Found him!

Bells are ringing and the people are rejoicing, at least in my house (and by “the people” I mean…well, ME).

Nazir Kashmiri, the man who has graced every single pre-1980s Hindi film I’ve ever seen has been identified! He is pictured above in 1950’s Dilruba (review forthcoming) and below in 1969’s Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke (courtesy of Ash, who knows as much about Hindi cinema as anyone I’ve met!).

Says Ash:

…He was part of umpteen films and its a shame hardly anyone has cared to confirm his id esp we in India, I must say…He played hundreds of times as RAMU KAKA, a loyal and humble servant of the families, here he is playing Madhav Kaka where this SS [is] taken. Film Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke-1969.

I can die now. Or at least get some sleep, after I add him to my galleries.

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97 Comments to “Found him!”

  1. Mabrook.

    But please dont die. At least post the Dilruba review first. That caption is all kinds of awesome….hahaha :)

  2. So that is how the elusive Himlayan Yeti looks ? Congratulations.

    And spare a thought for all the innocent victims that we rounded up in the past on suspicions of being Nazir Kashmiri. ;)

  3. Starting from now I am going to think that all the domestics–always named Ramu for some reason–are Mr Kashmiri.

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!
    They cannot find Osama for 9 years now with all the intelligence they have at their disposal and we find this guy in a few months. The power of memsaabstory !!! :-)

    • I’ve been looking for him for years…should have asked for people’s help sooner! So he IS the guy in the purple vest—Lala—from Mere Huzoor too :)

      • I wanted to post this in the Mere Huzoor comments as well – that guy in the purple west is the guy who plays Amitabh’s man-servant in Mili (1975) – Gopi Kaka – 99% sure.
        Tried searching for the complete cast list, but no luck. If anyone has the Mili dvd, that would be a confirmation. :)

        • I have the Mili DVD :) But they don’t always even credit everyone in film credits I’ve noticed, although certainly those are more reliable than imdb or any other internet source.

  5. Good find! I’ve wondered about that face too!

    • I think the main obstacle is that there are so many faces like his! But I think now I will remember him.

      • For me ladies, Nazir’s voice was a give away, I can spot him even if I am sleeping and watching him in any of his movies, the impression and many others like him was just terrific. I am sure with Memsaab’s devotion, yu will hear more of these nice people who are all but forgotten.

        I may sound biased because I can not stand any1 criticizing ‘my’ old movies .) and their characters. Like my wife says when I ‘go’ away she will ensure all my collection comes with me so that I can keep on watching them ‘up’ there, now I would never miss that chance either, would I ???

        Like Memsaab puts it, these characters have just become part of souls and family and I for one will alwayz remember them with passion, no matter how small their roles were. They were magnificent people, it was total devotion and love for the cinema, that’s why they lasted so long.

        Will get SS of our Ramu Kaka from Mere Huzoor and email to Memsaab, maybe she can add this to the blog for folks who can get ‘more closer’ to this fab actor.

        Cheers .)


    We can all sleep peacefully now. I gave up looking for him some time ago.
    But now that the face has appeared I want to say; “Oh! HIM??” He was there all the time!!! *slapping forehead*
    Of course one remembers his Ramu Kaka in so many films. :-D

  7. Eee! So Ramu Kaka was Nazir Kashmiri! Heavens, I’ve seen him so many times.

    Mubarak ho. This calls for much celebration. :-)


    Ramukaka is Nazir Kashmiri. i have to tellt his to my brother!

  9. Well, there’s still a family servant named Ramu on my Artist ID Project page, and I don’t think HE is Nazir Kashmiri…

    :D *hint hint*

  10. And thus, the biggest manhunt in cinema history came to an end. *claps*

    He looks so everyman that I doubt if I’ll recognise him again, but its great to know that some id does exist for him! :-)

    • That plus the fact that he’s hardly ever the focus of the camera—he’s usually in the background, or has his face turned towards whomever he’s speaking to. But I think now if I know he’s in a film I’ll be able to tell who he is.

  11. Wow amazing discovery indeed. Sadly I am one of those indians who has seen this actor in countless films as Ramu Kaka but never knew his name. This actor had a good screen presence so much so that most of us remember having seen him. We don’t remember others so well do we?

    I have Milli DVD, I will check if his name appears in credits. Usually Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies – almost all the actors were acknowledged in credits.

    • Believe me friend, we shall endeavor to get as many as possible on this Blog,I am glad I found Memsaab’s Blog.

      They need to be remembered with a name just as the main actors.They deserve this much yeah .)


  12. I’ll put this on the list of improbable projects I’d seriously enjoy – a bio of Nazir Kashmiri. I would LOVE to see or read the story of this person’s life and career. I guess filmed would be best so we could see clips.

    If somebody makes it please let me know!!

    • I would love to do something like that. I’d like to do it for so many deserving actors. They must have had such great stories to tell as well—think of all the things they saw and knew from spending their lives on so many film sets!

  13. God Bless Ramu Kaka. He went hungry until the sad hero had a bite to eat.

  14. Looking forward to your review of Dilruba – I am very fond of that film! (But I couldn’t bring myself to write much more about it except to highlight the dances by Rehana and Cuckoo – the main reason I am so fond of it.)

    Why didn’t I recognize Nazir Kashmiri in this movie? Especially after seeing such a vivid labeled picture of him from Jugnu – what’s wrong with me? :)

    By the way, I switched rooms in the place where I presently live, and now I have railroad trains going by about 50 feet away from my window – which I actually like. My mind keeps going “dhak dhak…” ;)

    • Richard, I kept thinking of you as I watched it because Cuckoo and Rehana had SO many great dances together!

      I have several interesting films to review…hopefully I will get the time soon to get to them!

  15. I saw your picture of him. Looked up Chupke Chupke which I have been watching and thought he looks like the chowkidar. When I searched for the cast that name is not there. This was yesterday and I thought I could give you the solution as he looked like the person in the photo. Do you think that is the same person? Great effort,Greta! Even I look at some of the character artists and think ,who is she/he? Esp the less familiar ones but who often crop up.

    • Sumitra,

      Thats Dev Kishan , another one of Ramu kaka species, and you will find him in similar roles in many of the Hrishikesh Mukherjee movies (Anand,Aashirwad, Satyakam,Chupke Chupke..).

    • I’m confused…are you talking about the Ramu Kaka character in my Artist ID project page? The one from Ek Se Badhkar Ek? Is he definitely Dev Kishan? I’ll take him down from there and add him to the gallery if so :)

      • No Greta. Sorry for the confusion. Dev Kishan ISN’T the guy in your Artist ID project. My earlier comment (above) stands null and void.

        Dev Kishan is the guy ( who you can recall as matron’s uncle in ‘Anokhi Raat’ which you just reviewed, and also servant in Hrishi Da movies.

        • Oh yes—I do remember him from Anokhi Raat, although he didn’t make much of an impression. But he is very much in the same older-man-with-mustache mold, or as you put it so nicely: Ramu Kaka species :)

  16. ROTFL, the moment I saw the screencap, I went, “Ramu kaka”. :)

  17. P.S true story – when I was young, I used to think ALL servants even in the real world are named Ramu.
    Something like :)

  18. jipiiiiiiiiiii! :D :D :D…soooooooo happy!

    He deserved to be identified. Congratulations memsaab!

  19. ….on second thoughts:

    Who is then “sharmilas father”in mhmd / “Haria kaka” in Aye din bahar ke…!?

    • Yu see Nina this what I told Memsaab-
      on her AIP page,
      The first 2 b/w indeed Nazir Kashmiri, played 101 roles as RAMU KAKA, loyal and humble servant.

      The other 2 in color….. a lil unsure if he is Nazir, but the face is very very familiar, will hv to dig deep to catch ‘em

      The b/w is from Diruba and is indeed our Nazir.

      The other of AIP, The 2 in color def match the run away dad of Sharmila in MHMD, I have taken his SS when he kills and run away and later on after many years he is found chatting with Rehman in a train and is eventually stabbed/murdered, a much older VERSION of Nazir.

      I wish I cud add the SS here (can we ?), sending via email to Memsaab, maybe she can give her feedback.

      If one notes he had no films in 1965, maybe a coincidence but a point worth pondering over, as other years he had a handful .).)

      Additionally I moved away from Nairobi around the same time and the movies also stopped until much later when I had to catch up a lot ! So there is some FILL IN THE BLANK .)

      So our friend Nazir is still holding us kinda bewildered from his earlier years and later years.

      Lets await for a few more comments and meanwhile I will try to check our Nazir out in Dus Lakh of 1966 and if he has more shocks for us .).)


    • I don’t know—as Atul pointed out, now I need to get started on identifying all the actors I mistakenly thought *might* be Nazir K.! I don’t think Sharmila’s father in MHMD is Nazir; he looks quite different to me anyway. Of course, what do I know? :P

      • I think we have it folks, gotta be on the right track now…..

        The SS OF DILRUBA and the one I sent yu of Madhav Kaka aka Nazir is from Film Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke-1969 is our friend NAZIR.

        The 2 color ones yu had on AIP is DEV KISHAN, because he is in Mere Sanam also, and he is the guy in MHMD as Neena had mentioned, and he in Dastak (1970) he played Mirza , and in Mere Apne (1971) …. Shyam’s father , and the humble servant in Seeta Aur Geeta,Anand,Aashirwad, Satyakam,Chupke Chupke., as Sumitra has pointed out.

        Dev Kishan was in Bees Saal Baad also, the Biswajeet, Waheeda Rehman starrer and he also wrote the dialogues for this and Aakhri Dao (1958) WAS HIS STORY.

        So yeah we can say both NAZIR and Dev were the pioneer Ramu KAKAS, almost same mould but Nazir was taller.Even my langotia yaar who is as mad as we are, could have mistook DEV TO NAZIR and VV, the only way we can cud separate these 2 was to see a few more movies again and zero on them.

        Like I said Memsaab there are so many wonderful characters that it is so easy to miss them or forget them, all that remains is a face.

        I am sure we will have many folks who are gonna hit bulls eye and find out… OH YEAH we saw Dev in such and such movie… like… a few more…like-

        # Kaalia (1981) (as Dev Kishen)

        # Khoon Pasina (1977)

        # Dus Numbri (1976)
        # Khushboo (1975) …. as Munim

        I am sure Memsaab this mystery is solved now, I wil dig out more SS soon and send yu, just hv to get down to my collection.

        Its all gonna come back, so lets have it folks.

        Cheers o wonderful people who cherish these ‘family’ members.


  20. I kept thinking(once I saw his face in your previous post) that I’ve seen him in a Dev Anand movie. He’s the faithful servant who sees his master being harrassed. Then he is chased out and becomes insane. I looked up my stock and saw Nau do Gyarah which seemed familiar. And in the credits his name is there!

  21. Finally! And it certainly is a familiar face. Incredible. Thanks!

  22. “Inspite of being educated, she is a good housewife”- hahaha. What a cute observation from Ramu Kaka !

    • Bole toh ”chokhri nakhrewalli nahin hai” .).) Aache khandan se hai. .)

      Cheers .)

    • Isn’t that great? :) Sadly the same cannot be said of ME.

      • er… I am ZZZZzz….. sleepin’ coz trying to see the link about another missing servant KAKA-Dev Kishen ?

        Kindly fill me in as unable to trace this, it is not a secret, a dream KAKA or .).)

        Pls copy the link for me, thx a lot.

        Soya hua KAKA .)

        • OoPS SRY… previous reply was meant to be linked to Amit’s……

          Oh REALLY Memsaab why not ? Yu aint from that wonderful exclusive club of Vamps, those goregeous ladies like 1-Lalita Pawar. 2-Shashikala. 3-Bindu. 4-Helen. 5-Aruna Irani.

          Lalita ‘Power’ cud knock the daylights of any hero or even Pran with her stern looks and yet she cud be the docile and humble Ms. D’sa as in Anari, what a lady, what a lady. Chip of the ol’ block, me thinks she died a very sad death, reclusive death if I may call in Pune, away from the limelight of Bollywood in Mumbai.

          But she is right here in our hearts and soul .)

          Cheers .)

        • There’s another ss on the AIP page if you look there. Guy played manservant Ramu in Ek Se Badhkar Ek…might be Dev Kishan?

          I am way closer to the vamp category than the heroine one :) Maybe that’s why I love the dancing girls and the villains so much—I relate better to them!

  23. Ah, good old Ramu Kaka, overlooked so often, finally immortalized.:-D Well done, memsaab! If the snapshots from Dilruba and Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke are anything to go by, Nazir Kashmiri should be easy to spot from now – he’s doesn’t seem to have changed/aged much.

    • If he has a speaking role, he has a lovely voice too which is quite distinctive. I still may find it hard to tell if there’s no closeup or he doesn’t talk, but at least I can say I know who he is now!!!

  24. Devkishan is Amitabhs servant in Anand and vinod khannas father in mere apne. The guy form ek se badkar ek is not devkishan

  25. Please excuse me as I am inundated with Ramu Kaka syndrome right now and I guess everyone else here is. Just now, my boss passed by and smiled at me and I could see Ramu Kaka in him too!

    Please help me with these two actors. They are very familiar faces and I am sure you have names for them. They play varied roles but are also one of Ramu Kaka species:

    1. The guy who played CS Dubey’s mechanic in the garage in ‘Chhoti si Baat’ and dupes Amol Palekar along with his colleagues, by selling him a khatara bike.

    2. The guy who asks Dharam “Tum suicide kyon karna chahte ho?” in Sholay and replies to the queries like – “Ye good bye kya hota hai”? and “Ye suicide kya hota hai?” from the character Shankar as “Angrez log jab jaate hain to good bye kehte hain” and “Angrez log jab marte hain to suicide kehte hain” resp!

    (This guy I have seen way too often. He never ever has a full blown role. But he IS there with a few one liners here and there)


  26. hmm congrats memsaab….!! i have even noticed him in some films..but never knew his name…well thanks memsaab…because of you i could be introduced to him…

  27. Happy to see you happy. Dilruba is a delightful movie with fabulous songs and a lovely Dev-Rehana pairing. Hope you enjoyed watching it.

  28. btw that scene of Dilruba who’s snapshot you’ve put (villager Nazir!) is quite an interesting one, which became a stereotype later. I won’t spoil the fun for the others by telling what it is yet though. :)

  29. Sadly the Mili DVD does not have the titles of all
    actors except the main ones though some of the other older films do have the titles of all actors including character actors.

  30. Ash: I think “Shyams father” in “Mere apne” and “Sharmilas father”/ in “mhmd” are two different men.
    Shyams father is Dev Kishen for sure . He was as you say in Bees saal baad, but I am not sure of the other man in 2 coloured snaps on AIP. I may be wrong though….

    • OOp sry Neena will try again, Ramu Kaka has really kept us busy and in ‘twists’… let me see if I get it right now….

      100 % it is Dev Kishan in MHMD, Sharmilas father on the run, my SS to Memsaab showed that, perhaps she can add these here or is there Dev Kishans Blog somewhere ? Since I have come in I am sry I am not certain

      but Mere Apne I am almost sure, though I was unable to get the SS of him bcos my disc is/was loaned and never came back, but IMDB also lists him under Mere Apne as Dev Kishan … Shyam’s father(Vinod Khanna)

      So if I am getting it right those 2 color SS IN AIP is Dev Kishan, ie found both in Mere Apne and MHMD.

      The confusion in my opinion is that the 2 SS in AIP was tagged as NAZIR in MHMD, in actual fact we were looking at DEV KISHAN.??

      I think I got it right, phew….. Nazir Saheb ne to hamari sab ki khatiya khari kar de unko dhoond nikalne ke liye .).).)


    • Neena
      pls post a SS of Shyams father in Mere Apne on any image hosting site like imageshack and give the link here.
      Wanna be sure we are talking about same guy or a different one. Unfort my Mere Apne is lost, prob gave to some1 and it never came back.

      I will post the link in a while of what Dev I have in mind,meanwhile when ever I get an opport will keep an eye for these 2 guyz whilst watching my oldies.

  31. yea…!!!! i got the DVD of Dilruba… i am going to watch it…..i heard that its an good film…..and i am excited because it have the cute Cuckoo in it……and i never heard songs of Butaram Sharma…so now i’ll hear some songs composed by him….is the story good…??? because i always became nervous watching these very old films of 40s and 50s because some of them are really very boring and sometimes the music section of some films of 40s and 50s are not too good….so thats why i became nervous that will i enjoy the film or not…so will i enjoy watching this film…..?? please inform me….

  32. Bela Bose worked in many films as a chorus dancer before she appeared on screen as a main dancer…like Rj Kapoor and Nutan starred film Chhaliya or like Mehmood and Ameeta starred film Chhote Nawab…

    Like she is there in Chhote Nawab dancing with Ameeta

    And i got a verrryyy cute Helen song Suni Suni Hai Bahar from film Hatimtai Ki Beti which is sung by Asha Bhosle.Here’s the link….

    Memsaab… isn’t she looking really very cute in the song..???

  33. Ash: It is still very very confusing. Shyams dad is Dev Kishan for sure.
    Sharmilas dad is not Dev Kishan for sure again. Who is Sahrmilas dad?
    What is his name?

    Not an easy job dear……memsaab has really put us into full swing…..

    • Lets try this out Neena, see this link and images –

      and pls see the first SS which was on Memsaabs Blog, it is/was tagged as Nazir K,
      then see my MHMD SS.

      The one in black hair is when he is young and the latter in gray hair is when he comes back.

      Now question is,,,Dev Kishan or ????
      Wub be nice to see yr Mere Apne SS

      pls let me know if yu can access the link with the SS. Thx

  34. I’ll let you guys figure Dev Kishen out for now! :D I have no idea who he is…it is very confusing sometimes.

  35. Wooooohooooo! All hail Super Sleuth extraordinaire – Memsaab! Well done. now go make yourself a dirty martini, u deserve eet!

  36. Greta, that’s wonderful! I just adore your passion and love and craze!!! Btw, I’m looking for the name of the girl who is Bindu’s friend in Padosan and figures out that the person singing “kehna hai” is not Bhola but actually Vidyapati. Is her name Ganga? She shows up in this song at 3:01 mins.
    Thanks in advance!

  37. since you’re well connected and have lots of bolly info, do you know anything about Gavin Packard, he was mostly a token white villain and appeared in many 90’s films like Sadak, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan etc below is his image

    • Frankly my Bolly knowledge is before the 70’s, after that I have followed but not so eagerly, partly bcos I missed out a lot after 70’s due to traveling.

      All I have is found on

      This is a common ‘complain’, which I have besides the main actors we really care a damn about what, where, who the others are doing, or have done. It is unfort a blank paper and this applies to a lot of earlier co stars, all we have is a FACE, a unknown face.

      We can say same for Bob Christo the Aussie muscleman, a Bolly bad man in many many movies, do we know much about him ?, NO.

      All I know is that Bob is taking care of Sanjay Khan’s Gym/Spa Resort/Hotel in Bangalore, he is the main trainer and runs it.

      Otherwise nil knowledge,if I get some I will def share it here.


      • We can never have enough of our Ramu Kaka can we, well I can not as I keep on seeing him everywhere, here is the latest one-

        Movie is Suhag Raat- 1948 with

        Dev Anand … Shyam

        Madhubala … Leela
        Talat Mahmood … Talat
        Prem Nath … Kumar
        Durga Khote … Sita
        Manmohan Krishna … Chamanlal
        Ramayan Tiwari … Ramnath (as Tiwari)
        Hiralal … Bhagwan

        BABY Tabassum

        Cheers .)

  38. P.S. I must add this movie courtesy buddy Trini bro… Cheers .)

  39. Now now what a mix up, so sry folks…….
    the SS is courtesy Trini bro

    and Suhag Raat had the following star cast-
    Geeta Bali .
    Bharat Bhushan
    Begum Para

    The ones I gave of Dev Saheb a few mins ago as above are is from my just u/l AARAM 1950

    Must be the humidity or….)


  40. Now now here we have another character who has really eluded us, despite the fact he has been in front of our eyes. I wud say after our Ramu Kaka he has had me n G and Neena in a ‘twist;, if I may say so.

    I have known this guy SHAM LAL or SHYAMLAL for many years but when I saw EK THI LADKI again after many years we had him, this lead to Pyar Kiye Ja and there he was ! :)

    I have to recheck MHMD and see if he is credited in the titles but he is also thee in Aaye Din Bahar ke…. he is SHYAMLAL and not Dev Kishan.

    Pls see my original SS here from MHMD-

    and now see these from EK THI LADKI, he is Kuldeeps father here-

    His voice is just unmistakable, and I will also check him out once again in his earlier phillum called MAYURPANKH from 1954, it is a challenge to spot these guys, they have been around so long that they are so hard to recognize in their later phillums. He is also in MAN MAUJI 1962 and New Delhi 1956, Kishoreda movies, Bluff Master of Shammi KAPOOR, Dus Lakh etc . He has done 100s of films but unfort as always not listed, kinda sad eh !


  41. Sry G
    the Anonymous article as above dtd November 22, 2010 at 5:00 am, is me Ash, unfort forgot to fill my id etc and submitted it pronto pronto…….

    Dunno if yu hv added a name to Shyamlal in the AIG, I hv just d/l all the latest AIG, so wil def look if he is there or not. But he is our MAN for sure ! :)


  42. I am on this post thanks to dustedoff. Since I only started following you a few months back, I had missed this post. I have to thank you avid bloggers for all the research you do. Since dad isn’t around, quite a number of my questions remain unanswered, not anymore I guess.

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