Trivia time #29

In which film do character actors Rashid Khan and Indira Bansal appear in a song as husband and wife (in an uncredited guest appearance)?

Bonus points for the song name and singer, and the actor picturized as the singer.

Help Memsaab identify the other couples in that same song!

Madhu once again is our trivia queen. She knew that the film is Do Raaste (1969), and the song is “Apni Apni Biwi” picturized on Junior Mehmood (sung by Usha Mangeshkar). It was filmed at the Gateway of India by the Taj hotel. It is quite hilarious, with three couples in guest appearances illustrating the “dark” wife, the “fat” wife (Indira) and the “short” wife, and their husbands who are all “very proud” of them! Johnny Walker was the husband of the “short” wife but I don’t recognize the actress. The other couple (the “dark” wife) both look so familiar (she looks kind of like Zeenat Aman–in blackface–but I think it’s a little before her time; and he is a comedian I think), but I can’t place them. Can anyone help me out? Madhu? Here they are:

11 Comments to “Trivia time #29”

  1. Do Raaste, ‘Apni-apni biwi pe sabko ghuroor hai’ – filmed on Junior Mehmood. I think…?

  2. Verrrrry good, Madhu! You really know your films!!!! Can you help me out with the other wives and husbands? They aren’t credited anywhere, unfortunately…

  3. Hmm, the husband of the dark wife could be Mukri. He definitely looks small enough to be him!

  4. Sy, yes you are right. It is Mukri! Thank you—one down, two to go! :-)

  5. Just a guess , but is the one with a turban Jonny Walker?

  6. Yes, he’s definitely Johnny Walker, I recognized him right away, but I don’t have a clue who his “wife” is. She doesn’t even look familiar….

  7. Nah, I can’t claim to really know my films – this just happened to be sheer coincidence: Do Raaste was showing on TV last weekend :-)

  8. the short wife with Johny walker is none other than SAROJ KHAN..look again!!!

  9. first couple is Rashid and Indira bansal sister comedian Polson.

  10. I want the right answer for trivia no 29.

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