Lux beauty secrets!

Beauty product endorsements and actresses go back a long way…Do you think Lux can be credited with keeping Leela Chitnis beautiful into old age?

…Maybe not…(please, no hate mail—I ADORE Manorama!)

The hyperbole in this one is sublime, though.

44 Comments to “Lux beauty secrets!”

  1. Oh Memsaab. Of the many things I love about you and your blog of serious discussion and weighty argument, your confident glance as woman is top.

  2. Waah, waah ! Those were the days when Movie actrors would endorse products for free. I recall that actresses considered it a privilege to endorse Lux, because it meant they had arrived as a film star. Can one today imagine modern day actresses working for free in modern day ads. :)

  3. Thanks memsaab! When I used to complain about Leela Chitnis’s clingy whiny mother roles, my grandfather used to say “Leela Chitnis was a superstar in my time. She was the one on Lux soap ads”. Now I know what he was talking about!

    • She’s so beautiful!!! I think she really did retain her beauty all the way through life, even if sometimes her roles left something to be desired. Not her fault! :)

  4. Both Leela Chitnis and Manorama look so young and beautiful! I shall go and pat Lux’s lovely lather into my skin right away.

  5. In Lux’s defense, Manorama was always blemish free even if her waist expanded significantly. :)

    Look at how youthful her skin is!:

  6. Lovely. From when are these ads?

    So are you “looking out wide-eyed at Life The Mystery” with your “beaux yeux”, memsaab? :-)

    We could do with one from you along these lines, memsaab, to sell your reviews.

    “My review secret is very simple. First prepare a generous dose of screen shots with lots of eye-candy or interesting subtitles. Release this gently into the brewing narrative to come up with a rich concoction of storyline, humor and pictures. How soft and smooth, how refreshed it leaves the review.”

    Hmm…I don’t know! Sounds more like a Nescafe ad to me. ;-)

    But hey, the truth may be listening to this serious discussion. And SHE may be laughing. :-)

  7. Nice to see these ads! And I have become very fond of Manorama too. But my favorite Lux soap ad was Kanan Devi.

  8. Thank you for sharing these lovely ad pics. Other wise I would have an eternal image of leela chitnis as a “whinging & sorrowful” Ma in her later films!

    I think actresses even now consider that being a model for Lux means they have “arrived” in terms of success. I vaguley recollect seeing Karishma Kapoor and Ash on lux ads in mags. It is interesting to know that actresses did these ads for free those days.

    • RE:whiny, whinging

      I’ve always found Leela Chitnis to be the nicest Hindi Mother. Can you imagine her as the banshee? No, it just doesn’t compute. She’s the Mother I would want if I was the hero in a Hindi movie.

      • She was NEVER a banshee, but she did cry a fair amount. But then that was about the most likable poor Maa could be in those days…

        I think I agree with you. Leela Chitnis would be the Maa I’d pick for my Filmi Family :)

        • Lalita Pawar is the only other Ma I would consider but she’s a bit unpredictable. She can go from really happy to really angry to really weepy.. (mostly the last though).

          Did she do any Lux ads or spreads in the early magazines? I wonder how she was as a leading lady. :)

    • Really we should start trying to collect them…I am sure we could all together come up with quite a few, representing pretty much every decade if not every year.

  9. And you forget Shahrukh Khan. What a Lux ad that was!

    I like Manorama a lot. What a Chachi she made in Seeta aur Geeta. I saw her in ‘Water’ a while ago, a very, very old woman, without her wigs and eye make-up and was floored.

    What IS ‘beaux-yeux’?

  10. I’ll add one more to line to Raja’s slogan-once you have had a taste of Memsaab’s review, you would start tearing up all stupid film review articles printed on magazines and become addicted to your PC-so come all ye faithful, join our happy throng, blend with us your voices, in Memsaab’s triumph song- “SHE REVIEWS, YOU WATCH-INSTANT GRATIFICATION GUARANTEED”

  11. Shahrukh Khan in a bathtub with rose petals. :)

  12. Leela was the best mother figure, and Manorma was the best worst aunt/sister-in-law/neighbour/etc etc :-D

  13. I have seen some of those in old editions of Reader’s Digest. I wish the Lux people would bring out a retrospective of these advts.

  14. Even now, landing a Lux commercial means the heroine has really arrived.

  15. For more, see you tube video “LUX The Beauty Soap of the Film-stars!”

  16. Looking over these comments about Manorama, I kept thinking about a wonderful song I had seen picturized on her in which she looked quite sweet and lovely… I couldn’t remember exactly what it was, but I have found it again… It is from Khandan (1942), and I am sure lots of girls would have run to buy Lux soap if they thought it could make them look like this. :) If you don’t mind my sharing this one, here is another way that we can remember Manorama…

    • Trust Richard to come up with a gem like this. :)
      Thanks. She’s really lovely.
      I wouldn’t have recognized her, but now I do see the resemblance.

  17. Ohh my god….manorama looked so diddrent in her younger days…
    leena chitnis looks so beautiful.
    i wonder how come these actresses missed getting more films as main heroines and why they later on repeatedly accepted same type of roles in various films.

    alhough i loved them as villi and mother roles…in 70’s films but they could have done much better..

    great work memsaab may be more snaps of these actresses in their teens-age of 40 must be put by u …
    thanks to richard for that video


    may be memsaab you need to write about manorma and encourage readers to post information about this actress as very less nformation is available about her.
    I liked her in Dus Lakh, Seeta Aur Geeta,Water…

    • Manorama is pretty lucky (information wise) compared to others. Stalwarts like Dulari, Chand Usmani, Shakila, Kumkum, Moolchand, Ravikant, Nazir Kashmiri, Shivraj, Ram Avtar, (Ramayan) Tiwari, Habib, Rashid Khan, DK Sapru, Nazir Hussein, Ratan Gaurang, Azim, Hercules, Jerry, Krishan Dhawan, Kanhaiyalal, Kamal Mehra, Hari Shivdasani, Haroon, SN Bannerjee, Uma Dutt, V. Gopal, MA Lateef, Manmohan Krishna, MB Shetty, S. B. Nayampalli, Nemo, Kathana, Mirajkar, Dhumal, Shyam Kumar, Narbada Shankar, BM Vyas, Pardesi, Paul Sharma, Polson, Praveen Paul, Prem Sagar, Radheshyam, Raj Kishore, Raj Mehra, Mehmood Jr, Mirza Musharraf, Brahm Bhardwaj, C. S. Dubey, Keshav Rana, Mumtaz Begum, Harbans Darshan M. Arora, etc. have no information about them online. Neither do artists like Agha, Mohan Choti, Bhudo Advani, Maruti, Radhakrishan, Jeevan, Sunder, etc. though I’ve found some information in a book.

      • upndra, eitheryou should start a blog in same manner as memsaab , and put many fotos of these actors wth the details of thier family , background , career etc… whatever is possible from that book with you.

        else you can give it to memsaab(she would like it for sure) as there is a hope that the way kamal kapoor and anand bakshi’s kith and kin visited memsaab’s profile the decedents of these actors too might visit this blog of memsaab and they would throw some light upon these actors.

  19. In 1960’s, a very beautiful model. Zarine Katrak,, was popularly known as the “Lux Girl” all over India. She later married her boyfriend, Abbas Khan, who entered the Bollywood film industry under the screen name of Sanjay Khan. She is the mother of film star Zayed Khan and mother-in-law of Hritik Roshan. She rarely shows in public but the people who have seen her closely say that she still looks young and very beautiful. Please, have a look at the following picture: Zarine is second from the left!!

  20. Richard,
    It was gem you posted here. I am a regular attendee to a Show on TVAsia USA, where on Mr.Shiraz Sharif presents a program called “Abhi To Main Jawan Hoo” where we get to see such old gems with little anecdots.
    Keep it up.

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