Help the Hindi film fan!

Please note the addition of a new page at right under “About This Blog”. I am starting an “Artist Identification Project” in the hopes of identifying some familiar faces for whom I still have no names, or some familiar names for whom I have no faces!

I am also in the process of building photo galleries of cinema artists; when I began watching Hindi films I started saving screen shots of people when I figured out who they were, and I have also been inspired by the greatly helpful Actor Photo Gallery over at Surjit Singh’s website (link is below under Filmi Resources).

I would love for this to be collaborative—there are so many of you out there who know SO much more than I ever will, and I appreciate how much you share in these pages, and I’d like to pass some of that knowledge along too.

Thanks, and enjoy! Artist Galleries coming soon!

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36 Comments to “Help the Hindi film fan!”

  1. This is a great addition memsaab! Love the link, iftikar looks so fine in his shot!

    • It is such a great page; I want to do an even more in-depth one, by decade—because some people changed quite a bit over the years, although others didn’t. But still, it’s fun to track the loooonnng careers some people had (like Iftekhar!) :)

  2. You rock!!! Totally…well most of the time.

    Um…actually alot of the time.

    Maybe just some of the time…

  3. I looked at the pics but have no clue who these actors are. Sorry memsaab. It will be a learning lesson for me too when u eventually find the answers. Good luck with this

  4. If I can only figure out a blog-friendly way to post my library of actor pictures, we’re all set! It is not as easy as I hoped though. But eventually I WILL figure it out.

  5. I can’t help with information contribution, but I adore the collaborative nature of the project. Kya bhat hai!

  6. That’s a great idea, Greta. There are plenty of people I’d like identified, too – including the ones you’ve taken screen caps of (also some of the dancers one kept seeing in just about every ‘club song’ from the 50s and 60s).

    • Send me screen caps, honestly, and I’ll post them!

      • I’m not being able to get even a passable screen cap for the guy I mean, but I’ve seen him in umpteen songs as a dancing extra. He’s in Yamma yamma from China Town (the guy with the beard and moochh):

        Helen dances briefly with him when the credits end in Rangeen baharon mein hai, also from China Town.

        And he’s in Suku suku, from Junglee:

        I know I’ve seen him in lots of other songs as well, but have no idea who he is!

  7. Such a great idea!!! Most of the times while watching a movie, I keep wondering who the person is. The pics you have posted are great. I knew some of them and didnt know some.

  8. Is no.4 the lady who played evil nanny in Jodha Akbar?

    Great idea.

    • I’ve been too busy to be as compulsive as I usually am, and hadn’t seen this link but thanks!!! Raju is a good friend of mine, and a really lovely man so this is nice to read. I can’t wait for 3i—I think it will be a wonderful film. He’s been getting great feedback on it from people.

      • Thank you Sunil for that link – very interesting. It is good to know about success stories of truly talented people.
        The horrors of partition are truly with us for a long time
        to come. Quite a few filmy families had to flee from Lahore
        and settle in Bombay and make a new life like the kapoors, sunil dutt, Mohd Rafi etc

      • Memsaab, I have booked my tickets for 3idiots for boxing day- yay!

  9. Its Good Memsaab. All are very good actors and most of them are acted either cammodian & villian role and I know all most all actors.

    Dear Memsaab.

    As our Super Star Rajesh Khanna’s birthday is coming on 29th December, 2009. I request you to kindly bring out very good article this time as u did last year. Hope waiting for you u will do again.

  10. On behalf of fans everywhere – YAY!

  11. Aaaand yes, I cannot type my own name. Can I blame the Christmas cookie hangover?

  12. You can blame anything you want :-D And start sending those screencaps in!

  13. I loooove this idea!!!
    We can all put our heads together and come up with some suggestions and solutions.

    I once took upon myself to track down Nasir Kashmiri, but have failed. :-(
    Only if one knew his time line then one could know whether to look out for a young/middle-aged or an old man.
    In the meantime his name keeps cropping up in every other film I watch.

    Anyway, all the best in this venture (which will benefit all of us). :-)

  14. It probably won’t help with your existing list, but here’s my top 5:

    I think I know the last guy, but the name won’t click. Although I can email someone and find out.

  15. This is a brilliant initiative, Greta !!!
    From now on, you shall be known as Great Greta (or G2 in short).
    Hmm…it sounds a bit like Gunmaster G9…not so sure about it anymore. :-)

    Seriously, this is FANTASTIC.
    I have just gone through the whole gallery – very nicely done !!!
    The biggest surprise I got was to see a beautiful, young Leela Chitnis (1937).
    I had no idea she had acted while young.
    The only image I have ever had of her is of a poor, ailing mother on a death-bed. :-)
    Just checked her imdb profile – did you know she died in Connecticut in 2003 ?

    Back to the gallery, not sure I can solve any of the open cases out there but will definitely try.
    In the meantime, Nazir Kashmiri is torturing me too.
    Ever since you mentioned him, I see his name all over the place.
    It is killing me.

    • Seriously Nazir Kashmiri is in every single Hindi film made from the 40s through the 60s, at least. EVERY SINGLE ONE. He is the most prolific anonymous man in the world!

  16. Great idea ! Now that you have taken up this project, I will try and chip in, though as you all very well I am often wrong in identifying even well known actors forget obscure ones. But I am sure the gallery will become a much consulted page for me and others.

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