My Gemma

I had to let my beloved little dog go yesterday. She was my baby, my friend, my devoted companion, the other heartbeat in our home. She was always up for anything I wanted her to do, and she brought more love and friendship and joy to my life in our eleven years together than I ever imagined possible. I miss her sweet face and gallant nature unbearably right now, but I am so fortunate to have had every single minute I spent with her.

Rest in peace, my beautiful girl.

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  1. So much love to you and snuggles from Leroy.

  2. Rest in peace lovely Gemma. *Big hug* to you Greta.

  3. Gemma was one of the most lovable dogs EVER. I know, I am one of the lucky ones to have got to meet her.

    Gemma was God’s gift to mankind. And certainly to you, Greta. Like you’ve said, you were very fortunate to have been able to spend so much time with her. You made a brilliant combo – she lit up your life and you were the doting mom.

    I know it is very difficult for you right now, Greta, and all any of us can offer you are only words. But I hope they go some way in providing you with solace at this time.

    RIP, Gemma. Hope you are happy and at peace, wherever you are right now.

  4. :(

    What happened?

    RIP Gemma. I hope you’re all right.

  5. My thoughts are with you, May treasured memories of Gemma comfort you. It’s loss of companionship, loyalty and unconditional love.
    Think of it this way that she is now in a much better place without any pain.


  6. I am so sorry to read this,. I cannot even fathom what you must be feeling.
    my condolences.

  7. Lots of huge to u. God bless Gemma.

  8. RIP Gemma.
    Very sad. My deepest condolences.
    Love and hugs

  9. Oh, those photos are all of the preciousness. My dil is truly sad.

  10. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. It’s so hard to lose an adored and faithful companion.

    Gemma had the sweetest face and through your words we all got to know her and we’ve all lost a friend.

    Hugs to you!, RIP Gemma.

  11. I am so sad to hear that! Was looking forward to seeing her again at our next Bolly-meetup. Lots of love and hugs for you.

  12. I only knew Gemma from your blog, but her energy and sweetness came through in your pictures and words. I’ll be thinking about both of you, especially when I’m out for a walk with my Bear.

  13. Greta, sharing ur grief and a big hug. Gemma’s sweet memories will make your day

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about Gemma.

    I’ll be sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

  15. Oh, sweetheart. I’m so sorry. Much love.

  16. This is the first time I am seeing Gemma’s picture, and regrettably the last. She seems indeed like a cherub, with very beautiful eyes and color. I never had a pet when I was young, and as an adult now, did not choose to have one, realizing the grief one would feel on losing the close companion. And if he/she would have been like Gemma, the agony would have been a million-fold. Yet I have heard God never separates loved ones for long, its just HIS way of testing the strength of the bond. One day, your Gemma will return to you Memsaab, but in some other form; you only would have to keep recognize her. Then all those lovely days of your union will return in your life.

  17. I’m so sorry to hear about Gemma. She was such a delight to read about. I wish I’d met her.

  18. My heart sunk when I read this post. Many many thoughts are with you. So sorry to hear about this.

  19. Deep & Heartfelt Sympathy Memsaab!

    Never easy to loose any beloved soul mate.

    Hope you get all the courage and strength to overcome this period.



  20. My deep sympathies. May her soul rest in peace.

  21. I’m so sorry to hear about Gemma. Lots of love, hugs and prayers for you… take care.

  22. We are sharing your sorrow. May Gemma’s soul rest in peace. Remember, there are other worlds to sing in.

  23. Never easy to lose the loved ones, first your dad, and now your Gemma. May they rest in peace and their sweet memories give you strength to keep living and loving.

  24. Sorry to know about this, but then she lived up to a ripe age. Though I only knew her from your posts, she looked like family to me too.


  25. I’m so sorry to hear about Gemma. She always sounded so lovely – I wish I had gotten to meet her.

  26. Rest in Peace Gemma and very sorry that this had to happen. She will be missed in here as well.

  27. Oh, no…so sad to read this. I never met her, but I feel as though I’d gotten to know her too, and I know you were so close. Very sorry…

    RIP Gemma.

  28. It is so hard to let our canine and feline friends go–but she will always be with you in your heart, and when Gemma feels you are ready, she will find you the perfect new companion–may you find love in her memories

  29. Thank you all SO MUCH. It is such a comfort to read the love and support here. Gemma would wiggle at you, tail waving.

  30. Hey Greta, sorry to hear about Gemma. I know exactly how you feel because I lost my pet too. I hope you feel better soon. It will hurt for a while, but it will eventually get better :)

    Take care,

  31. My deepest symathies. Rest in peace Gemma.

  32. So sorry to hear Memsaab. Take care.

  33. Love to you, Memsaab. I feel lucky to have gotten to know Gemma through your words and images. She was a lucky dog to have found a human who loved her and cared for her as much as you did. I have no doubt that hers was a very good life indeed.

  34. @Memsaab – please accept my deepest condolences. It must be really hard for you but one hopes that our support can offer you some strength.

  35. Lots and lots of hugs to you, and a lot of love to Gemma, wherever she may be.

  36. So sad to know about Gemma. Please accept my condolences. Take care.

  37. Heartfelt condolences Memsaab! :-(

  38. So sorry to hear about Gemma, kind thoughts and regards

  39. I didn’t meet her, but through your post she has been in front of my eyes every time you wrote about her!
    I sure will miss her!
    Lots of courage and strength to bear the grief!
    Lots of hugs!

  40. Hi Greta,
    Oh, what sadness! Very sorry to hear about your lovely companion. Let’s hope your undaunted spirit will recover though, or you aren’t a Memsaab. (Hmm… Do Memsaabs know how to recover from sad doggy departures?)

  41. Hey Greta,

    I haven’t been to your site in a while but was very sad to read about Gemma. I never met her but feel as if I knew her from your blog. Her beautiful, perfect face which exuded personality with a capital “P”! My thoughts are with you both.


  42. Memsaab;

    I must say I was never an animal lover until I had to look after a little pup for two weeks; He introduced me to a whole new world of love; I couldn’t believe how much I missed him when he suddenly was reclaimed.

    My thoughts are with you. Animals are very loving divine creatures. It is difficult to part company with them…much love to you..

  43. The passing away of one’s beloved pet is always heartbreaking. May she be happy in her doggy heaven.

  44. Sad to hear of the loss of your lovely companion. Her pictures are beautiful. We had to say goodbye to our “Queenie” also this week.

  45. Each and every one of you has helped me these past few days, thank you for your understanding and compassion.

  46. I am so sorry to read about this, and I can imagine your grief and pain at this moment. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

  47. so sorry to hear about Gemma. I have a cat and cant even imagine what I would do without him. Take care.

  48. sorry to hear – big hugs..

  49. Sorry to hear of the loss of your Gemma.

  50. My deepest sympathies. We saw her photos so often.

  51. One of my best friends said to me: “At least you have 40-60,000 photographs of her to comfort you.” :) And it’s true!

    Thank you all again, your words help a lot.

  52. I am so sorry that recently you have had to bear the loss of loved ones. Rest in peace Gemma.

  53. Very sad to hear of your loss, Greta.
    Mine lived to 18 before passing and you are never ready for it when it happens. Friendship is a gift for as long as we are fortunate to have it.
    You’ve been through a lot recently – wishing you courage and strength.


  54. Thanks Kiran and John. It has not been a good year—has to get better, right? RIGHT?! :) Thanks.

  55. i’m so sorry to hear this. I know too well what a gift and joy a dear, lovely and lovable pet can be to a home and to a heart, and to let that joy go is so difficult. i’ve always thought she was such a beautiful dog. i’m sure in her life she was grateful to have your love and companionship and loved you immensely. i wish you peace and love during this difficult time. may she rest in peace.

    • Thank you very much…your sympathy and thoughts help me enormously. She was beautiful inside and out, and I will never ever stop missing her, but I know that there are other dogs out there who need love too and I hope to bring one of them home one of these days.

  56. Memsaab, I check in on your blog only once in a while–always with pleasure. I was so sorry to hear about Gemma, and I know you’re suffering. Our dog Sadie died about 18 months ago and–this sounds nuts, but it’s true–I still miss her. It is hard for a human to match the precise kind of love a good dog gives: never judging or flagging. When the time is right, fate will put another dog in your path. Meanwhile, be nice to yourself, and don’t put yourself on some sort of timetable for recovery. I made very private list of the things I missed about Sadie, things I didn’t want to forget but might feel silly telling someone, and I think that helped a lot. I could go “work” on it when I wanted to think about Sadie, without pulling any family members (who might be feeling OK at that moment) into my grief I did it on Word so I could edit it easily, adding things as I thought of them, and one day, I found I didn’t cry all day. Anway, please know that lots of strangers have been there and hurt a little bit for you.

    • Oh Peg :( I am sure you still miss Sadie just as I know for certain that I will always miss Gemma. My next-door neighbor, who has always been a bit of a curmudgeon, saw me yesterday and stopped, put his hand over his heart, and said “I was devastated when I heard about Gemma.” She always wiggled at him even when he ignored her (and me) and I guess it reached his heart—which we humans should probably keep in mind too. We have so many lessons to learn from them.

      And it’s funny about your list…I started writing about my grief and about her and how awesome she was, the things she did, just poured it out, sobbing, and it helped. And it’s a work in progress for sure. THANK YOU for sharing with me.

  57. Rest in peace Gemma. Oh how sweet and adorable she looks! I am sorry for your loss, Memsaab. Take care.

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