The gallery is up

I have added an “Artist Gallery” page now, with pdf files containing artists from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. I am still working on the galleries for later decades (way more people!) but will be adding them as I get them done. All of them are works in progress which I plan to keep adding to and making better along the way. Your feedback, suggestions, etc. are—as always—welcome!

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14 Comments to “The gallery is up”

  1. Bless you, Memsaab! This project of yours will be of great assistance to all Bollywooders! Like you, I love (and need) to know who each actor and actress on screen is! This will help greatly.

  2. That’s wonderful! I’ll go check it out. This makes such a fun project.

    Happy Holidays, Greta! :)

  3. good work memsaab !

  4. Excellent! I admire your commitment to this undertaking.

  5. One suggestion, Greta.
    Is it possible to just get an alphabetical index of all actors who are in the gallery ? That way one can quickly look up the index first to see whether somebody is at all covered or not.

  6. That is a good idea Raja…let me finish putting the initial galleries together and then I’ll go through and do that. I’ll need something to do over Christmas when I’m away from home :D

  7. So awesome. Thanks, Memsaab!

  8. Great idea indeed. This will be a big help indeed.

  9. Ny personal request & SUGGESTION will u kindly make seperate gallary only for our Super Star Rajesh Khanna. I will try to help u out to make it in big way.

    Thanks memsaab

  10. I know I have been a naughty boy and have not followed your blog for quite a long time. But this post has called out my name..

    So, in case I am missing something, please let me know where are all the uploads?

    I can has it? Pwease :)

  11. Thanks all (Sujoy I assume that you found them :)

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