2D vs 3D

My friend Sheila cut my hair today. I have been hating my last haircut since I got it; she offered to fix it, and she did. My sister also cuts hair. I cannot imagine cutting anyone’s hair. Well one time I did cut my friend Alex’s hair, but we were both a little tipsy and he hadn’t combed his hair in over 2 years, plus he was a swimmer. So there was no real risk of doing any harm to his appearance. (As a return favor, he pierced a second hole in one of my ears during a power outage, but that’s another story for another day.)

There’s something about 3 dimensional space that I just can’t navigate through. Two-dimensional space is the easiest thing in the world…drawing has always just been really easy for me. But I failed miserably at sculpture and jewelry-making both.

I guess I will just stick with what I can do. I’ve got Sheila and my sister for everything else.

gemma portrait

3 Comments to “2D vs 3D”

  1. You did this sketch?
    How beautiful!

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