Help me!

Who in the world is Nazir Kashmiri? Does anybody have a photo of him? Or screen cap? Or ANYTHING? He is in every single Hindi film I have ever seen. And I have no clue who he is!

I must know! I’m losing sleep over it. I can’t afford to lose my beauty sleep.

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  1. Working since 1947 .. wow.. and no image available. Bollywood is unkind to its people really !

  2. Could he possibly be the guy on the left in this photo?

    I got this through Google Images, which led me to the “Ek Saal” post on the Old is Gold blog, but even there the identity is uncertain. Let’s hope this is the right guy!

    • We will have to hope Bollyviewer herself shows up here and lets us know why she thinks it may be him (I had seen that post, but she doesn’t seem too certain herself).

  3. Wow! Never heard of him!
    You have an eagle’s eye for such details!

  4. For a long time I thought Shivraj was Nazir Kashmiri… I wonder if it is the guy in that photo from Bollyviewer’s blog. Now I’m getting fidgety too; I’ve got to know!

  5. It could be the one sy has posted. I have seen this gentleman so often in movies.


    Is one of these guys in every Hindi movie you have seen. Then you have your man. Genius na?? hahaha

  7. I wish I had the time – and patience, since some of these films are so ghastly, to sit and watch Ek Phool Do Maali, Doli, Chandan ka Palna, Barsaat ki Raat, Kohinoor etc and try to figure out who he is. Trawl through each film, scene by scene, taking screen caps of every elderly gent whom I can’t identify. And then compare notes across films…

    Okay, much as I would like to think otherwise, I have more pressing demands on my time. ;-)

    • I have the time but not the patience :-D

    • >taking screen caps of every elderly gent

      I think he must have been young in his films of 60s. According to the list of films, after his first film in 1947 the next one was in 1957. I’m guessing that he must have been a child artiste in 1947 and then a young man. His last film in 1982 makes him about 50+ then. At the most 60+.

  8. Thanks to your OCD regarding bit actors, according to IMDB, the man has had a upsurge in popularity by 390%. He must be smiling somewhere.

    • LOL!!!! That is too funny. Maybe something else is responsible though. His filmography on imdb is WOEFULLY incomplete, the poor man. But I hope his surge in popularity IS making him smile somewhere :)

      • that’s too.. cute? :$ lol.. i searched for him yesterday also, after reading your post, but i’m getting “kashmiri actors”, aamir’s uncle, some Pakistani actor Nazir (at first i thought it was HIM, that I finally found his picture!!, yahoo! — but then I looked at his filmography, and sadly, nothing matched). =[

  9. Oh dear!!! Now I’m hooked!!!
    It’s the same as when a word is on the tip of your tongue and you can’t say it.

    Hours and hours of watching Kohinoor, Chaudvin ka chaand (I love both anyway) and I don’t know who has my Amrapali (I’ve leant it out) so I hope these two will provide some clue.

    Will get back in a couple of days, if no one has come up with the answer by then.

  10. @ Sriniva/Memsaab
    the picture that names Lila Mishra is not correct, and thus there may be other mistakes also….your man must be here only…

    • Umm…no…that is Leela Mishra. Younger times as compared to the roly-poly mausi of Sholay as most of us remember her ;)

    • Yes, that is definitely Leela Mishra. But it’s not a comprehensive list of actors by any means (although it’s the best one out there besides my own private one ;-)…

      I guess I will have to live in hope that maybe one of his relatives or family friends finds this and obliges us with a photo or something!

  11. I have often wondered wondered about him.

    Here’ something funny I read written about his first film:

    Romeo and Juliet directed by Akhtar Hussain in 1947 starred Anwar Hussain, Nazir Kashmiri and Nargis. We assume that Anwar and Nazir were Romeo and Juliet respectively as Nargis was Anwar’s real life sister.

    No body seems to have a clue.

    • 1947 was a bit late to be having a male play the female! Although I’m loving the idea of Anwar and Nazir being the lead pair :) It’s probably more likely that Nargis was Juliet and Nazir was Romeo and maybe Anwar was Mercutio or something. Would be good to get my hands on it though if he was that high up on the credits list, I might be able to figure out who he is!

      It is a mystery for sure.

  12. I agree with this post none of the pic available on net Nazir Kashmiri was a great actor :)

  13. According to this site;

    it was another actor, John Bailey, playing Romeo. He was a British actor.
    It must have been a collaboration between Indian and British film makers.

  14. A few questions in the right quarters (old-movie buffs) havent elicited anything useful. So the only way is to watch movies where he is credited in the cast and then look for that one unidentified character actor who is common in all. To that end – my movie watching is on! Hopefully Nazir Kashmiri’s true identity will be revealed.

  15. I don’t think 2 days that I had given myself, to watch Kohinoor and chaudvin ka chaand would help.

    I’m wondering if one of Waheeda Rehamn’s brothers in Chaudvin ka chaand could be him.

    I’m going to keep him in mind and watch out for him in other films.

  16. Has this mystery been solved ?

  17. A few questions in the right quarters (old-movie buffs) havent elicited anything useful. So the only way is to watch movies where he is credited in the cast and then look for that one unidentified character actor who is common in all.

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