My ten favorite Bela Bose songs

I have covered her contemporaries (and frequent colleagues) Helen and Laxmi Chhaya; now it is beautiful Bela’s turn! Many of my favorite Bela musical moments are not part of an actual film song. CID 909, a film that makes Excellent Use of Bela, has a perfect example of that in a scene where she is teaching a dance class. Cha Cha Cha is another—she and Helen dance together in several scenes (one, two—can you spot a very young Mac Mohan grooving along?) but not to an actual song included in the movie’s official soundtrack. Those are often some of the best moments in her films, although she is no slouch at item numbers either. She clearly just loves to be moving and has a wonderfully natural sense of rhythm. Her beauty is exotic: high cheekbones to die for, slanting eyes and full lips, plus a figure to kill for make her unforgettable (she sometimes reminds me of Sophia Loren).

All the (very incomplete) filmographies I have found for her list the excellent Ek Phool Char Kante as her debut film, where she plays a friend of heroine Waheeda Rehman.

Update: Tom has discovered that she was also in the earlier (1959) Main Nashe Mein Hoon, where she has a dance and a small speaking part. He has added the video to his Dailymotion site. I’ve also since seen her in Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan from the same year—no song (at least that made it onto the dvd), but a fairly significant role.

Like Helen and Laxmi, when she has a larger role in a film her dancing skills sometimes go to waste. Casting those three in films and not giving them dances would be punishable by death in my country (by which I mean Memsaabistan, not the US of A). Unless they didn’t want to dance, which is another story. And also like Laxmi, there is almost no information about Bela Bose on the vast interwebs or anywhere else that I can find. I’m hoping that those who do know something will leave us a comment here so we can add to our storehouse of knowledge on this talented beauty! And do chime in with YOUR favorite Bela Bose songs too.

10. “Bujha Do Deepak” from Tarzan and King Kong (1965) (sung by Suman Kalyanpur; music by Robin Banerjee, lyrics by A Shamsheer). Excellent Use of Bela as she plays Shibani, Queen of the Jungle and plots and plans with my favorite King of Weird Outfits Shyam Kumar.

9. “Nadi Ka Kinara Ho” from CID 909 (1967) (sung by Asha; music by OP Nayyar, lyrics by Verma Malik). Bela had two songs in this (the other being “Tera Nikhra Nikhra Chehra“) as well as a sizable role as Rosie, a CID Agent colleague of Feroz Khan and sometime dance instructor, where we get to see her leading a bunch of girls in an energetic and fabulous (though short) sixties shimmy like no other. My other favorite is this song, a Hawaiian hula-flavored dance. See the film just for Bela, although there is no shortage of non-Bela related goodness in it too!

Update: new video with subtitles by Ava. Thank you Ava! As Tom says:

“The water should be naughty”…she translated as…”The waves are restless” which itself refers to the singer’s almost desperate search for a loved one. And the video reflects this as Bela first “interviews” and then rejects all the “applicants” or “suitors”. I love this song even more now that I have a better understanding of what it’s about.

Bringing the true poetry of Hindi song lyrics alive, one song at a time! (Take THAT, Indian dvd manufacturers!)

8. “Janoon Na Janoon” from Boxer (1966) (sung by Asha; music by Laxmikant Pyarelal, lyrics by Anand Bakshi). This film just has great songs all the way around, and Bela’s is no exception. She channels a geisha (think “Mera Naam Chin Chin Choo”) and it’s all vaguely racist in that gleeful way of Hindi cinema of the time. I love it!

7. “Deep Jale Dekho” from Dil Daulat Duniya (1972) (sung by Asha, Usha Khanna and Rekha Jaykar; music by Shankar Jaikishan, lyrics by Verma Malik). A Diwali dance extravaganza with Helen and Bela doing the real dancing, and Sadhana trying to keep up! It’s a fun film too which makes Excellent Use of Helen and Bela.

6. “Zindagi Ka Nasha” from Wahan Ke Log (1967) (sung by Asha; music by C Ramchandra, lyrics by Shakeel Badayuni). This movie really really really needs to be subtitled and put on a DVD. It is crazy flying-saucers-meet-mod-sixties-Hindi-cinema, liberally populated with fabulous songs. Bela looks stunning (she is the villain NA Ansari’s henchwoman Sofia) and she’s backed up by a pantheon of pale-skinned extras. Goras represent!

5. “Lai Lai Maula Lai Lai” from Sinbad Alibaba Aur Aladin (1965) (sung by Asha, Usha Mangeshkar and Minoo Purshottam; music by Ravi). A fantastically fun Arabian Nights tale. Bela dances with two other girls whose identities escape me to distract the maharaja’s soldiers from finding our three heroes. Tom has uploaded the video (did the best he could with the abysmal source quality) with subtitles also by Ava!

4. “Uff Ye Beqarar Dil” from Dil Aur Mohabbat (1968) (sung by Asha; music by OP Nayyar, lyrics by Shewan Rizvi). Another film to make Excellent Use of Bela! She plays Kishori, a gambling club dancer who falls for Joy Mukherjee. She has three excellent songs in this, the other two being a mujra called “Bade Khoobsurat” and the short but eye-popping “My Name is Kishori“. This is my favorite though: sultry and seductive Bela at her best!

3. “Aaja O Zara Aaja” from Main Wohi Hoon (1966) (sung by Usha Khanna; music by Usha Khanna, lyrics by Asa Bhopali). Bela has two songs in this movie, one with IS Johar called “O Paricham Mere Hamdam” and this one, which I never get tired of watching. Feroz Khan wears a Beatles mop-top wig, and dances with Bela and, yes, a bunch of gori extras! It ends in headshaking convulsions which make my neck hurt to watch (but doesn’t stop me from doing so, over and over and over).

2. “Hai Nazar Ka Ishara” from Anita (1967) (sung by Lata and Usha Mangeshkar; music by Laxmikant Pyarelal, lyrics by Anand Bakshi). Another Arabian Nights-flavored tune and another song I never tire of, especially the opening chords that accompany Bela and Madhumati in silhouette.

1. “Dhadkan Har Dil Ki” from Abhinetri (1970) (sung by Lata; music by Laxmikant Pyarelal, lyrics Majrooh Sultanpuri). This song is EXACTLY WHY I love Hindi cinema. That is all.

Bela, wherever you are, feel the love!

The videos at Dailymotion are remastered by and courtesy of my friend tommydan1, who deplores my taste in films but shares my love for these people (especially dancers) who are so underrepresented in Hindi cinema history. (He is looking for someone to help him with subtitle improvement—if you’d like to help out, let us know. He is very skilled at improving the audio and video and removing those awful omnipresent logos which is a great service to us all.) Thanks Tom!

I’ve put together a list of the films that I have seen Bela in (the ones I remember, anyway) plus what I’ve found on the internet (so may not be completely accurate and certainly is not comprehensive). If you’ve seen her in a movie not listed here, let me know and I’ll add it!

Bela Bose Filmography:

  • Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan (1959)
  • Main Nashe Mein Hoon (1959) (“Ya Na Thi Hamari Kismat”)
  • Sujata (1959)
  • Ek Phool Char Kaante (1960) (no song)
  • Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh (1960) (“Baghon Mein Kabutar Kale”)
  • Mall Road (1961)
  • Opera House (1961) (no song)
  • Zabak (1961) (instrumental dance number)
  • Aaya Toofan (1962)
  • Anpadh (1962) (no song)
  • Hawa Mahal (1962) (no song)
  • Prem Patra (1962)
  • Professor (1962) (“Yeh Umar Hai Kya”)
  • Rashtraveer Shivaji (1962)
  • Baghi Shahzada (1963)
  • Bandini (1963)
  • Bidesiya (1963)
  • Sunheri Nagin (1963)
  • Aaya Toofan (1964) (“Zara Sambhalna”)
  • April Fool (1964) (no song)
  • Cha Cha Cha (1964) (instrumental non-soundtrack dances)
  • Challengej (1964)
  • Chitralekha (1964) (“Ae Ri Jane Na Doongi”; “Kaahe Tarsaaye Jiyara”)
  • Fariyad (1964)
  • Khooni Khazana (1964)
  • Magic Carpet (1964)
  • Mujrim Kaun Khooni Kaun (1964)
  • Sati Naari (1964)
  • Ziddi (1964) (no song)
  • Hub Saab Ustad Hain (1965) (“Bambai Ka Yeh Babu”)
  • Lootera (1965) (“O Dilwalon Saaze Dil Pe”)
  • Maharaja Vikram (1965)
  • Poonam Ki Raat (1965) (“Kehdo Koi Bedardi”)
  • Tarzan Comes to Delhi (1965) (“Kari Kari Ankhiyon Se”)
  • Tarzan and King Kong (1965) (“Bujha Do Deepak Karo Andhera”)
  • Shree Ram Bharat Milap (1965)
  • Sinbad Alibaba Aur Aladin (1965) (“Lai Lai Maula Lai Lai”)
  • Zindagi Aur Maut (1965)
  • Aasra (1966) (“Sajana Kidhar Sari”)
  • Amrapali (1966)
  • Boxer (1966) “Janoon Na Janoon”)
  • Devar (1966) (“Hay Roothe Saiyyan”)
  • Daku Mangal Singh (1966) (“Pyar Kiya Hai”)
  • Dillagi (1966) (“Dupatta Aodhe”)
  • Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya (1966) (no song)
  • Main Wohi Hoon (1966) (“O Paricham Mere Hamdam”; “Aaja O Zara Aaja”)
  • Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare (1966) (“Sakia Ek Jaam”)
  • Anita (1967) (“Hai Nazar Ka Ishara”)
  • C.I.D. 909 (1967) (“Nadi Ka Kinara Ho”; “Tera Nikhara Nikhara Chehra”)
  • Baghdad Ki Raatein (1967)
  • Baharon Ke Sapne (1967) (“Do Pal Jo Teri Aankhon”)
  • Fareb (1967) (“Ae Zindagi Ke Saathi”; “Ban Jaao Tum Mehman”)
  • Jab Yaad Kisike Aati Hai (1967)
  • Lav-Kush (1967) (“Aao Re Pyaari”)
  • Wahan Ke Log (1967) (“Zindagi Ka Nasha”)
  • Dil Aur Mohabbat (1968) (“My Name Is Kishori”; “Uff Ye Beqarar Dil”; “Bade Khoobsurat”)
  • Shikar (1968) (“Jab Se Laagi To Se Nazariya”)
  • Chanda Aur Bijli (1969)
  • Jeene Ki Raah (1969)
  • Sapna (1969)
  • Abhinetri (1970) (“Dhadkan Har Kil Ki”)
  • Ilzam (1970) (“Hamari Aah Kab Tak”)
  • Haseenon Ka Devata (1971)
  • Murder in Circus (1971) (“Duniya Mein Raho”)
  • Nadaan (1971) (“Chubh Gayi”)
  • Purani Pehchaan (1971)
  • Umang (1971)
  • Bhai Ho To Aisa (1972) (instrumental non-soundtrack dances)
  • Dil Daulat Duniya (1972) (“Deep Jale Dekho”)
  • Dhamkee (1973)
  • Rocky Mera Naam (1973)
  • Jai Santoshi Maa (1975)
  • Solah Shukrawar (1977)
  • Raja Harishchandra (1979)
  • Sau Din Saas Ke (1980)

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  1. OOOOH! So excited! I have just realized how much I love this woman – and how much more I should love her! I was all set to be shocked that you didn’t include the song from Abhinetri until I got to the end and was delighted to see it in the top spot! :) It is because of you that I even know who Bela is! YAAAAAAY!

    • She and Helen and Laxmi are THE Triumvirate of Hindi cinema dancing. They can do it all—mujras, cabaret, “tribal”…there is no end to their talents IMHO. And they are each so beautiful, so unique, so special. They are my bahens after all :)!

  2. Great Job, i myself was about to comment on the extraordinary quality of the videos till i saw your comment at the end, well done Tommydan. I haven’t seen too much from Bela but i loved her ‘Jab se laagi tose nazaariya’ number from Shikar, its so fab, i love the Tribal costumes plus your favourite king of weird outfits is present among the villagers

    • Yes, that would def. have been here if I weren’t restricting myself to ten (which I do realize I didn’t really do, link-wise anyway!)…(and Tom’s Dailymotion site has more Bela, so go and have a look) :)

      She was often cast in that tribal mode, and always looked great in the ridiculous feathers and other sartorial lunacy inflicted on those types. In Shikar she plays Shyam Kumar’s daughter!

  3. I think my favorite Bela Bose song is “do pal jo teri aankhon se pee ne ko mile” from Baharon Ke Sapne.

    I’m also fond of “Kari Kari akhiyon se” from Tarzan Comes to Delhi(sorry couldn’t find an audio or video for it online). Methinks the memsaab would approve of “Tarzan Comes to Delhi” since it gives all 3 of her faves, Helen, Bela Bose and Laxmi Chhaya, a song and a dance.:-)

    • I almost put “Do Pal…” here too, but it appears already in my Laxmi post so figured I’d give myself an extra spot :D

      I do like the Tarzan Comes to Delhi song, but it somehow musically isn’t one of my favorites. It is fun to see all three of them together although I wish the video was better quality :(

  4. Wow! That’s quite a formidable list for me to watch. I’d never even heard of some of the movies. Memsaab, you need to be awarded for putting together so much forgotten history. :)

    • It actually is about an hour of solid entertainment :) Have a cup of tea (or a glass of wine) and enjoy! :)

      (ps if I could only get some sort of monetary award I could get started on my film museum!)…

  5. I had no idea about this very beautiful girl, i got to know her from your blog. After that i became interested about this very beautiful dancing girl. She was so beautiful and was very tall too (which i love) with a very beautiful smile. She almost danced to every kind of songs i guess. I have a complete and correct biography of Bela Bose. Here you’ll get to know everything about Bela Bose life and filmy carrier. Click on to this link to know a lot about Bela Bose.

    It was in another language but i gave you the translated link of the page.

    Isn’t is an cool and perfect link for Bela Bose’s life and filmy carrier?

  6. Oops sorry dear, that was Helen’s bio link, Click here to know everything about Bela Bose life and filmy carrier.

    It was also in another language but i gave you the translated link of the page too.

    Isn’t is an cool and perfect link for Bela Bose’s life and filmy carrier?

  7. Thank you so much bollywood lover!!! Where did you find out all this information about her? I haven’t been able to find anything at all :) Google Translate is awful, but I have learned a lot from you :) I’d forgotten she was in Bombay Ka Chor, too! Will add it to the filmography :)

  8. Thanks very much for putting all this together. Coincidentally was watching the Amrapali dances just before coming here. I absolutely love Amrapali and know Bela from there. That would be my favorite Bela sighting (though she is probably better elsewhere–like in Baharon ke Sapne).

    • What is the song she dances to in Amrapali? I don’t have that film and can’t find her song online…do tell! :)

      • I think that is her in this clip (my favorite but of Vyjanitimala):

        I’m not sure but this might be her (in green) in the dance-off. Is that her? (Youtube comments are not helpful.) It’s a great jugalbandi never the less.

  9. Bela Bose is still alive, yes? So, Memsaab, you must interview her the next time you are in India for your encyclopedia of character/villain/supporting/vamp Hindi film icons. But, please, Bollywood Lover, what are “black goat panties”?

    • LOL!! I want to know that too. Sometimes when I’m struggling through particularly garbled subtitles I wonder if the dvd maker just put the dialogue through Google Translate and slapped them up there. It’s better than nothing though!

  10. I have collected this informations from a very good friend of mine named Radjesh. He is so good, when i asked him about Bela Bose he gave me this link and also informed me that she is still alive and she shifted in Los Angels. He also told me that she have a dance school in USA (well he was not sure about this).

    I started loving her from the song Do Pal Jo Teri Aankhon Se, where she danced very beautifully with Laxmi Chhaya. Then i went on an mission digging out about her life and her very beautiful songs from films.

    Please dear inform me about her song from film Haseenon Ka Devta and Baghdad Ki Ratein

    Well are those links useful to you?

    • I learned a lot from him, although the English was very garbled in places (not his fault!) :)

      I don’t know what her songs from those two films are…I have not seen them!

  11. Bela is a new (and delightful) discovery for me, Memsaab. Many thanks to you and tommydan1 for the Excellent Introduction to Bela!

  12. Wow memsaab! Thanks for all of the information on this beautiful dancer. You are an invaluable asset to all the bollywood fans out there.

    Please keep it up!

  13. I started noticing Bela Bose after you started mentioning her and what a treasure trove of videos you have on display here! Thanks to you and tommydan1!
    Many of the songs on this list werre totally unknown to me. Thanks for putting up them here.
    Thanks to bollywood lover as well for the link and translation! Nice to know about her whereabouts.
    And you are right, she reminds me of Sophia Loren at times. I always thought she looks like somebody else at times, but couldn’t really pin point!

  14. Wow. My 4-year-old just sat completely still on my lap for the duration of “Bujha Do Deepak” and then asked for me to play it again. Such is the magic of Bela. :-D

  15. Thanks memsaab for this lovely post, this have been my most favorite posts.

    Can you please give me a list of Bela Bose songs from every of her films,so i can be able to know more of Bela Bose :)

    • She didn’t have songs in every film, and I haven’t seen a great many of them so am not sure what her song it, but I will try to add the song names that I do know to the filmography when I have time!

  16. Thank you for that list – Bela Bose is just so lovely, and even though I haven’t seen several of the films you’ve picked songs from, the songs (and Bela) are so very enjoyable! I think of all the films I’ve seen, the one in which I remember her most vividly is Shikar, where she acts the part of Johnny Walker’s girlfriend.

  17. Ah the Bombshell Bela, we as front benchers never missed any movie of her either, and btw another fab dancer and part of many movies we can add to the class of Helen, Bela,Laxmi is the thoroughly professional Madhumati, who we saw in almost all Dara Singh movies, and in fact her majority of phillums she had dances only to her credit.

    But since we are on Bombshell Bela, pls add her village belly number from one of my top fav movies Hum Sab Ustad Hain, here she is the main player singing this number, and she does a fab job in this.

    ‘ a: haay re haay, kyaa kiyaa jaay aison se to Ram bachaaye bambai ke ye baabu, dil lene dene
    aaye ki inse Ram bachaaye, haaN inse Ram bachaaye, inse to Ram bachaaye chorus: bambai ke ye’

    In this song we have Kishoreda the DeetekKKKtive coming into the gaon hunting for Ameeta, and her(Bela’s) brother Dara makes mincemeat of Kishore, well almost when he catches Kishoreda at the end of the song. Lataidi sang it beautifully with LP with the baton and penned by Asad Bhopali Saheb,

    Wanna here this song, try this link-

    Def chip of da ol’ block.


  18. Oopsa sarry seems da link for bambai ke yeh babu is taken off…..
    and oh yeah Memsaab yu did have a write up on this movie also in Dec 09, so am sure many readers are familiar with this song !


  19. Lovely !!!
    Am happy to see Bela Bose in the limelight – her name would figure regularly in the credits of movies that I saw as a kid.

    I see “Professor” in the list of movies – I suppose she is then part of that song “ye umar hai kya rangeeli” ? Just love this movie and everything associated with it.

    As for help in improving subtitles, I would be happy to help out. Just let me know what to do and bear in mind that I am extremely technology-averse. :-)

    • Yes, I am pretty sure she is one of the crowd of girls that Kalpana hangs out with…I need to have another look at it to see how much she figures in it though, I don’t remember.

      I will put you and Tom together for subtitle collaboration and let you work out the technology involved! Thanks!

  20. I got a song from film Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh (1960) and i think it is performed by Bela Bose. So please watch the video and inform me that is it Bela Bose or not. I cant be able to identify her because in this video she looks quite young. But 98% i can guarantee you that it is Bela Bose. If she is Bela Bose so you can add this film in your Bela Bose filmography. Click here:-

  21. Delicious post.
    Chitralekha (one of my favourite films with some of my fovourite songs) has Bela in a very lovely dance sequence.

    In professor Bela Bose was Rashid Khan’s wife who occupied the cottage the professor was lead to by one of the girls to lead him into trouble.
    She’s seen coming out of the bathroom wiping her wet hair after a bath.

    Yayyyyy! I’ve seen Char phool char Kante and Bela looks so young and cute.

    • Oh yes!!! I remember her in Professor, which means she didn’t get to dance :( (My one bone to pick with Shammi is how he let Laxmi’s dancing talents go to waste in two of his films, and now this! Bad Shammi.)

      Thanks for the link to the Chitralekha song—I haven’t seen that film, I should look for it!

  22. I love that song – nadi ka kinara ho. I volunteer to help your friend clean up the bad sub titles.

    the first para should go –
    nadi ka kinara ho
    paani awara ho
    saath koi pyara ho to
    phir beda paar hai

    On the riverfront
    waves are restless
    A beloved by my side,
    would complete my joy.

  23. my email is avasuri at You may write in for translation to any song.

  24. I am looking for some Bela Bose song which is not there in any sites. But i think as tommydan1 is uploading all Bela Bose songs so i think he might have those videos and as you know him so please tell him to upload those videos please.

    1.Saqiya ek jaam woh bhi to de
    Film-Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare

    2.Bambai ke ye babu
    Film-Hum Sab Ustaad Hain

    If he upload them, so i will be really helped you and tommydan1.

  25. Bela Bose is one of the several lesser lights of Bollywood movies whom I have discovered thanks to this blog. Laxmi Chhaaya, Madhumati, Ramu Kaka etc being the others. I have come to love the so called “C” grade movies thanks to this blog. Memsaabstory has done a lot to popularise obscure movies and actors.

    I have come to admire Bela Bose a lot thanks to this blog, but let me admit my weakness when it comes to identifying these ladies of yesteryears. I can identify Helen, but identifying other of her contemporary dancers and other lesser known actresses has been a mountain too big to climb for me. To this day I have not yet mastered the art of identifying Bela Bose, Laxmi Chhaaya etc. So I rely upon Great a lot in identifying them when ever I post songs containing them. And this post is certainly going to be a big help for me. Like others, many of these songs are new for me too. That way, this post is oozing with valuable pieces of informations from every pore.

    • Study her face Atul :) I think part of the problem for you is that the quality of video online is so poor that it’s very difficult to make out features well a great deal of the time.

      I’ve learned to recognize these people because I watch the films on DVD…:)

  26. Thanks memsaab for the song of Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare.

    Memsaab can you tell me the name of the Bela Bose song from film Tarzan Comes To Delhi, as i am not sure that does she have any song or not.

  27. Memsaab, what are the immigration requirements in Memsaabistan? I would very much like to shift to there.

    • Just you being you Mike is good enough, although I must warn you that I am a bit dictatorial (although mostly in a benign way) :) However, there are Hindi films available 24 x 7!

  28. Memsaab, what was her songs from film Tarzan Comes To Delhi. Please inform me as i am not sure.

  29. I remember liking Bela’s character in Kanyadan. She does have memorable features!! What a great post you have done memsaab, waah!

  30. Bose …Roothe Saiyyan hamare saiyyan kyon roothe is another nice Bela Bose number from the film ‘Devar, Lyrics – Anand Bakshi, Music – Roshan, Singer – Lata

    • I think this was Bela Bose’s most popular song, and she appeared mostly in B grade films and none of her songs become that much popular.But this song become very popular when this film was released.

    • It is a good one :) I should start making Top 20 lists, except that then I would never get them finished!

  31. Okay, here’s an obliquely related song reco: 2441139 by Anjan Dutta.

    It’s in Bengali, and not from any film that I know of. But it involves a guy calling up his girlfriend and telling her that he now has a job and can now marry her, and the girl in question is named Bela Bose :-)

    Here’s the link to the song.

  32. She was the villain (cruel relative) in Jai Santoshi Ma… past her dancing prime in 1975..

    • I know I need to see that although for some reason mythologicals don’t tempt me the way they should. I just need to jump into it I guess!

      • BTW, before SHolay came along Jai Santoshi Ma was the highest grossing hindi movie… Photos of the actress who played Santoshi ma were worshipped.. saw this on Doordarshan.

      • I would classify Jai Santoshi Maa as a “devotional,” since it occurs in somewhat present day and isn’t based on any ancient Upanishad, Purana or epic like the Ramayan or Mahabharat. The mythological is usually a story taken straight from scripture that features a cast of gods, demons and other celestial entities and is another beast entirely. Mythologicals can be quite entertaining and excellent even, but I’m heavily partial to them myself. Speaking of mythologicals, Bela was in Lav Kush (1967). She has a couple of song and dance numbers in the film, as well as an acting role that’s very significant to the plot. Bela played the washerman’s wife, accused of being unfaithful to him and runs to the palace in Ayodhya when her husband kicks her out of their home.

  33. Bombshell Bela in CHA CHA CHA 1964-

    Super musical with Bela and Helen under one roof,
    They sizzled and set the screen on fire
    and we, the front benchers went all ooh and aahs, well we still do.

    Grab this movie by very underrated Chandrashekhar, he had ear for good music, for instance another one of his Street Singer was also superb, which I have been hunting for a decade now, my VHS went bust, pls any readers who know how to get this, drop a word pls. Thx

    • Sry inconv but all the SS removed bcos of that stupid spam/virus but will re post asap.


      • I have reviewed that movie here earlier Ash, with lots of screencaps :)

        • ZZZZZzzz…….. me caught napping Memsaab, sry overlooked that, must be the heat n da humidity..)

          Oh g8 news MBarnum, I will scoot to that site right now and grab this, will also check if they have another goldie I have been searching for donkeys ‘ears.. Main Shaadi Karne Chala,???

          Cheers .)
          p.s. our Bismillah is spotable in Madhosh which yu are also getting I see ;.),
          pls drop a word if yu get his SS, unfort hvnt seen this movie, or shud I say re seen it .)

    • Swarint, STREET SINGER is available on VCD at INDUNA.COM.

  34. Memsaab, in the songs you have mistaken twice. In the film Chitralekha, she had two songs,

    1.Song-Aeri jaane na doongi
    Singer-Lata Mangeshkar
    Here she dance along with Minoo Mumtaz and two other unknown ladies, and Meena Kumari sings the songs for Pradeep Kumar.

    2.Song-Kaahe tarsaye jiyara
    Singer-Asha Bhosle and Usha Mangeshkar
    Here She and two other unknown ladies sings and dance.

    This is the link, you can check-

    And in the film Professor, she had a song called Yeh Umaar Hai Kya, here she danced along with Kalpana, Praveen Chowdhury and Shammi Kapoor, and even she sang few lines in Usha Mangeshkar’s voice.

    Here’s is the song, with subtitle too-

  35. In the Chitralekha one she’s only on the ground ‘singing’, which doesn’t really count I don’t think. Or are you claiming she’s one of the dancers wearing a mask? And, if so, how can anyone confirm that? As for the Professor song, that’s a good find. I missed that one myself when looking for Bela Bose dances. She’s in pale yellow in that number, on the right in the pic above from the video.

    • It counts as a song though :) She doesn’t dance (unless she is one of the masked people which is possible I guess) but she’s definitely one of the main singers. I decided to count the Professor song too because it’s less of a crowd and she is more visible and “up front” than I remembered, although I wouldn’t put it on a top 10 list since she is definitely a secondary figure.

  36. Hi Memsaab, literally tripped over your blog whenever I was looking for meta tag info for songs in my Hindi music collection; now I spend more time reading it, not just harvesting:).

    To me Bela Bose looks more like Ursula Andress than Sophia Lauren. Do you see it that way at all?

    And thanks for the solid and savory tidbits.

  37. Happy to finally meet a fellow Bela Bose fan–in fact, knowing her and about her is the true gold standard of being a Hindi film lover! But I think you should also mention Madhumati as the (possible) fourth in the dancer’s list, because she did many dances and played parallel roles too. (Besides, she was a parsi, which is a major plus.)

    • I am still working on the Madhumati love, mostly because to me she seems to just copy Helen’s style. But I just watched her in a very bad movie, and she was lots of fun in it :)

  38. Excellent write ups, photos and comments on one of the most beautiful women. Can you tell where Bela Bose is now and what she is doing?

    • Have no idea!!!! Except I think she is still alive and hopefully living happily wherever she is. Would love to find out more, for sure :)

      • Dear Memsaab and all my lovely fans,
        I am Bela Bose and am extremely touched and deeply honoured by this page that you have created and the love you have showered on me.
        I am happily living with my husband Asis Kumar SenGupta and son Abhijeet for the past few decades in Bandra at daughter also is happily married and living with her husband and son.
        I wish all of you the very best,
        This is my FB link:
        All of you are welcome to connect with me..
        Love you all..

        • Oh my. I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say I am so excited to hear from you. You have given us all many hours of pleasure with your work! So wonderful to know that you are happy and well :)

          • Oh WOW!! Our very own Bela Bose in flesh and blood!!! WOW!! I’m tongue tied.

          • It’s just SO wonderful to see her comment here. Like you say memsaab, am happy to know that she’s doing well. Only the other day, I was watching Shikar (1968) – she has a prominent role in it (and dances too). And of course we love her Wahan Ke Log (1967) dance, amongst so many others. Very nice of her to drop by here at your blog.

          • Hello! Bela I am so glad to see You here I take it that You are very busy with Your Family so I won’t take up much of Your time We have had some lovely times working together in the past & so for old time’s sake I thought I’d just drop by to give You a friendly greeting! I am glad that You are Happy & hope that You are also in the pinkest of Health! I will be in Mumbai on the 8 of May until the 30 July as I also have a Flat in Naigaon (W) India even though I live here in the UK You take care & God Bless You Dear! Much Love


  39. Haven’t been able to track down Bela Bose though I have asked around. One problem here in Bombay is that most of the film hacks are very young and for them nostalgia begins in 2003! They have no idea nor any interest in films from the 1950s, 60s or 70s. But while on Bela Bose, another dancer, the original item girl (who was used only for a song or two in a film) Sheila Vaz, died a few months ago. I had wanted to meet her but it did not happen. And one more bit of news–R D Burman’s famous sax player Manohari too passed away last week. He played the sax in Roop Tera Mastana from Aradhana

    • I’ve noticed that people in Bombay in the film world aren’t even aware sometimes that film in India goes back to the early 20th century. They think the industry started in the 40s! Mind-blowing.

      I had not heard about Sheila Vaz :( Sad. Upperstall has an interview with her from a few years ago, Shyama too. I did hear about Manohari, someone left a comment about his passing here. But I am sorry to hear about Sheila Vaz…

      And keep trying to track down Bela, Sidharth! If anyone can do it you can :D

    • Hi. Just saw the messages above in my WordPress comments updates.

      I also am sorry to hear about Sheila Vaz. I loved her dancing in Shree 420 and she also had that good dance in C.I.D. (I did a post with a few of her dances a while back.)

    • I checked with Karan over at Upperstall, and he says that Sheila Vaz is still very much alive and kicking (if not dancing) :) So that’s good news!

  40. Bela is always something nice to watch. Her song with Laxmi from BKS is out of the world!!! But unfortunately her song ‘Jao Re Jogi’ from Amrapali was censored may be due to some problems. But that was a nice one. Your collection is very nice too. The song ‘Bujha Do Deepak’ is very beautiful and check the lyrics are mind blowing. My personal favorite is her dance from BKS.

    Do you know about the film Haseenon Ka Devta, it had songs and dances for all your and mine favorites like, Helen, Bela and Bindu along with Rekha too romancing with Sanjay. They had a very nice chemistry in that film along with vamping by Bindu of course. Its there available in induna, nehaflix and many more DVD sites. So check that out, i am sure that you’ll love it!!

    Well take care

  41. By coincidence, caught her as an “extra” in the chorus of an old Shammi Kapoor film Dil Dekhe, cavorting with several other girls in the title song. Asha Parekh made her debut in the film. That Bela Bose smile was there, intact.

  42. I think I just saw her in Chhalia (1960) as one of the dancers in the song “Meri Jaan”.

  43. And yu can catch the lovely lady Bela here

    From Bombai Ka Babu 1960- chal ri sajni ab jya soche

    along with our man of the moment the LALA AND DADDY NAZIR Hussein,
    and super momma Achala Sachdev, yu dont make ’em anymore :)


  44. One step closer to Bela Bose! May have some news about her very soon. Pray for me

  45. more photos of bela bose needed to be uploaded …..memsaab it would be great if u could upload them soon in this site.

    may bela bose in color photos and that too in different angels and looks

  46. Love her song, “Ta Dheem tana Dheem” from “Poonam Ki Raat (1965)” – Perfect Song.

  47. Bela Bose had a good solo song – Chubh Gayi Karajwa Mein Nainwa Ki Sui – Nadaan (1971)

  48. Is that Bindu (first from left) in 2nd photo?

  49. The two dancers in the song ‘Lai lai Maula lai Lai’ from ‘Sindbad, Alibaba and Alladin’ along with Bela Bose are two sisters (Mala and Kala) from the Madras sisters Trio ( Shashi, Mala and Kala). Check this out:

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