Two more Noor Jehan films…

mirza_sahibanThank goodness for Tom, Muz, and Pacifist and the Edu Productions team!

They have just made available two more Noor Jehan films, one a Pakistani film from 1959 called Koel; and 1947’s Mirza Sahiban starring Noor Jehan and Trilok Kapoor (fun to see him in a hero role, na?). Karan Bali over at Upperstall has reviewed Koel (link is included in listing) and although he feels it is a less than stellar movie the songs are worth the price (which by the way is FREE). Pacifist’s opinion of Mirza Sahiban is that it’s a much better film than the later Shammi Kapoor outing by the same name, which is actually not that hard but makes me look forward to seeing it.

Download them from the links on the Edu Productions page, enjoy, and give props to the team for their hard work and generosity!

20 Comments to “Two more Noor Jehan films…”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you to Tom, Muz, Pacifist, Edu Production team and yourself.
    What all of you are doing is a tremendous recognition of your untiring effort and hard work to ensure that we and the future generation get the benefits of watching these old classic movies.
    Thank you once again for your unselfish devotion and hard work, it is appreciated very much.

  2. Wonderful job

  3. Oh a Trilok Kapoor film…I am all over that!!!!!

  4. Once again a huge THANK YOU to all involved in this marvelous project! I am indebted to you for making these rare films available and doing all the hard work to make them the best they can be. I’ve already downloaded the files and burning the discs as I type. I’m very much looking forward to watching these (and all the others – I’m way behind!) :)

  5. Bravo! A big, big thank you to all of you, Tom, Muz, Pacifist, Edu Production team and you, Memsaab.

  6. Lots of thanks to all behind this effort to make old classics available.

  7. I want to say thanks for sharing such classical information.

  8. When do you plan to start writing your movie reviews, Greta? Must admit, its been like in my pichla janam :-)

  9. just watched nastik 1983..
    one superb!! movie it is
    would love to mention a particular scene which involves a hilarious scene of smuggling diamonds in a box containing a box of fake eyes!!

  10. Hello Memsaab. I have a question unrelated to this post. I recall watching a song a long time ago in which Shammi Kapoor was dressed up like a baby and the heroine was singing the song. Very weird, but the song was really sweet. I have no idea what song it was and am trying to find it again. Any ideas which one it was?

  11. Dear Asha and Memsaab,
    Is this from the movie, Professor? in which he is not supposed to be a male teacher at an all-girls school? I am sure I have seen it too, but cannot remember which film.

  12. Memsaab, I watched a movie named “Naughty Boy” with Raj Kapoor I think. I wonder is there your friend playing in it. It is a dance sequence. My english is not good but I like your blog too much. I would like to express much but words are missing. Just accept my gratitude for the pleasure you give.


  13. Koel… Favorite of my late father!
    Thank you so much! :)

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