I think this blog needs some color! And I know I do.


Baburao’s caption reads:

What an upholstery! After this how dare we call ourselves a starving people? And why do we at all need the American loan for our Five-Year Plan when the design is already so perfect and so complete? What we seem to need is a Ramzan every alternate month. Mala Sinha brings new tension to the screen in “Phir Subha Hogi”, a sensational theme produced and directed by Ramesh Saigal.

I don’t think even I have ever worn this much makeup.


Baburao says:

This lad is in his second season radiating new manly charm which is bound to thrill a million female hearts. We wish, however, that he had been less generous with the lipstick. Dilip Kumar plays a dynamic role in “Kohinoor”, a thrilling romance produced by Dr. V. N. Sinha for Republic Film Corporation.

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21 Comments to “Color!”

  1. lol! Baburao is soooooo caustic!!! :-) Does he ever mention the “upholstery” of the male variety? There was quite a lot to of it around in the 50s.

    Dilip may be a tad generous with the lipstick but I must admit that he rocks it – I would never dare to wear that color!

  2. Think he had to wear lipstick like that to achieve a particular look in a black and white movie?

    • If that still is actually from Kohinoor (which was B/W), then possible.
      All that gold and deep red gives me the creeps. I’m trying not to look at his lips – and how they’re a contrast with those really hairy eyebrows. ;-)

  3. I have no idea! but he does rock it, and so does Baburao with his comments :-)

  4. LOL about the comments beneath Mala Sinha’s picture! He has been kind in pointing out that she needs to lose weight – ref to “we need Ramazan every alternate month” which as we know is the month of fasting!

    The American Loan he is referring to was known as PL 480 which was a kind of loan for getting wheat into India plus to implement the five year plan in a period of drought (at that time)

  5. And now whats a guy got to say here :)….Mala Sinha’s pose must have been pretty racy for the 50’s…

  6. Wow, that is intense color! It’s been quite cloudy here–thanks for brightening my night. LOL

  7. post more please…. hilarious stuff!

  8. upholstery! very very mean!
    in a nine yard sari, everybody seems to have… you know what, and i think that looks great!
    A sto the lipstick, I think it depned son the film development. the fotos were not always image-true during those days.

    “Does he ever mention the “upholstery” of the male variety?”
    Well said, bollyviewer!

  9. I don’t recall any mention so far about male upholstery, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t! I am pretty sure in fact that he’d have no qualms about it.

    More to come! I don’t feel much like writing these days, so will post scans instead :-D

  10. I just realized I could do with a little less upholstery and lot more lipstick.

    [Feeling you on the general dinsinclination :( ]

  11. Our leading ladies were pretty well endowed (and without silcon too) in those days, but there are some additional paint strokes added in strategic places for sure.

    I remember those days the movie advertisement hoardings and billboards used to add more than a few inches here or there to make the heroines and VAMPS more attractive! Indian males those days loved what were then called the ‘Ajant-Ellora’ type, well rounded ‘thunder thigh’ women.

  12. That should read ‘Ajanta Ellora’ types.

    • That is AWESOME, Ajanta-Ellora types :-) Clear evidence that I was not born in the right era myself!

      And it’s funny, because Mala Sinha always seems to me to be one of the more slender actresses of her time…

  13. thanks for the colour! mr kumars lipstick definitely brightens up my day! :D

  14. I think she looks completely hot. When I looked Baburao it did say that he was married, married several times. I know there wasn’t an acceptance of homosexuality in his society then (and now), but his catty comments make me want to put my well upholstered arm around him, and tell him it’s OK to come out of the closet. His misogyny is possibly a give away. He just wants to be one of us. One of us women, held in the embrace of Dilip, kissing us with his well lipsticked lips. Wait, now I’m confused. :)

  15. What fun! I loved the comment about the starving people!! But somehow this upholstery could promote another kind of starving?! (naughty I know)

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