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After getting emails and comments for a while now asking about a Facebook presence, I have created a MemsaabStory page there. When I figure out how, I will link the blog and the Facebook page so that you can get updates in your feed if you “Like” the page. If you don’t want updates bombarding your wall, then ignore this. I plan to try and post some of the awesome things I stumble across occasionally or (more often) people send to me too.

I know I have been quieter than usual, there is just a lot going on right now. Hopefully I will soon get back to having no life so that I can watch movies again. Until then—see you on Facebook!

21 Comments to “Facebook Mem”

  1. That is cool!
    so will it be sort of a mirror page?
    We will see!
    Yeah, congrats on expansion! ;-)

    • Well, it will contain notifications of new posts here but I want to also put things (links, screencaps, things that make me laugh) there that I wouldn’t necessarily write a whole post about here.

  2. You’re so cool and I heart you. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the busy life. :)

  3. I will have to wait for u to return here as I am not a facebook or twitter person!

  4. ‘I will have to wait for u to return here as I am not a Facebook or twitter person!’-so am I Memsaab; both me and Filmbuff will wait for you here, as “JIS GALI MEIN….US GALI SE KABHI GUZARNA NAHIN.”

    • TG you are quoting the wrong song :-D Jis gali mein tere GHAR NA HO Balama….. Well if Memsaab has set up home in FACEBOOK then US GALI IS TUMKO GUZARNA HOGA ;-D

      • Am I quoting the wrong song, or the song wrong? Anyway, what I meant is that as I and maybe Filmbuff are not residents of FACEBOOK, it is Memsaab who should be the guest; this is the general opinion as the person in Room No.11 is asking for her too-but not coming himself/herself. We are all mad to hear from Memsaab, right here, right now. Hope you are also in the crowd, Salim.

        • Well, I don’t blame you Filmbuff and TG. I am not a Twitter person myself, although FB has helped me reconnect with some very old and dear friends. I’ll be back here soon, promise!

        • Each to his own TG – No problem. But I prefer to do the chasing :- D. While I already had a Facebook account, I seldom used it. Following Memsaab’s page will help me explore this new territory.

  5. The cap I think is from Pagla Kahin Ka and patient is Shammi :-D Am I right?

  6. hi, a friend of mine has a website and uses http://www.rssgraffiti.com/ to put those into facebook.. its good.. so u dont need to post at both places/// try it out

  7. I am totally illiterate about facebook,twitter and other ocial networking stuff. I visit this blog daily, and that to me is the best way to keep abreast with the blog. I need not visit facebook to know what is going on in this site. I am not that busy a person to need facebook, twitter and other such stuff. Going directly to the site is good enough for me.

    • You and Salim can hang onto my pallu only, Atul :D And it’s completely up to you, I am the last person on earth to be upset if someone doesn’t want to use all that social networking stuff! Will be back here soon I promise :)

  8. memsaab, u now have quite a crowd waiting for you to return to your blog! Happy face booking

  9. A Facebook Page was long overdue, am real glad you finally did it.

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