Tequila! with Geeta and Ted

This might be the cutest version of “Tequila” you will ever see. Geeta Bali at her most adorable, with my pal Ted Lyons providing backup. Thanks to Tom for putting it up!

It’s from Jab Se Tumhen Dekha Hai, review coming up soon!

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39 Comments to “Tequila! with Geeta and Ted”

  1. I love the “air saxophone” solo!

  2. Oooooooh, loooooovely!!!

    Tequila has always been one of my fav tunes – it is one of the few western tunes I remember from my childhood.

    And now this version of it (which I never knew existed!). Geeta Bali, Ted… Just fantastic!!! Thanks, Greta. And thanks, Tom.

    Love it! :-)

  3. Fantastic! Where’s the ‘like’ button?

  4. Geeta is awesome in this film, so very sparkly and CUTE. Shammi had such good taste, marrying her :)

    @PC: I assume that if you are here you “like” :D

  5. Geeta Bali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sone pe suhaga!

    just love it!
    Geeta is Effervescence personified!
    Thanks Tom, for the clip!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “Jab Se Tumhen Dekha Hai” had lovely music on the whole, no? There were parts of the movie where it looked like Geeta had checked out of the film a bit, but it’s always a pleasure to see her on screen. She’s like joy personified.

    The first time I saw the movie, I squealed when I saw who was performing the qawwali.:-)

    • I’m only about halfway through it, but so far have LOVED all the songs. She’s had lots of hilarious little moments too, I just love to watch her.

      Yes, I bought this only for the qawwali :D

      • Never knew Shammi and Shashi Kapoor appeared in a movie. Hats off to you Greta !! I am getting to know so much just by going through your blogs.

        I was always wondering is there any movie where Dharmendra and Joy Mukherjee appeared together. I am dead sure they haven’t starred as leading men, but maybe in a guest / special appearance.

        • Hmmm. Will have to think about Dharam-Joy. :)

          • Looks like Joy Mukherjee is one actor who’s always done solo hero movies. No record exists of him working with any of his contemporaries. The sole exception is Sunil Dutt with whom he worked in Hum Hindustani (1960).

          • Shashi
            I wud call these 2 movies as one and three quarter hero movies .), ?

            1. Ek Bar Mooskura Do (1972)
            2. Haiwan (1977)

            both had Deb Mukherjee along with Joy.

            Shaayad one and half bhi bol do toh bhi chalega, wot say ?


          • @Ash – not very surprising considering that Deb was Joy’s younger brother. I guess Joy didn’t work with even his arch rival Biswajit in those days.

      • Thanks for putting this up memsaab.
        They are all so adorable, and what a collection! Shyama, Kumkum, Bhagwan.
        I haven’t named the other obvious ones, and Pradeep Kumar keeps popping up recently in all the ‘liked’ films :-)

        • I am finally beginning to feel the Pradeep lurve :) He’s been in quite a few films I have really enjoyed!

          • Ah welcome on board folks…. glad to hear yer falling for Pradeepda, always enjoiied his movies and have quite a few… and one thing was guaranteed, the songs he got was evergreens-

            got a few weeks ago

            Subah Ka Tara (1954)

            Ek Shola (1956)

            Detective (1958)

            Lookin’ for- Some Where in Delhi (1956)
            Any1 seen it, pls share.


      • This must be the best qawaali I’ve seen. The fun starts right from the first instance with the Om Prakash looking character (maybe it is Om Prakash). Too good.

        • Yes, if I’d only seen it before my favorite qawwalis post it would have been on the top. It is Om Prakash, and I love the beginning where he and Bhagwan play off each other, hilarious :) The whole thing is too good from beginning to end!

  7. Delightful!
    She moves well with the music. :-D
    And of course there is Ted too.
    Thanks Tom and memsaab.
    Looking forward to the review of the film.

  8. What abandon she moves with! She’s fab. I love the mischief on her face. Thanks Tom & Memsaab.

  9. Getta Bali. wowwwwww, recall her Albela with Bhagwan Dada, just super, and Jab se, evergreen muuuuuusical-

    I hear her Miss Coca Cola (1955) is out with her, been on the wish list for ages, wonder if any1 has it and can adv if it is a proper VCD or if it is a VHSrip?

    And any1 seen this Goldiee Sau Ka Note (1955), with Karan Dewan, Begum Par0, AND MD S. Mohinder anywhere on this earth pluzzzze ?


  10. I just am not getting tired of watching this :) The other guy dancing backup is Ted’s brother-in-law Alan, who was a drummer and a model. They are the family that keeps on giving!

  11. Funny coincidence, I played that clip for myself three or four times in a row last night, and I checked your blog after waking up this afternoon, and look what I found!

    That is a good one.

    • Not really a coincidence…I sent the video to Tom knowing he’d like it and hoping he would clean it up some and put it up so everyone could enjoy it, and he did! Yay Tom! :D It’s so nice to have friends with skillz, innit?

  12. Doesn’t Geeta Bali remind you of Madhuri Dixit? That naughty smile, the way she brushes her hair back, the way she dances. Reminds me so much of Madhuri from Dil (1990).

    No comparisons though and I am not saying that Madhuri is copying Geeta.

  13. Actually Geeta Bali reminds me a lot of Achala Sachdev. Especially with that smile, that hair, even the roundish face.

    Was just checking on Achala on wiki and imdb, and found quite a few interesting things about her.
    – She was born in 1920!!! That would make her 90. She is still around, right?
    – She has acted in an English language movie, Nine Hours to Rama. Have never heard of this movie but it seems to be about the hours leading upto the assassination of Gandhiji, so could be an interesting movie (at least for Indians, interested in history).
    – I see an interesting-sounding name “Fashionable Wife” :-). Wiki has it as 1938, imdb has it as 1958 (probably right). Just the type of movie that Ash would dig out from somewhere. ;-)
    – I have always found Achala pretty (esp that smile of hers). Did she act heroine roles too? I guess so, but it would be interesting to know more about this side of her career. We know Durga Khote, Lalita Pawar, Nirupa Roy, even Dulari (I vaguely seem to remember!) did play leading ladies. And Sulochana Latkar too, I think.

    Back to Geeta Bali, just realised from imdb that she was Yogeeta Bali’s aunt! That would make Yogeeta related to the Kapoor khandaan. Never made that connection! Was this on the maternal side or paternal? Also just realised that Yogeeta has 6 children from her two marriages. Quite a rarity, isn’t it?

    Sorry to take this (literally) off track. Off this beautiful track. Cannot have enough of it. Esp Geeta Bali and her expressions, her gestures, her movements. She looks just SO FAB.

    So Ash, have I given you plenty of material for research? ;-)

    • Pran was born in 1920 as well, Dilip Kumar in 1922 and Dev Anand in 1923. BTW, Dada Moni passed away at the age of 90 in 2001 and so did V. Shantaram.

    • Hi. A few responses to contents of Raja’s comment.

      Nine Hours to Rama can be seen for free on YouTube, at Tripmonk’s site:
      (Just search within the site or scroll down – it’s pretty easy to find.) I didn’t watch it all the way through, though. I found the direction…or something…to be a bit boring. I don’t think it got good reviews either.

      By the way nice list of old actors who are still around. Did Achala Sachdev ever benefit from playback singing by Shamshad Begum? If I’m not mistaken, Shamshad is still around and is a bit older.

      • I think Shamshad is still around and in her late nineties!

        That’s what a life spent doing what you love will do for you, right? :)

        • YEP Shamshad Begum still around and as clear as she was when she was young, saw her interview a few weeks ago and she recalls lotsa trivia, wish we cud hv recorded that.. grand down to earth lady.

          Cheers .)

    • I have Fashionable Wife but haven’t watched it yet. It is def. 1958. Geeta’s sister is Yogeeta’s mother, so she is Yogeeta’s maternal aunt. Geeta’s sister produced films early on and then married a producer herself (I can’t remember his name)…

      Agree, Achala has a lovely very “shanti” way about her, although she doesn’t remind me of Geeta much. But she is beautiful, and always remained so.

    • Raja
      indeed the grand lady Achalaji is still alive, last seen in Straight (2009) looks elegant as ever, same as Waheeda Rehman who ofcors is younger… both have the grace.

      And yeah I wud agree Achalaji and Geetaji being Punjabi kudis, have quite a few similar characteristics.BTW in case readers are not aware her real name is Harkirtan Kaur.

      We wud have loved to see her last unfinished phillum, where she was the Producer namely-

      She started Rano, based on Rajinder Singh Bedi’s famous novel Ek Chaddar Maili Si based on a widow’s remarriage to her brother-in-law.Upcoming star Dharmendra played the hero

      Now for a ‘NUT CRACKER ‘-
      Mithun, Yogeeta, the Kapoors, Manmohan Desai, the Bachchans & Ramesh Sippy!
      Mithun Chakraborty’s wife Yogeeta Bali’s aunt was Geeta Bali, actor Shammi Kapoor’s first wife. This means Gen Now’s Mimoh (Mithun’s son), Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor are family! Shammi Kapoor’s daughter is wedded to filmmaker Manmohan Desai’s son Ketan Desai. Shashi Kapoor’s son Kunal Kapoor married Ramesh Sippy’s daughter. His brother Raj Kapoor’s daughter Ritu Nanda’s son Nikhil Nanda is married to Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan’s daughter Shweta. Ramesh Sippy, incidentally, is also director Rohan Sippy’s father and the son of producer GP Sippy. Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna’s brothers were actors Premnath and Rajendranth. Manmohan Desai, when he passed away, was said to be engaged to yesteryear actress Nanda, the great-niece of filmmaker V Shantaram and daughter of actors Master Vinayak and Meenaxi. As for the other Kapoors… while Anil Kapoor’s father Surinder Kapoor was Geeta Bali’s secretary, the Kapoor families aren’t related. “We’re country cousins,” says Aditya Raj Kapoor, Geeta Bali and Shammi Kapoor’s son

      Yes Raja, Fashionable Wife is from 1958, the one with Abhida, poss there was one more with same title from 1938 ? And the songs are lovely indeed.

      Wow research for these Goldies, so muuuuuch to do and unfort so little info is available..

      I am pretty sure Achlaji never acted in any phillum as solo leading lady, perhaps a earlier phillum with double hero/heroine ??

      Finally will u/l some Nostalgia of Geeta in a few days, mayb tmrw, am sure many are not seen b4.


  14. Dharm Paajee and Joy….. hm.m… me feels none exist together, not even caneo roles .)

  15. Geeta was not just attractive, she was so fiesty. And ebullient. She is awesome in this. Thank you Memsaab for sharing this :)

  16. Wanna see some amazing pictures of Geeta, then check this link, just ignore a few others of S K Prem, etc



  17. Love the Tequila video!..also the song, the drink :). Love Geeta playing a mean air sax and Ted and the group doing the Indian Twist. Mucho thanks to you and Tom. :D

    Here’s a version of Tequila by Sir Paul McCartney http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Nw2VSjETW4

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