More Gemma haiku


Snake people dancing
Oh why does she make me watch
Such crappy movies

Jeetendra can’t act
But he is sooo good-looking
I don’t care at all

6 Comments to “More Gemma haiku”

  1. This is too weird! I just watched Nagin today! The line about how “death is invertible” is my new favorite subtitle.

  2. Ha ha! That’s funny. Gemma was unimpressed by all the snake activity. The “special effects” didn’t fool even her.

    “Death is invertible” is a good one!

  3. You know, watching Hindi movies has made me more aware of subtitle humor in general. I was watching the (American) TV show “Big Love” with the subtitles on, and when Bill Paxton said someone was making a vicious attack on his business, they wrote it as “viscous.”

    Words are fun, in all languages!

  4. Idiocy is fun, in all languages :-)

  5. Gemma is so cute! You know I subject my beloved cat to horrible movies at least once a week, since I will watch almost anything, the horrible is inevitable. Anyway, I walk around the city lakes in Minneapolis almost each day and there are usually at least 2 Cavalier King Charles spaniels I see nearly each time. I will pretend they are Gemma. I do like to think pets enjoy the music in Hindi films.

  6. Gemma has gone deaf, which some of my BW-hating friends like to blame on Hindi film music. I know it’s just old age and spaniel ears though.

    She does watch films with me though, not always with only one eye open. She particularly loves animal scenes, of course. It’s very easy to go nuts barking at a tiger when it’s behind the TV screen.

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