In which I am besharam

A memsaab in the May 13 issue of Filmfare! (Previously they have featured Beth, Filmi Girl, the P-PCC, So They Dance and The Bollywood Fan—have I missed anyone?) 


(A gazillion thanks to Banno for scanning and sending it to me!)

And the Screen India issue published on May 6, 2009 has a half-page article which excerpts my review of Land Gold Women, and they have even given me a husband! Many thanks to Sneha (who wrote the article) for scanning it and sending it to me!


Here’s a link to the article also on Screen’s website.

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58 Comments to “In which I am besharam”

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!! You look gorgeous, darling!

  2. Ooh nice :-) But what’s with the shoddy journalism? The least they can do is get the name right! *crabby S…..*

  3. congrats, congrats! :D

  4. Congratulations on your own personal Film Fare Award! You have certainly described perfectly my own passion for Hindi cinema. Keep up the awesome work.

  5. Congratulations! This must feel so connecting….and acknowledged and warm.

    Here’s to many more!

  6. Besides it being super-nice that you are in here – I think it’s a nice article, too — their part and your part.

    I personally want the Hindi film world to know about you and “us,” their small, devoted, intense, and seriously knowledgeable non-South-Asian fan base. This article is an ideal representative of this entity – I like the beginning in which you Memsaab are the one who knows where Mera Naam ChinChinChu comes from.

    Just to be lazy about it – I’ll say, it seems important to me.

    On another note, I look forward to news of your husband in Screen India.

  7. Well Memsaab, I think it’s safe to say you are now a ‘celebrity’. You know what that means, right? You can have an affair with any actor you choose! Er…any single actor…so Shammi’s off the list. Anyway, congrats…looking forward to finding out more about your ‘husband’, if someone else is good enough to scan you the article.

    • Yes, Shammi is off the list. His wife is too sweet! But I think most of the single actors are young enough to be my sons, which doesn’t really appeal to me :-)

  8. You’re going places (or going more places than before? ;-) … whatever). Very happy to hear about Screen India – I’ll keep an eye out for it!

  9. The husband thing – maybe you or fate will want to play it the way Priyanka’s made up fiance story went in Salaam-e-Ishq . . .

  10. Congrats. Photos with hot actors. Article in filmfare. Link up Rumours have already begun. Next what memsaab? :D
    How about, A Bollywood movie role with you running around trees (or maybe an item number doing the lakshmi chaya style thumkas and all! ;) ).

    Keep it up.

    • I can just picture myself running around trees (I would be gasping for air in a most un-sexy way)…and I can only dream of dancing like Laxmi :-)

  11. Congrats!
    Great ARticle!
    That’S the way ahha ahha!

  12. Congratulations. A Husband ? Looks like I will need to develop my (non existent) interest in Bollywood gossip mongering to find out more.

  13. And thanks to all of you for your support and for reading (or pretending to read) my endlessly long blurbs. I feel really blessed to have you in my life!

  14. I hear that they have even given me a husband! (I don’t have access to it, sadly, but if any of you in India want to scan it and send it to me I’ll post it here too.)

    Must resist obvious joke about mail-order husband. Nahin! I still made the joke. :) But seriously, getting published wouldn’t happen to a nicer person. :)

  15. Congratulations!

  16. Woohoo! Bollybloggers are taking over the world. Congrats!

  17. Regarding the error about your spouse… I am sure the web master can fix that. Wonder how they got that…. “Bad phone connection?”.. also tell them internet is spelled with a capitol “I”. Nah just kidding on that:)

    • They could fix it on the online version, but the printed one is already out there :) My blog name was thought up by my friend’s husband—so the writer just got it twisted around. Pretty funny!

  18. badhaaii memsaab! Loved the piece, especially the last line (in the scanned Filmfare article). I can only say to that – Amen!

  19. Many many congratulations, Greta.
    It feels really nice and warm to read this (both the Filmfare and the Screen write-ups).
    What I like most is that whatever you do, you do as a “labour of love” – your love for Indian movies.
    (Much like Atul’s “labour of love” being his song-a-day blog).
    And this l-o-l shows in your writing.

    Like Sunil has said, this recognition could not have happened to a nicer person (and I can confidently say this without having ever met you. Your blog speaks for you).
    Hope you have many more interesting experiences in your journey exploring India and Indian movies.

    I just LOVE reading your blog.
    And of course I love the fact that you pick and discuss movies like “Panch Ratan” and actors like Laxmi Chhaya. But for you, they would be lost for eternity to current and future generations.
    Not to mention movies of the 60s and 70s (evoking memories for me of my schooldays).

    Congrats once again.

  20. It’s only “labour” when I have to sit through films like Doli or Jeevan Jyoti! :-D

    It all feels nice and warm to me too, especially all your comments. I can’t say enough about how much joy you all bring to me—if I sat and wrote everyday and nobody read it I would probably just give it up…so thanks for keeping me going!!!

  21. As for the “husband” faux pas in the Screen piece, it may be from “force of habit” for film journals. :-)
    They are used to “throwing in” a titbit here or there anyway. :-)

    I remember when I was a little boy film magazines were busy marrying off the then-most eligible and everybody’s dreamgirl Hema Malini to various heroes. From Sanjeev Kumar to Jeetendra, she was supposed to be marrying them all.
    Sanjeev in fact admitted that he wanted to marry her – and I think Jeetendra did too.
    Finally she ended up with Dharam.
    The point is, for Indian film magazines, a “marriage” or “likely marriage” is a nice twist of imagination.
    We of course there is no such thing with you.
    You are married to Hindi films and to Gemma. :-)

    • LOL!!!! I AM married to Hindi films (but Gemma is even more independent than I am, truthfully)…

      The husband thing is just little *oops* (my friend’s husband came up with the name for this blog—thanks Mike!!!) and it’s given me and several of my friends a good laugh :) So no harm done! I have a bunch of film magazines from the 70s and yes—poor Hema was getting married off and then dumped left and right for about ten years!

  22. Yahoooo!!!! Your first Filmfare (and Screen, too)! And I am so glad they/you chose that post for the article. I love hearing how people with no connection to India get into Bollywood-watching and I am sure readers of the magazine would love it too!

    PS: I think it was mean of you to get rid of your husband after he was instrumental in helping you choose your blog’s name! ;-)

  23. woo hoo! congrats!

  24. The filmfare one is so well done ! Screen sure made a blooper !

    Congrats … may more and more people flock to your blog.. you deserve it totally

    • Filmfare misspelled my name, so it’s even I think!!! And really neither blooper matters, and I’m very honored to have been featured by both :-)

  25. Congratulations!

    “Like Sunil has said, this recognition could not have happened to a nicer person (and I can confidently say this without having ever met you. Your blog speaks for you).”

    My thoughts exactly!

    And I really would love it if you get to be in an Indian film. Hey I’m happy even thinking about it :)

    • You are nice :)

      But I have to say that I have NO wish to be in an Indian film (or any other film for that matter)…I am a stricly behind the scenes kind of person!

  26. Hey Memsaab,

    So pleased for you over your new fame in Filmfare and Screen India — you deserve the recognition! I am continually impressed by the depth of your knowledge of hindi cinema and really enjoy your blog.

    I have also noticed that you seem to have connections within the hindi film industry. So I was wondering if you could work on getting IIFA to come to the U.S. next year?! I would like to suggest Washington, D.C. as the festival site — it is the nation’s capital after all (oh, and I live there too). However, I would consider deferring to Boston if necessary.

    Congrats again.


  27. Congratulations Memsaab, excellent.:)

  28. Yes, I agree Memsaab, this is really wonderful… i love how you describe the need to talk to others about your love for Hindi cinema, since so few of your everyday friends actually watch these older Hindi films… after a 3 hour film, theres alot to discuss!! it’s exactly the reason i feel so validated by your blog…. thanks so much! and btw – i need to make a point to check your blog more often, because when i dont, and then finally do… i find myself “catching up” for hours! lol congratulations again to you.. it’s definitely well deserved
    – dj carlito

  29. Thanks very much :-) You’ve made my day with such a nice compliment—I’m very happy to have people like you to talk with about all things filmi!

  30. Wonderful! So glad to see you featured.

  31. Oh yes, and congratulations on the husband too. ;)

  32. Yes, there is lot of catching up to do, in case you miss out on this blog for a few days. Therefore I make sure I check up on this blog every day

  33. Congrats :)
    I think they’ll soon write about some Polish blog :P

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