Trivia time #42

While I muck around with Edwina making faces that scare the dogs and learning how to Twist (it’s easier than I thought! and even more fun!!) here is more trivia for you to entertain yourselves with.

Can you name the male child actors “singing” in each of the following two video clips?


Bonus points if you can name the girl in the second video too, because it’s killing me. She looks familiar but I can’t place her.

Many thanks to Shalini for passing this interesting information on to me in the first place.

57 Comments to “Trivia time #42”

  1. This is killing me – I always think I recognize people and am almost always wrong, even with people I know in real life, so I’m not going to guess publicly :)

    But I am so delighted by the toys, especially that inflatable face. India seems to have had an amazing run of inflatable toys!

  2. Aww who cares if you’re wrong? I’d never have guessed the second one myself, especially. And yes, those old toys in India that show up in movies all the time are AWESOME.

    I should add that in the first song, I only want the name of the boy in the hat doing most of the singing at the beginning :)

  3. Really tough ones.But i could redognize a couple of the actors (or guessing at least).
    I believe its Amjad khan & Jagdeep in the first video.Didn’t recognize the others.Vinod mehra in the second video.Again , don’t know who the girl is.

  4. Amjad Khan (Sholay fame) and Mohan Choti are main singers with others to be identified.

    for the second clip, Vinod Mehra as uncredited young Rajan with the girl to be identified

  5. I think Callie and Gilda are made of sterner stuff and are just pretending to be scared, but I am envious of the good time you seem to be having with Edwina, she is cooking food for you AND teaching you the Twist!
    We had all three of those toys in the first clip in our home – the inflatable one belonged to my sister, I think, and the wind up doll was mine, and the doll with removable parts – it was known as the head shaking dancer – was bought by my mother, to keep along with other dolls on the mantel.
    I am hopeless at identifying anyone, but I do believe Amjad Khan and Jagdeep are there in the first, and a very young and cute Vinod Mehra in the second.

    • I have one of those bobble-dancer dolls (in a Manipuri costume) and it’s great. So much fun to set “dancing” :) And I don’t know about Gilda…she is still growling and barking at Edwina, although every morning when she gets up (Gilda) the first thing she does is run down the hallway with her tail wagging to see if Edu is still here. When she sees her though she goes into melodrama mode *eye roll*…luckily Edwina takes it all in good humor.

  6. Amjad Khan, Mohan Chotti in the first clip. Baby Leela (as credited for Raagini) & Vinod Mehra second clip :

  7. Film clip from Raj Kapoor’s Ab Dilli Dur Nahi (1957): The kid entering the scene and wearing Kashmiri topi is Master Romi — who is going to Delhi to meet the Prime Minister, Pandit Nehru with a letter seeking justice — is watching the street kids perform. Amjad Khan (Sholay Gabbar) in cap sings and Mohan Choti with tray dances. Jagdeep is an older kid seen later in the film as the son of Yakub, the pocket thief and is not in this scene. Street girl Nazima is part of the kids group also seen later in the film. Four of the remainig six street kids in the street scene are credited as Tillu, Chandan, Ram Kumar and Pappu. Pappoo and the first four named child actors were also in another children’s film released in the same year 1957 as Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke –We Birds of the same branch of the tree. There were documentaries earlier on hard lives and forgotten times of the child actors of India, mainly at Mumbai.

    • Now that would be an interesting documentary to see! I think a lot of these child actors were exploited :( (and often by their own parents), although at least with Amjad it was hopefully a case of his father being an actor too and he was interested in it. Mohan Choti looks so young in this! although not really a “kid” any more I think.

    • Ram Kumar is the young Gunga in Gunga Jumna and also the young Devdas in Devdas (1955).

  8. Film clip from the film Raagini or Ragini (1958): Unmistakable young Vinod Mehra is perhaps credited as Master Raja and the female child artist as Baby Leela as per the film credits with Ustad Amir Khan singing! Please see YouTube clip with film credits as “Ustad Amir khan singing in film raagini 1958 raga lalit.wmv” at <> I do not know what became of her except only other Leela — Lilabai Despande, a career hair dresser for the films had a small acting part in Shyam Benegal’s Mandi (1983), a pure speculation on my part. Pardon my E&O! Regards Greta!

  9. Please read Master Vinod (Mehra) and not Master Raja — late on a Halloween night! Good night!

  10. I agree with everyone’s guesses (the best thing to do when you don’t know for sure ;-) ), but what I really want to say is that you both look so beautiful.
    As for frightening Callie and Gilda, I think they must have laughed. :-D

  11. Right It is vinod mehra I have identified with out seeing other comments.Believe me

  12. I agree with Lalitha and Pacifist about your dogs’ reactions, specially Callie, who having suffered so much at the hands of savages, now associates your face with that of her Fairy Godmother or Madonna (the Biblical one).Gilda maybe was laughing too.
    Wow, Edwina looks a real TOUGH, feisty lady. Thanks for posting her pic.
    Cannot help with the guess-work; actually others have recompensed my lack of knowledge.
    Finally, Memsaab, even if you pull a Halloween makeup, your beauty will never be affected-you will remain a mermaid all your life.

    • She is feisty for sure, not so tough though—although I wouldn’t mess with her if she were defending someone she loved! We are having a lot of fun, and getting on like a house on fire. She has an awesome sense of humor :)

  13. Wow, I would never have guessed that!
    I am really impressed!

  14. As most everyone (you guys are impressive!) has said: in the first clip Amjad Khan is the little chubby guy with the cap, Mohan Choti is the one with the tray. And in the second clip it is Vinod Mehra, although I never would have guessed that one. Thank you all for playing, and seriously I am awed by your knowledge as always!

  15. I’m awed too. While I see the resemblance once it’s pointed out, I absolutely didn’t notice either Amjad or Vinod Mehra when I actually watched the films.:-( Of course, I’m now left wondering how many other such appearances I’ve missed…

  16. Tun Tun in the second clip?

  17. I’m late so will not get into this guessing game. I agree Vinod Mehra is a tough one. Me thinks if Amjad had known he would go on to be THE Gabbar Singh, he would have asked for a different singer.
    I must add that you ladies look lovely in those pictures.

  18. Really difficult to guess though Mohan Choti was identifiable. Almost all child actors during that point of time were exploited by their parents (there is a new TV serial called “Har Jeet” that is rumoredly based on the Irani sisters). Due to all the fame and adulation at a young age, these children miss out on school and a proper education. when they become teenagers, the film offers drop. then the trouble begins. can u believe this trivia:
    1.Daisy Irani wanted to be a heroine but all that she experienced was producers feeling her all over & commenting that she wasn’t grown up enough to be a heroine.
    2.Naaz (who was part of the documentary on child actors) broke down saying how her parents fought day in and day out and how her mother pushed her into movies (& Naaz did 30 films as a heroine).

    • Mohan Choti was easy to see, I was more asking about Amjad Khan’s identity which once you know it’s him is fairly obvious too (hindsight…). But Vinod…I still don’t really see the resemblance, but I haven’t seen that many of his movies either.

      Yes, I had heard that Naaz didn’t want to be an actress but was forced by her parents :( Too bad! She was such a beauty too…but it isn’t an easy life I am sure.

  19. till date Jayalalitha rues the day she was pushed into movies at the age of 16, despite she being a school topper.she wanted to go for higher studies.
    also, memsaab, there is a tragic story of a child actor (he was called bakoda kadar) who was obese. Doctors told him to reduce his weight. He did that but then producers refused to use him as a comedian, so the child actor had no choice but to eat and eat for the sake of earning a livelihood, at the cost of risking his life.
    there was another child star – Kutti Padmini who did not know how to put a signature !
    Behind every successful child star is a story full of tears and broken hearts.

  20. Too late to play. :( But I like the faces both of you are making :) Should I say ‘Poor Gilda’ or does she ignore you when she feels like it? :)

  21. Who took the pictures. Was it Gilda or Callie ? :)

    I think they must have laughed at your attempts to frighten them. Try wearing ghost masks. That works with my dogs.

    As for identifying the child actors, I, like Shalini, can recognise then once someone else have already done the hard work of identifying them. Having said that, I knew thae Amjad Khan had acted in “Ab Dilli Door Nahin”. He had figured in at least one more song in this movie. The fact that Vinod Mehra worked as a child artist is news to me.

    And I am extremely happy for you that ypu are having a great time in the company of Edwina jee, a person who became familiar to me and many others thanks to your glowing writeups about her.

  22. The Twist was the easiest dance ever. All of us used to get into that groove at parties.

    • Hmmm…I think most of us would think we can do the Twist, but doing it gracefully is another thing altogether :) No shoulder/upper body movement, it’s all in the waist! I must say that I feel so proud that I’ve learned to do it from the same woman who taught Dara Singh to do it (in Cha Cha Cha—she says she had to put her hands on his waist to show him how to gyrate without moving the rest of his body, just like she did with me—wheee!) :D

  23. Bhudo Advani at 3:32 in the first clip. :)

  24. missed my email on your posts on Edwina?

  25. Have sent again!

  26. memsaab ji,
    Apropos your comment on Jagdeep in Atul’s blog,you can count me too in the list of Jagdeep fans.

    Jagdeep,who was really Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jaffry,started his career as a child extra in B.R.Chopra’s AFSANA-1951 and then did child actor’s roles in Ab dilli door nahin,munna,and Hum Panchhi ek daal ke.
    His first brush with comedy was as LAALU Boot polishwalla in DO BIGHA ZAMIN-53.

    I think Jagdeep was born at a wrong period.When he tried to become a Hero( in 5 films,including Bhabhi with Baby Nanda,in Barkha with Shubha Khote etc),there were many many more handsome,talented and luckier newcomers competing with him;and when he tried to concentrate on comedy,there was a hugh group of comedians at the same time in the industry,e.g. Mukri,Sunder,Johnny walker,Dhumal,Mehmood,Rajendranath,mohan choti etc etc.he therefore could not get meaty roles.Nevertheless,he had a natural talent and hence always left an indelible mark in every movie that he acted in.

    Later on the trend changed and the specialist comedian in the films became redundent,as the Heroes themselves were doing comedy acts.Nowadays,one hardly sees any specialist comedian in films like earlier days(as a side kick of the Hero or a funny character etc).

    His ‘not so good luck’ in career continued with his son Javed jaffry,who despite being very talented,could not become a big time Hero or a Comedian in demand.

    -Arunkumar Deshmukh

    • Yay Arunkumar! I am glad to not be alone. I think he is good-looking and funny (like Rajendranath) although by the end of his career he was stuck in a period where movies were simply not very good a lot of the time. I also am a big fan of his son, and don’t understand why he isn’t used more in films. Maybe he’s picky, I don’t know, but I was glad to see him in 3 Idiots. You are probably right about the timing for both of them.

      • That is because Memsaab, Jaaved is a professional dancer, and a super one, next only to the southee Prabhu Deva. He and his younger bro focused only on dancing and hosted the very successful dance competition “BOOGIE WOOGIE” which was aired on “Sony Entertainment” channel in India for nearly 20 years. But he did not meet much success in films.
        He started as a hero but never could make much headway in the early 90s, but I liked him as the cowboy Crocodile act in SALAAME NAMASTHE and in a friendly role in TARA RUM PUM.

  27. javed jaffry -can be utilised as a good character actor. too bad that despite subash ghai introducing him, he could not make it in bollywood. i too enjoyed his role in tara rum pum.
    btw, jagdeep and javed were at loggerheads due to former’s marriage at the age of 60 years

    • Really! Did not know about that! Who is JAGGY married to? Must be the dumbest lass in India to fall for the born-idiot and buffoon.Thank God, his sons did not turn out like him. Last time I saw JAGGY, he was acting in a Hindi soap in the new channel COLORS- what a nerve. The silver screen must have shunned him.

  28. Hello Edwina and Memsaab
    Hope yu folks are doing good :)
    Ok a small happeee note, one movie which I hv been hunting for ages Modern Girl 1961 has made a appearance, the super songs n YT and one of them for sure has the Edwina ?and her colleagues, it is a VHSrip but in many scenes yu will see the dancing troupe, g8 to see this and now we hope we get to see the full movie in the future,



  29. Sarry folks if this is a duplicate but I wanted to share this super song by Rafi Saheb done on Jaggy bhai, do check it out, lyrics are just wonderful
    pas baitho tabiyat bahal jayegi..Punar milan 1964 – Rafi – Indeevar – C Arjun.. a tribute

    cheers :)

  30. In the second clip,i think childs artists are Vinod and Baby Leela who looks like Baby Naaz,also child artist in “Boot Polish” (1954).In point of fact her name appears in Raagini’s credits.

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