Kabir Bedi is—the Marlboro Man!

Or the Wills Filter Kings Man, as the case may be.


I still think he looks better with a beard.

(From the June 19, 1970 Filmfare magazine.)

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41 Comments to “Kabir Bedi is—the Marlboro Man!”

  1. You are an amazing source of bolly history. I have been looking for a pic of Kabir Bedi without the beard for a long time. Thanks :)

  2. O My! He’s smokin’ in more ways than one!!!! ;-D

    But ya, even I think he looked better with a beard. I’ve recently acquired Daku where he has a full complement of beard and dacoit-y badass-ness!

    • Definitely he did, and I’m not a beard person really. And I’m dying to see Daku—can’t wait to read your write-up! Laxmi Chhaya and Bindu are in it too!

      • I havent had time to watch it yet. Just did a quick ff through it – the print (audio and video) were super-bad and there were too many close-ups. But Bindu and Lakshmi Chhaya (and *of course* Kabir Bedi) look beeeeutiful, especially Lakshmi – she is almost unrecognisable without make-up!

  3. Yummy enough to play James Bond. Still looks gorgeous. I loved him so much as a turbaned Sikh in Main Hoon Na. He can still beat the current crop of top stars in the looks department with one hand tied behind his back.

  4. Mmmm. Now that’s what I call a good way to start the day – I’ve just logged in, so now I know my day’s gonna be a good one ;-)

    Thank you!

  5. He looks better bearded…yet oddly enough…

    I’m suddenly craving a cigarette…even though I’m asthmatic…

  6. totally agree about the beard!

  7. Definitely much more hot with the beard. It’s funny, but if you put a Native American headdress on him and a pair of buckskins, he’d look like one of those anonymous Hollywood Indians from John Wayne movies. Maybe it’s the killer cheekbones?

  8. watch khoon bhari maang too. lots of great shots of KB

  9. Kabir was insanely popular here in Spain thanks to the Sandokan TV Series. We only got two stations here when it was aired… so it pulled millions and millions of audience every night!

    • That was an Italian series, right? In all my late 70s magazines his “international” career is both mocked and made much of. Sort of dog-in-the-mangerish :)

  10. great looks with or without beard!
    the only problem is that he is smoking!

  11. I also think the same.But i hvn’t seen any Kobir pic with out beard.Many many thanks.

  12. I saw an entire film with him where he didn’t have a beard. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it, but it was one of his first ones (maybe Hulchul?)…

  13. I think there are some movies out there, where kabir doesn’t have a beard.
    At times I’ve a feeling he looks too good.
    Too good to have him around!
    Somehow he isn’t sympathetic to me.
    I think its just me!

  14. now he was a total hottie and he has maintained himself well.. and at 63..his last girlfriend is atleast 30 yrs younger.. true hollywood style man..

  15. Sandokan was really popular; at the time one of my uncles, a handsome brown-bearded sikh (like Bedi), was on a trip in Italy. His Italian host told the restaurant that they were eating in that he was “Sandokan’s cousin” …I believe the commotion caused by that was considerable and the host had a hard time of dealing with the Italian fans :)

  16. I don’t remember if it was Italian; probably! Maybe they mock him, but here, he was succesful, even an idol for women and girls. He starred in some movies.

    Check this:


  17. Well it was only the Indian magazines to my knowledge which mocked him, and I think it was mostly jealousy :-) But I know he was hugely successful in Europe. He and Parveen Babi would have had gorgeous children…

  18. My other half tells me that here in Spain he was so popular that you would see hysterical scenes reminiscent of the Beatles and the chant went
    (for those who can understand spanish):
    Sandokan, capullo
    quiero un hijo tuyo

    a very bold statement for the time indeed!

  19. Great find!

    Just an aside: Not many people know this but, at one time his father Baba Phyare Lal Bedi, then a lefty and not a spiritual person, used to be an important adviser to Sheikh Abdullah of Kashmir.

    Anyway, here’s my little collection of Indian cigarette ad.

  20. My favorite film of his is Khoon Bhari Maang (1988). He plays the ultimate heel as Rekha’s unfaithful husband. Produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan with great music by brother Rajesh. Rekha won best actress (Filmfare).

  21. After Gangaa Jamuna Saraswathi I’m taking a break from the 80s, but I’ll try to remember Khoon Bhari Maang when I’m ready to dive back in!

  22. Kabir Bedi was immensely popular here in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s as Sandokan and every girl wanted to be Lady Marianna. He still is the most gorgeous man I have seen and many Czech women would agree. No contemporary actor can compare to him.

  23. His best movie was Kaache Daage with equally handsome Vinod Khanna . One of my all time top five Indian movies!

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