Edu Productions updates and more (but not much more)

lowtide5Some of you have been agitating (ever so gently, though, and I don’t mind) about my silence over here. Luckily Tom and his army of subtitlers which now includes our much-loved regular Pacifist have not been nearly as lazy.

I am pleased to announce that there are updates to the Edu Productions page with two four new movies available for download, with subtitles. They are two early Pakistani Noor Jehan films (1952’s Dupatta and 1958’s Choo Mantar). I have included a link to Richard’s review of Dupatta over at his blog, Dances On The Footpaths so check that out too. And Tom has put the songs and dances on his YouTube channel as always.

I have just added 1943’s Kismet and a rare one called Karigar (1958) starring Ashok Kumar and Lalita Pawar. Tom has done his usual stellar job on the sometimes problematic video quality and these are very hard to find films, especially with subtitles. Many many thanks to Pacifist for joining the team and doing such a great job subtitling! The quality of her work is outstanding, and it is not an easy thing to do to capture the nuances of disparate languages elegantly.

As for me, I have spent the winter focusing on another long-time hobby which conflicts with my movie-watching one: knitting. I am not a good enough knitter to read subtitles at the same time as I knit (although I have always been very pleased by how much knitting goes on in Hindi movies!). If you are interested, you can see some of my recent projects (with Gilda’s “help”) here, here, here, here, and here. If you aren’t, I don’t blame you and I hope to be back discussing fillums here very soon when the flowers start coming out again and it’s too warm to be sitting under a cloud of wool yarn!

22 Comments to “Edu Productions updates and more (but not much more)”

  1. I love this and I’m excited to see these movies, thank you. I watched Kismet not that long ago (after you pointed us to another source for it) and it was fantastic. I can’t WAIT to see Karigar and Dupatta. Fantastic.

    carla (filmi geek)

  2. Yay! Kudos to all of the team! I can’t wait to get started downloading. And I look forward to your emergence like a butterfly from beneath your cocoon of yarn.

  3. Is Gilda glaring at the pattern for usurping your attention or is she being possessive about it :D? I remember my Mom and ‘Aunties’ (all neighbourhood Moms are ‘Aunties’ – especially Christian ones) knitting away to glory. It was and is all such a mystery how they could gossip and knit. Talk about multi-tasking – I think Women are more talented that way. That’s my toast to women today on Women’s Day!

    • Well I can talk and knit, it’s reading subtitles and knitting that I can’t do :) I love scenes in Indian movies of women knitting.

      Gilda just loves the yarn. She’s like a kitten with it if I’m not careful! She also hoards my socks.

  4. Memsaab you knit as superbly as you write! I love to knit as well but can only knit scarves. Waiting eagerly for your writeups!

  5. I’m looking forward to read your new reviews.

  6. Thank you so much for your appreciation, Greta. It’s very encouraging. :-)

    I’m with Gilda in thinking it’s a nice piece of work there, and so are the finished products, naturally. Love knitting myself.

    • Ooh I want pictures of your knitting Pacifist! It’s so satisfying to make a piece of clothing or something out of what is essentially string :) And I have the links for Kismet and Karigar, coming up! THANK YOU for making movies accessible to all of us—it’s a special talent to be able to convert meaning from one language to another, especially as I said, with elegance :)

  7. Yay! I haven’t seen “Karigar” and would love to see an Edu improved version of it. The knitting projects look great!

  8. Lovely on multiple levels!!! :-) First, that we’ve got more releases from Edu Productions, with Tom’s magic and Reeba joining the sub-titling team. Then, the fact that we have a post on this blog – I know it’s not a film post but it’s something!!! And then of course, a pic of Gilda helping out with the knitting.

    Yes, lovely on multiple levels. :-)

  9. Good to note that you are into knitting, much like a few Hindi movies leading ladies of 1960s. :). I hope that you will come up with an article on knitting scenes in Hindi movies.

    And the picture of Gilda is priceless.

  10. @Memsaab – Very happy to see the long overdue post. With the flowers almost ready to bloom, can’t wait for film reviews to follow.
    In the picture it almost seems like Gilda is trying to read subtitles :)

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  12. Congratulations on the new addition to your family:)

  13. Time for an update to the Memdogs! Have a wonderful time with him :-)

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