Radio silence broken

This has been a month full of distractions both good and bad, with a week’s vacation in northern California (good), a sick dog and an increasingly incomprehensible paterfamilias (bad). I haven’t felt much like writing, although I have still been watching lots of fillums. But now you can listen in as I talk with friends and fellow bloggers Amrita (Indiequill) and Beth (Loves Bollywood) about the origins and treatment of my obsession with Hindi cinema’s character actors. Download or play it over at their new podcast-blog Masala Zindabad—we had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the conversation; and stay tuned for Part 2 (now up)!

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20 Comments to “Radio silence broken”

  1. Sure way to go, Greta ! I am sure you will have keen followers there as well !!

    • Thanks :) It’s something different, and kind of nice to have an exchange of ideas and conversation…I think Amrita and Beth are hoping to keep it going with a variety of topics—speak up if you have any you think would be fun! :)

  2. Whoop! Thanks for coming by, Memsaab! It was a lot of fun despite our technical difficulties and we HAVE to do this again.

    And yes, we’re open for suggestions! Technical and creative.

  3. Waah waah ! Wonderful. You all (Beth, you and Amrita) have packed so much of interesting discussions in the nearly 29 minutes long audio. I loved listening to it. And though it is room talk (as I and Raja would call it in our younger days), I surprisingly understood every word of it. :D

  4. new dimesnions to good ol’ memsaab!

  5. Wonderful! Can’t wait for part 2. And if there were technical difficulties, I sure couldn’t hear them in the final product. Very well executed all around.

    • There were plenty of difficulties getting started, but once they magically disappeared then all was well, and I agree that Amrita did a fabulous job of editing and recording sound :)

  6. Just started listening to MZ part 1 and it’s so much fun. Need to go back and listen to the initial one. This is so much fun!! I am loving it. Thanks so much for putting it together, Amrita, Beth & Greta.

  7. This is such a splendid idea! The best part of the podcast is hearing, nay, *feeling* the fun you all are having. You realize that the three of you will be talking in my head the next time I watch a Hindi film!:-) Oh well, better than talking to myself…:-D

    Now if we could just get the three of you on TV…

  8. Thanks everyone for these lovely comments! I’m glad the sense of fun and comraderie and just real exchange of ideas are coming across – those are always our goals: )

  9. Oh dear, you’re not the only one with radio silence (*looks at own blog, guiltily*).. Still, glad to have you back, if not regularly than at least semi-regularly. :)

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