Patay Khan now available!

A 1955 Pakistani Noor Jehan film called Patay Khan is now available for download from the Edu Productions page. Tom tells me that it’s a good ensemble film, with comedian Zarif as a real standout. Hopefully I can watch it soon and chime in with my opinion. In the meantime, enjoy—and you can find the songs from the film on Tom’s YouTube channel.

Many many thanks as always to all of Tom’s meticulous work putting this into the best DVD form possible and to Muz for supplying the video.

5 Comments to “Patay Khan now available!”

  1. You guys are Rockstars! The work that you do is amazing and so very appreciated. Kudos to all involved!

  2. Edu Productions is doing yeoman service to the preservation of our cinematic heritage. Congrats to the team.

  3. I have been a big fan of this film’s songs for a few years now. The bilingual song is particularly great. (Noor Jehan sings for two different characters in two different languages (Urdu and Punjabi) and entirely opposite emotional states, all in the same short song!)

    A few years ago, someone also posted several scenes from the film to YouTube, with English-subtitled dialogue. I was very interested in seeing the whole film, and I wondered why the poster stopped after only a few scenes.

    I will have to finally get some blank DVDs and try to follow those directions again, and hope that my flaky computer holds up in downloading all of this stuff.

    This is definitely one I want to see!

  4. Memsaab, I am missing you, please do give your news. Hope every thing is fine.

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