My ten favorite Dharmendra songs


Everyone knows that Dharmendra is a he-man, good at fighting and drinking and other manly stuff. Luckily for us ladies, he is also good at romance. And as Jaya Bachchan has famously pointed out: he is as handsome as a Greek god. Almost all the playback singers of his time could sing realistically for him, too; he didn’t fit just one type of voice. Here are my ten favorite (so far! I still have lots more of his films to watch) Dharmendra musical moments.

10. “Jagega Insaan Zamana” from Aadmi Aur Insaan (1969) (sung by Mahendra Kapoor, music by Ravi). The song begins at about 3 minutes into the YouTube clip. A triumphant and hopeful anthem about India’s progress. Mahendra’s soaring vocals against the backdrop of a huge dam construction, with Dharmendra and the workers celebrating the bright future.


9. “Jhilmil Sitaron” from Jeevan Mrityu (1970) (sung by Rafi and Lata, music by Laxmikant Pyarelal). A lovely romantic song from a wonderfully romantic film, the two young lovers unaware of all the heartbreak to come.

8. “Gar Tum Bhula Na Doge” from Yakeen (1969) (sung by Rafi, music by Shankar Jaikishan). Dharmendra romances beautiful Sharmila in this fabulous spy thriller.


7. “Kuch Kehta Hai Yeh Sawan” from Mera Gaon Mera Desh (1971) (sung by Rafi and Lata, music by Laxmikant Pyarelal). Dharmendra and Asha Parekh—one of my favorite heroines—and a beautiful picturization of a pretty song. The beginning notes sound like rain falling from the monsoon that they are singing about. Plus, a swing! and it’s a great film.



6. “Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Mein” from Pyar Hi Pyar (1969) (sung by Rafi, music by Shankar Jaikishan). Just a gorgeous gorgeous tune, and Dharmendra is so so beautiful as he woos a reluctant Vyjayantimala—who thinks he is someone else. Excellent film, too!


5. “Kal Ki Haseen” from Charas (1976) (sung by Kishore and Lata, music by Laxmikant Pyarelal). Hema and Dharmendra say goodnight, reluctant to leave each other as the other hotel guests watch in amusement. It’s very flirtatious and lots of fun!



4. “Yeh Dosti” from Sholay (1975) (sung by Manna Dey and Kishore, music by RD Burman). The best ode to friendship ever; a classic in Indian film, picturized on Dharmendra and Amitabh riding a motorcycle with a sidecar. Is it possible to be envious of a motorcycle?


3. “Aaj Mausam Bada Beimaan Hai” from Loafer (1972) (sung by Rafi, music by Laxmikant Pyarelal). Dharmendra and Mumtaz wander through a flower garden in fabulous 70s outfits as their love story blossoms. Brown plaid pants! A flowery crocheted vest! These two make it all look gorgeous.


2. “Abhi To Haath Mein” from Seeta Aur Geeta (1972) (sung by Manna Dey, music by RD Burman). Dharmendra stumbles home drunk after a night at the bar. He’s alone in the world with no real prospects of a good future; his comfort is the booze in his hand. So sweet and so sad. I love the part with the dog. Two strays, fighting the odds. I’ll take them in!


1. “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” from Blackmail (1973) (sung by Kishore, music by Kalyanji Anandji). Picturized on Rakhee reading love letters that he’s written to her but been too timid to send, this is possibly the most romantic song EVER of all time (although some of Shammi’s come awfully close). If movies were real life, I would want to be Rakhee in this film.



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  1. Hot Dharmendra! Isn’t that what he is sometimes called? Something like that.

    My all time favorite song of his is from TUM HASEEN MAIN JAWAN. Dharmendra so handsome in his navy uniform and Hema with blue hair and blue shimmer dress.

  2. That song almost made it to the list! I love Hema’s blue sparkly Cleopatra hair. It was hard chopping the list down to ten, actually.

    Garam Dharam so yes, Hot Dharmendra!

  3. My list would have to include the songs from Chupke Chupke, though my favourite from that movie is sung by Sharmila *to* Dharmendra.

  4. I don’t know why, but the songs from Chupke Chupke didn’t really make an impression on me although I liked the film a lot.

  5. “Jhilmil Sitare” makes me emotional! and “Pal Pal” truly deserves #1.

    Though he is in it v v briefly, and it is essentially a RK movie, I adore “tum pukar lo tumhara intezaar hai”- divine :D

  6. shweta, I just weep my way through both of those films. Love them.

    I haven’t seen Khamoshi yet :-) so I couldn’t add that one. I’m very strict with myself on such things!

  7. Love all the songs on your list. Jhilmil sitaaron ka is so heartbreaking and Pal pal dil ke paas would make it to the top of my list, too! But as to confining myself to just 10 great songs of his – dont think I can do that. That guy has so many great songs. :-)

    One of his romantic songs that is a big favorite of mine is Aapke haseen rukh pe from Bahaarein Phir Bhi Aayengi. You can totally get why both sisters fall for him in the movie! And Khamoshi is heartbreakingly lovely too. As Shweta points out, Dharmendra has very little screen time but his charisma lingers throughout the movie!

  8. That is an excellent pick of Dharam’s songs. I like all except No 10.

    Thanks for all the interesting and regular posts on your blog


  9. Nice list. I think my favorite Dharmendra song is “Aapke Paas Jo Aayega Pigal Jaayega,” from Kaajal:

  10. Oh yes, ‘Pal pal dil ke paas’ is absolutely no.1 Dharmendra song, and romantic song ever.

  11. Delightful list! And I couldn’t agree more with your choice of #1 – Pal pal dil ke paas is awesome. One of my latest finds is Yehi hai tamanna:
    A good song, maybe not terribly romantic, but I think it’s so cute! And you can certainly see why Dharmendra never made it to the big league as far as dancing skills are concerned…

  12. So excited to see this… I love your list although I am yet to see quite a few of the songs on it… I’m definitely with you on ‘Yeh Dosti’ (great line about the motorbike), ‘Jhilmil Sitaron’ and ‘Abhi To Hath Mein’. Like M, I absolutely love ‘Ab Ke Saajan Saawan Mein’ from ‘Chupke Chupke’, although it’s more Sharmila’s song than Dharam’s. I also love Dharam’s songs from ‘Mere Humdum Mere Dost’, especially ‘Chhalkain Jaam’ and ‘Huyi Sham Unka Khayal’. And I love ‘Pehli Nazar Mein Humne’ from ‘The Burning Train’, with Vinod, Parveen and Hema.

  13. Wow, as soon as I post my own choice in comments, the clip gets removed. Here’s a replacement for “Aapke Paas Jo Aayega Pigal Jaayega,” from Kaajal:

    Some who know me might suspect my motives, because the spotlight at first is on a sexy (and funny!) Padmini and I am a big Padmini fan… But I think Dharmendra is great in this too, and the song is great also (Mahendra Kapoor singing lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi (which I have seen in subtitles eslewhere), music by Ravi).

  14. I revisited the social song from Aadmi aur Insaan and realized how could I forward such a happy together dam song, and why did i resist dharam in his green outfits in this whole list!

  15. Wow, great list! If I were to make a top 10 list I’d include at least seven or eight of those as well. This is really weird too, because I just posted one of my favorite Dharmendra songs, from “Do Chor”, on YouTube last night:

    But after seeing this I’d probably have a tough time squeezing it into the list… in fact mine would most likely change on a daily basis. He sure has had a lot of great songs picturized on him over the years!

  16. Hahaha, how appropriate that you included the all-time greatest bromance number in this list. Esp given the “Sholay has homoerotic subtext” line of analysis which always drives old school lovers of Sholay insane.

    I think the first time I was aware of Dharamendra’s hotness was that scene in which he leans over Meena Kumari in that movie whose name I can’t remember. He took his shirt off before Salman ever did! That man’s face is a testament to the dangers of alcohol-abuse.

    And Blackmail is probably the most romantic movie period. Everytime I see it, I squee. Solar powered generators and all.

  17. bollyviewer: Ooh that is lovely, and Tanuja yet! Must see the film :-) I am a sucker for the piano-playing hero!

    Anon: Hey give #10 another chance :-) Glad you liked the rest of the list.

    Richard S: I’ve seen Kaajal (a while ago) and don’t remember much except that it was kind of depressing…I should revisit it :-)

    Banno: I feel a little guilty nominating this as best romantic song ever b/c of my Shammi adoration, but it really is.

    dustedoff: What is Yehi Hai Tamanna from? It’s beautiful! Would love to see the film…and Dharmendra didn’t need to dance, he’s just so pretty standing around.

    DG: Have you seen Blackmail? If you haven’t, you should RUN to the nearest video store and buy it. You of all people must.see.Blackmail…

    Rum: I do love the dam song, and he looks really good in green! :-)

    Sy: It was really tough to narrow them all down to ten…I love Do Chor too.

    Amrita: I didn’t only want to put up romantic songs, I do love Yeh Dosti! And I don’t think Sholay is as heavily “bromantic” as some others I’ve seen. Re: Blackmail—I sob and sigh and wish with all my heart that I were Rakhee. The solar power formoola is just icing on the cake.

    And thanks to all of you for the other songs that I can now look at/for…my number one reason for posting my favorites is to find out yours!!!

  18. Yehi hai tamanna is from Aapki Parchhaiyaan. Haven’t seen it myself, but it’s on my list of must-sees, simply because of Dharmendra!

  19. I like your selection and it is nice that there always another 10 (or 20, 30..) that people can come up with.
    So here’s a very romantic one from me:
    Ik Haseen Sham Ko with a lovely Nutan, and Dharmendra looking good even in That style of jumper

    To add a bit of twist, I can also say that the song where I absolutely Dislike him is the famous Aap Ki Nazron ne samjha:
    or at least the situation..Man treats wife like Dirt cos he can’t make up his mind, when he finally deigns to “forgive” her, she sings a grovelly song. Bleaaahhh!

    And the one song which never fails to move me to tears and shreds my heart every single time, was in with Dharmendra bit film too:
    Hoke Majboor Mujhe

    I don’t think any other scene in any war film, Indian or not, better shows stupidity of war and dying in it (maybe it wasn’t even the intention of the scene).

    Finally, what about Dharmendra in Bandini? beautiful music, altho I don’t think any were picturised on Dharmendra. But he did manage to do a lot of unusual films in the 60s, didn’t he?

  20. dustedoff: Yes, I love early Dharmendra! and that song is lovely!

    bawa: thanks for the links….Dulhan Ek Raat Ki was a really good film, but depressing :-) I haven’t seen the other two, although I have them. Your description of Anpadh makes me want to scream though ;-) and Haqeeqat looks v.v. depressing too although that song is lovely. I haven’t seen Bandini (or saw it loooonnng ago), and don’t have it…

  21. well, now that you mention it, they were all depressing, altho’ Anpadh only for me. Typical Indian guy gets married acc to family wishes and then takes it out on the wife because of the faults he perceives in her, and she, instead of telling him a few home truths, goes around worshipping (literally) the ground he walks on…Super Bleeaahh.

    Haqeeqat is depressing, and I think Madan Mohan’s score was really brilliant in that film. Also to get 4 great male voices to sing together. Altho’ it is so obviously a set, the exceptional acting in the song makes me forget all that.
    I think I find it so emotional ‘cos just this very second, there are thousands around the world undergoing exactly the same experiences..thats what depresses me, I guess.

  22. Anpadh sounds like exactly the kind of film I hate, for the very same reasons you do. Haqeeqat I do want to see, but I’ll have to be in the right mood for it :-)

  23. Lovely list!

    I second Bawa’s suggestion on Haqeeqat — I haven’t seen the movie or even just the picturization of that song. But it moves me to tears every time I hear it. Then there’s Kahin yeh woh to nahin (pictured on Priya Rajvansh, I think), which is my favourite Lata song of all time. Madan Mohan’s work in this movie is sheer genius. But yeah, it’s probably a depressing movie to watch. War movies often are.

    Another Dharam song which I absolutely love (and don’t think I saw in the comments section) is the song from AnupamaYa dil ki suno, duniyawaalon. Hemant Kumar’s voice and music are both sublime in this one.


  24. I haven’t seen Anupama yet either, although I think I have it. So many movies and beautiful songs, so little time! Thanks for the recommendations :-)

  25. I haven’t seen ‘Blackmail’ yet, but I have ordered it, and it’s slowly but surely making its way to me, from one person to another… I should have it by Christmas, and since I’ve just found out that I’m going to spend the holidays slaving away at work this year, all lonely, it will be one of my much-needed Christmas gifts to myself!

    I just read the comments on ‘Anpadh’ and was reminded about what I wrote about it a long time ago on my blog:
    “Dharam looks beautiful (yes, beautiful) in black-and-white here, good enough to eat really… but his part is rather short, and for most of it he’s playing a shallow, unkind, inconsiderate prat… so this isn’t really one of my fave Dharam performances”.
    At the time, ‘Anpadh’ was my least favourite of the Dharmendra films I’ve seen… and it still is! I can’t say that I hated it, but I wouldn’t re-watch it.

  26. DG, I cannot wait to hear (or see rather) what you have to say about Blackmail. I’m glad it’s on its way in time for Christmas! :-) Yeah, Anpadh is not climbing any higher on my list of must-sees!

  27. Great list and descriptions Memsaab !.

    Dharmendra was one of HFM’s most musical stars, absolutely amazing songs were filmed on him.

    Two of my favourites:

    Zulfon ko aap yun (Chandan Ka Palna) – sung by Rafi-Asha, composed by RDB, romantic, flirtatious, melodious, heavenly.

    Na jane kyun hamare (Mohabbat Zindagi Hai) – sung by Rafi, composed by OPN, a wonderful treat.

  28. I haven’t seen the two films you mention, but will def. look out for them (and the songs). I think Dharmendra is just so beautiful, that all he has to do is stand there and mouth the words and the song will be a hit :-)

    • Another song in ‘Mohabat Zindagi Hai’ is ‘Tumhari Mulaaqat se’ again a solo picturised on Dharmendra and sung by Mohammed Rafi. Music by O. P. Nayyar is so enchanting….

  29. Here are the links to the two songs Memsaab:

    Zulfon ko aap yun:

    Na jane kyun hamare:

  30. Oh those are great, very sweet. Thanks princeali! Rajshree is one of my favorites, she looks great in the second one. I like the first song a whole lot.

  31. Thanks for this great pic for the song number 5. It is simply hilarious. my brother and i always used to imitate them (not only them but the crowd in general).

  32. I love that it’s a whole flock of goris :-) Probably picked up at Cafe Leopold!

  33. …which I have just heard was attacked along with other places this evening in Bombay :( Hope all my readers and loved ones in Bombay are fine.

  34. What an excellent pick of songs.
    It must be sooooo difficult to pick 10 Dharam songs. There are so many beuatiful songs picturised on him.

    I like all the songs on your list. “Aaj mausam bada” and “Pal Pal dil ke paas” are absolutely awesome. And I see a few very good suggestions from others.

    Tum Haseen Main Jawaan : love the title song. And,as you say, Hema with that “Cleopatra” look. :-)

    Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke, Aaye Din Bahaar Ke, Devar, Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka, Shola Aur Shabnam, Aap Ki Parchhaiyaan, Mamta (fantastic movie), Anupama (“ya din ki suno duniya waalon” is just brilliant for its depth alone), Devar (lovely movie, lovely songs…including “baharon ne mera chaman loot kar”..the lyrics in this song are among the best I have ever heard).

    Many more beautiful songs picturised on Dharam. Shortlisting to 10 must have been very difficult.

    I like your “principle” that you list only movies that you have seen. That way, you also get suggestions for songs that belong, but missed out only because you still need to see the movie. It makes you want to see the other movies also to judge for yourself. Good strategy. :-)

  35. Ha ha Raja, see I am smarter than I look :-) The other thing is that since I don’t understand the lyrics, I may like a song’s melody before I see it, but it really isn’t meaningful to me until I do see it in the context of the film. Songs only really become favorites (with some exceptions!) after I’ve seen them picturized. And of course, my strategy makes it much easier to narrow the list to ten (although it still isn’t easy!) :-)

  36. Memsaab

    Watch “Do Chor” – handsome Dharmendra paired with Tanuja – good songs, acting, story line etc.

    Do Chor has some very good songs and me thinks u may choose one of them as your fav too!

  37. I love Do Chor, and at least one of the songs would have made it to my top 20 :) Haven’t seen it in a while, should rewatch it, I really did like it a lot.


  39. I was hoping to see Main Jatt Yamla Pagla Dewaana from Pratiggya….but still a great list. Your blog is just too cool.

  40. Mere dushman tu meri dosti ko tarse
    Main kahin kavi na ban jaoon
    O meri mehbooba tujhe jana hai to ja
    Hum bewafa hargiz na the

  41. Hey, goofing off from office work reading your blog….

    just a little shocked to find that no one mentioned my fav. Dharmendra song ever, “Main jatt Yamla Pagla deewana” from Prattigya, with his drinking and typical dharam paaji dance moves, i think the song the tempo, everything is just made for him, somehow I just don’t find it convincing when he sings those romantic songs……and another one “Koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai to……” from Sholay……

    but if there is ever an actor whose songs would be most entertaining, it would have to shammi kapoor songs with his trademark dance moves, antics, falling over, face making, strange costumes and ENERGY….do u have a “top 50 shammi songs I love” post? If not, please do…if you do, well there go the next 20 minutes of my office time ;-)

    • Actually, Ramneek just above you mentioned that song :-) I will need to watch it again! And you may not find him convincing romantically, but I do! Maybe you have to be a woman ;-)

      I have thought about doing a Shammi song post (did do one on his black and white songs here)…it is a daunting prospect to narrow it down to even fifty! Ha. Maybe I will try to do a top twenty—fifty would be a long work in progress, wasting much of MY office time too!

  42. u forgot:
    – Mere Dushman tu meri… (ayee din bahar ke)
    – Main Nigaheen Tere Chehre Se… (aap ki parchaiyyan)
    – Agar Mujhse Mohabbat Hain.. (aap ki parchaiyyan)
    – Oh Meri Mehbooba (dharamveer)
    – Duniya Oh Duniya (naya zamana)
    – Kya Meliya (izzat)
    – Ayee Zanjeer.. (razia sultan)
    – Tera Hijar Mera Naseeb Hain.. (razia sultan)
    – Rafta Rafta (kahani kismet ki)
    – Mujhko is Raat Ki Tanhai Meh.. (dil bhi tera hum bhi tere)
    – Bhoora Maath Suno..
    – Teri Tasveer Kaise Banaoo Meh.. (ishq par zor nahin)
    – Main Kahee Kavee Na Ban Jaoo.. (pyar hi pyar)
    – Yaari ho Gai Yaar Se (do chor)
    – Chahe Raho Door (do chor)
    – ghir gaya Jhumka (jugnu)
    – Saat Ajoobeh (dharamveer)
    – Aaya Hai Mujhe (devar)
    – Dreamgirl (dreamgirl)

    lol ok im gettin a lil carried away =P bottom line, he WAS and IS and WILL be the best! all u haters no that, u just hide behind fakes like Amitabh, SRK etc really? What have they done, b honest with urselfs?!

  43. Ah,

    My favourite is not on the list – ‘Gaadi bula rahi hai’, the chug-along Kishore Kumar classoc from ‘Dost’.

  44. I haven’t seen Dost yet, I don’t think…must remedy that :)

  45. Here it is. Really beautiful lyrics. If I remember right, this film is about a man with a shady / criminal past.

    As a kid, I thought this film was brilliant.

  46. This song from “Dost” is easily one of the best songs created by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

  47. This song from Dost is one of my favourites too. Memsaab, Dost is an enjoyable movie – Dharam, Hema and Shatrughan.

  48. my selection woud be thus
    aap ki nazaronse-anpad
    ek haseen shaam ko dil mera-dulhanekraatki
    dekha haiteri-pyar hi pyar
    ye shama to jali-aaya sawanjhumke
    nayazamana-rama rama gazab
    aapkihaseen-bhaharephir bhi ayeghi
    mujhe dard e dil ka pata na tha-akashdeep

    do youlike my selection plnatarajan


  50. I’ve seen a fair number of Dharam songs even if I haven’t seen the movies and for whatever reason, the song I most look forward to listening on Youtube everyday is “Yehi hai Tamanna” from Aap ki Parchaiyan (Dusted off mentioned it too). It, I think, showcases many things one could expect in a Dharam romance. The muscles are prominently on display, and it’s not flowers and moonlit walks but his goofiness that he woos women with. I even like those bad dance moves. We don’t want a he-man to be a metrosexual ball room dancer now do we?
    I’ve had my top ten and top 20 lists. The Anupama and Naya Zamana songs would be on those without a doubt and so would something from Devar even if the songs are not as much fun.

  51. what of the song “deep diwali khe jhute” sung by kishore kumar and picturised on the ever green Dharmendra in the super classic ‘JUGNU’..Dharmendra was just simply FANTASTIC!!!..The song is widely regarded as one of the greatest diwali songs in hindicinema and one of the best ever songs picturised on an actor/actress and who would that be other than the ever gracious, dynamic and extremely magnificient personality that is DHARMENDRA..i love this song to bits and it always made me cry..
    Dharmendra’s mannerisms, style, grace, poise and loresenque gestures are simply unmatchable..With his unique style, its sometimes unbelievable that some of those songs were not sung by him..He could fit in so brilliantly and he connotes the message in pure class..
    Good job, Memsaab..

  52. I really love the song ‘Aapke haseen rukhpe.. from Baharen phir bhi ayegi! Both d girls think he is singing for them.. cant blame them though coz he just looks awesome!!

    • Lovely Rucha…..

      Dharmendra is just tha BOMB!!!!… Thanks for reliving such great moments of arguably one of hindi cinema’s most renowned personality..

    • Sadly the thing about songs like this is that they are reliant on the lyrics I think to make them meaningful…and a great deal of the time songs aren’t subtitled, or even if they are it’s done very badly. Without them it is a little dull for me :( But Tanuja and Mala and Dharam all LOOK really beautiful! :)

      • But you see, lyrics or no lyrics, there are certain stars with such fascinating gusto and immaculate mannerisms that just watching them being picturised on a particular number (Whether standing or mopping around while mouthing) could get you on Cloud 9….and Dharmendra is one of them!!!!

  53. I agree with u, Greta!!! Its really the lyrics in this song!!! I wish u find a appropriately titled DVD for this film!! Its really good film with lots of eye candy ;).. If u c d video, we also have a very young Deven Verma in it.. he also looks quite handsome!!

  54. Jeet hi Lenge Baazi from Shola aur Shabnam – & wait till the 1.5 minute mark to get the tune ! Ya dil ki Suno from Anupama Chalka e jaam- Mere Humdum Mere Dost- this could be in the top 10 alcohol songs too ! Rafta Rafta from Kahani Kismat Ki

  55. Great songs. ‘Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka’ would be my top choice. Like you said, it is especially heartbreaking in context of what is to come. Contrary to most I do like Dharmendra more in his soft roles. Any best song list of Dharmendra’s should include at least one of his ‘robust’ songs IMHO :-)

    My picks would be ‘Main Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana’ from Pratigya ( or ‘Raafta Raafta’ from Kahani Kismat Ki ( His enthusiasm and carefree attitude cannot be matched!

  56. One of Dharmendra’s duets with Hema Malini which I think is one of his best is when both mistakenly get drunk and sing the song on beach side in the film Azaad (1979) – “Jan Ki Kasam, Sach Kehte Hain Hum, Khushi Ho Yah Gham, Baant Lenge Hum Aadha Aadha”. I it quite a fun-filled and entertaining song.

  57. The duet from “BlackMail” “Mile, Mile Do Badan, Khile, Khile Do Chaman” is another very good song of Dharmendra. I am yet to seen another director like Vijay Anand who can put a romantic and sensuous song during climax and crisis situation, when the villain is after the hero and heroine and their life is in danger but they sing a song in a situation which is believable.

  58. ‘Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka’ would be my top choice. Its been more than 40 yrs since Jeevan Mrithu was released . LP , Rafi saab and Lata at their best. I was a kid when the picture was released. My honeymoon with the song continues to this day.

  59. Personally for me none of the above songs would make my top 10 except jhilmil sitaron ka and aaj mausam

    And these songs look like chosen on popularity basis than anything else. I am a great fan of memsaab but this list is almost blasphemous for someone like me :)

    1) Hui shaam unka khayal aa gaya
    2) Aapke haseen rukh pe
    3) Dil ne fir yaad kiya
    4) Mere dushman tu meri dosti
    5) Jaane kya dhoondhti rehti hain ye aankhein (should be the best song on Dharam paaji
    6) Tere paas aake mera waqt guzar jata hai
    7) Ye dil tum bin kahin lagta nahi
    8) Mai kahin kavi na ban jaoon
    9) Jhilmil sitaron ka
    10) Aaj mausam

    But then again its down to individual’s choices :)

  60. In my opinion, any top 10 would include this one from his very first movie : ” Mujh ko is raat ki tanhai me awaaz na do …”

  61. the best Dharmendra song of all times is O mero mehbooba from film Dharamveer and
    Gairon pe karam apnon pe sitam from film Aankhen

  62. Memsaab, how fun and frothy is your writing! Just got here so much to catch up on but your enjoyment is infectious, way to go…

    Here are some of my favourite Dharmendra songs – I have actually not seen many of these movies but heard the songs growing up as my mum and dad would listen to the radio a lot… and there were LPs in the house… so I sort of loved the songs before I saw many of them on youtube or DVD…. .

    Jaane kya dhoondti rehti hain – Shola Aur Shabnam
    Hai sharmaoon kis kis ko bataoon – Mera Gaon Mera Desh (though he doesn’t sing but great robust song and superb lyrics)
    Mile mile do badan – Blackmail. Just… so… beautiful.
    Maine dekha ek sapna – Samadhi (for R D Burman’s stunning composition)
    Aaja teri yaad aayi – Charas
    Humsafar mere humsafar – Purnima
    Raju Chal Raju – Azaad (Yup! Love it unabashedly)
    Yeh dil deewana hai – Ishq Par Zor Nahin
    Kaise jeete hain bhala – Dost
    Gir gaya jhumka – Jugnu
    Kuch dil ne kaha – Anupama – Dharamji doesn’t sing in this one either but looks amazing and it’s a song of such delicate beauty….


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