Blog abandonment

Between my friend Raju’s visit, my friend Sarita’s wedding festivities, the new SRK biography, the new Harry Potter book, and various and sundry other activities (like my job), I have not had any time to watch any movies, or do anything anyone else would find even remotely interesting (although I will be near the front row for the Police reunion concert at Fenway Park tomorrow evening :-).

Busy, busy, busy.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the bride-to-be’s mehndi:



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2 Comments to “Blog abandonment”

  1. Just curious: would you describe yourself as an “Indophile”?

  2. Well, yes, I probably would, although I don’t view India through rose-tinted glasses by any means. There are plenty of problems there! But I think it’s a fascinating country, and I love visiting there; and as you can probably tell from this blog I do love their movies and other art forms. And food! I would be very fat if I lived there.

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