More movies!

I am working on a post about my recent wonderful trip to India, but before I that am thrilled to report that Tom and his cohorts in Edu Productions have been very busy! We have added four new films to the list for downloading or watching on YouTube (if you can, I encourage you to download them, the quality is so much better!): Rattan (1944) starring Karan Dewan, the lighthearted Azaad (1955) starring Meena Kumari and Dilip Kumar; and two more Pakistani films, 1957’s Nooran starring Noor Jehan and Lakhon Mein Ek (1967) starring Shamim Ara.

All these films have good English subtitles and the video quality is the best that you will find out there. This also brings the number of Edu Productions releases to a grand total of 25 films so far—a jubilee well worth celebrating! Enjoy and as always please let those involved know how much their efforts are appreciated. It takes a lot of work to put these dvds together and is a labor of love only for all involved.

Thank you Tom, Pacifist, and Muz!

7 Comments to “More movies!”

  1. This is always welcome news. I’m in the process of downloading them all right now. As always, thanks so much to the whole team for providing these gems to us. And thanks for everyone’s hard work. You are all very much appreciated!

  2. Long live Edu Productions, memsaab. Preserving our film heritage is so necessary (and so neglected!) that I am deeply thankful to everyone involved for cleaning up these films (and subtitling them).

    Looking forward to hearing about your trip to India. :)

  3. Dear Memsaab, long back when I was a regular reader of your FIRST DAY FIRST POSTS, I came across an old movie reviewed by you featuring Premnath and Ajit as friends (or was it brothers long-lost?) and Madan Puri as the sole villain. But alas, now when I had finally started watching old classics online, I could not recollect the name of the movie nor its year of release. Even after some painstaking search here, I still could not locate the film. Have you taken off a few masterpieces from your grand gallery or is it still there in a not-so-bright corner? Whatever has happened please reply ASAP and enlighten me about the movie and its release year.

  4. Amazing for how long does a trivial thing is etched on a human memory when all that is significant gets lost in a storm of experiences. For your purpose, Memsaab, I tried recollecting about the “missing masterpiece”, and came with three pointers, which I admit will only increase the number of pins in the mountain-haystack.
    * The movie had very few screenshots (or so as I recollect).
    * It involved ancient-medieval Hindu monarchy, with swordfights, not guns.
    * Towards the middle, the heroes somehow manage to outsmart the villain, and the latter somehow retreats tactically, but in your words (nearly)– “Knowing he is Madan Puri, he will be upto no good….”—this is my most vivid recollection.
    Whatever it is, may my faith in MEMSAAB never perish, SO HELP ME GOD!

    • Memsaab I am sorry; it appears that I have confused Naujawan(1966) with Naujawan (1951). In the first, Ajit is with Dara Singh and Prem Nath stars in the latter. Happy to solve the confusion and will watch both the movies.

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