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January 18, 2010

Found him!

Bells are ringing and the people are rejoicing, at least in my house (and by “the people” I mean…well, ME).

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January 15, 2010

Mere Huzoor (1968)

The Raaj Kumar love continues here with this lovely Muslim social drama about marriage and gender relations. A big thank-you to my friend Raja and his friend Bharat for getting the dvd all the way from India to my doorstep! Films about women’s status in society and the choices they are given (or not) often disturb me or just plain make me angry. This one disappointed me—it came this close to being a true winner, and then failed—but was better than most from this era all the same (I’ll talk more about it with spoilers at the end).

Mere Huzoor is justly famed for its songs by Shankar Jaikishan, and happily were also subtitled as the lyrics (Hasrat Jaipuri) are lovely too. A big reason I love Muslim socials are the sets and costumes, and they don’t let me down here either! Mala is pretty good until she lets it all hang out at the end (which is highly entertaining all the same), Jeetendra is handsome although bland; it is Raaj Kumar who makes this worth watching though. He is wonderful as the misunderstood and melancholic Nawab who lives life on his own terms. He is such a strangely attractive man, odd wig and all!

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October 7, 2009

Help me!

Who in the world is Nazir Kashmiri? Does anybody have a photo of him? Or screen cap? Or ANYTHING? He is in every single Hindi film I have ever seen. And I have no clue who he is!

I must know! I’m losing sleep over it. I can’t afford to lose my beauty sleep.

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