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We have added two wonderful movies to our film selection on the Edu Productions page starring two of Hindi cinema’s most beautiful luminaries: Prabhat’s Amar Jyoti (1936) starring Durga Khote as a pirate queen, and Kamal Amrohi’s hard to find Daaera (1953) starring Meena Kumari.

Check them out, along with the other movies there if you haven’t yet. Subtitled by Raja and Ava, video cleaned up by Tom; you can either watch them on YouTube or download the DVD files (as always, follow Tom’s excellent included instructions). Enjoy!

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  1. thanks.Saw Durga Khote only in older woman roles.There was a child star called Master Romi who did not make it as an adult star.Any idea what happened to him

    • Durga was a pioneer in acting, one of the first women from a “good” family (whatever that means :D) to join the industry. She was stunningly beautiful too, I don’t think she ever lost that. This film is good fun indeed!

  2. Daera is not available easily, so congratulations all. The song by Mubarak Begum, Devta tum ho meta sahara is a masterpiece.

  3. Dear Memsaab,

    Have you reviewed Daera here? Couldn’t find it in the index. It’s always interesting to see Meena Kumari’s 50’s avataar. Speaking of which, I watched ‘Memsaab’ – the one with Kishore Kumar, Meena Kumari and Shammi Kapoor – and I must thank you for bringing that film to my knowledge.

    • As memsaab mentions in the Daera part of the Edu Productions tab list of available movies, she’ll be reviewing it soon. I, for one, will be looking forward to her review because I was baffled by this haunting movie after watching it recently.

  4. I’ve got Daaera in my dvd player, just have to find the time to watch it! Hopefully this weekend :)

    • Watch it when you have a lot of paitence and time on your hand – you’ll need both. :-)

      • Just managed to get through it. I think there is stuff missing, which made some of it very confusing although it still managed to be slow as molasses. My mom suffered through it with me, and said: Well, this isn’t Bollywood. It did have its interesting moments though!


  5. Oh, Thank you so much Tom!! Indeed one is unable to get this film anywhere.

  6. Memsaab, do you have any film of probably greatest Indian actor Motilal. He was the hero in some films in the 1940s and early 50s. I have just one film of his called Mr. Sampat and must say he is the most natural actor ever on the Indian screen. Much ahead of his times. Truely brilliant.
    I am also looking for his film Sawan released in the 1940s. Does anyone also please help me with the name of the Dialogue writer of the 1961 film Ramu Dada which was salim Khan’s first and last film as a hero. Helater became a writer forming the Salim-Javed team.

    • I’ve only seen one or two Motilal films. It’s hard to find them with subtitles :( He reminds me of an old-style Hollywood actor along the lines of Charles Boyer, and I mean that only as a compliment!

  7. I had an old worn-out VHS print of Daaera. Just downloaded it. Excellent job, as usual, TeamTom! .

  8. Thank you, Tom, Ava and Raja for your stupendous work!
    Bless you!

  9. I am so excited for new films from all of you! I was able to download Daaera with no issue at all, but there are no files showing when I click on the link for Amar Jyoti.

    Thank you all so much for this marvelous service you are providing for us!

    • Suzanne,
      I just checked both the files for the movie in my account at MediaFire and the link in the Edu Productions tab and both show all the files. Maybe it’s a temporary glitch. Can you try again and report back please?

      • Oh, Suzanne, I just figured out what it was. When testing for the link, I was logged into MediaFire. After deleting my cookies and logging out, when clicking on the link I get taken to the main MediaFire page rather than to the files. Apparently MediaFire has just changed its policy and now requires people to sign up before getting files. Daera was uploaded earlier and it isn’t required for that movie. I hope that’s not a problem for you (or others). Signing up with them is pretty painless.

        • Tom, I was logged into Mediafire as I already have an account. It just gives me the “My Files” page. I logged out and clicked the link but I get the main page, so I sign in and get sent to “My Files” again. I refresh since your link is in the address bar and I still only get “My Files”. I tried copying and pasting the link – same thing. I’ve deleted the cookies and the cache.

          • I’m sorry, Suzanne, but I don’t really have any ready solution. I may wind up starting over again with the upload. This is the first one that seems to require an account and I thought MediaFire had changed their policies, but maybe something else is at work. I have another link for you to try:


            Or, if when you click a link and get taken to your own files instead, see if the URL at the top ends with ‘#myfiles’. If so, remove that part and go to what remains.

          • Darn, my first link is for a different movie. See if the second link works. My mistake, sorry. Maybe memsaab can fix it?

  10. Hi Tom, I downloaded the files of Daaera and ran the SFV CRC check and got bad file errors for 4, 10, 12, 17 and 19; I downloaded files 4, 10 and 12 again but got the same error message.

    • Salim,
      That’s odd as Mr. Surjit Singh just above reports he made the DVD with no problem. When you try and unRAR the files, does it abort with a CRC error? I just did a CRC check on my own files here on the computer and it checks out OK (as suspected). I can replace the files, of course, but have you already tried to unRAR them? A bad SFV probably isn’t the cause, but I’ve just replaced it with a fresh one. Can you get it and try again? Please report back and if it doesn’t work for you I can replace the files. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  11. Hi Tom, Apologies should be from my side for pestering you – you are doing us all a great favour! I tried doing the unRAR anyway but got a break at 4, 10, 12, 17 and 19. While the site shows the file size for these files to be 191 MB each, I repeatedly get download of 160, 135, 170, 125 and 140 MB respectively (am giving approx figures). Perhaps its a server problem. I’ll try a few days later.

    • Salim, I tested by downloading two of the RAR files, numbers 4 and 10, and they downloaded fine. They were the same size as the ones at MediaFire. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what the problem can be and my only suggestion is to try again from time to time (as you already said you’ll be doing). Let me know in a few days and if it’s still not working for you I’ll replace the RARs you’re having trouble with.

  12. Tom,
    I tried the second link. I get the same result. I remove the #myfiles and still the same result. If I try to use the link without logging in all I get is the home page urging me to sign up. This happens in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
    Sorry to be such a pain. :( Thanks so much for all your help.


  13. The download was fine and the disc burned perfectly. I’ve watched the first few minutes and I hope I get a chance to finish it this weekend. :) Thanks again to Tom for all his extra efforts to make sure it worked for me.

  14. memsaab

    have you seen this movie – Khoon Khoon?

  15. Hi Greta – Thanks so much for these valuable contributions. If you ever get to see “Soorat Aur Seerat” (1962), please upload to this page. Thanks in advance, Shashi

  16. what happened to Ted Lyons & His Cubs, don’t hear anymore about it

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