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July 12, 2007

Aamir Khan’s blog

I love love love Aamir Khan’s latest post on his blog ( He talks about mainstream Hindi “masala” films and why he does them, and why he thinks they are as important as the more “highbrow” films he is famous for. Here is a small part of what he says (copied and pasted, all spelling etc. errors are his :-):

“I can see that some of you did not like FANAA, and I can understant why. Happily more of you loved it. Which is why it is among my biggest hits. I want you’ll to understand that when I am attempting to entertain such a LARGE and VARIED audience it will not always be possible for me to entertain EVERYONE at the same time. People have different tastes, different emotional keys, different perpectives. And there will be times when a certain section of my audience likes one of my films better and another section some other film. I personally think that this is very healthy. I dont want to do only one particular sensibility or taste of film. I want to give myself the freedom to do all kinds of cinema. I dont want to do just those kinds of films which make a social comment, or are very logical. Sometimes I too feel like doing something mushy, mad, crude, sentimental. RDB, LAGAAN, MANGAL PANDEY, DCH, SARFAROSH, JJWS etc are my kind of films, but that doesn’t mean that I dont enjoy doing FANAA, RAJA HINDUSTANI, ISHQ etc. which are not typically my kind of films.

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