The year in pictures (mostly)


The cobwebs have grown thick on here, except for the intrepid commenter here and there (thank you for not letting this die completely!). The last year (plus) has been full of things not-Hindi-movie related. I haven’t given up watching Indian movies completely, although mostly now I rewatch old favorites; I think I finally got exhausted by all the poor video quality, no subtitles, and other barriers to my enjoyment. Also, I took up knitting again with a vengeance, and knitting and subtitles (or having to concentrate due to lack of subtitles) do not go together, at least for me.

Here are some of my knitting projects. As you might guess, they are kind of time-consuming.


I have also traveled a bit, to Texas and California. First up was San Antonio, Texas, where everything is made of Bacon, and it was time for FIESTA, margaritas, and lots of food. A friend of mine made sabudana for me to try for the first time and I loved it.


It rained every single day that I was in California, but I still enjoyed lots of wine in Napa and hanging out with my extended Patel family. Plus, California needs the rain.


I did manage to catch the first day show of Raju Hirani’s film PK, and it was fun to see the bits and pieces that I had been there in person to watch being filmed. I thought of writing a review of it, but then didn’t. Enough to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and yes I am completely biased.

And in October someone I have been casual friends with for ten years told me he loved me, and in February during the worst snowfall on record (108 inches!) I married him. I never ever planned to get married, but I guess when the right person comes along and it feels just right and natural, then it’s a good thing. Also it made my mother really happy and gave me an excuse to buy awesome shoes. And yes, I wore red!


Some of you have reached out to make sure everything is okay, because I’ve neglected this blog so badly—so I hope you can all rest assured that I am well and happy and busy, just not in the mood to write film reviews (Bandit and Gilda are fine too and love having someone who actually pays attention to them around). And at least I have two great pieces of news on the film review front: first of all, my friend Todd Stadtman of Die Danger Die Die Kill has written the book that really needed to be written, and it’s wonderful. I think anyone who comes here regularly would want to own Funky Bollywood! And you don’t have to take my word for it, either: Beth loves it and so does Jai Arjun Singh.

Secondly, some of you might be familiar with the awesome reviews written some time back by Omar Ali Khan of Hot Spot Online (who also owns a spectacular collection of movie memorabilia). That site sadly disappeared a while ago, leaving a large gap for those of us who love trashy movies. But he’s back and as funny as ever with Swami Ji’s movie reviews. He is also selling items with old Bolly- and Lolly-flair on this site (I covet ALL THE MUGS).


I do so appreciate everyone who still visits, and comments, and I haven’t given up the idea of writing more film reviews either (there are several in draft form that I could just sit down to finish, and maybe one day I will). I am slightly more active on the Memsaabstory Facebook page if you want to join us all there (I do update the galleries and the Edu Productions page now and then as necessary too!).


53 Comments to “The year in pictures (mostly)”

  1. WOW. This sounds like something out of a fairytale. Love the pictures.

  2. Yay! It’s so amazing just to see you back and even more so to know of all the happy tidings in your life.

    Congratulations, Memsaab. I wish you a very happy wedded life.

    Sure, life isn’t the same without your film reviews, but it makes me very happy to know you are spending your time doing things you love and with the people (and dogs) that mean the most to you.

    So all the best and enjoy!


  3. Wonderful to read this post, Greta.

    Am, of course, very happy to see you’ve been having a good time. Knitting (fantastic work!), visiting friends, getting married (congratulations once again!). :-)

    I’ve read SO many posts on this blog but if I were to nominate one post with the SWEETEST set of lines in it, it would be this one. And for this:

    “And in October someone I have been casual friends with for ten years told me he loved me, and in February during the worst snowfall on record (108 inches!) I married him. I never ever planned to get married, but I guess when the right person comes along and it feels just right and natural, then it’s a good thing. Also it made my mother really happy and gave me an excuse to buy awesome shoes. And yes, I wore red!”

    Good to see you haven’t lost your touch. :-)

  4. What a beautiful post. Sounded like something out of a fairytale. Loved the pictures. I envy your knitting skills. :D

  5. Congratulations on your marriage!

  6. Oh, feels so good to see you back, Greta. Did you visit SoCal? Did I miss an opportunity to see you here? :(
    Looking at those beautiful sweaters I thought I would take few lessons from you on my next visit to Boston…. but then I read the GOOD NEWS of your marriage. So I think now I really have to try HARD to schedule an appointment regarding this knitting lessons. ;)
    I am extremely happy for you both. Hope to see more posts on your blog… :)

  7. So happy for you Greta! Congratulations!

  8. Hi! It’s nice to see you back and makes one more happy to know of all the happy tidings in your life.

    Congratulations, Memsaab! I wish you blissful married life.

    All the very best and enjoy!

  9. Congratulations on all the wonderful developments, Memsaab! Wishing you Much Happinness in life.

  10. Congratulations! Life does go in new and unexpected directions and I’m glad yours are happy. Thank you for all you’ve shared over the years,and thank you for that ‘swami ji’ link…

  11. Have fun. Nice to see the pictures here in a sort of a digest.

  12. Memsaab, it’s wonderful to hear about all the new developments in your life. Congratulations on your marriage, and may it always remain surprising in the best possible ways.

  13. Hello Memsaab,

    Congrats on your wedding! I wish you and Saab a wonderful married life! I have been reading your blog for sometime and it brings me much joy! Do keep posting, even if a line or two.


  14. Thank you everyone for your kind words…and I have missed writing so maybe more will be forthcoming and even movie related :)

  15. Congratulations on your marriage Greta memsaab! New experiences await you

  16. Congratulations, and all the very best!

  17. Hve been following ur blog since so many yrs now. Want to see more images uploaded from various films ,which r not screened in film channels in prime time, but are superhit classics like say hum dono 1985 film and offcourse with their reviews.

  18. Oh Mem Saab!! Congrats! And this post, it’ is like bumping into a long lost friend. On the other hand, I assumed you are also working on a book, and this was the reason we weren’t getting out (daily) fix!

  19. And, as I said when you got married, every day when I visit Memsaabstory and see ‘The luckiest memsaab in the world’… well, your wedding photos seem to reinforce that. :-) Congratulations, again.

  20. Hi Greta memsaab, It is good to read all the happy things happening in your life. I know that for the next few months atleast, it is difficult to expect you to do what you do best i.e write about our old movies. But please do not give up entirely.

  21. OK Greta, now for some Bollywood!! I know you can do it! Just tell M. Right it’s the right thing for us (er cross that out) you!!

  22. Congratulations, Greta! The wedding dress is awesome! And the shoes are great! :) Looking forward to meeting your Saab.

  23. Red! Our beloved, Shammi’s favorite color!! :) Lovely color. Every time, I hear Shammi say “memsaab” in his movies, I think of you and your blog!

  24. Greta Memsaab

    As one who has read your posts with interest in the past, please accept my congratulations and my best wishes for a happy married life.

    And a friend who made sabudana for you is a good friend indeed. I love sabudana !!

  25. Congratulations! Your website is such a wonderful resource (while always being entertaining), and whether you continue to update it or not, there’s nothing else like it. Thanks for all you’ve done!

  26. It’s lovely to see you back here, Greta…and with pictures! There is so much I covet…the knits, the red shoes, the cake. :-D Love it all. Congratulations again to Mr. Right for marrying fabulous you!

  27. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you for a happy married life. I wish the common interests shared with your friend for ten years also include hindi films. Pleasure of watching hindi films gets multifold when you watch them in company.

    So good to see you back.

  28. Hi Greta

    Lovely knitting patterns – you must have made these after we met (seems such a long time). Otherwise I would have pinched one of those!

    Beautiful wedding dress – good taste as always.

    Glad to see your pics and happy news on your blog too. Your oz friends welcome you to Down Under any time with your husband.

    Wishing you the very best in life.


    Loved your knitted projects…
    Your RED shoes are amazing..
    Keep Smiling 😊

  30. Congratulations! Your wedding gown is so lovely and you look so very good and happy. As we say in my country, may you both grow old on one pillow.

    The strangest thing is that I have never met you or know more than a few things about you and I only read your reviews and right now I feel as if my friend got happily married! You really made an impact :)

    Based on the photos I think you are doing very well on the knitting side of things.

  31. Oh memsaab, so very happy for you. I agree with Raja, this is the sweetest post.

  32. All of your comments mean so much to me, thank you :) I miss this little community and will try to do better by you all!

  33. Excellent, excellent excellent ! Congratulations memsaab, stay busy and stay happy !

  34. This post made me smile… didn’t know you had posted anything recently and it’s great to catch up with you. Your knitting projects are amazing, I wish I could knit! I agree with other commenters… I feel like I know you. Congrats once again on your marriage, and here’s to more great surprises and adventures.

  35. Aww, that is the sweetest news!

  36. P.S. I had never ever come across the phrase “sharing is caring” before so every time when i see it, (like right here) I feel quite proud of myself for stumbling on a more fundamental truth. :-) :-)

  37. Congratulations Memsaab :) The pictures are beautiful and you look amazing.

    As a side note, the first thought that popped in my head when I saw the cake was “Oh no, memsaab is knitting and baking now. I hope the blog keeps running”. Phew!

  38. Congrats!!!

    Missed you on the blog…hope to see you back with more of your funny and awesome reviews..I may not watch all the movies you review, but I love reading about them.

  39. Beautiful bride! Wishing you much happiness :)

  40. Congratulations Memsaab! While I am happy for you, I cannot deny that I am so much more happy for myself that you are back :)

  41. Congrats memsaab, belated though!!
    Is it too much to ask if I say post a pic of your husband here, from the wedding if possible? Well, if it is ok with you ……..

  42. Congratulations on ur marriage. i hv been reading ur post for yrs now but commenting first tym. the way u give d review is so fresh n very interesting. missed u.

  43. Hi Greta,

    I used to be a regular reader a couple of years back. Then this and that happened, and I kinda got busy with trying to make a film instead of watching (and reading about) them.

    I’m glad I returned tonight on a whim to read this. Many congratulations on your shaadi! You look a funky bride in that dress and those shoes. Wish both of You a very happy married life.

    Best :)

  44. Very nice to see you in person for the first time, at least for me. Allow me to say that you are simply beautiful.

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