the link:

  45. All right, madhu! You go! You know a lot about Hindi films (and, it looks like, other films too!), and I will definitely be a regular visitor :-)

  46. your blog is absolutely wonderful for all hindi movies admirers,memsaab<<<<;

  47. I’m glad you like it Philippe :-) thank YOU!

  48. hey memsaab! We are really interested in being on your blogroll, and were wondering if you would put us on it. We will defiantly put you on ours because we love your blog and think its really fun, we love your reviews! Our site is

  49. Hi Greta,

    Your blog makes me smile… a lot! Who am I kidding… it makes me guffaw and be happy and then I am nice to everyone around for a bit.

    May I add you to my blogroll? It is a very new blog, and I am not sure what direction it will go in. A bit of this and a bit of that I think. Just general “Jinghalala” will probably describe it best.

    Love that madeup word Jhingalala… I can just imagine Ajit saying to his “moll of the moment”… Monica Darlingggg come lets us go out and do Jhingalala!

  50. Kiran, please do! I will check out yours and add it to mine as well. I’m glad my blog makes you laugh, it gives me a lot of pleasure too, mostly because I have such great readers who know a lot about Hindi cinema and share my love/obsession :-)

    Made up words are the best, my favorite is schmenge (an all-purpose faux-Yiddish word).

  51. Bollybeat: sorry! Somehow your comment slipped past me! I will come visit you too :-)

  52. i love your blog. and you’ve done the impossible – you made me prouder of my country : ) may i add you on my blogroll?

  53. Hi t :-) Please feel free to add me, you have written beautifully on yours about the tragedy of last week. Hope you are feeling better as time passes. Perhaps the good in it is that people will finally be motivated to come out and create change. All the best :-)

  54. Hi Memsaab,

    I am lucky to have stumbled upon your very wonderful blog. I love it.

    Like Tapn Kumar, I appreciate the work Guru Dutt specially the movies Pyassa and “Kagaz Ke Phool”. My other favorite is Gulzar, specially his TV serial “Mirza Ghalib”.

    I typically buy Indian CDs and DVDs from local store “Bombay Music” store in Berkeley, California. They have the biggest selection of Indian CDs and DVDs I have seen anywhere. “Bombay Music” is now online (http://

  55. Thanks for the link cbreeze, it’s always good to have another supplier for my addiction!!! :-) I’m glad you’ve found my blog too, do keep coming back!

  56. Am still exploring your blog and am VERY impressed.
    I could spend hours here, there is so much knowledge here.
    I am sure I will be coming here very regularly.
    Mind if I blogroll you ?
    Not that I have much of a blog but still…

  57. Here’s something for your trivia section, a photo of Dara Singh with Gandhis and BigB from The Times of India

  58. memsaab :) could you please tell me how you did those wondeful cinema reel like picture on this page?

  59. raja: Somehow I missed your comment! of course you can blogroll me, and thanks for visiting :)

    bawa: What a great photo…I can’t believe that it’s Amitabh on the far right too!

    sindhu: I did it in Photoshop, using photos I took with my computer camera and a filmstrip graphic that I created myself (easy)…:)

  60. So that you keep ahead of the times, here’s a clip from two forthcoming songs by Anwesha of the CU show, for Bengali films.
    Listening to this, I think there is some future star there (don’t understand a word of Bengali myself!)

  61. memsaab! i really think you should put up a contact page here, where else can we direct fan mail towards to you! :)

    PS: here’s something i thought you’d like >

  62. Oops, didn’t realise Chori Chori (2003) is your most favourite film. But like you say, to each their own:-) Lovely blog. Your knowledge about Hindi films can put us Indians to shame. I will stop by as frequently as I can.

  63. bawa: Thank you, her voice is beautiful. So clear and sweet. Hope we do hear more of her :)

    sindhu: That’s a great post, although I don’t know most of the films. But nice idea for a list. I love lists ;-)

    Anorak: No worries, I don’t need other people to like it too! I’m glad you have found me and participate so much in comments. I have learned a LOT from my readers like you!

  64. namaste memsaab,
    Searching the internet for Shammi Kapoor, how can I not but enjoy your site. My truly favorite actor, because he defined a significant moment in Indian movies with that Nasir Hussain connection and all the rest. Very unique.

    Please visit a new Shammi Kapoor fan movie that I made myself on my blog.

    Looking forward to more comments on Shammi ji here. I have just watched Tumse Accha Kaun Hai for the first time.

    I dislike that dvd makers take off subtitling for songs as they did in that movie. I have to hunt the internet for English translations.

    best wishes,

  65. Hema M: Yay for us Shammi fans! I will definitely see your blog. And I agree wholeheartedly re: song titles, although Atul over at Atul’s song a day (see my sidebar) does some translations on request as his time permits :-) He’s done a few Shammi songs already there if you search for Shammi’s name.

  66. I read that you had a poster of David Cassidy when you could have had those bewitching eyes of Shashi….Hey, what about your Shammi?

    I have a photo of him that is the first one in the fan movie that I did in the above post that could tear any woman’s heart out.

    I am sure you have tons of those staring at you?

  67. I’ve always hated being called memsaab… It’s all I hear when walking around in Pakistan…

  68. I love it :-) But interestingly, I am not so fond of being called a gori (unless I’m the one calling me that). It’s always felt more derogatory to me. Maybe I don’t mind the “memsaab” thing so much because I’m older (I don’t even mind being called “ma’am” any more!!!!) :-) Your blog is interesting, I’ll be back to take a longer look!

  69. Memsaab, I am so glad to have found this wonderful blog of yours. I am a great fan of old classics specially the movies from 60s and 70s. I am 24 but I wish I were young during that period. I am so fascinated by the studios, set designs and costumes of 70s that I even tried to decorate my little room like those movies. I will be following this blog from now on. :)

    I also have a little blog called desi galaxy where I write about bollywood along with a few friends. I have added you in the blogroll would appreciate if I could get connected to your blog too via a link back (its not necessary though).

    With love

  70. Thanks Sabeen, you are very sweet :) I will definitely check out your blog!

  71. I am such a picture person and I was desperately lukin for the lady behind this awesome site. Found it on flickr “A memsaab with Shammi”
    Is that you?

  72. That’s me!!! with my original “China Town” poster. It’s beeyootiful.

    ps: it’s me at the top of this post too, with my baby girl Gemma.

  73. I just saw it just now and I was like ‘oh great, i am so stupid, i didn’t see it here and made it all the way to flickr to browse through’

    Your pic with Gemma rocks.

  74. Gemma is an excellent accessory—or perhaps it is more that I am her accessory. She would think so, anyway ;-)

  75. Where did you get that poster of China Town? Me want….
    If you look on flickr I have some cool screen shots that have never been seen before. Like Shammi in the tub….chest hair and all….no drooling on your computer screen…:-)

  76. I got it on eBay! It is definitely old and original. Great screen printing! I will look for Shammi in his tub, and will try not to drool although I can’t promise anything.

  77. just do a search for china town and there should be many photos…there is also screen shots of the great butt he had back then during the song bar bar dekho..tight jeans hmmmm now I can’t get any work done…

  78. Memsaab;

    I have been trawling the net all day for this and finally, ¡Eureka!
    Rahman’s lovely wife on the red carpet (I want that gorgeous gorgeous outfit).

    Will Freida get some style tips from here.

    Greta maybe you can do a post about this photo for your blog followers??

  79. Thanks for the link; I’ve been wanting to see her too, although I don’t think I have anything much to add in a post about it :) She is beautiful!

  80. I wondered if someone had a video of their arrival on the red carpet. The SM arrival is on everywhere, but ARR is curiously missing! Wanted to catch his mum too when he mentioned her but guess that would be asking too much from an ABC producer

  81. Woaahhh…………. Simply unbelieveable.. I accidently landed here…. and found bollywood swarg with shammi as a diety…

    Memesaab, along with knowing you, I also came to know a lot about many other people who have commented on your blog… Hats off to you and all the people who have shown interest and commented…

  82. Hi Paresh and welcome :) I think the best thing about my blog is all the readers I have who know so much and share it with me and all the others! Hope you keep returning too.

  83. Hello, Memsahib ! I’m an Indian, 27 years old, born, brought up and educated in Indian countryside. My mother tongue is Punjabi. I have learned English as a second language. I came across your blog searching for the story of ‘Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi’. And I was startled, how a non-Hindi speaker, Memsahib can cover the story of a hindi film, so wonderfully ! I always inspired to be a writer, some day, even tried to write a blog too ! But realized that I didn’t have in me, what it takes to be a writer. I request you to help me in fulfilling my ambition.

  84. You are nice, Manjinder but I am not sure how I could help you become a writer :) I’m not really one myself! If you try to write a blog on a subject that really interests you it might be easier.

  85. Hey ! just wanted to drop a note appreciating your passion for indian movies. was introduced to your blog by your neighbour whose earrings you wear sometimes – sat next to her on a flight today :) keep it up, cheers.

    • Must have been my neighbor and dear friend Sheila :) She does make beautiful earrings and I hope she’s having a great holiday. I’m glad you stopped by, do come back!

  86. My future Indian wife (I am a firang like you) introduced me to your blog. Very nicely presented. :-) I’ve seen a few Bollywood films but no doubt will see 100s more over the next years.

    I shall be packing my bags for India in the Summer. Doing my heat acclimatisation by sitting next to the open oven. ;-)

  87. Ha! That is a good idea, although it might be more useful if you crawl INSIDE the open oven. Just make sure you pack (or buy there—even better!) loose and light cotton clothing!

    And please tell your future wife that I’m glad she likes my blog :-)

  88. Hello Memsaab,

    My name’s Hemant. I’m from BIGFlix. (About

    The amount of effort you put in to maintain this blog replete with movie stills is very admirable. We’ve yet to see such deeply researched and well-written blogs covering Indian language cinema.

    Please visit BIGFlix Video-on-Demand. We’ve quite a few of the movies you’ve written about here that can be streaminged on-demand.

    I stumbled across your blog while scouring the web if next gen Bollywood fans still remember abd appreciate Hrishikesh Mukherjee films and similar. Googling I found your blogpost on Kissi Se Na Kehna. I am amazed! :-)

    If you will, don’t hesitate to point a link to the appropriate movie that you might want to write about and is available for instant viewing (no cost) at BIGFlix.

    Thank you.

    Hemant Charya

    PS: Having read your post on Hrishida’s Kissi Se Na Kehna, and the conversation it has generated I couldn’t resist posting a comment containing a direct link to the video on BIGFlix for the benefit of the fans on your blog. I hope you won’t consider it as comment spam or an attempt to freely advertise :-). Honestly, BIGFlix serves these videos absolutely free and ad-supported (just like watching TV, there’s an ad every 10 minutes). The films, TV shows and other videos on BIGFlix are rights-managed content (IPR-protected).

  89. Hi Hemant :-) Glad you like the blog; I don’t much like watching films on my computer I have to admit! I’d rather curl up in my big chair with my television screen in front of me! But others here do, so maybe they will wander on over to your site.

  90. Memsaab, I just watched this wonderful film today…it’s a classic, ‘Do Ankhen Barah Haath’, and I just have to know if you’ve seen it or not.

  91. Memsaab,

    Just wanted to give you and your readers a heads-up, Centilian recently launched India’s first streaming video application for the iPhone – Bollyhood

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  92. Hey,
    love your blog, thanks heaps.
    not the rarest footage but.. i was wondering if you could tell me what film this clip is from?

    keep up the good work

    • Hi! Well if you are trying to still find out which movie this is (11years later!). this is a South Indian Movie, one of Rajnikanth, well I am still not sure what the name is, I don’t think its a good one!

  93. I have NO idea! Are you sure it’s from a film? They aren’t speaking Hindi in any case (sounds South Indian, Tamil?) so I wouldn’t know, but maybe someone here will! Glad you like the blog, too—thanks :)

    Update: Apparently it is from a Tamil film called Adhsaya Piravi, starring Rajnikanth (and the little guy is called Little Superstar)…I do need to get some Rajni in my life. One of these days!!!

  94. Hello Greta,

    you may appreciate this post on an actor

    it is by my nephew, but I warn you that he takes sarcasm to the extreme. so this post is to be read anything but literally.

    • Ha! Very funny :-) although I am appalled by the whole thing. Never been a big fan of Shiney myself, he’s a terrible actor and seems to think rather more highly of himself than warranted. I am trying not to make judgements on this brouhaha until all the facts come out though…

  95. Greta, he is appalled by many things: and the fact that at the moment is facing a life-changing illness with a long treatment is not helping!

  96. Just found your blog…I will definitely be reading more!

    I love the pics of old movie posters and magazines you include in your posts. They are lots of fun and look very glamourous and dramatic.

    Keep up the great work!

  97. Love the site. I grew up in Nigeria, moved to the UK/US (where I suffered with the lack of Bollywood movies) and am now rediscovering my love/obsession with Bollywood, lol! I love your blogs, actually agree with most of the reviews I’ve read so far, and am looking forward to reading the rest, and watching more movies!
    And you look pretty in a saree!

  98. What an amazingly entertaining blog!

    Came here on a search for info on the Nargis starrer ‘Raat Aur Din’, ‘Awara Ae Mere Dil’ being a song I love.

    Brilliant reviews. I am not much of a film buff, but am pretty rabid about my Hindi film music, especially from the fifties till the early eighties.

    Just lovely writing here, Memsaab. Love reading reviews which give one a sense of the era. And the wit is the icing. A tip of the bowler from me.

    Do check out my not very often updated blog. have a feeling it might not interest you. It’s all cricket!

    • LOL, I will certainly check out your not-very-often-updated-blog-which-is-all-about-cricket-and-therefore-probably-won’t-interest-me since you have advertised it so well!!! Thanks very much for your kind words, I’m glad you have enjoyed my blog :)

  99. hi…
    i must say i love your blog…
    thanks to the colonial hangover, most Indians tend to undermine India’s achievements in almost every field…

    i love Indian cinema…and the old movies too…even i hv seen many of the vintage ones…

    i hope you never delete this blog…
    please don’t…(i hope i don’t sound impertinent)…if you decide to delete it or make it private please lemme know so that i can copy your posts and save them…
    i’d really be greatful…

    your blog is an amazing resource for ppl like me who used to thrive on old hindi movies at a point of time…
    Thanks to you, the passion has resurfaced.

    with lots of love and admiration for what you’re doing,

    PS: i just saw the pic with Shammi Kapoor. omg wow!…congrats!

    • Thank you pensieve :-) I have no intention right now anyway of deleting all the hard work I’ve put into this! And I’m very glad to meet another fan of the old films…I just got the ten-disc Prabhat set of films made in the 30s and can’t wait to see them, so stay tuned!

      Re: Shammi: OMG wow indeed :-D

  100. Hi Greta, did not know where else to put this so am mentioning it here. Have just seen Man-Mauji (1962).
    Not sure if you have seen it – and though it is not glam – I think it is the type of movie you will like. No CSP (when you have Kishore, you don’t need a CSP), Baby Naaz is always good to see and, all in all, a decent, if somewhat typical, storyline. Check it out if you can.

  101. I was looking for one old movie which I liked very much when I was kid and watched it on DD. I was only able to recollect Durga Khote was actresses.
    And then after investing 1 hr on net I found the name of the movie – PRITHVI VALLABH.

    Count me in your fan. If you plan to come India drop me a mail. I will be a good host to you.

    • Awww :) I will surely let you know. Am very glad you found the movie—I know what it’s like to remember something so much but not know how to find it. I will make you watch it with me and translate as we go since I have not been able to find it with subtitles, although I liked it very much anyway.

  102. I noticed that this blog just clocked 500,000 hits today. Half a million hits in a blog in a little over two years is a great achievement. Congratulations.

    • Ha ha, especially since none of my “real” life friends or family read it!!! I am truly grateful that I’ve met so many great people through this (like you!)…

      :) Thanks.

  103. Hi,

    I found your blog day before and I have already read over 100 movie reviews. (Goes on to say that I have a lot of free time at work)

    And honestly I feel real lucky to have found your blog. I share a very similar taste in Hindi movies and it can be reflected by the fact that I have already watched about 80% of the movies you have covered.

    I have a huge collection of Hindi movies myself and have often been accused of being insane on my choice of movies.

    I would love to read reviews of ‘Marte Dam Tak’, Jangbaaz and the 80’s crap that even likes of Mr. Bachchan churned out (include Haatim tai, Paatal Bhairavi and Justice Choudhary).

    Would love to hear from you and maybe someday be able to meet you in person and catch a movie together. :)

    Please keep the good work going.
    Best Wishes.

    • Hi Himanshu :) Thanks so much, am glad you are enjoying it and thanks for saying so! I haven’t seen any of the films you list above (I don’t think I have them). I’m a little wary of 80s movies—there are still so many earlier gems to get through. But variety is the spice of life so I’m sure some of them will turn up here! :)

  104. Hi Memsaab,

    I loved your write up on Filmindia and Baburao Patel. Being a film student, an ardent Indian cinema buff, and a world cinema follower, I am curious as to how did you access Filmindia? Did you visit the National Film Archives?

    Keep up the good work,

    P.S. It is great to see such passion for Indian cinema (and not just the declared ‘classics’) outside the ‘academicia’ :)

  105. Hello Memsaab,

    Just stumbled upon your blog while doing some standard google search. Although I am not a movie buff myself, I am amazed at your love and passion for Hindi movies. Watching and enjoying so many movies without understanding the language (only through sub-titles) in itself is highly commendable. Hope you learn Hindi some day (It is not that difficult:)) and I am sure it will enhance your experience with Hindi movies. You must have realized that there are many words in Hindi/Urdu which can’t be translated into English without the meaning getting ‘lost in translation’. Pleasel keep posting. People like you remind us that we ourselves are ignorant about so many wonderful things of our own country (films and beyond).


    • Thanks Rajarshi, very much :) I really do want to learn proper Hindi, it’s just difficult when you’ve got no opportunity to practice (or at least it is for me)…but I will, one of these days!!!

      It’s really easy to take one’s own culture and history for granted. Who knows what I’d be obsessed with if I were Indian :D

  106. Oh What joy., your passion and the sheer excitement comes through, kudos memsaab.

    I discovered the site yesterday and have spent the weekend just going through all the articles. Lovely writing.

    Interestingly , i have a nebulous connection to one of your favorites – Babubhai Mistry , back in the days, my Father-in-law worked for him as a Set Decoratpr in a fair few films before striking out on his own.

    Oh the stories i get to hear, one of my favorites – During the shooting of “Shola aur Shabnam” after the failure of “Dil bhi tera hum bhi tere” when Dharmendra was being ragged – “Arrey papaji yeh film bhi nahin chali tho kya karoge” (What will you do if this film also doesn’t work ?) he replied – “Problem mereko nahin aapko hey, Mera kya apna spanner uthake mein tho Punjab chala jaunga, tussi kya karoge ?” (I don’t have a problem i will take my Spanner and go to Punjab but what will you do ?) – Dharmendra was a trained motor-mechanic. Bliss.


    • Eeeeek!!! What a FABULOUS story that is :) I had no idea Dharam had such skills!

      Does your father-in-law know what happened to all those fabulous props? Working with Babubhai must have been so much fun. And did he make a success of it on his own?

      I have too many questions, will send you an email :)


    • Incidentally Shola Aur Shabnam (1961) had a 100-day run at the BO and can be termed as Dharmendra’s first hit. His struggle continued right until he signed up Bandini (1963) with Bimal Roy.

  107. MemSaab

    i think yew should write a book about bollywood….

    your blog is Greatest blog I ever seen…

    and I think if yew write a book with your great skills….it will be a great success…



    • Well, you have made MY day! :) Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoy my efforts here. Maybe a book will be forthcoming one day…although I really am extremely lazy! Cheers :)

  108. Hi Memsaab,
    I’m Sayantanee from India, & would like to get in touch with you on mail.
    I have an idea in my head after reading about your subtitles related dilemma, & I feel this is better discussed on mail, if you feel interested at all.
    My mail id is
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  109. You write very well Memsaab, world of knowledge, absolutely g8 effort and yer a true phanka of Bollywood, and esp for oldie goldies. As yu have known me from other sites (swarint), maself been a true phanka of movies and songs also, sleep, eat and live oldie goldies, library runs over 1600(old and new), maybe more, mostly VCDs as most of my oldie goldies are a collection of yore. I replace as and when dvd’s come, or rips also. It does not matter what format it comes in.

    Right now compiling songs of my beloved Jhonnybhai Walker, mostly in g8 Rafi Sahebs voice. I will share when ready. Veterans like him, Mehmood, Rajendranath, Sunder, Agha, Tun Tun, Bhagwandada.Maruti, Mohan Choti,Manorama, I.S. Johor, Polson,Dhumal, Om Prakash,Gope,…… you just do not make them anymore. Same applies with the main actors/actresses from 40’s to 70;s, all had their own style and aura. Fantastic.

    Some day I hope I can make some documentaries on the VETERANS, they are almost forgotten (not by us) like Nazir Hussein, Lalita ‘Power’ Pawar, Durga Khote, Leela Misra, Raj Mehra, S.N. Bannerjee, Rashid Khan(the Nevketan mascot), Iftekar, David, Achla Sachdev,Madan and Chaman Puri,Hiralal, Sheikh Mukhtar, Tiwari, Ulhas, Sapru,Radha Krishan,Anoopda Kumar,Jankidas the cycle champ,Bipin Gupta,Leela Chitnis, Shobna Samarth, B M Vyas,….I could go and on and on.

    And I may have to take another birth to fulfill my documentaries .), film knowledge is all locked up in the ‘brain’, me and my langotia yaar from Nairobi can chat movies and songs for weeks together, unfort he is far away now but we have the Internet. So we are at least Do Pagal in this, and another one yu must have come across is Trini bro ??????? He’s a world of knowledge and films also !

    Yu carry on with yr good work Sis, we love it.

    Cheers .)

  110. Wow! what at great site I have stumbled on to. I am too sleepy right now to explore, but I will be back. :-)

  111. Oh ho ho .) , the good Santa been around yr place !!!!! Am sure he did with a big red bag full of oldie goldies !

    And frankly to get pen on paper or in our day and age hand on a key board and script a documentary on all those legends wud need a big effort from me, up to now all has been exchange of emails etc and nothing on a paper, I wish a day had 36 hrs .).).. maybe one day it will .) and I can do that TASK. But it is good we have lots people on the Interweb who are sharing with each other so much info on these stalwarts.
    Am off now to see Pyar Ka Sapna with Dadamoni Ashok Kumar,Mala Sinha, Biswajeet, Jhonnybhai ofcors, Helen ofcors, Rajan Haksar,
    Durga Khote
    Bipin Gupta
    Mridula Rani
    Fab tracks by Chitragupt… but I know the VCD is minus 2 songs, grr.r.r.
    one of them of Helen, now why did they do that !!!, And gues who is the Director, none other than Hrishikeshda Mukherjee.

    I bet yu have seen it !

    Cheers for now

    • I don’t think I’ve seen it actually! And thanks for the holiday wishes :) I got no oldies (or any B’wood at all, since my family and friends mostly don’t get it), but I got plenty of other lovely things and lots of love and good cheer which is really what matters the most anyway :)

  112. memsaab , can you pl tell me how amitabh bacchan and manmohan deasi are related ?

  113. Wah, wah! Memsab, I feel like I hit paydirt! Just found your blog through a mention on Filmigirl’s blog (also a recent discovery) and I’m sitting back with a great sense of having much, much great reading to catch up on.

    I love Rishi too but am only gradually beginning to appreciate the earlier Hindi movies so your site will be a wonderful resource for me, I can already tell. I’ve seen just about everything Netflix offers and have been collecting many of the rest from Nehaflix. Spent much time on BollyWhat forum in the past two years.

    I lived in India (north and south) in my late teens and early twenties and am
    printed in some way – always have loved music and dance and food from there ever since – and now, decades later, I’ve gone totally Bolllylwonkers for the past two or three years, with no relief in sight.

    I’ll stop there and go back to soaking up what you offer – just wanted to express my appreciation for your writing.

    Oh, and I haven’t read your whole Story yet but early on you mentioned you didn’t know Hindi. I’ve been studying Devanagari lately (never learned it in India except for just to get around, since there always seemed to be someone who spoke English and wanted to practice, in those days anyway) and am assuming if you’re in Bombay now you’re probably learning more Hindi now (except I suspect a lot of the people you’re dealing with probably speak English as a first). But what I found with Hindi (and Kannada and whatever else, when I was there) was that Indians found it impossible to understand a foreigner who didn’t get everything exactly right – they’re worse than the French that way – so I never got anywhere when I tried, there, and doubt I’ll ever converse, but it’s great fun as I learn the letters to be able to hear the nuances and understand more of the dialogues in the films. Maybe you’ve commented on this on your blog – as I say, I’m just getting started. Thanks again! Will include a link to my blog and homepage and be baaaack!

  114. Hi – looks like I screwed up trying to use my new laptop – just happened upon your wonderful blog, got all excited and wrote a comment, edited it, and when it was finished and I submitted the comment, got a message that I’d already sent it. So maybe I sent it out before it was finished, by mistake? Apologies! I can hear someone in one of these films saying to me, “Idiot!”

    Anyway, if you didn’t actually get the finished one, I was just saying how happy I was to find this wonderful resource and that I was appreciating reading it. And I’m just getting started, so looking forward to the rest. Thanks for doing this great blog. Also I was interested in whether you were making progress with Hindi.

    • I love your enthusiasm, thank you!!! :D I am making no progress in Hindi, except bit by bit mostly by watching unsubtitled films. I live in the US, not India, so don’t get any practice at all speaking. And as you say—when I do try to speak it, people go off into peals of laughter and have no idea what I’m trying to say. I think it is a much more rhythm-emphasis-based language than English is so it’s easy to misspeak. I have learned the script at one point, but again with no opportunity to really use it (except for the odd sign in a movie that isn’t subtitled) it went rusty very quickly.

      Anyway, welcome to the world of old Hindi cinema! Check out Dustedoff, Old is Gold and Beth Loves Bollywood for more! :)

  115. I like it Chrism, the term ‘Bolllylwonkers ‘, and welcome to the Club of Bollybonkers…..Cheers

  116. Thanks for the welcomes! I got that “you sent a duplicate message” message both times so I won’t be surprised again. Don’t know where that “l” came from in Bollywonkers but I like “Bollybonkers” even better. That’s an interesting point about the importance of rhythm in these languages – that makes sense. Hadn’t thought of that before. Something you’d probably be learning very early in life so only someone really gifted in languages could get it quite right later on, coming from another culture.

  117. Memsaab,
    I discovered your blog googling for Indian Bollywood photos. I LOVE IT. I recently discovered how beautiful Mumtaz is and i love the photo collage on the top of your blog page.
    I also watch a lot of classic Bollywood films, and love and appreciate them for their pure class and charm. I don’t do film reviews like you do but I find most inspiration for my short stories from classic Bollywood films.
    Finding your blog definitely has made my day.

    • Thank you, you have made MY day :) Do you post your stories on your blog? Would love to read them, especially if they are inspired by my favorite kinds of films!

  118. Such phenomenal work. Mind Blowing.

    Salaam Memsaab!

  119. What really makes me gasp is that you don’t even know Hindi! If you can appreciate the movies after reading the horrible English subtitles, which at best can be ‘lost in translation’, then I wonder how much more you’d love them if you could understand Hindi. Tell me, do, how come someone like you with an ardor for Hindi movies not attempt to learn Hindi.

    p.s. Hope it’s not too obtrusive a query. If it is, then do ignore, and pardon, too :)

    p.p.s Waiting for you read your comments on some of my beloved flicks – Mahal, Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi, Tere Ghar Ke Saamne, Khamoshi, Bees Saal Baad, Kohra, Anpadh, Paying Guest, Kala Pani, Kala Bazaar and Hum Dono

    And in case I have not mentioned elsewhere – I ADORE (with a capital A and to the E) your beautiful beautiful blog.

    • Oh gleeps…I do hate to make typos…

      re-wording my p.p.s, 1st line : Waiting to read your comments on……

    • I have attempted to learn Hindi, but I think what I need to do is immerse myself in it and that’s next to impossible to do here. I have books and cds and all that, but without constant practice speaking it doesn’t “take.” I just don’t have time to concentrate on it. Some people are better language learners than others—I guess I’m one of the unfortunate ones! :) I know I would get so much more enjoyment out of these films if I did speak Hindi but…will just have to keep stumbling along.

      I have seen almost all the films you mention, but before I started writing this blog. I need to rewatch some of my favorites and write about them, but there are so many films and so little time! I swear, if I could afford it, I would spend all day on Hindi cinema and the blog :) But it’s just not possible. I’m very happy that you are enjoying it though!!

      • Just 2 add 2 d list! Here r few more from my side.. m sure u might hv seen them though!

        Kanoon (Ashok Kumar, Rjendra K), Bees Saal Baad (Waheeda), Choti si Baat (Ashok K, Amol P), Mr. X in Bombay (Kishore K), Patita (Dev Anand), Jaali Note (Dev A), Arzoo (Rajendra K, Sadhana, Feroz Khan), An evenin in Paris (our fav Shammi K), Pyar Ka Mausam (again a fav Shashi K), Ankush (Nana Patekar)…

        • And people think nobody watches old Hindi movies any more!!! :) I have seen most of the ones on your list too, although not all of them.

          And I did like your rain song links, thanks :) My job is getting in the way of my blog these days :( so haven’t as much time to answer comments and write new posts!

  120. I’m just not able to leave your blog alone :D
    I was just going through some of my yester-year posts, when I came across a movie review that may interest you. No, not being an insufferable pushover – merely expecting that you shall be a fellow-enjoyer and appreciater.

    Have you seen Padosan? Please, please, please do if you have not :)

    • I have seen Padosan and remember enjoying it although I think a lot of the comedy goes past me. I need to watch it again though, it’s been a few years since I saw it.

  121. BRILLIANT blog love the work u have done:) and as a movie buff this is salivating:) cheers and more power to u

  122. love your blog,share your sentiments exactly,think the khans and karan johar are vastly overrated,see a few gems on my say so…budha mil gaya,sadhu aur shaitan,bairaag.can e-mail me at

  123. Looking for Greta Kaemmer of Belvedere Primary School, Salisbury, Rhodesia. Brother David, sister Marta. Friends with Ginette Smith. Are you her? Please contact me at [redacted] if you are. Trying to locate all Belvedere students in that year for a reunion in 2011.

  124. dear memsab, your post on char dil char rahein gave me the courage to continue with the film. i stopped short with meena waiting in her home for the apporaching barat, fearful of what wld happen next.

    to give you a context to my reactions, i cried so much in watching the rape scene in premrog that i was asked to leave the theatre for a while..

    your review is brilliant and i am curious about you ofcourse. i live in delhi, india with my husband and two dogs.. and love films ofcourse. the current violence around my name is khan makes me fearful.. why should filmmakers risk everything they have with films that can’t be exhibited ?

    • OMG I love that you were asked to leave the theater….LOL! I am the same, which is why sometimes Gemma (my dog!) looks at me and rolls her eyes and walks out of the room ;D

      Delhi is a beautiful city, I hope to get back there soon. I hope you liked Char Dil Char Rahein as much as I did :) And as far as those idiots and their rabble-rousing goes, just be sure to go and see the film when it does release :) Don’t let fear rule your life! I pity those people (politicians and their ilk) who live in a world of narrow-mindedness, anger and hatred. They are despicable.

  125. love reading your blog, and admire your zest to dig out little known hindi movies.

    have a request. i’ve recently started blogging. have put down my thoughts on the new SRK movie “My name is Khan”. don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see it yet. if you have then please do go through my blog and let me know what you think. waiting for your feedback.

  126. I discovered your site by chance! I don’t know whether to be upset or happy that you have included copyright material….my documentary on Manmohan Desai, (and perhaps other MOVIE MAHAL material), you make it available to many without getting any permission. not sure what you think about this moral dilemma of using other’s work?
    i see your love for indian cinema and thats interesting.look forward to hearing from you
    nasreen munni kabir
    (author and filmaker)

  127. dear memsaab.
    Great thing this blog of yours. It occurs to me that u could be an indian in your earlier birth. Hence this extraordinary interest in indian cinema.

    • Thank you sir :) I have thought about the possibility of being Indian in an earlier birth, but I seriously don’t think I ever was. Nothing in India rings a bell for me, although plenty of places/things in Europe do. But perhaps my next life! (I will be Helen-like, and married to Shammi, hee)…

  128. Wow! I found your page from some obscure link somewhere… I was blown away by your pursuit and patience in understanding Bollywood…I had given up on Bollywood way back when I was in Mumbai and moved to the US for grad studies…I always was attracted to the romantic arrangement in a Bollywood movie but I always found some plot little difficult to digest…
    Having finally made my peace with Bollywood and beginning to understand it..I come across your blog…
    I think to find a memsaab who likes bollywood..I could be head over heels for you..I think I already am…hope you are single in Bollywood movies.. Main aya tere liye!..
    please write to me…:-)

  129. Memsaab, what movies do you have in your collection? (couple of examples or brief summarization will do)

    Also, did you ever buy any Bollywood movies that you didn’t like or wish you hadn’t bought?

    • I could not even begin to summarize or describe them! I have about 1400 of them now, many of them downloaded. I haven’t watched about 300-400 of them yet either! It’s insane. Totally and completely insane. I have bought many B’wood dvds that I didn’t like and wish I hadn’t bought, although the ones I like outnumber the ones I don’t :)

      • Aside from well known sites like google, youtube, veoh, etc., what websites do you frequent to watch online or downloadable movies?

        Also, what were those titles you wish you hadn’t bought?

  130. new to the blog…luvd yr intro…n luvd a few reviews i read…super cool…kepp it going…cheers…!

  131. Hi,

    I couldn’t find a way to contact you other than the comment form (I prefer email).
    I would like to introduce to you a site of mine – Reviewgang offers synopsis, aggregated critic reviews,
    aggregated user reviews, trailers/videos and for some movies full
    music albums (legal). It has been well received.

    Please check it out and it would be great if you can add it to filmi resources if you think it is worthy enough.


  132. Hi, I chanced on this blog through another movie buff’s blog, . Loved the love and zeal you have for movies – wanting to document and write about them. And I think its working – I received something of a movie education browsing this site even though I have seen a fair share of hindi movies, especially from older times. Hope you are always stocked with (hindi) movies, enthusiasm and the wish to write about them. Did you try/enjoy movies made in any other languages (Indian or otherwise) btw?

    • I receive an education every day from the people who stop by here…am just happy if some of it is documented for posterity :) I am very well-stocked with Hindi movies, and see no hope of running out of them any time soon!!! I have throughout my life seen foreign films of all kinds, and of course have watched lots of Hollywood but nothing else has really grabbed my heart and soul like Hindi movies have. Thanks for commenting, please keep coming back!

  133. Hi:)..came around again in my wandering to find some valuable info on Nagina (1951) (secretly hoping to find it here)and man!! lucky again.I am of the firm opinion that this site should be declared a National Resource..:)).
    Anyways, have put in a trackback to you for the whole story..Bless the keyboard that you type on and the heart that powers it…Will be back gain.

  134. :)..Awwww..This one now is a request. Am almost through with a project that I have been working on, being a retro-junkie myself, on an exhaustive portal on Malayalam Cinema. For the section on filmography, I just wanted to check with you MM, whether I could borrow your style of “screenshots-MM’s take ” style narrative to familiarise old malayalam films to the current generation. Have also dedicated a page to you, on how passion translates to a life’s work, when coupled with a drive in your heart – specially about movies..Will surely keep you updated..It is absolutely fine if you feel otherwise. Thanks again.

    • Ha ha! I have no idea what you mean by my screenshot style, but go ahead! And do let me know when it’s up. I am so ignorant about Malayalam cinema but would love to get better educated—and I love your site too, by the way, it is really well organized, aesthetic, and comprehensive! I will need to spend much more time there in any case! :) Cheers.

      • Whoopee….3 handstands, 4 jiggy-wiggys and a walk-like-an-egyptian around-the-room-backwards later, CM offers his heartfelt thanks….:)))))).

        PS. The screenshots narrative is what i feel the best way to explain your way of presenting the movie..Its so simple, but brilliant..

        Be back soon..


    I don’t know if you’ve seen this article, but I thought you might be interested. It came to me from the silent films yahoo group.

    It is truly depressing.

    • Yes, I think Beth sent me a link earlier…and I’ve seen a lot of the information in it before. But thanks for thinking of me, seriously :)

      Makes me cry (literally). I was talking to some (not familiar with BW) people at a party one night about the fact that Indian movies date back to the silent era but that out of hundreds or thousands made only about thirteen (and pretty much none of those intact) remain…and I broke down. So embarrassing!!! :(

      • Folks,

        Wanna cry a lil more, then read this, the amount of heritage which is lost, this does not apply to the Movies era only but also cultural heritage like Forts, Caves, Temples… all neglected and in dire straits. We have never taken preserving Heritage seriously, that is a fact.

        If FTII did not do a thing to preserve the prints prior to the the fire in 2003, read 2003, then what hope do we have ?

        Its lethargic attitude to say the least, no one is accountable for this loss, how much was needed to safe guard these prints… a better air conditioning wud have been a savior !!! One wonders what type of leadership do these places have ! Do they have any basic knowledge?

        Its simply diabolical, sorry to say that.


  136. Its done, albeit temporarily, till the actual site design is completed. Couldn’t wait to get the stuff off my head…Here it is,

    Hope u like it..:)

  137. Hello Memsaab,

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Followed the link from my blog and landed here. I’m utterly and thoroughly impressed by your blog and your love for Hindi cinema:) Just finished reading why and how you came to love Bollywood. You talk about Shammi Kapoor…you may already know that Shammi is one of india’s first netizens and very active on twitter, so you could maybe be get in touch with him on twitter. This is his twitter id And I hear he replies to everyone:)
    I’ll keep coming back to your blog its wonderful and i’ll forward the link to your blog to a friend of mine who writes a blog herself on old Hindi films. I’m sure she’ll freak out reading your blog!
    I’m so glad I discovered your blog…btw if i may ask, is that little girl with the umbrella you in the header photo collage of Shashi and Bindu? :)


    • Hi Abhi, I’m glad you like it here :) Yes, that little “memsaab” with the umbrella is me! And I do know Shammi is on twitter although I don’t spend much time on there myself. I had the opportunity to meet him last year in person and he was simply wonderful, every inch a star still and a very lovely man too (photo is on here somewhere if you click on the “Yahoo Shammi” category) :)

  138. Hello again! Wow you’ve met Shammi…I had a feeling you would know he is on twitter but thought in case you didn’t! Maybe you already have plans but you know I think you can turn this blog into a book — an american woman’s love affair with bollywood! It’ll be a great hit I’m sure:)

  139. Hi,
    I love the blogs. I was wondering if you have already watched this movie called Padosan meaning neighbor. Kishore Kumar and Sunil Dutt are in it. Sweet and funny movie, let me know if you like it.

    • I LOVE Padosan. Love it. Very sweet and funny, which is not always translatable across cultures, but it works. Thank you for coming here and commenting :)

  140. I stumbled on your blog while googling for ‘Anokhi raat ‘. I thank you for creating such a fantastic blog.
    Lot of people think they should write something but actually sitting down & writing it requires lot of efforts.
    Thank you again .
    I will now be going steadily through all the posts.

  141. I too have a blog and I know what a hard and back breaking job it is to keep posting quality posts regularly in a blog. And the job of posting these great posts in this blog is mind bloggingly hard word. That is why I (and others) are huge fans of this blog. It is a labour of love indeed. And this love is of the most intense, passionate and long lasting kind.

  142. Just thought to give you a headsup on an article in today’s newspaper about Shammi maybe ( the gravity on that tiny word is indescribable!:-) acting in his nephwe Ranbir Kapoor’s forthcoming Rockstar. You can read it here. Sacnned and uploaded it here.

    Click to access shammi-kapoor-to-act-again.pdf

    Warm regards,

  143. I notice that you have achieved the magic figure of 1 million hits today. It is a mind boggling figure for a not for profit, labour of love blog to achieve, that too in a matter of just about three years. Heartiest of congratulations. Here is hoping that the blog will clock many more millions of hits in the time to come.

    • Oh I didn’t even notice that! :) And my actual real-life friends and family don’t even read it! ;-) Thank you Atul, I hope it continues to bring pleasure to all of us.

      • G8 going G, heartiest congrats, look fwd to more interesting write ups from yu, and btw .)
        do yu have un real-life friends contra real-life .).) ones, I must know that .).)

        Cheers .)

        • Thanks Ash :) And you are all very real friends to me too, but you know what I meant!

          • Thank yuuuuu Thank yuu G .), I sure do understand wot yu meant… .)and I was just pulling your leg .).).

            p.s. did yu know there was another movie called Taxi Driver 1976 with Dada Moni, who else ? That’s coming up soon, yu know when I see Dada Moni anywhere, what ever role I must grab the phillum. And this has a full collection of our fav comedians in small cameo roles from
            Mohan Choti
            Asit Sen
            Tun Tun
            Bhagwan Dada
            et al
            and our crackeristic villian SHYAM Kumar has quite a extensive role

            I kinda enjoiied this one also, and yeah Helen is there also. MD baton with OP.

            Cheers .)

  144. Wow! A million hits in 3 years!!!
    What a stupendous achievement!!!

    To parody a Joginder (“Ranga Khush Hua”) quote of the 70s, “Raja Khush Hua”. :-)

    Hearty congrats, Greta – your blog has given so much to so many, it is really very very special. And unique in the world of bollywood, for sure!

    And I totally agree about the “friends” bit. You meet so many people here, from all over the world, who have now become like family though you have never met them. Your blog has brought people closer for sure.

    Keep the flame flying high, memsaab! Like Atul (who has experience in these things) says, it is back-breaking work – but I hope you continue to enjoy writing here and sharing your thoughts with us. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us, for sure.

    • Thank you Raja :) Without it I would never have seen Shikari and Wahan Ke Log with subtitles!!! And so many other treats—and knowledge—which people have shared with me these past few years. This blog has been truly a blessing for me.

  145. Let me join the others and cheer you on for this stupendous popularity. :-)
    My day is not complete till I have visited here and dustedoff.

  146. Wow! I am super impressed by your blog. To paraphrase from a popular TV ad in the 80s “Memsaab da jawab nahi!”

    I am a non-hindi speaking guy and used to pride myself in my v.good knowledge of yesteryear Hindi movies. I am ashamed to say, I am not even close to your encyclopedia like knowledge.

    Excellent blog and Congratulations on your million hits.

  147. Hi, I found your blog through a google search trying to figure out how/where to buy a DVD of the film Shehnai (1947). I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so got distracted from my search but then I thought maybe you can advise me on where to get this DVD! Do you? Let me know, thanks!


    • I’ve never seen it, at least not on dvd with subtitles. It might be available as a vcd. Or it likely is not available at all :( Sadly seems to be the case for a lot of the films of this vintage…good luck! and sorry for distracting you ;-)

  148. Memsaab, I am curious about some of the more personal details of your life:

    How is your home life?

    Do you have a job that is related to your passions?

    Do you get as much time as you like for the blog and watching movies?

    Do you like classic Hollywood as much as Bollywood (aside from ‘Captain Blood)? Like Clark Gable, Tyrone Power, etc.

    I know you met Shammi through Amir Khan, but how did you meet Amir Khan and Ted Lyons?

    If some of these are too personal, then I’ll settle for some the movie-related questions, but bottom line is I absolutely must know how you meet these celebrities!

  149. Oh yeah, and how do you get screen caps that you want from movies, whether it’s from a DVD, TV, online, etc.?

  150. I stumbled on this blog while ‘googling’ for some details on the film Yeh Raat Phir na Aayengi and I must say that you are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up…

  151. Anil stumbled on my blog too on a song of this movie. :D

  152. I visited this blog accidently, and I frequently visited it, but today I came to know that the writer of the Blog is not an Indian, and its true Passion for Cinema…
    Your Blog is nothing less than an encyclopedia, From now will check every update.

    • Well…it falls far short of an encyclopedia, but we’re working on that :) You can subscribe through email if you want, or RSS feed (which is still a mystery to me). Will be nice to have a new source of knowledge here!

  153. Shammi Kapoor’s Teesri Manzil’s missing part brought me to your web one day and now this site become part of my daily activities.
    “Memsaab” this name reminds me movie Muqaddar ka Sikandar.
    Thanks for your gr8 reviews.Memsaab nice to know that you love hindi movies crazy like me.
    ”Khoob guzaregi jab mil……..”

  154. Thanks Robert, and I started watching Toote Khilone last night :)

  155. came across that very intresting blog–nostalgic memories and great songs!!!

  156. Hi Memsaab…just got to know about your blog and let me tell you this is one of the most interesting blogs I’ve come across. Your love for hindi films is evident through your posts.

    I love hindi movies too but have not really watched movies from before 90s. By the way how do you dig out movies that people have not generally heard of :)

    Keep up the good work and all the best :)

    • Thanks Ananya :) Glad you are here! I don’t know when I dig them out that they are films people have not generally heard of!!! If they have an interesting cast and look like fun, I’m in!

  157. hi memsaab! i’ve been a fan of your blog for a couple of months now and i watched a clip from a hindi film and i do not know the name of the movie! i’ve searched the net everyday trying to figure it out, maybe you can help?
    i’m not sure the actresses, but the clip i saw, had a girl dancing/seducing a man from a window, she was so cute and hyper!! after she was dancing, it went to some men, seemingly trying to distract the men the women were seducing, each dude had a different girl after him, as if the women were sent by these secret agent men? im terrible at explaining but hopefully you understand??? thank you so much and sorry to spam your info post with this :((

    • It doesn’t ring a bell for me, but maybe someone here will know it—I know what it’s like to search for something and not be able to find it, ha ha! :) Welcome to the blog, too!

    • @peach

      If yu have the clip pls u/l on a file sharing site and give us the link, or if yu hv the link address that will also do, am sure Bloggers here will try to solve the ‘mystery’, cheers :)

      • ah! ya, i saw a clip and that’s what i’ve been trying to find haha, i think one of the first scenes or women dancing was bindu though…hopefully i’ll find it soon! :)

  158. Hi Memsaab,

    You have a very very interesting blog! Keep up the good-interesting work!

    I am currently working on documentary about history of bollywood. We are looking for footage of Fearless Nadia and I believe you have a copy of a dvd with the same.

    Would it be possible if we can copy it for our research. It would be really great as I am finding it very hard to find anything on the great actress!

    Please help me!

    Hoping to hear from you soon.



    • I couldn’t give you the documentary I have on Fearless Nadia without permission from Wadia Movietones. They gave it to me with the understanding that it is copyrighted material and I wouldn’t distribute it.

      You could try calling the phone numbers on the site to see if you can get in touch with the office there. They might be willing to help you. Do let me know when the documentary is done, I’d be very interested in seeing a screening of it if possible.

  159. Salaam memsaab!

    The other day i was browsing through some old Hindi songs on youtube (which were also incidentally hosted by a non-Indian, a SriLankan) and somehow made my way to your blog. It was a somewhat rare Cuckoo song and was in fact posted in one of the comments.

    At first i was confused at your unusual taste of films. But after digging deep into this place, i could not help falling in love with your blog! As a matter of fact, it was only after quite a few days that i found you’re a firangi! And yet more knowledgeable than most of us Indians. Kudos!

    Thank you so much for bringing up such rarities of Hindi cinema. And so beautifully! Keep up the fabulous work :)

    • Thank you so much, you have made my day brighter :) I am confused by my taste in films too and I must say so is almost everybody I know, I am constantly having to defend myself, ha ha! Glad you like the blog, I will do my best to keep it up.

  160. By the by, have you heard of a movie called ‘Peechha Karro’? Stars Satish Shah, Ravi Baswani (of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro fame), Amjad Khan and Farooq Sheikh among others and is probably the funniest Hindi film lost in obscurity. It’s classic nonsense. Highly recommended!

  161. It is a great fun movie. Just the kind of movie that I can spend time to watch, and in fact I have spent time watching this movie in the movie hall.

  162. Memsaab:

    I occassionally end up reading your blogs following a google search on an Indian movie. To me it seems you are not one person but a bunch of people of various ages. Is that true?

  163. I stumbled upon your blog perhaps through dustedoff, and the style of writing and the blog design was so similar I thought it was the same person writing two blogs. I am a big admirer of both the blogs, and can see you two are also admirer of each other – is that the reason the latter among you chose to style after the former? But my compliments again anyway.

    I am old Bollywood music crazy. I have started writing a blog on the music of 1930s through 60s. If that sounds interesting to you I invite you to visit my blog, and link it to your blogroll.

    • Madhu is kind enough to say that she was inspired by my blog but I think she has gone on to find her own way :) Glad you like us! Will check your blog out too :)

  164. I think there should be a page in this blog where readers may be able to suggest names of movies for your consideration.

    Yesterday while I was watching a cricket match (Like a typical Indian, I am interesting in Cricket as well as Hindi movies) where my team was doing poorly, I channel surfed and found a movie where two young brothers, having lost their mother, get separated in a new way (both of them board different wagons of a freight train, one part goes to Bombay and other to some other place. And it had the kind of 1970s masala fun that you enjoy writing about.

    When the credits rolled in, I realised that I was watching “Haath Ki Safaai” (1974). It is a fun movie if one does not have too high an expectation from a Hindi movies. Vinod Khanna, Randhir Kapoor, Hema Malini, Ranjeet etc figure in this quintessential 1970s masala movie, written by Salim Jawed and directed by Prakash Mehra. And wonderful songs composed by Kalyanji Anandji. I feel that you will enjoy watching this movie.

    After watching this movie, I came here to see whether you had revirewed this movie. I find that this movie is not yet reviewed.

    PS-Watching this movie helped India’s prospects in the cicket match too. India went on to win that cricket match, so watching this movie turne out to be auspicious for me. :)

    • I think I have that movie! Will see if I can dig it out :)

    • Ha ha. Trust you to cross cricket with old Hindi films.
      Ok, so what do you get when you cross cricket with Hindi films/songs? Mad guys like Atul and Raja. :-)
      Surprised you actually bothered to watch a movie, Atul. You usually consider that a waste of time, don’t you?
      For me, the best antidote when India loses a match, is to watch a Shammi song. A “Teesri Manzil”or “Evening in Paris” or just about any Shammi song perks me up. :-)
      But hey, we won yesterday and are through to the next round. Hopefully I won’t need a Shammi song during this World Cup. ;-)

  165. Dear Memsaab,

    While googling about Shammi Kapoor, I bumped into your site day before yesterday and have been hooked on since then. I am a great Shammi fan too and my most fav movie of his is “Teesri Manzil” and the song “tumne mujhe dekha” is just awesome. He shot for this song immediately after Geeta Bali’s death.

    Thank you for creating such a marvelous site, it’s a lot of hard work. I am definitely going to be a regular visitor……. you know what i have’nt yet closed the window from the last 3 days. Am getting addicted.
    keep up the great work, kudos!

  166. Forgot to mention, thanks a ton for introducing Baburao Patel to all of us, i sure had never heard of him….he seems to be a very intriguing person…do you know any site that has his biography?

    I just found out that you are a firang! well am speechless……i’ll go back to digging your site further, just wanted to let you know or rather express my appreciation…. :D

  167. Wow! Just came across your website while googling “Solva Saal”. And I thought I was the only Shammi Kapoor fan (Dev Anand, too). Great to see that there are a lot of us out there! Plan to visit the site regularly and share my love for old Bolly movies (and some newer ones). Great work Memsaab!

  168. you must have seen Shammi Kapoor’s Professor.One of his best.Wonder what happened to Kalpana and also Parveen Chaudhuri who acted in that film.Could you enlighten

    • If you look at my Professor review comments, there is quite a bit of info in there on Kalpana. I wish there was more information about Parveen Chaudhury out there, but haven’t been able to find much :( That is sadly true of a lot of these wonderful people.

  169. Couldnt find a way to contact you offline. Do you have any interest in doing a guest blog – have a very fun idea. Do contact me at to let us know.

  170. Dear Memsab
    I read by chance, that you like old Saari. I have a quite old new cotton Saari. If you wish you can have it, as I hardly wear the Saaris. The condition is only one, that you don`t sell it. Please do not publish this e-mail. All the best, Alka Glauser

  171. Wow what a discovery! that I landed up on your site. It all happened when I was telling my wife the funny conversation my dad and mom use to have when the radio use to air the song “yeh dil tum bin kanhin lagata nahin….!” from Izzat (1968). The joke basically was that she is definitely looking for other affairs to take place but defaulting back to the current one. But the character is at least candid about it. :) So I was telling my wife about the joke while driving, but then back to my computer was curious to know more about the movie. So googled Izzat hindi movie and landed on your site. And what a “Khazaana” I found here. Anyways I have a fun project in mind – taking your blog to smart phones, Please email me if you think this sounds like a good idea.

    Best regards

  172. You are right! one can access the blog contents using a mobile browser. I am talking about dedicated application for iPhone and android phones. This way the user experience will be better and more audience will benefit because they can see this in respective app stores.

  173. wow… i never thought that i would get an anthology on indian cinema…!!!
    and there might be someone other than my dad, who appreciates the old indian movies…!!!

    even i sometimes find them as unrealistic, ridiculous and funny; the “dialogues” (as mentioned by indian critics), the mannerism, the theme (and as i say theme, it includes the plot too), make me think of black and white india… when i belong to high-def-colorful india…!!! (no offence… but can’t help my critical brain… :P)

    watching them is like watching some fairy-tale or reading some classic story of some romantic author…!!!
    some are real good too…!!!

    and its really amazing and inspiring to know that you being an american, are such a dedicated indian…!!! :) :) :)

    after reading and posting this… i am gonna watch “andaz apna apna”… to see it with a new enlightened eyes… :)

    gee… loved your blog… it should be an official bollywood blog…!!! :)

    good luck…!!! :) :) :)

    • Ha! Tell your dad to come visit :)))

      Indian cinema is definitely a different aesthetic from what I grew up with, but one that really yields rich dividends if you come at it with an open mind, a sense of humor, and an appreciation for its history and influences. Keep at it!

  174. Hey, I noticed that you have not written about “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” (1957) – Its a must watch for any SK fan. Its the movie with which he came into his own…

    BTW – I really like Santosh’s take on the lyrics of “Yeh dil tum bin…” – very funny!!! :-)

    I used to say that in the song “Ek boot banaunga” from Asali Nakali (Dev Anand, Sadhana) – he says he’ll die if he loved someone else, but does not say that he will NOT love someone else…

    • Funny observation on Dev’s “Ek boot… and Pooja karounga”. I landed up on your blog and found your post “What was the name of the movie”. Pretty funny but true (or shall I say vichitra kintu satya?).

      When I was growing up I used to make fun of my brother when he used to tell us a name of a movie that we never heard of. For example he would refer to a movie called “Bhabhi ki Chudiyan” and we would roll on the floor that there is no such movie. Later looking at imdb I got some proof of existence of these movies, and now surfing Memsaabstory they all are coming alive.

  175. Santosh, I can relate to that – names that seemed too funny and no way to check or validate…. But somehow movies had more magic then, don’t you think??

    thanks for reading my blog entry – we continue to tease my sister about the guessing game… :-)

    • Sonali, sure thing, movies had more mogic then. Another anecdote for your pleasure.
      One time my mosi challanged us to give her a song that does not have word “dil” in it. And the whole day we listened to the songs and tried to find one for her. Surprisingly most of the hindi songs do have the word “dil” either in opening lines (mukhada) or in worst case in at least one of the stanzas (antaras).
      Try playing it yourselft one of these days, it is fun. Anyways years later I asked her, Mosi – howcome every song has a word “dil” in it, and she said, well if there is no “dil” then the song has no “jaan”. :)

  176. Santosh, yes, that would be a good game to play. And in general, I would agree with your mosi, but I do have a song for you. :-) “Hawan o pe likh do, hawan o ke naam” from “Do dooni chaar” (1968), is a song with no “Dil” in the complete song. And it does have a lot of “Jaan” in my opinion…. Lovely song, sung beautifully by Kishore Kumar… You can find the lyrics (Hindi) here –

    • Sonali – that song sure has a lot of Jaan as well as Shaan. Thats because it is one of Gulzaars’ wonder. Later in Angoor (1982) he had delivered another one “Roz Roz Daali Daali…”. That one is very close to my “dil” and had a lot of “Jaan”. See lyrics here

      Angoor (1982) was a remake of DDC and till date it is the most entertaining film I had ever seen.

      Good to see Deepti Ji’s comment here, and her website looks awesome – check that out.

  177. यह एक रोचक ब्‍लॉग है। इसे पढ़कर अच्‍छा लगा। शुक्रिया…

  178. I love your blog! Please do go through my website when you get a chance – you will know ore about the Hindi movies of the 80s…

  179. Santosh, yes, the Angoor song is another good example. And again Gulzar…. Angoor is such a fun movie… And I didn’t know anything about the old DDC – thanks for telling me that it had same story as Angoor (which I thought was basically just “Comedy of Errors”).

    Really liked Deepti Naval’s website! She is someone I think could act really well – could do comedy well and also serious roles…. Loved her photographs on her website!!

  180. Thanks to the Internet, we have actors/actresses interacting with the public directly. I am pleasantly surprised that memsaab is an American who has so much love for Bollywood. Greta Madam, you are really great that you chose to invest so much time in pursuing your passion. You are so lucky.

    Deepti Naval is one of my favourite actresses from the 80’s.Co-incidentally, I bought the CD of Angoor and watched it last week with my family and children. My daughter loved the movie.It brought back memories of my years in Mumbai. I informed my daughter that Deepti Naval was a great actress who moved from US to India to pursue her passion in acting. My mother still associates Deepti with the “jaag wala” scene in Sai Paranjpe ‘s Chashme Buddhoor. It is a matter of regret that Bollywood has never utilised such a great actress to her fullest potential.

    I read somewhere that Deepti Naval and Farooque Sheikh are back in a movie and it is good to know that.

    Deepti and Farooque also acted in a very popular TV serial a few years back. It had a terrific story line – i think it was titled – “Majhdar”.

    Memsab story is a delectable blog that is a boon to all those who are interested in trivia about Bollywood. Importantly, the USP is that it features actors/actresses who never got their due from the media in Mumbai,

    Last but not the least, I am a great fan of Shammi Kapoor myself. I think he was the most handsome Kapoor among all the three. Greta, if you can send me your Email address, I would like to share some of the trivia about Shammiji and you can publish them if it fits within the scope of this blog.

    • You can reach me at memsaabstory at gmail dot com :) I agree re: Deepti Naval. She is a wonderful actress and still a beautiful and talented woman…do check out her website, it’s full of great stuff :) I am honored that she came here!

  181. Hi Memsaab…have been regularly reading your blog and enjoying it immensely ! And how did I find the blog …of course because of being another recent Shammi Kapoor convert and now die hard fan :-) Thought I’d mention this movie because it doesnt seem to be on your film list …have you seen Hum Saab Chor Hai ? Have seen some scenes on youtube and it looks like a really fun movie. Usually I always come and see your reviews first before watching the Shammi movies which is when I didnt notice this one on your list. Have a look at a real fun song from the film…

    Such a fun song with such great timing !!! Shammi is wonderful …as always !!!!!!

    • Hi Shell…I do have Hum Saab Chor Hain on vcd but it doesn’t have subtitles :( So I don’t know if it’s good or not, and I don’t think I’ve even tried to watch it yet. Although one of these days I will! Let me know if I should watch if you do first :)

  182. Based on the songs and the fact that Shammi is looking so young and dashing, I think I might just give it a look ! The picturization of the two songs one which I posted above and this one below is really cute-

    I’ve never really seen any of Nalini Jaywant’s (the heroine) movies at all but she seems to look pretty and vivacious in the movie so maybe this is the next Shammi movie I’ll watch.

    I have Jeevan Jyoti and wanted to see it since its his first, but I am procrasinating becasue of your review of how depressing it is. Shammi is the epitome of ultimate fun, flamboyance and exhuberence and its difficult to consider watching him in a weepy-caper. But its Shammi…and he’s young and gorgeous looking…so I’m going to try !

  183. “Jeevan Jyoti” was the first movie he was cast in, but his first releasee was actually “Rail Ka Dibba” with Madhubala. I watched “Rail ka dibba” recently, but the print was pretty bad. He looks very young in that too. It seems when this movie was released people said he was copying Raj Kapoor – Shammi explains that both of them came from the same school of acting – the same theatre company so obviously there were similarities. But he was not actually copying Raj. I am SO glad, he got movies that were his style later on and no one could EVER again dare compare him with Raj Kapoor.

    • Thank goodness he wasn’t ever like Raj Kapoor :) Jeevan Jyoti is just plain BAD. It’s a horrible film full of horrible people. But I liked Rail Ka Dibba, at least as much of it as I could make out from the murky print and lack of subtitles :)

  184. That’s true Memsaab… some how never liked Raj Kapoor’s personality so havent watched too many of his movies even though he is a “legend.”

    I showed my mom and dad the songs from Hum saab chor hai and they were like oh, its Raj Kapoor…and I told them to look again :-)

    And right Sonali its really great that he discovered his niche and made movies which were his style. I try to think of any other actor earlier or today who may be like him… but honestly nobody comes close. Biswajeet and Joy Mukherjee were poor imitators of his style and didnt quite have the flamboyance…they didnt come close to him at all ! In this day and age people kind of compare Salman Khan to him but no, not at all, I dont think Salman has an inch of the style and personality of Shammi. Shammi ended up looking suave and sophisticated despite the funny antics he got up to… but you could never call him a clown or say that he overdid things….which you can say of Salman. Shammi was and is… the perfect sophisticated, suave, debonair gentleman despite the rakish, aggressive style with which he pursued his heroines….. even when I try to think of someone in my life whom might have touches and nuances of Shammi – there is no one!!! He simply is unique !

  185. Shell, you have said it perfectly!! Shammi was and is unique… Many of Biswajit and Joy Mukherjee’s movies were made so clearly keeping Shammi in mind, and they just could not do those movies justice…. I watch Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon and I can see Shammi doing the role – and really making it fun; I see Mere Sanam, and I find Biswajit actually even trying to copy Shammi right down to the gestures – but no!! Nothing even close to the original….

    Shammi was a unique combination of charm, sophistication, humor and grace…..

    And though I do like some of Raj Kapoor’s movies, I am not a fan… For me he is just Shammi’s elder brother (and though Shashi is cute in some movies, he is basically just Shammi’s younger brother :-))

  186. As per recent news item in MumbaiMirror of Monday June 06 Deepti Naval is set to act in ongoing hindi TV serial.
    News Item:
    After a 10-year hiatus, Deepti Naval is returning to the small screen. The actress was last seen in Muqammal. And now she will feature in Mukti Bandhan as the ex-lover of the character, IM Virani. A source from the channel told us, “Deepti Naval is known for her beautifully expressive eyes and raven mane.

  187. Sonali: “(and though Shashi is cute in some movies, he is basically just Shammi’s younger brother :-))”

    You know what? I loved Shashi in my younger days … and now I absolutely, completely am in love with Shammi !!! So what is it…we like the gentler, sweet lover when we are younger and love the flamboyance and rakishness when we are older ?????? :-)

  188. I don’t know!! :-) I always thought Shashi was ok, but was never really his fan as such. I always liked Shammi a lot more… So maybe I was born old?? :-) :-)

  189. UpendraS : No, I cant compare Sharukh and Shammi at all !! Shammi has that sophistication that Sharukh will never have, despite his designer clothes and all. I dont know quite how to put it …but Sharukh sort of looks like he is doing everything that hindi film heros are supposed to do to woo their heroines…but with Shammi you never knew what he would do … in a way he just didnt give in to the “usual” romantic antics, but created his own way, his own style. Sharukh romances like just any other hindi film hero of today, and puts in touches of Dilip Kumar and God knows how many other actors before him.

    @Sonali LOL!!! But what I’m going to do is freeze Shammi in my mind in his 1950s to 1971 avatar – not going to let him grow older beyond that… atleast in my mind :-)

    • “with Shammi you never knew what he would do …”

      “Shammi was so spontaneous and hence, so from the heart”

      Really, I thought he had a certain pattern he followed in all his movies. In the beginning he’s usually playful and teases the heroine a lot making her mad. (Dil Deke Dekho, Jaanwar, Teesri Manzil, An Evening in Paris, Bluffmaster, Professor) ending up dressed as a fiesty old man (Tumse Nahin Dekha, Dil Deke Dekho, Singapore, Professor, Jaanwar, An Evening in Paris). Then he gets angry at their rejection and starts sulking and pouting (Dil Deke Dekho, Jaanwar, Teesri Manzil) or just gets serious (Kashmir Ki Kali, An Evening in Paris, Professor, Bluffmaster) making the heroine fall in love with him. A slight variant of this pattern was seen in Junglee where he sulks and pouts at the beginning and and gets playful and fun in the second half.

  190. So agree with you Shell about how Shah rukh does not even come close to Shammi Kapoor and why!! Shah Rukh is too manicured, to stylized. Shammi was so spontaneous and hence, so from the heart…. The way he sang to the heroine, the way he romanced her, he never seemed self absorbed, which is what I find Shah rukh to be…

    And freezing Shammi in my mind, well I am not sure…. I just LOVE his old movies, but I also like him as he is right now… BTW – have you joined his fan club on facebook?

  191. Oh yes of course, his eyes never age… you can see the mischief and vitality in them still ! Loved reading about Memsaab’s meeting with him. But the films from that era – especially Shammi’s – just put you in a different world, and that’s where I like to go to sometimes in my mind ! And yes joined the fan club !

  192. @Upendra, well the pattern you are talking about is probably right – but that is more in the storyline…. Not in how he reacted. I meant how he reacted or acted in each situation – there could be some similarities from one movie to another, but it never seemed “planned”. It seemed very spontaneous. It seemed like he was actually reacting on the spot…

    To give you an example of actually even a complete situation being different and unexpected, “Tumse achha kaun hai” song from Janwar was such a complete surprise!! The whole situation, the way he is dressed in the blanket – and the way he did that song!!! It was so funny and seemed so spontaneous – and so completely different from other fun songs…

    @Shell – I agree with you about the movies from late 50s to early 70s – and the “world” in those movies… I would like to go there too…

  193. I simply adore this .Beimg an Indian film addict myself I came upon this blog purely by accident as I am very fond of reading reviews of old movies.However I was not able to get what I want from IMDB or from Planet bollywood.You know the personal touch and comments as opposed to a formal rev iewBut seeing a review of the film Patanga,a movie I saw when I was all of two years old and which i had never read about or heard about since then really astounded meThe only scene i re,member from that movie,the pandit telling the parents that their child will have cars to his left and right,and cut to the grownup Yaqub as a traffic constable surrounded by cars was really hilarious and was njicely detailed in the review.Since then I have read almost all of the reviews of the movies i remember seeeing at that time,the late 40s and early 50s and the comments about them,and really revived old and forgotten memories.I heartil,y congrATULATE YOU ON THIS WHOLE ENDEAVOUR,SPECIALLY FINDUING OUT YOU ARE NOT A NATIVE iNDIAN BUT A MEMSAAB.

    • Indians can be memsaabs too! :) I loved that scene in Patanga, it was hilarious. I’ve got to return to the 40s and 50s soon, have been too much in the 70s lately! :)

  194. hi there,
    its great to c what u r posting about all the hindi movies, and its worth visiting ur website, its a great past time.
    my favorite actors are amitabh bachchan and rajesh khanna, but I dislike shashi kapoor, rishi kapoor, and randhir kapoor. what do u think of them?

  195. I’ve been remiss about not telling you how I found you – once an FB friend sent me a link (because you had a marvellous screen shot of Dev Kumar and this friend, for some reason thought I needed to refresh my memory) and I ended up reading Ganga Jamuna Saraswati (I hated how `Gori hain kalaiyaan’ played on the radio till I wanted to smash her chudiyaan) and thought, oh well, some ABCD has grown fond of Hindi films and is doing a darn good, loving job reviewing one. I didn’t investigate until I wanted to read a review of the `Yeh Mausam Rangeen Sama’ movie, the name eludes me now and your link cropped up again in my Google search. Then I read `The Train’ review and simply loved it and by Milap, I was hooked, bookmarked your site and made hubby read it too. And I’ve stayed on, regularly visiting and plan on reading all your reviews and those of your entire gang – you all strangely feel like family now.

    • Thanks for sharing that :) I will admit to being Confused a great deal of the time, but I am neither American Born nor a Desi!

      I have been sadly so busy lately that I’m getting a backlog of films to review. Hopefully soon things will get quieter and I can have some peace to get caught up!

  196. Thanks for the `C’ (always good to meet a kindred sort.) I got something right, having erred with A, B and D (as I went on to find out). Yes, please do get all `catched up’ as my younger daughter would’ve said just a few years ago.

  197. Hi just a short note to say thank you …….My Grandfather Himansu Rai would have been thrilled to know that someone is enjoying ,respecting and sharing his work as much as you are . the resurgence of his films to a new contemporary market is really quite extraordinary …….obviously i am his biggest fan regards
    Peter .

    • Hi Peter, I am thrilled to hear from you :) I am really happy that the BFI is restoring his films…hopefully we will all be able to see these treasures he made one day soon! If you have any idea where I could find Shiraz I would be ever so grateful ;-) Cheers!

  198. I first traveled to Auckland to see a live performance of “Throw of Dice” with Nitin Sawhney’s brilliant score and was then lucky enough to see it again with Nitin and band preformed live in London with the L S O in Trafalgar Square truly a memorable occasion.
    “The Light of Asia” original is silent The BFI restored German version has the soundtrack.although I am sure that back in the day these films may have been shown with live music

    Shiraz on VHS or DVD or USB just let me know where you would like me to send it.. or you can collect it if you prefer? This film was shown at the art gallery of NSW …….35mm print . Live accompaniment by Dva musical duo of Tunji Beier and Linsey Pollak – performed an original score on percussive and hybrid wind.The film also tours the world with the Sabi ensemble.

    My family has an extraordinary archive of material pertaining to the”BombayTalkies”.and I hope to create a museum for the originals and place the contents on the web,not an easy task but my legacy……. a work in progress so to speak.
    Himansu’s 3 early films pre “Bombay Talkies” are significant on a world scale if not simply because they shared a vision of Indian culture presented to the west for the very first time , Also the personal struggle Himansu endured both privately and in commercial terms to bring these films to the screen was astonishing.

    “Bombay Talkies” Karma has it’s own mystique [ hearing our grandfather speak for the first time, one of them ] I have 2 brothers Walter and Paul, it was very special for us all.

  199. I first traveled to Auckland to see a live performance of “Throw of Dice” with Nitin Sawhney’s brilliant score and was then lucky enough to see it again with Nitin and band preformed live in London with the L S O in Trafalgar Square truly a memorable occasion.
    “The Light of Asia” original is silent The BFI restored German version has the soundtrack.although I am sure that back in the day these films may have been shown with live music

    Shiraz on VHS or DVD or USB just let me know where you would like me to send it.. or you can collect it if you prefer? This film was shown at the art gallery of NSW …….35mm print . Live accompaniment by Dva musical duo of Tunji Beier and Linsey Pollak – performed an original score on percussive and hybrid wind.The film also tours the world with the Sabi ensemble.

    My family has an extraordinary archive of material pertaining to the”BombayTalkies”.and I hope to create a museum for the originals and place the contents on the web,not an easy task but my legacy……. a work in progress so to speak.
    Himansu’s 3 early films pre “Bombay Talkies” are significant on a world scale if not simply because they shared a vision of Indian culture presented to the west for the very first time , Also the personal struggle Himansu endured both privately and in commercial terms to bring these films to the screen was astonishing.

    “Bombay Talkies” Karma has it’s own mystique [ hearing our grandfather speak for the first time, one of them ] I have 2 brothers Walter and Paul, it was very special for us all.

  200. Hi Peter,
    Is amazing to find a relative of Himansu Rai trying to keep alive legacy of by gone era. It was truely an amazing era at beginning of dawn of Indian Cinema. They were in a sense truly pioneer in those days. I am reading at present a book written by Mr.Mihir Bose on Indian Cinema. it narrates it’s journey from 30’s to present days. This book contains lot of details about Himansu Rai, Devika Rani and Bombay Talkies. One of my cousine used to live opposite Bombay Talkies in Malad/Mumbai(Bombay)/India.
    I hope to visit you wen site as and when it is ready.

  201. I have most probably added this comment elsewhere on Memsaab’s Blog, but all the same talking about History and Bombay Talkies, I must say shamefully that this site right now is a big filthy and stinking garbage dump. We have no concern about heritage or history. What remains now is part of a wall and a pillar, that is it.
    And this state of affairs applies to many other sites/places here in India !

  202. Hi Greta,
    I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while now and they are always entertaining. I also appreciate you doing your bit to preserve the history of Indian films especially the unsung heroes e.g. your post on Edwina (which I loved especially) and the artist identification project.
    Needless to say I’ve been inspired and am volunteering with the South Asian Cinema Foundation (SACF) in London to turn up information about the life and work of Niranjan Pal, a writer with Bombay talkies, who wrote Light of Asia, Shiraz and Achhut Kanya. Would it be possible for you to put me in touch with Himanshu Rai’s grandson as I’d love to see if he has any info on Mr Pal in his archives?
    Thanks very much.
    PS Am looking forward to your next blog. Loved the ‘beastmaster’ one! A hindi version would definitely be awesome – can definitely imagine ‘ Jaanwaron ka Devta’.

    • I’ve sent him your email address, so you may hear from him directly :)

      I am working on a new post, hopefully can get through it soon!!!! Work has been too busy lately, and evenings too :(

  203. Hello Memsaab, I have been a silent reader of your blog since a few months. Its a great site. Thank you, I got to know about so many artists. I have one request, I read that you have some really old magazines from 40s. Durga Khote, Prem Adib and Shahu Modak are among my favorite artists if you come across any interview / film poster / article about them then please share. Thank you.

  204. Shammi Kapoor wrote in Filmfare in late 50s (maybe 60s also). Do you have those? In digital format? If yes, can you email me those?


  205. Dear Memsaab, Yours is truly incredible blog and very happy to have discovered it. Since then I’m reading your post almost every day and still lots of posts are unread. Hope I’m never done with them and hope there be good amount of posts always left for me to be read. Last time I felt like this for Harry Potter series. I enjoy the comments section too it is very informative. (Actually I read them hoping for spoilers) Thanks a lot for such a joy.

  206. Dear memsaab, I m an avid fan of ur blog and m addicted to it.I would request u to review Raaj kumar’s Kramyogi. This movie has a strange philosophy and jaani raaj kumar is fantastic in it. U ,know , Raajkumar was one of the rare actors who had honor of being a member of Army Golf Club because He was the only actor who was considered to b an “officer like material”, by Indian Army Authorities.I fully agree with their assessment.I have a personal copy of. Karmyogi and watch it whenever i m feeling low or depressed.Its is such a powerful movie that it gets me going. Congratulations once again on such a nice work, You are a rare breed , truly intelligent and interesting. !!!

  207. I noticed that this blog has clocked 1.7 million hits today. Well done, and I hope and wish that this beloved blog of ours will go from strength to strength.

  208. Thank you to everyone I’ve failed to respond to above (I have been sort of busy lately) :(

    Maybe someday I will be able to approach the numbers on YOUR blog, Atul! ;-) (but probably not).

  209. Shammi Kapoor was with us last month August 13 th
    and today September 13th gone, Time does not heal all wounds and know this will never heal .. …

  210. Mem Didi,
    Hope you don’t mind my modifying your name a little bit, feels a little more endearing :-).

    I just saw your comment on Atul ji’s blog, regarding my post on Saigal Saab’s ghazal. I am glad you liked the write up and the format. In fact, in the march up to post all KL Saigal songs in Hindi / Urdu, both from films and non-film, in the past some weeks, I have posted such writeups for almost all ghazals and many songs that he has rendered. We are now down to the last two posts coming up tomorrow and Sunday. Then we will have a complete and definitive collection of KL Saigals songs on Atul ji’s blog.

    Another request on the side; will it be feasible to communicate directly on email also? Please let me know.


  211. Hi Memsaab,
    while searching for a song I came across your blog…and what a wonderful piece it is…so much information…thanks for posting about films we have never heard of.

  212. You Know what!? I found your blog the most simple and interesting of all the 100 other or so blog ive visited!
    – Shammi Kapoor Forever! :D

  213. Greta ji

    Many many happy returns of the day. May GOD bless you.

    I can rememeber this day very well in future because on this same day my sister-in-law Jyothi Udupa and my uncle Dr.Sudhakar prabhu celebrate their birthday .

    I have already filled up my stomach with Pinapple halwa,Maalpoori,pumpkin halwa, banana halwa(don`t laugh at me, I love sweets very much.) and sweet meat(LADDOO) made up of SOJI(This laddoo was home made by my mother with pure ghee)and celebrated birthdays of you three people very much dear to me.

    If you come to my house, my mother will definitely serve you delicious pure, which she prepares with great care and she is a very good vegetarian cook.
    My mother, also conveyed her best wishes for your birthday .

    regards and lot`s lot`s of love
    prakash and prakash`s mother Sunitha

    • I’m very glad to share my birthday with people dear to you Prakash :) And thank your mother for me, I will surely come for some ghar ka khana at your house when I can! I too have a very big sweet tooth, and I love halwa a LOT.

  214. Happy Birthday, Greta!

    I believe in reincarnation, and the cycle of birth-death-rebirth-…
    In a prior life, you must have been an Indian.
    That ‘vaasanaa’ hasn’t left you.

    I am thinking Shammi Kapoor would most certainly have sent you a greeting, if not called you up. You must be missing him a lot. I have grown to appreciate him, after discovering our blog.


    • I believe in reincarnation too, as much as I believe in anything ;-) I am pretty sure I’ve not been Indian before, but maybe this is practice for the next life :))) I’m hoping to come back as Helen or Laxmi Chhaya!

  215. Happy Birthday, Greta Memsaab! With Mother Edwina around, I’m sure you are having a very wonderful one.
    Lots of love and here’s a song I would love to share with you.

  216. Ok, this is how it all started. Heineken–>Ghost World–>Jaan Pehechan Ho–>Ted Lyons & His Cubs and Herman Benjamin–>Memsaab’s Story–>WOW!! :)

  217. any comments about your fav. star shammi, who is no more …?

  218. hi, if you can please write something about the song ‘Tumhari Nazar Kyu Khafa Ho Gayi’ starring Biswajeet and Mala Sinha. It is an awesome song!

  219. Hello, Memsaab,

    I have been following your blog for the past 6 – 8 months, and I absolutely love it! This is the first time I am writing something, though. I really like your reviews of all the movies, though sometimes I tend to have a slight difference of opinion! FYI, my favorite is Raj Kapoor, followed by his brothers, in descending order of age. Yes, Shammiji is my second favorite! You would have also guessed, Mukesh is my all-time-favorite singer!

    I also shared your grief regarding Gemma and Shammiji. RIP, both of them…

    Looking forward to your thoughts / writeups on Dev Saab. Couldn’t believe that he would die! I thought he would live on and on, so energetic and lively was he. Yesterday (12/03/2011), me and friends kept on singing “chal ri sajni” from one of his hits, Bombay Ka Babu.



    • I love differences of opinion! Especially since I know my taste is sometimes pretty suspect ;-)

      I’ve had to travel for a couple of days, but will write something about Dev as soon as I can find the time…

  220. Yes, will wait for your posts! Also, forgot to mention in my last message – thank you very much for this blog. I enjoy this a LOT!!

    Have you seen Rajkumar (featuring Shammi and Sadhana)? I don’t find it in your filmi index here. If you have not seen it, strongly recommend you see that movie – loads of fun, with Shammi and Rajendernath. Throw in Om Prakash and TunTun, the list is complete. Oh yea, Pran as the villain and Prithviraj Kapoor as Shammi’s father coupled with Shankar-Jaikishen’s amazing music – the film is just wonderful!

  221. Thank you! Will wait for your write-up on the greatest romantic of them all, Dev Saab!!

    By the way, have you seen Rajkumar featuring Shammiji and Sadhana? I haven’t seen that movie in your filmi index, hence the question. If you haven’t seen the movie, strongly recommend that you do!! It is an absolute delight – the chemistry between Shammiji and Rajendranath is just too good. Add Om Prakash and Tun Tun to the funny list and you are guaranteed a rib-tickler. To top it all, your (and mine too!!) favorite villain Pran at his best; Prithviraj Kapoor with his baritone is simply irresistible! Add Shankar-Jaikishen’s amazing music to the mix and you have an absolute must-have DVD!! My favorite song in Raj Kumar – Dilruba dil par tu, featuring Asha and Rafi saab. The way Rafi saab has sung the last line in a high falsetto gives me the goose pimples – he sounds so much like Asha!!

  222. I have seen Rajkumar lots of times and love it :) I think it showcases Shammi and Rajendranath’s goofy wonderfulness together more than any other film. One of these days I will watch it again and write it up!

  223. hey Memsaab, have u reviewed ‘Boxer’??

  224. I wonder what you think about David Dhawan films?

  225. Memsaab, just noticed that your blog has clocked 2 million hits!!! Hearty congratulations!!! Not that you really care about these statistics but still…you can always say you are rolling in millions. ;-)

    • I know, and they don’t even count my own visits!!! ;-)

      I once spent millions (of lire) on a chandelier. It was too much fun saying “I spent millions today!”

  226. Just want to let you know that you’re awesome, and you’re blog is awesome and inspiring :) Keep up the awesomeness!

  227. Do you mind if I extract a few bands pictures for a site I created titled India Sixties And Beyond. I will credit you naturally.

  228. Go to Facebook. I have a profile. Joseph Clement Pereira. On that profile I have created a page titled India Sixties And Beyond Music. On the profile there is a gallery titled Related Events. I have put the pictures there.

  229. Hi Memsaab,

    Came across Shekhar Kapoors blog and thought of sharing it with you. One post is a letter by Mini of Masoom about her memories during the movie and life after. Dont know if you have already gone through it. And the other is killing of Tina in Mr. India.


  230. memsaab… hmmm very interesting and intriguing blog (and name) you have…i accidentally came here but really glad i did :) the extensive research you do is quite amazing to say the least..

    well i am a hindi cinema addict and hopelessly in love with classical cinema…golden era movies, songs, actors, style, attitude…everything classical excites me !!

    i have made a list of films that i have to see this year and your blog would be a great help in that….sadly our new age indian cable channels hardly ever show classics….anyway you’d be seeing more of me now….cheers !!

    P.S. Shammy is my fav too :)

  231. Hi Memsaab. I’m Vishnu. How’re you doing? I’ve been following your blog for the last few weeks and I just love it!

    I just started a blog about Indian Cinema too (…but I focus or try to focus on the archival & historical aspect … and I’m just trying to spread an awareness and consciousness to people about the importance of preserving films… especially Indian films.

    BTW I wanted to ask you, since Nehaflix is gone :'( … could you recommend any other great place with good selection of DVDs?

    Keep on writing Memsaab, your blogs are so informative and motivate me more to write and to help save Indian cinema :)

    I already subscribe to your blog and will continue to comment on your wonderful posts.

    • Oh yay!!!! I will check your blog out for sure this weekend :) I think the best place with the biggest supply of older movies is now Shipping outside India is expensive, but they sell dvds and vcds at Indian prices…their service is wonderful. I’m glad you like my blog, thank you!

  232. Hi, I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog. It’s the perfect combination of fun, irreverence and information. You have some real finds in here. Congratulations on doing such a good job and bringing smiles to so many of our faces. I am sorted of biased to this blog because like you I’m a huge Shammi Kapoor fan as well.
    I wanted to share with you a paper I wrote some years ago about the ‘bad girls’ in Hindi films, I thought you might enjoy :)

  233. Dear Memsaab,
    Have you seen Baazi (1951, Devsaab, Geeta Bali, Kalpana Karthik…)? Me, being a great fan of Devsaab, recently got this DVD and saw it with my daughter. This B&W movie is a real charmer – superb songs composed by Sachinda and beautifully sung by Geeta Bali. K.N. Singh as the villain is so charming – I am a big, big…. fan of his! And, finally, Geeta Bali is so cute, especially when she sings Tadbeer se bigdi hui…

  234. Waah waah, what a lovely header. I love the chimp. I think I too should learn some photoshop. I will give it a try this weekend.

  235. Amazing blog………..I am a big movie buff….Can never start watching a hindi movie and stop it mid way….Used to watch lots of them…..Today I read your blog on the movie Naastik and felt that this is one of the best Hinid movie blogs ever…

  236. I am also a great Ajit fan! You should see Naya Daur (saw the colorized version last weekend)…. He looks simply smashing in it; his histrionics too are good…

    • I saw Naya Daur at the beginning of my journey into older Hindi cinema…I probably didn’t even know who Ajit was back then :))) Should rewatch definitely, I remember that I liked it a lot.

  237. dear memsaab,
    i’m vanditha and i’m 12yrs old. i was born in iowa city but i live in india. i’m a big fan of shammi kapoor but unfortunately i’ve seen only 4 films of his…(kashmir ki kali-1964, andaz-1971, parvarish-1977, raj kumar-1964.)
    i’m also a big fan of dev anand, amitabh bachchan, and the kapoor family (except for ranbir, kareena & karishma).
    i hear a lot of songs pictured on shammi kapoor. my favorite song pictured on him is ‘aajkal tere mere pyaar’ (brahmachari)
    i like mumtaz very much!! she’s one of my favorites…
    i also like sharmila tagore & hema malini equally.
    the oldest film i’ve seen is Baazi (1951). i really loved that film. you can also see it. i’m sure you’ll love it.
    i’m crazy of music. my favorite male singer is kishore kumar & female singer is asha bhonsle.
    my favorite music director is R.D Burman…
    the main reason i love traveling in my car is because of old music. i like listening to songs from the 50’s to the early 80’s.
    my favorite villain is Pran. he is now 91yrs old. most of the villains live upto their 90’s!!!
    i’m also an animal lover. my favorite animals are dogs and elephants. i’m also really interested in dinosaurs!!!
    this is the first time i’m seeing your site. i really liked it!! since i’m having my holidays now, i’ll try to visit your site everyday…



    • Hi Vanditha and welcome :) Don’t waste all of your holidays on me! but I see we have a lot in common. I think you make an excellent point about villains living into their 90s!!!! Maybe they could get all their tension and stress out onscreen!

  238. Please review Meena Kumari’s film Pakeezah

  239. Love your comments ,,, am a big B movie buff and recently ( as I grow older ) , m back into 70 s masala – AB, Vinod, Dharam , kaka , jeetu , shashi , rishi , amol palekar and a lil bit of jeetu. I wasnt born in the 60 s so reading about joy mukherjee( RIP sir ), dev kumar , biswajeet , dara singh and many others unsung ( during shammi and boring rajender kumar ‘s era ) is super

    Thanks memsaab

    ps – I notice that u havnt reviewed too many bachchan 70 movies ? any reason

    • I saw a lot of his movies before I started writing this blog, so they have to wait until I feel like watching them again. So many movies, so little time!

      • Dear memsaab

        understood :) more than the films , I admire your writing style and attention to detail . I like your respect for actors who maybe did not make it big – Laxmi Chayya etc – very cool.keep it up.

        On Bachchan , would still like to know your reviews on Don and AAA.

        Also have you reviewed Haribhai s Raja aur rank

  240. Hi,

    I was introduced to your blog through that post on Ted Lyons and His Cubs. Thanks for providing a hard to find description of this lesser known but great band. I am in particular a fan of Mohammad Rafi Sahab and that is why I have a passion for Shammi Kapoor Sahab too….

    I would be pleased to know your views on Late Joy Mukherjee…. There was something in this man. His smile… it almost kills me always. Also, what do you think about Elvis compared to Shammi Kapoor… They called him “Indian Elvis Presley”. But I think he was something different from Elvis. He was far more energetic…. and charming.

    • I always enjoy Joy Mukherjee…I think of him as pleasant more than anything, and I mean that as a compliment. And the whole Elvis-Shammi thing mystifies me; I guess people gave him that name because he changed what was considered “cool” almost singlehandedly. But Shammi is just Shammi, and a very charming man indeed.

  241. pls write a review on the movie “aa gale lag ja”

  242. Ni Hao Memsaab, great blog, I’m glad you told me about it! Let me cook you a lovely beef curry. You get the wine though! ;-)

    – James

  243. I landed your blog while finding info on “V. Gopal”. I am already in love with your blog as I am with hindi cinema of 70s and 80s. Thank you for doing this. XOXO

  244. Amazing! You should try watching some other language movies too. I can help you with some good Tamil movies for a starter: ‘Kannathil Muthamittaal’, ‘Bombay’, ‘Anbe Sivam’ are few good ones

    • I’ve seen some Tamil films, including Kannathil Muthamittal and Bombay (although I saw the Hindi version of this one I think), also Roja and Mouna Ragam, which I liked very much. But (outside of Mani Ratnam) mainstream south Indian films strike me as incredibly macho and violent—I could be wrong, because I’ve only watched a very few of them so probably I just happened to pick the wrong ones :)—but I’ve sort of stayed away from them for that reason. Well, that and I still have tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Hindi films to get through :D

      • So good to know that you have seen those. Yeah there are a lot of those action movies but not just in tamil, the whole indian cinema has enough of each genre :D There are a LOT of the other movies. If you like humour, you should watch Kamal hassan’s ‘Pancha tanthiram’ or ‘Thenali’ or ‘Pammal K Sambandham’. ‘Nala Dhamayanthi’ is a beautiful movie of a cook who goes to Australia, starring Madhavan. Some old classics are ‘Anjali’, ‘Agni Natchathiram’ (both Mani Ratnam movies), I hope you can watch some of these sometime :) Enjoy the movies!

  245. Macho? Violent? Quite often, and quite often not. But that’s for another day. For now, I might be stealing one of your thingies! I’ll be nice and let everyone know where it came from. To confirm acceptable terms of burglary, pls get in touch….

    • I know, it’s from a limited experience as I said.

      Depends on what thingy you’re stealing and how much of it—I don’t mind most things as long as I’m credited where credit is due :)

  246. Ranjeet the Hot Villain paper doll, of course, and all of it! It’s truly delightful. Please don’t say no…poor chap is a bit down on publicity these days. It’s a piece I’m writing for Outlook magazine — a longish, rambling thing, you (and a few others) do find a mention in it, alas only a mention, but an honourable one. I’ll hyperlink, and post it to you too. How shall I credit it? is fine? Or is it someone else’s handiwork? Thanks, and it’ll be nice if you can let me know soon.

    • Oh I am a big fan of Outlook magazine :) And if you think Ranjeet would enjoy the kind of publicity my insane pyaar for him might attract by all means feel free, LOL. You can just link to if you like (or keep the wordpress in, whatever). The paper doll is mostly my handiwork (I drew it) with inspiration for it credited in the post. Would love to see the article when it’s written!

  247. The Times of India has reported that Kalpana, a 1948 dance-drama Hindi film written and directed by noted dancer, Uday Shankar, his only film, will be shown at Cannes this year. It has been restored by the World Cinema Foundation (director Martin Scorsese is a founding member). The story revolves around a young dancer’s dream of setting up an academy, a reflection his own, which he eventually did at Almora, Uttarakhand. It starred Uday Shankar and his wife Amala Shankar as leads and 17-year-old actress Padmini making her screen debut.

  248. Memsaan, I am a cinema enthuisast from England and I find it almost impossible to stop reading your wonderful website! I have learned so much – and now the theme song from “A Evening in Paris” is running through my head.

  249. Dear Memsaab,

    Hello !
    I am Namrota. I have been very passionate about movies (be it any language) since my childhood… Old movies interest me more and while searching for one such movie, I came across your blog… and my my.. what a discovery I made … I simply loooooove your blog.

    Your writing style.. your fascination for Indian cinema and film fraternity is simply “WOW” (I am kind of short of words here to describe it). I have been your silent follower for some time .. but could not resist myself from writing to you :D

    You have inspired me in many ways and I am going to put in my thoughts on movies in my blog ( soon.


    P.S. I love Shammi Kapoor as well :D

  250. I’m keeping my word! Here goes…i hope the link works.

    This has been in gestation for a few years. I don’t know if it worked out in the execution!

    How should I say it, I’ve tried something here. An potted critique! Being a life-long consumer makes a critic of all of us, I suppose.

    I’ve tried to bite off more than i can chew, i think. A certain something in Hndi film that i believe both attracts and puts off people. Please read, and post on your site if you find it worthwhile…i don’t know how to do it myself, or maybe i wouldn’t have waited :-)

    Ranjeet is apparently alive and well and as villanous in real life as he threatened to be


    Sunil Menon

    • I think it’s a wonderful article, and not *just* because you mention me in it.

      Ranjeet is definitely alive and well—apparently he owns a bungalow that he rents out to movie makers, and he is doing just fine by it. He’s also doing bit parts in movies still for those intelligent enough to ask him.

      I really hope to meet him one of these days through my friend Raju Hirani, and I will give him the original drawing of his sexy, sexy, beautiful face, which I put on the paper doll body :D

  251. Thank you!

    Bungalow :-) that’s one of those essentials isn’t it? I coulda done with my own pink spiral-stairwayed thingie, for all my tall words! Like memsaab, the word is an Indian import into English — a double import, actually. For, it comes from ‘Bangla’ (that’s how they say it in Hindi anyway) which means ‘Bengali’ — denoting, in north and west India i think, a house done in the ‘Bangla’ style. And then the Angles and the Saxons came along and it became Bung-a-Low! So, twice displaced, like all of us!

    Indeed, I used to wonder why some of the heroines didn’t junk the script and elope with the bad guy, they were so much more interesting (and often more handsome!) But maybe you shd carry some pepper spray with you when you meet him, just in case he was into method acting :-)

    Pls do share the piece. I do wish for people to read it. Yes, the “mention” was rather perfunctory, wasn’t it? This phenomenon, of people in the West mining Bollywood with all the exhaustive precision and delight of butterfly collectors, is truly remarkable and a whole story by itself! Still trying to figure it out! I really wish I could’ve dwelt on it a bit more but I was like presuming to bite off all of Hindi film at one go :-) and I don’t write often and this was the best I could do.

    Thanks again, and be catching up!

    • What a lovely way to put it: “…with all the exhaustive precision and delight of butterfly collectors” :D

      I think I’ve written this elsewhere on my blog, but Raju told me that he asked Ranjeet once why he didn’t act in more films, and Ranjeet’s response was that filmi heroines take their own clothes off in movies willingly now, so he is out of a job! Hilarious.

      Cheers, me and my fellow Bolly writers thank you for the shout-out, it’s wonderful.

  252. Hi Memsaab,
    I am doing a feature on Marathi Cinema as a part of my Journalism assignment and would want to include some of your views you’ve put down in your blog about the film ‘Kunku’. Please paste your email id so we could talk about this at length on e-mail.

  253. Could you pls put a review on the movie ‘Satte Pe Satta’?
    If you haven’t watched it, then pls do…
    it’s a really good movie. worth watching!!!
    Laughter, laughter & laughter!

  254. Dear memsaab,
    I have been reading yuor blogs over the last 2 days and am really bowled over by the amount of information that you hold. Your collection is really impressive and can put the archives of India to shame. Great that you are putting in effort to share the treasure troves with us. How did you land upon them in first place. Thanks a ton and keep writing.

    • I’m lucky indeed that people who visit the blog want to share their treasures with me :) It seems that the industry itself, and the Indian government, don’t feel like they need to make any effort with India’s cinema history so it’s up to people who do care to make a difference!

  255. Hi, this a nice blog to read and especially about our old and extra actors ( as they where called ) sometimes they showed so big on the screen but died in poverty,loneliness and sorrow. Good wprk….
    Could u pls. tell me the movie’s name in which the heroine is named Sumi ( don’t know heroine’s name ) and the hero is also not known, an arty type of film, where the heroine’s father has died when she was small, she can never come out of it, and she works as a telephone operator, where she always remembers her dad even when she is with the hero, her mother is moslty Urmila, who has moved on in her life…….. I loved the story of the movie where the heroine finally accepts the death of her father and moves on…..

  256. Hello Memsaab,

    I accidentally stumbled on this blog while mourning the death of Rajesh khanna,and trying to find some more information on RK-AM affair.It was then I found the old stardust article ,and I cannt tell you how amazed I was to read the article.all the tv channels today were continuously tracing Kaka’s life,but I was appalled by their biased reporting. It was a common knowledge that AM was an integral part of the superstar,s life and as the article suggests that the star was madly in love with the starlet,but not once did her name come up in any single report. It was one of the most significant relationship he ever had and that was completely erased from the briefings.
    Î just wanted to say thanks for putting out all those rare pieces of information for filmbuffs like us.


  257. Not too familiar with the whole Anju Mahendra thing..all I know is that I read they had a tiff and out of spite, he married someone else..all that is behind us now.I know AM went to see him in his last days..haven’t seen her act in anything…though can anyone recommend?

  258. Also, I donot see a reason why bring back something that was in the past , Anju was his past and Dimple back then was his legal wife . I do not mean to hurt any culture , but in Indian culture the wife , be it ex, is still regarded as more “right ” so I am not sure if not including Anju can be concluded as biased reporting . Dimple was his legally wedded wife with whom he has two kids that is what matters and , above all what goes on in one’s private homes is between the parties involved so specualtion from journalists etc is totally very immature and uncalled for .They never divorced so let bygones be bygones.

    • Whether you are talking about Phir Bhi(1971)
      This movie has somewhat same story.
      Starring real life Mother & daughter pair Urmila Bhatt and Bambi.
      others:Minal Mehta,Pratap Sharma,Rajeshwar Nath,Deven Srivastav
      Production House:Chhavi Bharati
      Director:Shivendra Sinha
      Music:Raghunath Seth Lyricist:Harivanshrai Bachchan & Pandit Narendra Sharma
      “Phir Bhi” is the story of a search by a girl and her mother for finding their individual identity and place in life and the society.
      Partap Sharma won the 1971 National Award for the lead role in this feature film which also won the National Award for the best Hindi film of the year.

      Greta ji I hope I am not breaking any rules of the blog by providing video link.You can remove that link, If you think it is unwanted.
      Video link for one song from the movie “Phir Bhi”:

        • Thank U Mr. Prakashchandra for finding the movie’s name it must be Phir bhi I was trying to find the movie on the net but could not find it. I think there are two songs of Phir bhi on youtube. Thank u both Ms. Greta and Mr. Prakashchandra.

          • Dear lavi thank you so much -i v been lookin for dis particular movie since long long time i remember watching dis during my childhood on DD sunday moive time. I thought it was vidya sinha in leading role which i ws wrong- OMG jus can’t believe u were thinkin bot same movie which was n my mind too :) Thanx Mr. Prakashchandra for the info & upload n….. @ Memsaab – superlike!!

  259. Memsaab,

    I wandered into this site yesterday and could not leave! This is an amazing site. The wealth of materials here is astounding. I never knew about FilmIndia magazines. Your reviews are hilarious, and your blogs are fantastic. Also you have done a fantastic job of researching on unknown actors, I too am now a fan of Edwina and Laxmi Chayaa. Finally, the spirit of camaraderie on this site is unique. What a treasure trove…I am in Alibaba’s cave and don’t want to leave! Memsaab zindabad!

  260. anju acted in the Dirty picture . she essayed the role based on journalist Devyani Chaubal who in real life was the closest confidante of Kaka . she also acted in some films in the 70 s and couple of TV serials . she acted as imran khans mom in some movie recently

  261. Story about relationship between RK and AM
    The darker shades of superstar Rajesh Khanna’s life

  262. Memsaab,

    As your latest fan, I can’t get out of your site! So please indulge this rambling fan mail…

    Your reviews of the films ( with the screen shots) are the best. Your sense of humor has bowled me over and I am often found laughing hysterically by hubby and pets.

    Examples: Biswajeet trying to be cool, and your online test! Your Nahiiin gallery! Latest Fiffty Fiffty review (I am constantly singing the song now!)! Your apt description of the Bharatiya Nari roles, and dukhi Ma roles (I always gnashed my teeth at those!) …Biswajeet’s “humanity” (oh God was also my reaction), Hinglish examples, old magazine clips ….

    I was always a fan of Helen and the unacknowed dancers, thanks to you I know two of their names (Lakshmi Chchaya, Edwina)…and I loved watching the cheesy villains (Pran is so fab.), the comic actors, the rare feisty/strong heroines (love Zeenat, Waheeda, Sharmila, Mumtaz) and the sensitive or quirky heroes (Rajesh, Shaammi, Sanjeev, Shashi and yummy Vinod Khanna!)….and the songs by S.D., R.D., Madan Mohan, Kalyanji Anandji, Salil Chowdhury, Hemanta Mukherjee – what a trip down the memory lane!

    Have you watched Chupke Chupke? Wonderful remake of Bangla film Chadmabeshi….Dharmendra at his funniest (also v. yummy). Pity he got so typecaste, because he was versatile (e.g. Satyakam, Chupke Chupke).

    Also Khamoshi (Waheeda, Rajesh)? Sad film (remake of Bangla film Deep jwele jai), but great…

    I rarely watch current Hindi films, but liked Om Shanti Om because of its homage to Bollywood (the ending is derived from Madhumati!) – what do you think of it?

    i grew up watching mostly American/British films and Bangla films, but I always liked the zanyness of 60s and 70s Bollywood which I got to watch on Black and White TV (with the news breaks, the additional cuts!) behind my parents’ back – am finally realizing that they were in color!!!

    i rarely get the chance to talk about all this because 1. am an academic, and that crowd can be mind numbingly boring and snooty, 2. gora hubby doesn’t really get Bollywood ….he tries!

    As a fellow animal lover, I totally get your concern about the fate of the animals in the movies too!

    Memsaab zindabad.

    • Professor in Peril—should be a Nadia film! I’m picturing you tied up on railroad tracks (nahiiin!) :) Thank you so much for your comment, it has made my day! So glad you’re here, and totally understand the not being able to talk about Hindi cinema in “real” life, most of my friends and family think I’m a little bit insane. I loved Chupke Chupke, Khamoshi I still need to see, and Om Shanti Om was good fun indeed :) In fact I should rewatch it, because I’m sure I’d get even more references than I did the first time through.

      Cheers and welcome :)

  263. Memsaab,

    Totally tied on the (academic) railroad tracks….yelling Bachao! Where is Vinod Khanna ( with his heyday yummyness) to the rescue???

    Om Shanti Om is a hilarious tribute – especially when Om Makheeja goes to the premiere as Manoj Kumar! I have never watched any Manoj Kumar films, so did not get the reference to him covering his face … any idea?

    Based on your review, I watched Ajnabee yesterday. Also Daag – which seems to have shades of Mayor of Casterbridge!

    I watched you on the quiz show, and I am amazed at your knowledge! I would have flunked. Your Hindi vocabulary is amazing…You truly are now a professor on Bollywood!

  264. Hi there just want to know that how can u read the subtitles for 3 hours which is duration of most bollywood movies.also are you working on ur hindi?


    • I’ve always liked reading :) And anyway, it isn’t really like reading…I just absorb what they say without even really thinking about it (except in the fairly often case when they make me LOL) and concentrate on what’s happening on screen…

  265. The Memesaab theme song must also stand up as record in itself, not only becuse it being the theme here, buy becuase of yoddling in a Rafi song!
    I wonder whther the yoddling itself was rendered by Rafisa’ab or someone has impersonated him as feeler of the music.

  266. Memsaab,

    firstly I would like to thank u for your commitment & hard work to gather all the classic gems….I am a diehard fan of classic hindi ( now unfortunately so called b’wood, still wonder whose idea was this, anyway?) & Bengali (watch dem with ST) cinemas. I hv been reading your blog since 3 months n was njoyin every bit of it. My lunch break time at my office is dedicated only to read ur blog :D you hav a marvelous collection & happy to know that you have genuine & interesting followers too :)……. Keep writing & good luck.


  267. Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this question. I am needing help to locate a video which I saw, maybe one & a half years back. The video was in black & white & had footage of many yesteryear stars playing cricket. I think the kapoors were in it & poppetlal – I was wondering if you knew where this video is? I would be so grateful if you could find it as I am sure that it’s still hovering somewhere on the net? Thankyou & Regards

    • A.R: I just found Memsaab’s blog a few weeks ago and I just came across your question. The video you are looking for might be the one that Tommydan333 has uploaded on Youtube.
      The title of the video is: Old Time Indian Film Stars At Play.
      Hopefully this is the video that you are looking for.

  268. Memsaab, I really like your blog and always check for reviews of hindi films. I grew up watching Bollywood, but find it funny/cool when I re-watch an old film, or when I watch other films from the ’60s-’80s. I recently saw Armaan, a 1981 film which has Shammi Kapoor in a very good supporting role. i thought you did a write up on it and wanted to see your views, but didn’t find it on the alphabetical index. Knowing that you’re a fan of his, I figured you must have a seen it. In any case I recommend it. IMDB viewers rate it as 5.4, but I’d push it to 6.5 –maybe even 7… if the film wasn’t an “homage” to another movie…

    In any case, thanks for what you’ve done. And I hope you keep watching a variety of films to help us sift to the more choicer titles ;-)



  269. I regular write on Bollywood but this is the first time, I enjoyed someone else’s writing… Keep it up… It’s full on paisa vasool entertainment!!!

  270. Hi… will it possible for you to share your email ID? I am a part of a small organisation that is planning to launch a Bollywood portal on a mini scale… We would be interested in sharing some of your blogs on our site with due credits giving to you… And so need to discuss this with you… Will await your reply.

  271. Please could you upload the missing scenes of Teesri Manzil on Youtube? Or if possible, could you mail me the file of the movie, if you have it? Thank you.

  272. What a blog….Just visited for the first time and cant thank you enough.

  273. Thanks for the beautifully written Achut Kanya story ‘Your Highness’! I so loved your passion for hindi films!

  274. Greta ji

    Wishing you Happy Birthday .

    Many many happy returns of the day .

    God bless you

    Regards from Prakash & Prakash`s Mother

  275. Dear Memsaab! Belated happy returns of the day! I have been visiting & reading your blog on & off, & somehow it slipped to thank you, though it is not possible to thank you enough! Simply love fantastic write ups on many obscure & not so obscure films! I am simply amazed with your wealth of information as well your passion, efforts are laudable, but above all your sense of humour is just fantastic! Hats off to you!
    Warm Regards

  276. Dear Memsaab – this is such a great blog. Congratulations! Your passion for the movies, easy flowing writing style and wit all readily shine through. I also love the rich banter in the comments section.

    I am a huge Dharam fan myself, although my experiences stop in the 1970s. Our son is 13 years old, and through Netflix and other venues I have been reliving these movies with him. He wholeheartedly enjoys them as well – we have watched Dost, Yaadon Ki Baraat, Sholay together. Saazish and Pathar aur paayal are on tap!

  277. I’m a guy in my 20’s who’s a huge fan of Hindi films; mainly ones from the ’60s to ’90s. Glad to find your blog!

  278. Everything one wants to know about Shri Dada Saheb Phalke

  279. That’s a good blog on hindi cinema…it’s fascinating to see lesser dancer like laxmi chaya,padma khanna ,bela bose and others have found a place who equally had contributions to add to the mirchi masala….

  280. Memsaab: I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I have read a lot of your posts and have enjoyed your take on the Bollywood movies you have seen. I too love Shammi Kapoor and just had to let you and all the rest of the commentators know that UltraHindi on Youtube has uploaded the colorized versions of the songs for Dil Tera Deewana. It is always a delight to see Shammi, but him being in color is even better.

  281. Hello Memsaab, I am trying to identify the actor who has appeared in several movies in very small roles. Please take a look at this clip from 3:40 onwards. He is the jailer in the clip. I have seen him in several movies and am hoping that you would know more about him. Thank you.

  282. Madhav Iyer bhau, the guy as far as I cud make out from the file is Kedar Sehgal 1975, he is Memsaab’s Gallery of 1970, P 6, cheers :)

  283. Are you a fan of the Nostalgia Critic?

  284. I do not know who or what the Nostalgia Critic is :D

  285. I must spend more time on your blog! Been a member for a while, but don’t come here as often as I’d like to. Will rectify. Kudos – great, great, great effort. :-)

  286. Hello

    I thought you might be interested in this –

    It is an edition of the excellent British TV programme Movie Mahal from the late ’80s, devoted entirely to Shammi Kapoor.

    • Oh yes, thank you :) That’s my pal Tom’s channel and it’s one of my favorite episodes! I’m glad you pointed it out though, in case I’d missed it and for all the other Shammi fans here who might not have seen it yet. Cheers :)

  287. Hey memsaab.. been reading your blog articles for quite a few months now. For me, its a great way to get a quick lowdown on many of my favourite movies from the past. There is one movie in particular that I have been extensively looking for, i.e. Dil Ki Rahen (starring Rehana Sultan). Have you watched this? If so, could you write about the film. I’ve watched it ages ago, but can’t remember what it was all about, and the internet seems to be throwing back absolutely no results on it. Your input would be much appreciated! Keep up the great work you are doing here. Love all your writing, reviews and more.:)

  288. G it was good to see Rehana Sultan again, in a cameo role in the latest Inkaar 2013 :), cheers

  289. Though you mostly write about films, here is something I wanted to share about this song. You may have heard the famous song, “Na Kajre Ki Dhaar” from “Mohra”. I recently found that this song was originally voiced by Mukesh himself. The song however was never released and was used later in Mohra with Pankaj Udhaas as the singer. Here is original Mukesh’s version.

    • Thank you! Although I do mostly focus on the films, sometimes (more often than should be ha ha) the songs are far far better than the film they are adorning :) Lovely to hear this.

  290. Bumped into your page by chance. Loved every bit of it. Shall be returning to read more pieces.

  291. I just noticed that the visitors count crossed 3 million marks. Great figuresindeed for a labour of love blog.

  292. You have a lovely blog, wonderful write ups.Do visit my blog

  293. Memsaab —
    I’m a big fan and am constantly plugging your website to anyone who’ll admit to any interest in Hindi movies. I’d like to ask you a few questions about this website because I want to build a website of related content…but would rather do my asking off-line. If you care to drop me an email (address provided below in your comments input box) that would be delightful.

  294. Greta ji

    Kahaan hai aap, Jaldi aa jaao

    Waiting for your new posts


  295. Kudos memsaab for opening the eyes of many Indians – oblivious, right under their noses – to the 100 years old Hindi film industry’s many stars and gems of yore.
    I stumbled upon your blog while researching on Rohit Shetty’s father and lo – behold : his bald gleaming towering personality – reminisced me of his fist fights with many a 80′s and 90′s Screen Heros.
    Keep up the good work..

  296. I had a grand ole time reading your movie reviews but I must insist that you get your hands on a copy of “Teri Meherbaniyan” starring Jackie Shroff and Poonam Dhillion. You must swear not to peak at the synopsis before you watch it. You’ll LOVE it!

  297. Memsaab, always a pleasure for the eyes and the ears when I am reading and seeing your lovely blog posts about Hindi movies, songs, character artistes, stories, vamps etc. I just felt like sharing a song, “Kabhi Hoti Nahin Hain Jiski Haar” a Kishore Kumar picturised on two different actors and actresses who never got their due in the industry namely Raj Kiran and Sarika in the movie Khara Khota while the other duo Deepak Parasher and Padmini Kapila in the movie Meetha Zehar. Kishore Kumar made both of these couples look so good that this song is a total pleasure to the ears. If you want me to share the link to the song, do please let me know. Your written pieces are a treat Memsaab, stay blessed :)

  298. Very interesting blog. Loved your attention to details in all these obscure and cracktastic golden oldies. I recently saw a very obscure & very weird “who-dunnit” / “how-dunnit” called “Plot No 5” starring Uttam Kumar, Amol Palekar & Amjad Khan on youtube. . Would love to see your blog post on this one :)

  299. Love this site and your blogs Memsaab..Absolutely love your take on the obscure movies…Love the old movies from the black and white era too..So happy to see a lot of old movies posted in You Tube these days!Yesterday watched the old movie Saheli released in 1965 in You tube..It’s a Pradeep kumar, Kalpana Mohan, Rajendranath movie.It has subtitles too…Some nice songs are there too..Didn’t like the ending that much..Still it’s a worthwhile movie to watch.
    Keep on posting your fab blogs on the timeless classics!

  300. Such a wonderful blog. Your love for the movies really shines through. I would kill or die to see a subtitled copy of “Miss Frontier Mail.” Is there any chance that you’ll be able to make it available somehow?

    • I would dearly love to David, but Roy Wadia (JBH’s grandson) holds the copyrights to all the Nadia films and has asked me not to. I know he is working on getting his family’s films restored and subbed, but it’s expensive…hang in there and encourage him to keep going!

      • Greta, you should encourage him to start a Kickstarter campaign to help with the funding. Many smaller independent projects have gotten off the ground with that sort of help. I’m sure several of your readers would chip in. You could count me in! I donated to several campaigns already.


  301. Dev Anand – filmindia – Baburao Patel

    Ever-debonaire Dev Anand on Baburao Patel —- the Humanist! *

    ‘Now,the ever-debonaire Dev Anand, the sigh and heart-throb of millions of day-dreaming women, took over the microphone.
    For a good two minutes, he could not speak due to the continuous applause.

    And then, began Dev Anand’s oration in perfect diction’:

    “Mr. Baburao Patel is one of the most outstanding men of our Times.
    I deem it an honor to speak on him!

    My acquaintance with him dates back to my College days. That was in Lahore, now in Pakistan.
    I very vividly remember, when I joined my College in the 1st year,
    all the University boys in the campus used to carry copies of ‘filmindia’ along with their text books.
    That was their Bible!

    In fact,the Indian Movie Industry then,also meant Baburao Patel !
    A great movie critic, whose writings in his Journal spelt Magic amongst readers.
    So,naturally, when I first came to Bombay, looking for a break in the movies,
    somewhere within me also lurked a desire to meet the man,
    and have a look at this Magician, who meant the Indian Movie Industry to me.

    He made and un-made stars.
    He established or destroyed a film, with just a stroke of his pen!
    That much Power he wielded,then.

    My first close contact with him, in fact, came when I made the film, “The Guide”.
    That was a very expensive film. I had put all that I had in terms of money and talent into it,
    and so,naturally,I was very nervous before it’s release.

    And,fortunately, I went to Baburao Patel to seek his Blessings before its release.

    He not only blessed me,but he also had a Pooja performed for me.
    I was touched.I was blessed !

    The movie was a success, and in my mind Baburao,the Humanist,the Kind-hearted,the Religious and
    God-fearing Baburao came to the forefront, instead of the image of a harsh-hearted,ruthless bully which the Movie Industry held of him.

    When his ‘filmindia’ turned into ‘Mother India’,Baburao was on the threshold of a new experience.
    He turned to politics.He was fighting an Election.
    I remember he told me that he went from village to village,walking,tramping,covering hundreds of miles of dusty roads by jeep,meeting men and women of his Country,
    seeking their confidence,seeking their votes.

    I met him then again,just to lend him my moral support as a fellow human being.
    And,I was a witness to another aspect of Baburao.
    Of Baburao,the leader of mankind.

    He radiated confidence and warmth,and a sense of leadership amongst his fellow beings.
    So,here is a man with so many facets to his personality.
    He is a man of tremendous Learning and tremendous Knowledge,tremendous Depth.
    A great Patriot,a great Nationalist,a great Genius!
    His pen is as sharp as a sword.
    A great Doctor who heals as much with his words, as with his medicines.
    He has written books on Medicine.
    A great astrologer whose Scientific study of the Stars is unlimited.
    A politician.
    And above all,a Man —- a Great Man,
    A combination of a Man and a Sage!

    And today,and now he has reached that stage of his life,
    that whenever I have some sorrow in my heart,
    whenever I am a little depressed,I can easily go to Baburao.

    I can sit at his feet for his words of Wisdom,
    for his wisdom of the world, to heal my sorrow! (Applause)

    It is an honour to speak on Baburao.
    It is an honour to honour Baburao !

    The Nation should have honoured him long ago!
    May he live long!

    Thank you.”

    ‘This short,direct and dynamic speech electrified the audience.
    What impressed the audience most was Dev Anand’s fluency of speech,
    his perfect diction of the English language,
    and his unique choice of the right words.
    And,above all,his utter sincerity of feelings!’

    *Dev Anand’s speech was delivered before an Elite International Audience,
    assembled in Mumbai, to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Baburao Patel,
    Editor of ‘filmindia’ and ‘Mother India’ ——– the most exciting magazine in the World!

    The above speech has been reproduced from
    the Platinum Jubilee Number of ‘Mother India’ published in December 1979.

  302. Guess who is thespian Dilip Kumar’s examplar?
    Who does is feel grateful to?
    Who has been a supporter during his difficult days?

  303. Dilip Kumar – filmindia – Baburao Patel

    Tragedy King Dilip Kumar’s Gratitude for his Examplar Baburao Patel ! *

    Now,the microphone went to the great actor,Dilip Kumar.
    His work has tears in it,and, he is the first film man to be the Sheriff of Bombay.

    Addressing an Elite International Audience, in his deep and subdued tone, Dilip Kumar nostalgically mused:

    “Today,I am speaking about a great person !

    “From whom,I got a footing in life, love, experience and guidance which a young man can get,
    when an elder places his hand on the shoulder of a younger one,to bless.

    “About this exemplary personality known as “Baburao Patel”.

    “I do not wish to speak anything light-heartedly,on this Occasion.
    But,I will say a few words —- with great respect,and humility !
    I will speak both in English and Urdu,as the translation of many Urdu words presents difficulty.

    “Baburao Patel is an essential factor in my life !
    He is the umbrella,under whose shade I have grown.
    —– from adolescence to maturity as a man,
    on account of his guidance, his love, his care,and his abiding sense of affection for me !

    Through his virtues and sterling qualities of mind and heart, he has achieved greatness.

    With his qualities,Baburao often fights your battles,and with no personal motives of his own.

    Baburao has been a friend and a host to many people, and, I am sure,
    I am speaking for all of them who have been close to him and his family.

    Baburao Patel, and his senior wife Bali,and Sushilaji.
    They have been like elders and sisters or mothers to us,and have given us affection.
    I can never forget those memories,nor would I like to tamper with them,
    nor would I reduce their sanctity.
    They have been memories, which I have treasured through a long passage of time.

    I am here today, by virtue of my gratitude, which I owe to Baburao, to Sushilaji, to Bali, and to their family
    — a gratitude on which I,often,meditate.

    Baburao is a lofty man,who has a great and unique status in his profession.
    But,to me, he has been a man’s Man,a Colossus,a Giant of a Man,
    a Man with unique Values of Life,
    ——– and,an Unforgettable Personality !

    There have been,in my life,many incidents, many a crisis,
    many difficult situations, never mentioned, never talked about.

    All of which,as a journalist,would have given him headlines in the papers,had he so wished.

    But,never a word has been printed in ‘filmindia’ or “Mother India” because these incidents have been personal.

    And Baburao, the Man, always proved much higher and loftier than Baburao, the journalist !

    I have only a small circle of friends ——- friends,in whom one can repose immense confidence.
    These are people,great stalwarts, that go to make a Nation great.
    These are the people that give one the sense of the genuine values of life.

    If I am a person of some repute today, if I respect some of these Values of Life,
    and if there is some regard in the people for me,
    it is because of these people, their teachings and my association with them.

    It is a result of my close association with Baburao, with his dear friends, Mr. Vasan,
    and with Baburao’s other dear friend Mr. Mehboob Khan.
    These men deal with you, on a higher plane of Human Values.

    There will be quite a few speeches today, beautiful speeches,of course.

    But,as far as I am concerned,I will be paying my grateful regards to a great man,
    remembering the realities that can never be forgotten !

    I have come here to offer my respects to Baburao, and to bhabhi Sushila Rani.
    To say anything more will not be right and proper,
    while speaking about an elder like Baburao Patel——–A Giant amongst millions! “


    *Dilip Kumar’s emotional Speech touched the hearts of all, in the Elite International Audience,
    assembled in Mumbai, to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Baburao Patel,
    Editor of ‘filmindia’ and ‘Mother India’ ——– the most exciting Magazine in the World!

    The above speech has been reproduced from the Platinum Jubilee Number of ‘Mother India’ published in December 1979.

  304. Baburao Patel was the Editor of ‘filmindia’ —— The Most Exciting Magazine in the World’.

    Here is what he had to also say about Shri Prithviraj Kapoor !

    In the August 1960 issue of ‘filmindia’
     is a masterpiece titled
     “Are we burying the Great?”.

    Embellished with excellent photographs of handsome  Shri Prithviraj Kapoor, pipe in hand, and Shri Baburao Pendharkar, looking stunningly dashing !

    Read on:

    ” To the lovers of the Indian Stage, the saddest news of the year is the closing down of Prithvi Theatres.
    The reason given is the usual ‘health’ one—-that Prithviraj Kapoor’s throat needs rest.
    “It is true that it needs rest.
    In fact, it has been shouting itself hoarse for rest for years now, but Prithviraj, not being used to any other voice but his own, could not take the risk of resting his throat for fear of hurting his ear drums.
    “And yet, Prithvi could have gone on hoarsely with the world, for quite some time.

    “What closed down the Concern was not the throat, but the wicked hearts of Indians who love nothing deeply enough to patronize it well and sincerely.The theatre attendances were reported to be dropping and Prithviraj had to find new money, from month to month, to keep the theatre running.
    His rich sons helped him from time to time, but the last straw that virtually broke the camel’s back was when the heroine of the theatre deserted the producer-director, and went away to Pakistan.

    “Prithvi could not bear the separation,and his son Shammi is reported to have paid Rs.37,000 for the requiem mass held over the theatre.

    “But, the closing down of the Prithvi Theatre is not the personal loss of Prithviraj Kapoor as many seem to think.
    Quite a few are gloating over it with their innate wickedness of nature.

    “The tragedy of Prithvi Theatre is a loss to our Country !
    For, that was one Institution which was bravely trying to revive our ancient tradition in stage and drama, and while doing so, establishing new norms for the future generation to follow. Whatever may have been Prithvi’s other personal activities —- and not all of them have been pleasant and praiseworthy —– in the field of theatre Prithviraj has certainly been a brave and enterprising pioneer.

    “For sixteen long years he fought a constantly losing battle, without the help of the State, or the rich Marwaris of India, who spend millions every year in feeding cows and young prostitutes, but cannot find a spare Rupee for any truly artistic or cultural activity !

    “During 16 years, Prithvi played before an audiance of over 2-million people in 130 towns and cities of India, from one end of the Country to the other.
    And, he gave 712 shows of ‘Deewar’, 558 of ‘Pathan’, 339 of ‘Ahuti’, 302 of ‘Paisa’, 262 of ‘Ghaddar’, 212 of  ‘Shakuntala’, 157 of ‘Kalakar’, and 120 of ‘Kisan’. That is a total  of 2662 shows in 16 years —- an average of   166 shows per year.
    And, these shows were mostly given on Sunday mornings, in big cities, because no commercial theatres would be made available for stage plays in the evenings. And the Country has, of course, no Municipal theatres for such purposes. 

    “Now,after giving sixteen best years of his life to the stage, this great producer-director is virtually unemployed —- beaten by the inherent indifference of our people, and the almost wicked apathy of our State.

    “He worked like a pioneer and gave his best to the art of his love, and his Country. But his failure is a disgrace to our people and the State.

    “There is one more pioneer like Prithviraj, resting on his oars these days.
    That man is Baburao Pendharkar —- the Marathi version of the Hindi Prithviraj. These great artistes, though old enough to retire, are not tired of work. They have perhaps more energy than the young ones. But these men are beaten by the circumstances around them.The great art they have does not find the right soil to grow and prosper. They have no State support.

    “In 1933, the trade depression had practically wiped out the provincial theatre in Sweden. Arthur Engberg,the Minister of Education & Culture, took this loss as a personal challenge. Said Engberg, “Why should the Capital be able to enjoy the masterpieces of the stage while the rest of the country sees few or none of them?”
    “He said that all Swedish people had the same right to the stage art as those in the cities.
    Engberg soon established ‘Riksteater’, the national theatre.During the 1950-51 season, i.e.within 18 years,’Riksteater’ gave 1320 performances in 400 different stations.Today many units of the theatre simultaneously give performances in various parts of Sweden, and they play classics of writers like: Shakespeare, Bernard Shaw, Elliot,Tennessee Williams, Sartre and, of course, the Swedish masterpieces.

    “Can we not do what little Sweden did in 27years?

    “One does not expect much from that national corruption called the Government of India.

    “But, surely the Government of Maharashtra,under the guidance of its Art-loving Chief Minister, Yashwantrao Chavan, can use the services of these two old Thespians, not only to revive the stage art in Maharashtra —-the original cradle of all Indian Art —- but also to inform and inspire the rest of the Country in what is at once great and artistic.

    “Prithviraj Kapoor and Baburao Pendharkar must not be lost sight of !

    “Their great art and experience must not be lost to the Nation ! “

  305. Hello Ms. Memsaab,

    I am big fan of your website and all the work you have done on Laxmi Chayya. I became a big fan of Laxmi Chayya after reading your blog and following the links.

    Here’s a great dance number you might not have come across. I think Laxmi Chayya is one of the dancers. This dance piece with Hema Malini is a great work anyways.

    Would love to hear what you think about it.


  306. Ms.Memsaab,

    Your comment made my day. I am glad that I shared a song that you haven’t seen before!

    Now, I am motivated to share 3 more songs with you. Very unique songs and the choreography and music is brilliant so are and the actors and dancers… pretty pretty priya is so Beatle inspired but very original interpretation by Kalyanji Anandji.

    Also, if you feel my bollywood choreography blog ( worthy enough, feel free to to tag it in your wonderful blog.


  307. Hey, I am sure you must have seen them already, but if you haven’t…here are some rare Madhubala pictures taken by LIFE magazine(yes, that LIFE.);

  308. Memsaab:

    I had no idea how to reach you, but I thought this post of mine was worth sharing with you. I think some of the pictures have been nicked from your website (I cannot be sure, though). If you want I will remove them.

  309. Stumbled on this blog while looking for the plot line of Aamne Saamne it was on Dish and I was curious… And absolutely LOVE this blog. Am sharing on FB with all friends. A big shout our for all desi film lovers and to find a fellow Shammi Kapoor, I want to say fan but that is such a mild word.. Absolute bliss. Thank you for putting this together and for writing! Rock on Memsaab.

  310. I am beyond fascinated with hindi movies not just of today’s but the era gone by
    Especially of the older actors n actresses
    Lately I have immersed myself in Indian film history such as prabhat film studios, Bombay talkies, ashok kumar, Durga Lahore, Nimmi, shyama, devina rani the list can seriously go on n on
    I just want to say thnk u for ur blog I have read so much from it!!!

    Wish I could’ve luved during those times
    Tina Shashi

    P. S it’s so sad how India has no major museum for the film industry with bios n pics of all the earlier artists!!

    • Thanks Tina! Glad you enjoy the blog, and agree with you about the museum although supposedly one is opening in Mumbai soon. Not sure what the quality of it will be though.

  311. Does anyone have any detailed info on the forgotten actor Sheikh Mukhtar? He was supposedly the first anti hero of Indian cinema even before Dadamoni’s Kismet, as well as being the tallest actor before Amitabh Bachchan.

    I cant find much info on the net except that he died broken hearted in penury.

    I first heard of him many (light) years ago when my dad recommended the movie “Ustaadon Ke Ustaad” along with “Jewel Thief” and “Johnny Mera Naam ” when I asked him for a list of Hindi suspense movies. He said there was a twist ending in Ustaadon Ke Ustaad.

    Well I watched UKU last week (finally after all these years). I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did JMN and JT, but I was intrigued by the big guy.

    If memsaab or anyone has any info on his life or know any of his relations I would love to know it.


  312. Hello Memsaab,
    I was looking for 1960’s Hindi movies, and came a cross with your blog, lucky enough to know there are people like you who love Hindi cinema, your knowledge about, is amassing and still your search is continue.I rely appreciate your hobby for Hindi movies. Your deep studies & dedications. I am a Senior Journalist and want to know more about you, I will study your blog.

  313. Having stumbled on your blog is a great start to my 2014. I call myself a Shammi fan and i am so glad to have found someone who is miles ahead in terms of the love for Shammi. I remember, i would wake my room mate, who loved Jagjit Singh’s gazals, up every morning with Shammi Kapoor songs. This blog shall be bookmarked, shared gazillion times :)
    Thanks Memsahab and loads of Yahoo to you :)

  314. Hi Memsaab,

    I’ve been reading your blog on and off since 2011 and I have only one thing to say: I LOVE IT! Your writing is lucid, your blog is well-organized and your knowledge, deep. I wish you were a film editor or columnist in India. Saare critics aur writers ke chakke chuda diye hote! (Translation: you’d have creamed them totally!)

    I’m planning to start a blog soon, and in case it becomes anything as lovely as yours, I’ll be thrilled!!!! Thank you so so much for many pleasurable weekends of Shammi, Asha, Dara and of course the H-bomb, Helen!

  315. I am desperately searching for Hrishikesh Mukherji’s 1976 movie Arjun Pandit (Sanjeev Kumar). So far no luck :( Any idea where and how I can get DVD or VCD of this movie.


  316. I think you have a cool Hindi Movie blog here which I just found out by accident as I was searching for WIg+Dharmendra. Yaadon Ki Baraat was my first hindi movie experience a long time ago on VHS. Keep up the good work. Will visit again.

  317. Hi Memsaab,
    I’ve been reading your blog since 2013 and I have only one thing to say: I LOVE IT! Can you share “3rd floor music ” which links are already deleted ….Thanks


  319. Hi Memsaab,

    I have dropped you a message on your facebook page…

    Pls look into that :) :)


  320. What a wonderful and refreshing blog-site! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you, miss Memsahib! :)

  321. Memsaab, I really, really love your blog (I discovered it very recently). Your sense of humour and lucidity, and your knowledge is awesome. Keep blogging.

    P.S Any interest in trying out regional movies (with subtitles) ?

    • I have tried some regional films, although they are harder to find with subs (except bigger regions like Tamil Nadu and Bengal). I am glad you are enjoying the blog, I do plan to write again some day! Just don’t know when the mood will strike :)

  322. Memsaab,i am an ardent fan of ur blog, have commented/posted from time to time although few.I wish that you should highlight something about some old artists of yesterdays who used to do miniature/small but important roles most of those of henchman to villain/boss.For example,Mohan sherry,Hercules,Azad,Shetty,Sudhir,Narendranath and many more.I don’t know whether some of them are dead or alive.Please post something about these forgotten artist.

  323. Hi,, first i would like to say thankyou for taking a step towards preserving Hindi cinema’s amazing history.. Its beautiful what you have done, i am a huge fan of Hindi movies specifically of 60s 70s. I am a huge fan of Dev Anand, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna, Shammi kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Manoj Kumar… The list is long.. So i jus wanna say thankyou Memsaab..

  324. Dear Memsaab, everybody knows Uma Thurman due to KILL BILL but very few hindi films Audience know that in the year 1972,a hindi film was released titled”RAANI MERA NAAM” starring JayLalitha(south actress),Vinod mehera,Ajit,Premnath & Anwar Hussain.This film can out beat KILL BILL no doubt.For the years,frantically i am searching for this film in net and in various CD shops but invain i am unable to find it.Please post something,give information and urs comment on this film.I am awaiting for urs reply..thanks..

  325. Dear Memsaab
    I introduce myself as a student who is working on earliest sound archive (Recordings ) of India since last 25 years.I strongly believe that sound is an integral part of cenema and artists from phonograph /gramophone era have immensely contributed to the cause of early Indian cenema ,both Silent as well as early talkies.My two published works are (1) ‘Bajanaama -A study of early Gramophone Records’ (2012)and
    (2) The wonder that was the cylinder -Early and rare Indian Cylindrical Records ‘(2014).
    I note that the silent era of Indian cenema (1913-1934) requires elaborat and systamatic
    documentation and whatever is available is scanty and miniscule.
    I would like to know your view and guidance on this aspect of silent era and reasons for non-documentation. Have we really lost the documents of this glorious era of our cultural history or there is a hope of it’s documentation, if not complete then at least sizable?

  326. Memsaab, you have inspired me to write a blog myself :). I just love your blog, especially the hilarious movie reviews! Hope to read more such reviews from you soon! Take care!

  327. Dear Memsaab,

    Wonderful site. Thanks for the encyclopedic research enhanced by a very engaging writing style that has kept your readers fans enthralled over the years. I think you are wonderful person as well.

    Just curious – do you have a family roots in India for e.g. were any of your grandparents or grand uncles born in India ?

    Best wishes and continue the good work

  328. your site made my day. and makes me want to write more and watch more cinema. thanks for that more than anything among other things! i dropped you a mail … just a hi types. and suddenly realised there is this regional film you can watch, its in Marathi and called Katyaar Kaaljaat Ghusli. it has subtitles and is currently enjoying multiple screenings through marathi mandals in the US. i am assuming you will love it. memsaab … is that your real name? its like you were meant to be filmy! :)

  329. memsaab,

    This is a nice blog for hindi cinema

    I have old movies dating 1934 ( Amrit manthan with Chandramohan, Shanta apte, Nalini tarkha and dare ), and twp silent movies (prapancha pash, and Miss frontier mail with cawas and fearless nadia, s atish, khambatta)

    I have all the great movies of sehgal, chandramohan, p sanyal,p kapoor, master vinayak,modak,harish , nenmo, nawab,m khan,jairaj, p.barua,, yaqub, s. modi,p adib,karan dewan, & S mukhtar……..

    But I have not been able to get single copy of Mr Vithal (alam ara,), or dinshaw billimorea –though I have seveal movies of his favorite heroine (sulochana i.e. Frantz Osten’s daughter Ruby Myers)

    I was able to spot e bilimorea in ‘Jadoo” a Nalini Jayvant starrer

    Would you have any idea, where can I get any movie of this type. I have tried the movie supplers in Bombay (including Rhythm House), calcutta, and Bangalore as well as my personal contacts

    I have even tried “the movie ‘encyclopaedia’ Mr A Deshmukh, but have not been able to do so.

    I live in New Jersey. Any lead will be very helpful and greatly appreciated.

    Sheo Khetan

  330. Dear Memsaab
    I have not seen your posts for a long time. I hope you are in good health. I love your blog. God bless you.

  331. Dear Memsaab, I really love your posts/reviews of movies. If you are interested, I can recommend some old Telugu movies that I think you might enjoy (if you haven’t already seen them). Telugu mythologicals are really entertaining, esp. the old ones. A couple that I would recommend are: “Pataala Bhairavi” (1951, B/W, N.T. Rama Rao, ANR), “Mayabazar” (1957, B/W, N T Rama Rao, ANR).

  332. Hi Memsaab. I just recently started watching the Indian movies I grew up with. A lot of them featured
    Dharmendra. My favourite is Dharam Veer. However I can’t seem to find it with English subtitles anywhere online !!! I noticed in your blog about the movie, posted on June 12, 2008, that the pics you posted had English subs. Please is there any way you can help me out with this ? I’d really appreciate it.

  333. Hello
    I am fan of Shammi Kapoor and collecting information available online as far as possible. Of-course misleading information makes research trouble some. I have two issues:
    1. Did SK act in movie “Khoj” in 1953? , cineplot database shows it as film of Mahipal and shammi (actress), directed by Balwant Bhatt (uncle of Mahesh, Mukesh etc), a poster of this film available via google image also shows Mahipal and Shammi the actress and no name of SK. But IMDB and several others have Shammi kapoors name in the cast list.

    2. Second problem what was the actual name of the film Shammi kapoor and Anita Guha starrer “Tange wali” or tanga wali” or “Tonga wali” (1955). Look at google image a poster shows the name “Tonga wali” and Balraj sahni and Nirupa roys drawing and name dominates the poster.
    since this movie is not available i suspect SK was a second fiddle in this movie and Balraj and Nirupa were main cast. Also remains the question is it “Tonga wali”?

    can any one clarify?

  334. Gourab I had read sometime back that Shammi played a rebel son of Nirupa and Balraj in the movie .Unfortunately we do not have a print of this movie, at least I have not come across any! Cheers

  335. Hello Memsaab,

    My search for Teesri Manzil missing pieces on google brought me here. I remember watching the full version on Zee Cinema in the late 90s/early 2000. Is there a handy video copy of the missing 30 mins which you could share?
    Is there anyone out there who could help me relive one of my childhood memories by showing me Shammi Kappor distributing apples to Premnath and girls, saying “Ye aapka…ye appka.. ye aapka…ye aapka…….” (Folks who remember the intro scene of Premnath know what I’m talking about :D).

    Thank you.

    P.S: I have started watching 60s lesser known hindi movies (I dont like to call them Bollywood or B grade) after reading your reviews. Dara Singh was a dude! :)

  336. Basically Shammi Kapoorji in previous scenes would become lied/ boasted to Asha Parekh about how all that land belongs to his uncle . Eventu this ties into the scenario when the girls decide to attack him with their hockey sticks and one thing leads to another and all of them become friends. Asha Parekh comments how everyone is hungry and then she recollects about the land and house koti being his uncles and they self invite themselves to Premnaths house And they get started with apples which Shammiji claims to be from his orchard as well that is when Premnath comes in and see them at the table Shammiji takes him aside and Premnath plays along
    Additionally there is also some scenes missing before the giant wheel/ ferries wheel song
    Hope this helps a little

  337. Hi Vina,
    Thanks for the details. But I am looking for the actual missing video from the film. I remember most of these details but would like to watch them again.

  338. Memsaab, i am a huge fan of late Simple Kapadia. Do you have any articles/ pictures involving her that i can buy from you?
    Thank you

  339. Hello there Memsaab,

    There is an image on your website that I’d like to use for one my design projects. I didn’t want to do it without asking for permission. There is a possibility of the project being used commercially. Could you please help me out with the procedure to allow me its use? Or direct me to your source?

    Thank you so much,

    P.S: It’s the image of Vijayanthimala which is painted, and has a description of sorts at the bottom.

    • I’m not sure which image you are referring to—can you give me a link to it? If it’s a photograph that I took, I would only ask that you give me credit (©Greta Kaemmer); if it’s a screencap from a film then you can just use it.

  340. Dear Memsaab, The film ‘Cha Cha Cha’ is no longer available on VCD/ DVD (though its Italian namesake is). Would you consider uploading it on YouTube. The film is important because it is the second film (after Punar Milan) to tackle the relationship of a scheduled caste man with an upper caste woman.
    In return I will mail you answers to the many questions that you have raised because the film is not subtitled

  341. Great theme song. On the shorter side.

  342. I want to tell you some things which i persume you wont beleive..I am just 24 years old but still i dont know why i have huge fascination for the movies of 70s and 80s..or rather i should say the whole two decades…Perhaps i must have been a bollywood buff in my earlier life which remaines even in this birth…
    And i just love Rajesh khanna of his Superstar era..
    I was just wandering through the net searching reviews for perhaps a Rajesh khanna flick(i dont remember corrrctly the name) thats when i saw your review and It was like I HAVE BECOME THE RICHEST PERSON ON EARTH…
    I just want to thank you for such a nice collection of some of the bollywood’s gems..
    Unfortunately today’s bollywood no longer makes these kinds of movies..worse over they are even not telecasting this on Television..which makes people like us helpless..
    Anyways i pray to God that you keep on doing the good work..

  343. Memsaab, i am a huge fan of late Simple Kapadia and also i’m a huge fan of A.R Rahman Sir :)

    and here the new news about Rahman Sir–57513

  344. Hi Memsaab,
    Long time fan. Wondering if you would be so kind as to include this link (Pakistani Filmi music) to your Favorties or Other Film resources Lists?
    Thanks Nate

  345. Hi Memsaab,
    Love reading your blog for the nostalgia it evokes. I am a novice (short term) blogger with a blog to pay trivia tribute to the great Amitabh Bachchan on his upcoming 75th birthday. Hope you and your readers would find it challenging and fun.

  346. Dear memsaab, I love reading your blogs. I have a question – I am desperately looking for “My Love 1970” (the Ultra release) but I could not find it :(

    Every other version I found was terrible and obviously heavily edited/cut, like the one on youtube (I have bought this vcd and everywhere I find, its the same tv-version that was sold – I know this because the movie has ads in between).

    Would you kindly send me an email ( so that I could ask you a favour? I would really appreciate it. Thank you

  347. Dear Memsaab, Read your article on the present state of political affairs in the US with interest. You make some very powerful points and a strong case for humanism from all political quarters. Your great literary and writing skills are in full display in this moving article :) Looks like you are currently living in the US. If so which state ? Just curious.

    I am sure you are aware of Shashi Kapoor’s passing away. I look forward to a tribute and also commentaries on his landmark films.



  348. This is the funniest intro I have read in a while. Chances upon the blog looking fore the songs of the old Helen film cha cha cha and am very pleasantly surprised by the warmth here.


  349. Missing you. Please come back. 😞

  350. It’s Dr. Dilip N Pandit , Editor of World Book of Records and Alma Today , London UK (, I appreciate your blogging and passion about for last atleast 11 years. We could list your good self as in world records being Movie buff and writer for writing such stuff ..You may interact at in India and

  351. Oh my God- you broke my myth about myself which I used to carry it with pride that I know about old Hindi films and it’s songs, musicians , lyricists etc. and even the arrangers or the real musicians who used to decorate the tune of the Music decorators but what I read today in your blog seems to make me follow your articles ( yes article and not blog as i find it well researched and lot of passion) and am sure it will last long . Shukriya Memsahab and thanks for appreciating this beautiful world of our culture.
    -narayan gautam
    Calcutta (Kolkata)

  352. Would like your other fans in imploring you to come back. Missing your wonderful reviews and commentary.

  353. Dear Memsaab.. I am a fond reader of your writings. Do you ever plan to write about Mausam movie by Gulzaar saab?

  354. great job, I enjoy browsing the site.
    pls write a column on Bollywood clichés-will make very good reading!

  355. Hi Memsaab,

    You look very pretty with this pet. However, you must reveal your identity as one worries about you whenever there is no post from your end for a long time. How does one know about your whereabouts and well being?? So, please do come forward and post more pics of yourself, from time to time… and also let us know about you and your family, where do you stay, etc….!!!

  356. Was wondering if you are still involved with Bollywood films ? I watched “Royal Mail” for two reasons: Narrow gauge trains and Laxmi Chhaya…… I could find nothing about this movie…. quite silly , but had to watch it …Zorro x lone ranger x king Arthur x The great train robbery ? Wish it had subtitles , because even though I got the gist of the movie, there was some crazy time travel things going on there and a flying jeep……lol…would love to hear from you …..

  357. Have you seen the Laxmi Chhaya dances in Inteqam ,The Final Revenge on Youtube? A heavier but still beautiful Laxmi showing she still had the moves …. ,

  358. Apparently Inteqam ,The Final Revenge, is Marathi dubbed in Hindu.. here is the full movie should you like to see Laxmi in it ……..

  359. Hi, I get so engrossed reading your blog, so many before me, I just relive my teenage years reading all about movies I longed to see but was not allowed to. One of these movies is Shart ( 1969) considered to be too adult for kids. This one was one of Raj Kumar Kohli’s early films full of the desi touch. Possibly the first time Mumtaz was paired with Sanjay Khan. And possibly the first time to see Tun Tun ina swimsuit. Enjoy and please do write a review. Here is the link:

    One other classic in the movie Aadmi directed by V Shantaram, alas I could find only the Marathi original and it is worth a dekho :

  360. I really like your blog, especially news about old and unrecognized actors and actress of the earlier era. I would like to know about one character actor/main leader Akashdeep, who acted in films like Leader, Umang, Bhoola Bhatka etc. His voice modulation is quite similar to the voice /dialogue delivery of our dhai kilo ka haath actor Sunny Deol, Please share some information about him. Best wishes,

  361. Hi. I live in Goa, India. Have enjoyed reading your blog (read it a lot about 2 years back, came back to it now).
    I don’t seem to have seen any recent posts. All ok, I hope?

    Wanted to chat about some photographs of Goan artists in Hindi cinema. Please connect if you are interested. Mail id :

    Warm regards,
    Aradhana Rangachar

  362. Hi Memsaab,

    I join other fans of your reviews and website in imploring you to start posting reviews again and make this site vibrant again as source of all things magical of Hindi films from the golden years.

    I hope you are going well, Take care and regards,


  363. Hi Memsaab,

    Would like to join other fans in imploring you to come back and make this wonderful site about the golden years of Hindi cinema alive again.

    I hope everything is well with you,



  364. Oh my Queen Critic, where are thou departed? Please return, thy kingdom is in shambles, the Evil Slavemasters of Essos are raiding thy pristine kingdom, and the streets and alleys are overflowing with (our hearts) blood.

  365. Hi. I don’t think there is anything offensive (or politically incorrect) in taking on the moniker ‘memsaab’. If you walked around India, the average person on the street is likely to address you as exactly that. But maybe I’m just biased because I sometimes use the ‘saab’ bit myself, lol.

    I hope you are in good health and doing well otherwise. If i remember correctly, was introduced to your blog/website by my friend Virginia, many years ago. At that point she and I were talking about Indian and Pakistani cinema, and I was (as always) knee deep in cinema lore and history. But then I kind of lost touch with Memsaab, life took me through some weird and sometimes wonderful paths. Long story short, I just got a copy of Hasina Atom Bomb (I don’t think I’m ready to watch it just yet, however), and that led me back here. I read your review and all the comments that followed, findingit all most amusing. There were a few things I wanted to add or clear up, but I noticed the last post was in 2012, so I wasn’t sure if anyone would be reading my comment at all, or how useful it would be. Please let know.

    I am a Pakistani who has always been a film lover/film buff/film scholar/film critic/etc. Since 2014, I have been fortunate enough to be asked to teach film-related subjects (besides graphic design, illustration, etc) like Visual Communication, Film Theory and South Asian Cinema, in University of Lahore and elsewhere. I also did my M.Phil thesis on Pakistani ‘art cinema’ (yes, it exists!). These days I am sporadically working on converting my thesis into a film book for the general public (fingers crossed).

    Sorry for the long-winded intro, but I hope we can discuss films on some platform or other.

    Cheers & Merry Christmas to everyone.

    • Hi Ajmal and Merry Christmas and a happy 2022 to you! Do let us know what you think of Hasina Atom Bomb, I do still read the comments people leave and who knows, maybe one day I will be inspired to write another review :) Glad you found your way back here! and thank you for the Memsaab validation (people do call me that sometimes in India, along with Madame and even occasionally Auntie 😂😂😂). Cheers!

  366. “Na maut aati hain, na MEMSAAB aati hain, lekin Zohra-bai tum bahot achha gaati ho”

    Hope all is well with you!!! I frequent your site often, and… Kabhi Kabhie khayaal attha hai
    As if I know you, or would love to get to know you.

    Your insightful observations and quirky writing has been comforting and I only hope you start writing again someday.

    Take care!!!

  367. Dear Madam, i wonder why you stopped this great work. I hope you would continue. This morning was thinking about Ms.Laxmi Chayya and immediately came to your page. It is great for posterity.

    • I think I said everything I had to say, and other people who knew way more about Indian cinema than I started blogging :) I am still watching films though, so who knows when I might see one and feel the need to write about it!

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