Happy Birthday to Edwina!


Finally, someone has done what really needed to be done: written a book about my talented and gorgeous Indian mother Edwina and her background dancer friends, who appeared in pretty much every film from the 50s throughout the 1960s. She worked with all the greats from that era. Here’s a message from the author, Professor Surjit Singh, an avid film historian whose website I discovered early on as a treasure trove of information.

Dear Edu fans:

As you know today (July 22) is her birthday. You will be pleased to know that on this occasion a biography of Edu has been published. The book is ‘Edwina: An Unsung Bollywood Dancer of the Golden Era’ by Professor Surjit Singh.

For more information, please visit my website.

For buying in US dollars, please visit:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

If buying in Rupees, go to Pothi.com.

Thank you!

Surjit Singh

I have read the book, and he begins with some really interesting information about the history of music and dance in Hindi cinema, and about the Anglo-Indians who worked in the industry from early on. He has included a lot of stories in Edu’s own words, and she as many of you know is very funny indeed. It’s a treat.

Have a very very happy birthday, dearest Edu!

22 Comments to “Happy Birthday to Edwina!”

  1. Super!!! I bagged my copy and looking forwards to reading it!!! Happy Birthday Edwina! Thanks for inspiring Edu Productions!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Edwina! I love it that it’s your birthday but we all get the present in the form of the book. Apart from Greta, can’t think of a better author for the subject than Surjitji. Off to Amazon to get the book – love the cover!

  3. Happy Birthday Edwinaji. I am glad your contribution as well as other dancers who have enriched Indian cinema is finally being recognised.

  4. Happy Birthday Edwinaji. I am glad that your contribution as well as of other dancers who have enriched Indian cinema is finally being recognised.

  5. Happy Birthday, Miss Edwina!!! I think that Shalini said it best: “I love it that it’s your birthday but we all get the present in the form of the book.” Thank you for all the joy that you’ve brought to us. May it come back to you three times over! I’ve ordered my copy of the book and can’t wait to read it. :)

  6. Happy birthday, Edwina. Had a lot of crazy stuff happening and my hard drive had to cleared; I’ve lost your contact information; if you see this, please, please drop me a line.

    Wishing you a great many years ahead! Have to get this book now. :)

  7. Happy birthday, Edwina maam. Just Ordered my copy from Pothi, cant wait for the arrival :-)


  9. Beklated birthday greetings, I am awaiting my copy of your biography.

  10. Hello Anu Dearest My email is edwina.violette@btinternet.com No Mobile but My Landline No. is 01438 727 540

  11. Thanks once again Dear Ones for all of the support for Me & also for Dear Surjit Singh Have to go for a right knee replacement on the 18 August so please do Pray for Me that all should go well then & after as well as I still like to be able to shake a leg now & then when I get in the mood I never say Die! Hahahahaha! Wishful Thinking !!!

  12. You are from the Lyons Den, & I’m your brother Terence & should know that we always want to move those dancing legs Edu.

  13. Hi Memsaab!

    Saw a wonderful article on Scroll.in which which made me remember you and return to your page after a long, long time.


    Just managed to skim through a few details, will browse later. Meanwhile, CONGRATS on you marriage!

    • Thank you Salim and so nice to “see” you again :) I haven’t completely given up my writing (and definitely not the movie watching), and really really enjoyed this article you linked to. Shared it on the blog Facebook page as well, it is just wonderful.

  14. Hi Memsaab,

    Came across an interesting article (which reminded me of you and brought me back here after AGES) on Scroll in website with the title “JH Thakkar photographed Hindi movie stars like few others did” (am unable to post the link here).

    I thought you had hung up your boots! Anyway, as time passes away, things change and fall apart. Quite right that you should write only when it flows from you – merely writing because it is expected of you is a chore and the effort tells.

    i am browsing at work – so it’s a bit of a hasty affair and I have just managed to skim a bit of your last few postings. CONGRATS on getting married! Wishing you both a great life together.

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