Trivia time #37


Ramanand Sagar made many “Jubilee” hits in the 1960s, including Geet, Aarzoo, Aankhen and Kohinoor. He also made a television series out of the Ramayana, which became such a smashing success that the streets were empty when it aired.

Can anyone tell me the name of his younger brother, who is still active in the film industry today?

Aspaan was right! It is Vidhu Vinod Chopra; Ramanand Sagar was the eldest of (I think) eight children. Their sister—the youngest of the eight (and the only girl)—told me that on the sets of 3 Idiots recently and I was very surprised to hear it! 

(Geet album cover courtesy of Third Floor Music)

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10 Comments to “Trivia time #37”

  1. Vidhu Vinod Chopra :)

  2. Wow! I had no idea Vidhu Vinod Chopra had any relationship with Ramanand Sagar, but a quick search reveals that it might be true. No wonder Hindi films have everybody related to everybody else – the filmi people seem to be like that in real life!

  3. is it anand sagar? or moti/subhash/prem? i’m think its anand or prem

  4. I’m not putting in my two cents here, because you told me the answer to this when you were in Delhi! ;-)

    Are you going to be reviewing Geet soon?

  5. I haven’t seen it in a while and would need to rewatch it…but maybe! :-)

  6. wow, I didn’t know that!
    would never connect those two!
    So Sagar is not Ramanand Sagar’s last name!
    one always learns here something new!

  7. Both belong to a Punjabi family that made Kashmir its home.

  8. In the Sunday Times dated 14/06/2009, Anupama Chopra, married to Vidhu Vinod affirms, “Yes, they are half-brothers. Their father married Vinod’s mother after Ramanand’s mother expired.”

  9. Yes, I heard about the relationship from Vinod’s sister herself…never would have guessed it in a million years though!

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