Go Honey go!

Honey is a very awesome and intelligent German Shepherd in the somewhat less awesome and intelligent film Zindagi (1964). Gemma cheered her on with gusto whenever she appeared onscreen.


See? My dog really does watch Hindi movies with me!

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29 Comments to “Go Honey go!”

  1. Awwwwww….that’s the most adorable thing ever!

  2. Does Gemma have a choice? :)

  3. Aiee! I want to give Gemma a big squeeze! Look at that shiny coat and those adorable ears! Nom nom NOM!

  4. Adorable Gemma!
    looking forward to Zindagi review and of Dastak. Am really curious about your opinion on Dastak.

    • I haven’t watched Dastak yet (that’s why it’s in that pile!)…I don’t know if I’ll write up Zindagi, it was good for the first half and then enraged me in the second half. I just hate martyred women and stubborn chauvinistic men :-)

  5. I say, Gemma is one beautiful dog! I feel like she deserves something better than Zindagi, but all I can think of at the moment is “Milan”, a 50s tear-jerker with Nalini Jaywant, Ajit and a beautiful, intelligent black(? – it’s a b&w movie, so the dog could be red for all I know) dog who saves the day.

    A word of caution for you on “Dastak” – watch when you are extremely happy and feeling exceptionally kindly towards the opposite sex.

    • She is a beauty :) Her antics helped me get through Zindagi, although she went off to sleep when Honey disappeared for a while. Ajit, Nalini and a smart dog??? MUST SEE this film you speak of!

      Dastak is one that I am waiting until I am in the appropriate frame of mind for, definitely. May not happen for a while though!

    • “Dastak” – watch when you are extremely happy and feeling exceptionally kindly towards the opposite sex.”

      A very sound piece of advice!

  6. “No. She would just choose Haathi Mere Saathi over and over and over again.”

    Ha–Gemma’s beautiful and she’s got taste :-) Though obviously it’s Ramu and his companions that inspire the lurve?

    • She is sort of indiscriminate, I am sad to say. Any elephant will do. Her blood gets fired up by the elephant race near the beginning and Ramu & Co. just keep it at boiling.


  7. Aww how adowable is Gemma??? Many kissies from Hunnybunny and me! Hunny is sadly impervious to anyone in movies except she does that cute Baroo? thing when she hears a dog barking in a film. She also abhors doorbells and knocks on doors in films. Oh, and bicycle bells. I always press the mute button when it seems like someone os going to press the doorbell incessantly :p

    • Hunny would have barked everytime someone yelled “Honey” at the German Shepherd too.

      I guess Gemma is unusual in her love of television. She even barks at cartoon animals (but not cartoon people). She used to bark if someone knocked, but she’s deaf as a post now!

      • Wow! Even cartoon animals! That is really impresive! I believe the
        reason most dogs don’t watch tv is because they see so much
        faster than us and can see the “blanks” between each of the
        24 frames per second. Lovely experiment on how Moti is
        actually smarter socially than Pedro the ape bomb


        • And one of the reasons why they are so attuned to our emotions is
          precisely because they can “see” the blanks between the blink of a
          eye. :)

        • That’s interesting. Sometimes I look at her and wonder what on earth is going on in her little walnut-sized brain :-) There is an awesome book about animal behavior written by a woman who is autistic (she’s awesome herself, works with the meat-packing industry to make conditions for animals more humane)…her name is Temple Grandin and the book is called “Animals In Translation.” It’s superb!

          • (going thru her website), you are right – she is amazing!
            Thanks for the tip – she is blowing my mind. :)

          • A lot of things that used to puzzle me about Gemma were cleared up by her :-)

          • I have that book! Tell me you got yours from Costco? :-D But on canine anthropology, nothing, absolutely nothing beats books by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas esp. ‘The Social Lives of Dogs’ and ‘The Hidden Lives of Dogs’. For example, you will learn such fascinating things as humans applying perfume is the same as dogs rolling in roadkill :-D and other cool stuff. Describes the evolution of wolves -> proto dog -> dog. There’s also an awesome photo of a 10,000 yr old grave in Israel of a man buried with his dog- the oldest human+dog combined burial. Seriously, go get the books.

          • Already there, Pitu!!! They are good! Temple’s new book (Animals Make Us Human) is also very interesting, talks quite a bit about misconceptions about wolves—eg that they are pack animals; they actually live in family groups, not as unrelated pack members—lead to misconceptions about dog behavior as well.

  8. Waah, she is really all eyes ! She is really paying close attention.

  9. I just loooooove dogs.. and ur Gemma is cutest little thing i hv seen… i have 2 at my mother’s place… however they r bigger ones! But any type is fine by me… Plzzzzz give my hugsss 2 ur Gemma!!!

  10. Me searching for Gemma’s blog, Greta. Send me the URL :-)

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