Long before Paul Newman appeared on bottles and jars of “Newman’s Own” salad dressings and spaghetti sauce, Dilip Kumar’s image was decorating jars of “Table Tasties” chili pickles. Hot indeed!


I would dearly love to taste Amrose Syrup! Mmmmmm…(but why isn’t Dilip’s picture on this ad and who is that girl?)


He didn’t sell tea-sets, but I still love this ad too: I know I can always use some extra charm! Plus it uses one of my favorite things: the classic Indian “qualifier”—it’s the largest pottery unit (under Indian management)


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16 Comments to “Yummy!”

  1. So that’s where all the taste of my tongue went!

  2. I love the line “this is not a cheap product manufactured for commercial profits”. :-)

  3. A pickled Dilip Kumar in a bottle! I dont think I could’ve had it, though.

  4. I love all of the lines, but that “cheap product” one made me keel over. Made under modern scientific and hygienic conditions, unlike everything else you eat!

    I also like “Remit Money in Advance” ;-P

  5. There is much to love here; at the moment, my favorite bit might be that “filmstar” is just one word! FILMSTAR! Henceforth I shall be known as blogstar, thanks very much :)

  6. I wonder if these ads had his sanction. But they are really wonderful.

  7. Yes, those were the days when endorsements were not known, so Dilip Kumar’s photo on the pickle jar could well be without his approval. and those days a filmstar considered it an honour, not an infringement of his commercial interests.

    I recall that Lux soap would not pay any money to film actresses. rather film actresses were keep to act in Lux soap ads. If an actress was approached to figure in Lux soap ad, then it was Lux soap management’s way of telling her that she had arrived as a filstar. And that meant a lot to the actress concerned. In other words, it was sellers market those days.

    Yes, those were the days .

  8. Next time I meet my parents, I must find out if they sampled these not-cheap pickles. And the syrup! ;-)

  9. And who is Filmstar Naina in the Bengal Potteries ad….. never heard of her… any movies we know she has done?

  10. A quick search of imdb shows up two Nainas, the second one did only one film but she is probably this one:


    She was apparently in Gumnaam! Maybe as Mehmood’s sister?

  11. Are the Dilip Kumar Table Tasties for real? How cool! Any clue on what year this was available? It’s interesting that the word used is ‘hot’ and and not ‘spicy’ (as is ‘pasteurized’ without a second ‘s’, but flavour with ‘u’!). The delight of the Moghul Emperors indeed! =) As always, thanks for sharing, Memsaab.

    • The ads were published in one of my Filmindia magazines…either 1955 or 1957 :) Maybe your parents would remember them? Or grandparents? :-) You are welcome of course!

  12. Thanks memsaab for info on Naina.

    Here is a link to a site that has put together a list of 126 supporting actors with their photos. Most are very well known but I dont know how much the rest are known about. It could be interesting to figure out where the unknown ones have appeared!


  13. I love the line ““this is not a cheap product manufactured for commercial profits” too, but more because it made me think that Dilip must’ve had a deep, unwavering commitment and dedication to promoting pickles and pickledom regardless of profit? Perhaps there are still some Kumars out there fulfilling his legacy…

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