I am besharam.

imageI am becharam.

41 Comments to “I am besharam.”

  1. Beautiful! Enjoy Yourself Greta Darling! Wish I could meet them all as well The Young Stars I was talking about

  2. Besharam? Or Bechara? Or a combination of both? *grin* Envy you! (But of course you knew that!)

  3. Wow! Oh first, great to see you back to blogging!

    And then…wow! Did you plan on flying on the same plane as Amir Khan or did it just happen?

  4. Sorry, I just realized it’s not a plane, lol!

  5. :-D I thought that was reserved for Shammi and Shahrukh?! Have fun m’dear.

  6. So happy for you. Enjoy every moment of your stay in India. Will talk more about your trip when you come back.

  7. OMG OMG OMG OMG!! *faints*
    How did you get to do that? I so wish I got to meet him and kiss him too. :D Lucky you!
    He looks so handsome and that smile… *goes weak in the knees*

  8. You look great! That looks like Delhi or Calcutta Metro train. I am glad your holiday has begun with a bang with Aamir! Have a fantastic trip and thanks for sharing these photos.


    -Arunkumar Deshmukh

    PS- looks like you got the birthday gift already !

  10. Aw, first Carla and now you! By the way, are you in India, or was he in the US?

  11. Many Happy Returns Greta Baby with all My Love & Blessings

  12. Happy birthday dear one! ML.

  13. Memsaab, Happy B’Day, & thanks for sharing the pics. Seems like you are having a great time!

  14. Aww, Aamir looks delighted to be with you…as he should be! Hope you’re having a blast and can’t wait for the stories when you get back. :-)
    Happy, B’Day!

  15. That Aamir shirt…let me be polite and say nothing:)

    You look lovely and happy, memsaab!

  16. Happy Birthday Greta! I am sure it will be a memorable one

  17. Great pics, Greta!

    Is that, indeed, a Delhi or Calcutta Metro train? It looks like a cleaner or newer version of a lot of New York subway cars. Why would a big contemporary Bollywood movie star ride the subway? (Or do I have the wrong idea?)

    This picture raises a few questions…

  18. Good to see you back to blogging as I hoped and wished you would be. You will indeed have lots of material for several posts after you are done with hobnobbing with all these famous people.

  19. Hi,
    It looks like you are on the sky train, does that guy who is behind you wearing a yellow shirt carrying a scooter! that you and Amir rode around to paint the town red before you took the train? Just kidding dear!

    It seems like you are enjoying yourself, we will wait for all the details —-hope you won’t keep us waiting.

    Thank you

  20. Hi memsaab, great to see you back in action!

  21. Greta, Just wanted to say, Very happy to hear this update from you. :)

  22. Greta, Just wanted to say, Very happy to hear this update from you. :) Sorry about leaving this comment as a child thread!

  23. Is he real? Or is that a lookalike? Whaaaat? You must explain this!

  24. I’m so jealous and so happy for you at the same time. Can’t wait to read more!

  25. Wow. The big question is how come Aamir rides the Delhi metro (that’s where i think it is) unmolested? Or for that matter (if it is Delhi), you? Hope you’re having fun.

  26. Belated happy birthday to you!

  27. The only explanation for this is that You were invited to drop into Your friend Raju Hirani’s shoot of Peekay, and this is a scene set in a Delhi metro coach.
    * I’m amazed at my own brilliance *

  28. OMG, after watching PK I realized this is when he was shooting for that 1 love song. It’s the same shirt he wore in the movie in a scene

    • Yes, we were there for the transit scenes where Anushka first meets PK (when he’s passing out the flyers) and then the next day when they shot parts of the song :)

      • Ok, just done rewatching the movie, that train scene was lovely. This shirt kept reminding me of your blog. Memsaab you gotta watch this movie if you haven’t, it’s really funny with a good message.

  29. Come back, Memsaab. I miss your writing.

  30. wow is that you ? which metro is that ^^

  31. Wow ! Looking so cute :)

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