Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar (1973)

Can a film about a spineless man bullied by his suspicious wife be fun? I admit, I had my doubts. Men complaining about their nagging wives get on my last good nerve. Maybe she’s nagging you because you deserve it! Maybe she was always a nagger and you married her anyway! I don’t have any patience for people (male or female) who claim other people are responsible for their own bad behavior. Khair. I saw this movie long ago in the initial throes of my Helen pyaar and didn’t remember much about it outside of her spectacular song. But my developing fondness for Kiran Kumar, who hit my radar with Jangal Mein Mangal—made by the same team with many of the same actors and a movie I thoroughly enjoyed—decided me on a rewatch.

And like JMM this one is good fun, although I did have to roll my eyes at the end. But the cast is interesting and does justice to the zany Hollywood-style bedroom farce, and the songs are cute and well-picturized (apart from Helen’s number, “Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachao” stands out). And there is Just The Right Amount Of Mehmood in a guest appearance.

Plus, the garish seventies fashions, furnishings and decor are just so much of extra eye candy. And happily male double standards are held up briefly for occasional scrutiny (mostly via “Yeh Mard Bade Bedardi Hain”), although predictably in the end it’s the women who are held solely responsible for the myriad misunderstandings and deceptions that make up the comedic tangle of the plot.

I had not seen Radha Saluja before (well, except in this same movie) and she is perfect as middle-class housewife Geeta Mehta: just a touch of snobbery and a not-unfounded insecurity about her husband’s activities while she’s not around (she reminds me a lot of Leena Chandravarkar too). And I really like Kiran Kumar, who is cute in an “every man” kind of way and brings the hen-pecked Sunil Mehta to life. I also love that he looks a lot like his father Jeevan and yet still manages somehow to be cute!

(I adore Jeevan, but he is not cute.)

On his way home from work one evening, Sunil gives way to temptation in the form of a fair complete with all the kinds of amusements (and food) one finds at such things (luckily he has no kid to lose track of). He takes a ride on the ferris wheel, seated beside a pretty woman, and is trapped at the very top when the wheel breaks down. They are stuck up there together for the whole night, while at home a wakeful Geeta frets about the whereabouts of her husband.

The other inhabitants of the household include Ramji (IS Johar), a discontented manservant who is not above picking the pockets of the Mehtas’ friends who visit:

and Geeta’s younger sister Pinky (Arpana Chowdhary). Ramji—who also provides us with a steady stream of caustic observations on the foibles of Indian government and society at large—is fed up with Geeta’s nagging ways and looking for a new memsaab, while Pinky wants to marry her boyfriend Captain Ranjit (Narendranath), although Sunil disapproves of him.

Neither Ramji nor Pinky try terribly hard to console the agitated Geeta. When Sunil finally does get home, he immediately digs an already deep grave a little deeper.

Sulking, Geeta is not ready to believe any story about a ferris wheel breaking down and taking a whole night to repair. So Sunil spins an elaborate tale about running into a childhood friend named Champak Bhumia and spending the night catching up with him. Geeta insists on an address for Champak and Sunil makes one up on the spot. Geeta sends off a telegram—“Come immediately. Husband should not know. Happiness depends on you.”— while Sunil takes a shower.

I find this song really very funny despite my feminist reservations, and I giggle at the heartfelt feeling with which Kishore (himself married four times) sings it!

Pretty soon the woman from the fair (Manju Asrani, hilariously referred to throughout by Sunil as “giant wheel girl”) shows up to reclaim a pair of glasses which somehow Sunil had taken with him. Desperate to get rid of her before Geeta comes down and sees her, Sunil tells her that he’s left them with a friend.

He promises to meet her the next morning at Sona Department Store with her glasses and shoves her out the back door as someone else rings the front door bell. The new arrival is Sunil’s good friend Amit Desai (Asrani), who has been living in Paris but is relocating back to Bombay with his new wife. Amit’s bride has already arrived in Bombay a few days earlier, and Amit has come straight from the airport to spend two days with his jigri dost before settling in to his new life here with her.

See what I mean? Maybe your wife has good reason to be suspicious! Sunil confides his previous night’s adventures to Amit, and further proves my point.

Geeta is finally convinced of Sunil’s innocence, and Amit further endears himself to the family by convincing Sunil to let Captain Ranjit get engaged to Pinky, whose birthday it is—giving us the excuse for another goofy song (“Happy Birthday to Pinky”) with Jayshree T leading a gaggle of frolicking girls in gaudy outfits and piles of hair.

Alas, the now-happy day is about to take a turn for the worse. There just happens to be a real Champak Bhumia (Paintal) living at the address that Sunil had invented, and he shows up in response to Geeta’s telegram with his own deeply suspicious wife Motiya (Padma Khanna) in close pursuit.

She too has good reason to be skeptical about his activities.

The confusion this causes is further complicated when “giant wheel girl” appears again at the Mehta house still looking for her glasses (which by now have made their way into Ranjit’s hands). Can all this chaos—there are some fun twists and turns still to come—right itself eventually?

I guess it does, especially if you are not me. Throughout the whole movie the ones doing all the lying and deceiving are the men—but it is somehow all still the womens’ fault! I have really never understood this ongoing “boys will be boys and girls will be nags” topic so dear to married people everywhere (it’s one more reason I didn’t bother). Still, it is meant all in good fun and I did really enjoy enough that I can say it’s worth a watch. The screenplay is well constructed if you don’t mind mind-boggling coincidences, and I love the cast—none of them ever seemed to really make it big in films, but they are more than equal to the witty screenplay and characterizations in this. The comedy only descends into tiresome slapstick briefly (I’m looking at you Paintal) and if nothing else, watch the songs: they are loony and occasionally fabulous.

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69 Comments to “Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar (1973)”

  1. Oooo this looks kinda fun, I for one cannot tolerate ‘the boys can lie/cheat because the wife is a shrew’ but this film looks like one where I can forego all that because of the funky and crazy fashions that I might need to purchase! Heehee Paintal looks like a darker version of Randhir Kapoor in that picture too!

    • Well, exactly—if I could forego it all, then probably anyone could (who has a sense of humor)…

      And you are right re: Paintal and Randhir (Paintal is darker and thinner!) :)

  2. Aah, I am the post commenter of this post !!

    I only know this movie because of that song “Mujhe meri beewi se bachaao”. I loved this song because I love comedy songs and Kishore Kumar has sung quite a few comedy songs.

    You are right that most people feating in this movie failed to make it big in Hindi movies though a few of them should have made it. To this day I am not able to understand why Kiran Kumar failed to make it big when people like Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun Chakravorty (not blessed with the good looks of Kiran Kumar) could make it big.

    I S Johar making observations on Indian Government is true to form for him. His “policy to eradicate richness” (Ameeri Hataao) is obviously a spoof on the then Indira Gandhi’s slogan “Gareebi Hataao” (Eradicate poverty) which won her the Indian general election of 1972 on this slogan.

    The story line does look like blaming women for the follies of men, and such depiction of women as the reason for men’s foibles were accepted without mumur those days.

    Come to think of it, women (especially most women-at least Indian ones) would act the way it is depicted in this movie if they suspect their men of straying.

  3. Post commentor= first commentor in the above comment.

    • I really really like Kiran Kumar. He is not the totally handsome and charismatic person that Shammi or Dharmendra are, but so what? He is a nice good-looking normal kind of guy. And a good actor. I want to see more of him! And thank you for the insight on “eradicate richness”…almost everything “Ramji” said in between scenes was a commentary on some aspect of Indian society or government, but I am sure a lot of the nuance was lost on me :)

  4. How I loved this movie. That funny name ‘Champak Bhoomia’ and a nonsensical sounding address turns out to have an actual Champak Bhoomia living there. I saw this movie twice because it was so much fun, as was Jangal Mein Mangal. I was totally in love with Kiran Kumar then… sigh..

    Golmaal 2 tried the same story, these two movies were based on a Gujarati comedy play. I am trying to find out which.

  5. A bit of trivia for you about Radha Saluja – sister of Renu Saluja the famous editor and ex-wife of VVC who passed away. Apparently Radha got married and moved to the US when her film career failed. Radha was a FTII graduate. Renu had a good career as an editor but Radha failed to take off as an actress. I think one of her hit movies was “Do Raha”. How do I know so much about these two? Coz they lived in my city and went to a school close to mine and I got to know about them yrs later thru common networks. I personally did not know them.

    • That is excellent trivia; I knew about Renu Saluja and her tragic early passing…but didn’t connect them.

      Radha was lovely in this…but I guess talent never guarantees success :) Will look for Do Raha.

      • There was this famous scene in Do Raha with Radha Saluja with a pistol in her hands, her bra undone, taken from the back. It was supposed to be v bold.

      • Radha (real name: Rita) Saluja played the lead in Sazaye Maut, directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The film is a remake (or actually an extension) of his FTII diploma film Murder on Monkey Hill. Both films were edited by Radha’s sister Renu (later to become Vidhu’s first wife). Radha passed out from FTII in 1970 and made her mainstream debut with Do Raha (1971) directed by cameraman-director Ram Dayal. I think Sazaye Maut was her last film except for a fleeting appearance in Razia Sultan. I am told she had a small role in a 2003 film Banana Brothers but I haven’t seen it.

        Renu passed out with Vidhu in 1976 and married him soon after.
        Incidentally Vidhu is the youngest brother of Ramanand Sagar who made several popular Hindi films but was later famous for his television serial Ramayana. Ramanand’s actual surname is Chopra and Sagar is a penname he adopted when he was writing novels — his most famous being the Partition tragedy Aur Insaan Mar Gaya.

  6. I remember watching this movie on TV with my sister. We thought it was hilarious. Particularly how the sunglasses keep changing hands.

    At my initial viewing, I thought the whole nagging and suspicious thing was silly. The wife had a decent husband and the movie was to make her realize she had a good thing going. I thought the extreme case example (via Champak) was unrealistic and just what the movies do. I suspect if anyone believed ‘nagging’ as the true reason for cheating. It was a way for husband to save face (THAT is very important in every movie. Husband must never ever lose face. Especially to his wife. Even if it is his own silliness).

    Also, I should add “made-up name becoming real person” to my list of things common to Bollywood. Magroor had same thing going with Miss Meenu.

  7. This movie was a big flop despite its plus points. However watching it a pleasant experience. I also liked Jungle Mein Mangal. Radha Saluja’s Do- Raha is definitely a praiseworthy movie. And I appreciate your view to the full that talent alone cannot guarantee success.


  8. Too bad the Indian Ministry of Standards and Measures never codified the magical amount of Mehmood. So much wrong could have been averted.

    I’m on the fence about this. I HATE the “blame women for men being infants” crap, but the CLOTHES and the DANCING! Hmmm.

  9. jeevan is father of actor kiran kumar……hope you are aware of it memsaab.

    villlain , actor , narada …are some of the roles in which jeevan acted in.

    • If you actually read the post Shrikant you will see that I do know that Jeevan is KK’s father! :)

    • I try not to add to the trollishness in the world, I do. But I just have to echo Memsaab’s reply to this comment: she states that Jeevan is Kiran Kumar’s father in the 4th paragraph of this post, and if you paid much attention generally you’d notice that she tags Jeevan in the posts about films of his she’s seen. If you actually cared about teaching Memsaab something you’d bother to see what she already understands.

  10. Interesting choice, Memsaab. I knew Renu Saluja quiet well, she was the best editor in the film industry for many years. Look at her portfolio–Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Maya Memsaab, Khamoshi, 1942. Her sister Radha made her debut with Do Raha, notorious for a sex scene and immediately moved in the upper B list, but then slowly fizzled out and migrated to the US. Kiran Kumar now plays villain roles but is no patch on the incomparable Jeevan

    • Kiran Kumar is mostly a television actor now, yes? I can’t really picture him as a villain, he is just so…CUTE (I know I keep saying that, but it’s true). But hopefully he is happy with his life and career, that’s all that matters :)

  11. Remember seeing this movie ages ago – sometime in the mid-70s, I think.
    I do remember the Ferris Wheel scene and the fact that the story is about marital suspicion. Other than that, I do not remember the storyline much.

    Oh, I do remember two songs very well. “Mujhe meri biwi” (which was pretty popular) and “Happy birthday to Pinky”(which is also the title song actually). I used to sing these songs a lot. Pretty catchy, they were.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing this movie again. Loved Jangal Mein Mangal (sweet, sweet, sweet movie!) so if this is even 25% as much fun, it should be worth a watch.

    Btw, I happened to see Radha Saluja in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan not so long ago. Opposite Vijay Arora. The movie was just about ok (very predictable) but they had a lovely song together (“pyar kabhi kam”). Radha was a bit weepy though.

    • My favorite song is still Helen’s, it is just so crazy with the pom-poms and lampshades and Carmen Miranda fruit.

      This is about 50% as much fun as JMM I think. Maybe 40%.

  12. i saw this movie many eons ago on DD and I always thought that it also involves a murder as well. but most probably, as usual, I’m mixing up plots!

  13. Haven’t seen this one, from your review I gather it is a nice time-pass film. I actually never much liked Kiran Kumar, I found him a bit stiff. Long ago I saw his younger brother Bhooshan in a television serial and found him to be quite a good actor. However he passed away at a very young age.

  14. Kiran Kumar played a satisfying villain in Tezaab in 1987, and now does all kinds of role. When he made his debut (Mr Romeo) he was pitched in the same mould as Bachchan, who still was a newbie, but as we know, they both followed different trajectories.
    On Mehmood, he can be immensely enjoyable even in his tacky films like Kunwara Baap, but as noted, he did not know when to stop

    • Hmm, I might need to watch Tezaab for him! I have Mr. Romeo on vcd (sadly it is not on dvd) but haven’t watched it yet (I need to gather up strength for unsubtitled films :) but will def. look for him in it. He is nothing like Amitabh for sure, but how many Amitabhs do we really need?

      I do like Mehmood, and was happy to see him in this, especially when it didn’t go on and on and on. I don’t even know that it was he who did not know when to stop, or his directors/producers! :)

      • Yes, Kiran Kumar was menacing in Tezaab. He started playing a villain in Khudgarz (1987) and followed it up with many films, and cemented his Lead Villain Status. His other notable films as villain, as far as I can recall, are Thanedaar (1990) and Khuda Gawah (1992), though there are other notables also. Tezaab (1988) was a blockbuster film and can be considered as one of the landmark films. Tagged as ‘a violent love story’ it had everything, action, story, entertainment, great music. It is the film that made Madhuri Dixit a superstar. Her introductory song “Ek Do Teen” is an all-time chart-buster and her dance moves in this song are legendary, and earned her the recognition as one of the best dancers. This film also strengthened the star status of Anil Kapoor, who followed it up with “Ram Lakhan”, “Rakhwala” , “Parinda”, “Eeshwar”, “Kishen Kanhaiya”, “Jeevan Ek Sunghursh” among others, and i with occasional average grosser’s (or flops, I don’t know), like “Kala Bazaar” and “Awaargi” (I liked this films and its songs). Chunk Pandey has one of his best roles and gets a chance to lip sync an ever popular song “So Gaya Yeh Jahaan, So Gayaa Aasman”. In a way, this film, along with “Parinda” popularized the trend of making films with Bombay Underworld related themes. A Must See; for a HIndi Film Expert like you! During those days, people have seen this film more than ten to fifteen times just to see the introductory “Ek Do Teen ” song of Madhuri and her dance moves. I myself have seen it six times in the film hall.

  15. It’s so interesting that you are posting Kiran Kumar’s hero roles. I know him mostly from his villainous ones, years later.

    As far as the marital trust situation, perhaps when you marry someone you don’t know particularly well that becomes an overwhelming issue–particularly in comedy films.

    • I’ll have to see him as a villain. There is just something sweet about him that I can’t quite picture in a villain role. And you are right about the arranged marriage aspect, except that the nagging suspicious wife-errant (or not) husband thing is by no means restricted to Indian films (Rock Hudson and Doris Day spring immediately to mind!).

      It’s not an “old-fashioned” thing either: I am acquainted with men my own age who complain about their “ball-breaking” wives and I just have to roll my eyes at them. I just say to them, maybe you have something to do with it too (and usually they are telling me about it because they are hitting on me and hoping to gain my sympathy!). I don’t think most wives really *want* to nag or mistrust their husbands.

      That is my only point, really :)

  16. 1973 proved to be a lucky year for so many actors – Dharmendra, Amitabh, Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Kiran Kumar among others. Don’t know of any other year when so many leading men had hits to their name.

    • I am not sure Kiran Kumar actually belongs on that list, bless him, but it was a good year for films. I noticed when I updated the chronological index with this one that I’ve written about a LOT of 1973 films :)

    • True, Greta. But even an actor like Kiran Kumar had a hit in that year, though I wouldn’t put him in the ‘star’ category. Even Rishi Kapoor could have gone the wrong way if ‘Bobby’ (1973) had turned turned out to be a flop.

      1979 is a year I really despise since I can count the hits produced that year with just one hand.

  17. Very nice post, enjoyed reading it!!

    Its funny that I went to the Helen link, and really enjoyed reading that post of yours as well……and on the same day Salman Khan posted a pic of hers on twitter, she still looks lovely :)

  18. Radha saluja acted

    opposite Kiran kumar, also in Chaalak(1973)& Gaal gulabi nain sharaabi(1974),
    opposite Vijaya arora in “Ek mutti aasmaan(1973),
    opposite Anil dhawan in Do rahaa(1971) and Savera(1972),
    opposite Parikshit sahni in Duniyadaari(1977),
    opposite Danny in Wada tera wada(1974),
    opposite Sujeet kumar in Wohi raat wohi awaaz(1973).

    I have read that she was a product of Film institute(most probably Pune film institute) and acted majorly in films directed by Film Institute people.

    Radha saluja acted in big banner film, like Haar jeet(1972)also(opposite anil dhawan,rehana sultan and produced by N.N.sippy).

    Most probably she was last seen in “Saaza-E-Maut”(1981)(Opoosite Naseeruddin shah and that film was Vidhu vinod chopra`s first film directorial venture and that film was seen mostly in Film festival circuits and garnered lot of appreciation(I have read that film was a serious thought provoking film about serious issue of “death sentence”).


  19. Kiran Kumar didn’t really enter into my consciousness (like Laura I mostly knew him as an adequate B-list villian) till I watched K.A. Abbas’ “Do Boond Pani” a couple of years ago. He was so fresh and played such a wonderful character in the movie that I immediately fell in “like.” He’ll never be a favorite, but he’s made my “watchable actors” list.

  20. Memsaab, once you start exploring the ‘C’ grade Hindi cinema of the 90s you will be seeing Kiran Kumar EVERYWHERE!!! I am quite certain he appeared in every Bollywood horror film made during that decade, LOL!

    Now I seem to see him a lot in father roles, as in DHADKAN.

    Her certainly was handsome in his younger days but he moved to playing character parts very early on, it seems, and usually sporting a mustache which really changes his look, drastically.

    • HA HA HA!!! I love that you say “once you start exploring ‘C’ grade Hindi cinema of the 90s”…LOL! Oh dear God what is the rest of my life going to be like? :D

  21. Reading such comments brought back fond memories of the swinging 70s. I feel there is something unique & exculsive about the period 1971 to 1974, when we had some of the best films with some of the finest musical scores. And what made it even more special is the youthful freshness brought in by a plethora of young talent from the FTTI. Radha Saluja was one of the first graduands along with Jaya Bhaduri, who instantly made it to the heroine’s slot. Though not pretty in the conventional sense, Radha was a promising talent no doubt, petite with a good voice and diction to boot. She paired up regularly with Kiran Kumar in a slew of films – ‘Jangal Mein Mangal’, ‘Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar, ‘Chalaak’, ‘Gal Gulabi Nain Sharabi’, ‘Abhi To Jee Lein’ to name a few. The first two were moderate successes. Her biggest hit was the controversial ‘Do Raha’ where her elongated rape sequence became the talk of the town. Some of her other pairings were in ‘Laakhon Mein Ek’ [with Mehmood], ‘Ek Mutthi Aasman’ [with Vijay Arora], ‘Haar Jeet’ [a love triangle with Anil Dhawan], ‘Maanavta’ [with Swaroop Dutt] ‘Jeewan Sangram’ [with Shashi Kapoor]. With her Bollywood career going nowhere she shifted base to the South where she paired up with the legendary MGR for one of his last films, ‘Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga’, before getting married and moving permanently over to the US.

    I think more than talent it is destiny that plays a big role in one’s success in Bollywood. It is palpable that destiny decreed that Radha Saluja couldn’t deliver that one major hit that could have tilted the scales in her favour.

    Jay Subramanyam,

    • Talent is never by itself enough to guarantee success…lots of factors go into it, and there are a lot of talented people that we will probably never know about. I love the early 70s in Hindi cinema too, agree that there was something really special about it. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Hi… dunno if anyon’s mentioned this in the previous comments but AKTK was the inspiration behind the Golmaal part 2. I have seen AKTK long back and loved evrything about it.

  23. Radha Saluja also starred in lead roles in a few Punjabi blockbuster movies in the early to mid 70’s, one of them “Man jeete jag jeet” opposite Sunil Dutt. Later on she did a bunch of Tamil movies with MGR in the late 70’s.

    • not bunch only 2 movies MGR acted with Radha Saluja, maybe one more unreleased one because of censor issues. Both the movies were very sexy particulaarly her debut in Tamil “Idhayak-KANI”

      • both idhayakanni (1975) and indrum pol endrum vazgha (1977) were blockbusters. radha saluja’scareer ended after mgr became a CM.

        • No it is wrong it didn’t end her career.
          She had acted in Telugu movie called Tiger with another former CM of Andhra where Rajinikanth also featured. She also featured in a small role in Hema malini starer in which she will die in the film.

          Another hindi movie called sazye ….” with Naseerudin shah and one malayalam film Anugraham and maybe many others.

          • Radha saluja ‘s career as top heroine ended in 1977 once mgr became CM . She acting with rajnikanth and doing few movies from 1978-81 was struggle for her. Hence it ended her career quite fast. Had mgr continued till 1980, she would hve been as famous as latha or manjula, if not as popular as jayalalitha or saroja devi

  24. Any one remember the melodious hit song”chanda o chanda” from “Lakhon mein Ek”.This song was picturised both on Radha Saluja and Mehmood.Memsaab,you have forgotten to mention about Narendranath,another actor from’Aaj ki Taza Khabar”.He is the youngest brother of Premnath..started his carrer from Sawan Bhadon but ended up doing negative/henchman charecters often seen in Ramsay Brothers’horror films.I dont know whats he is doing now.However he is youngest uncle of Dabbu and Chintu kapoor.

  25. @memsaab, can we have more pictures of Manju Asrani, who is wife of Asrani in real life from this film? Manju Bansal has worked with Asrani in Tapasya, Namak Haram and Aaaj Ki Taza Khabar. Guess they fell in love and then got married. Filmfacre award for best comedian went to Asrani for this film in 1974. This was remade as Golmaal Retruns in 2010/2009, and it was very vulgur remake with cheap jokes starring ajay devagan and directed by rohit shetty

  26. This movie was follow up of another comic sattire JANGAL MEIN MANGAL(1972) by the director and the more or less was same,AAJ KI TAAZA KHABAR was too laugh riot adapoded by makers of GOL MAAL series just recently,Kiran uncle/Radha Saluja aunty were batchmates at pune film institute and they did do few films together .This movie was laugh riot from the word go no wonder it seems so fresh even today fourty years after the release. To us generation which was born between 1965/1970,this movie too holds special place in our hearts,Everyone in the movie justified his/her presence be Johar uncle,narindernath uncle,asarani uncle ,not many people might be aware that asarani uncle wife manju bansal aunty alsouse to act in movies and specfically with asarani uncle,one just can watch this movie along with JANGAL MEIN MANGAL,and have five hours of uniteruped laugh,sadly now days they do not any more like these ones ,and pass force bafforny as comic which one does feel to cry.RAVINDER MINHAS JALANDHAR CITY,PANJAB.minhas35@yahoo.com.

    • I love Jangal Mein Mangal :) LOVE.

      • THOUGH this is followup to my earlier note on same movie,but tag here is SRIKANT,the person or youngster to us by few years,but the immence knowledge he has amazes me,and if I Believe he is not from NORTH INDIA,but such knowledge,I salute him,I Could have understood had he be born between 1965/1970,as our age group,but some born post 1985 it surprises me to no end,I Judged him when another day he mentioned in his writeup on JAIL YATRA(1981 SEP,)he wrote in the movie ANWAR HUSSAIN DAs voice was not his own but dubbed by someone else,true in fact even in ROCKY(MAY 1981)SUNJAY PAAJIs Launch pad even in that movie his voice was dubbed,and if I am not wrong ANWARDA was not in his best of health,in fact these two were his last two movies,in fact even SHETTY uncle was also last movie(JAIL YATRA)and if my memory is right both of them passed in 1982,anyway these are Laws of nature which one has to except.DEAR SRIKANT keep writing in specfic the movies of 1970/80s,when we grew up,and not to forget the era of good cinema ended up by 1989 itself.RAVINDER MINHAS,JALANDHAR CITY,PANJAB.minhas35@yahoo.com.

        • thank u sir, for remembering ma and my name. ya am 88 born. as per imdb anwar hussain died only in 1992. okay so mr. ravinder u mean anwar hussain and shetty both died by 1982? jail yatra,pakahndi do not have voice of anwar hussain. actually in child hood between sr.kg to 3rd std ie. between 1991-1993 some how i managed to see all great movies of 70’s till 1985. so the voices are registered. for me they r childhood memories.

  27. Radha Saluja also with another chief minister (Andhra) NTR in Telugu film called Tiger. and one more in Malayalam. her career ended not after MGR’s CM. She acted till 1983 albeit in an insignificant role. The name of the film is Razia Sultan. She also acted in Souze ek.. in 1981 and in another non MGR Tamil movie called nenjil aadum poo in 1978 (After was CM at that time)

    Of course she acted in bedroom songs, lake songs with wet swimmy and close love scenes with MGR.

  28. Hello Memsaab!

    Long before Golmaal Returns, a Marathi film PHEKA PHEKi (trans. “lying”) was also a straight remake of this. Ashok Saraf played the husband and his regular co-star Lakshmikant Berde played his partner-in-crime friend.

    In fact, Golmaal Returns is a mix of both these previous films because in Pheka Pheki, the fictitious name is given as Anthony Gonsalves with his address being Room No. 420 (both taken from the “My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves” song in Amar Akbar Anthony.) In Golmaal Returns also, the fictitious name is Anthony Gonsalves.

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