Oh what fun!


In so many ways it feels like I was gone for a long time, and yet the time in India sped by too. It was a wonderful trip thanks to Raju, who facilitated my movie adventures and is in the midst of making a film which I just can’t wait to see; and my new Bengali “family”—Suhan, her friend Gautam, and their relatives, who all showed me that incredibly warm hospitality that Indians are justly famous for. I made new friends and met old ones; explored more of India’s rich history in Hyderabad, Delhi and Calcutta; and discovered the unspoiled beauty of the Sundarbans forest. And of course one of my fondest dreams came true!

I know you all want to see photos from the sets, but I was pretty negligent in taking pictures of Aamir and Kareena and the others; I was too busy having fun just watching them and hanging out. In any case, I was not really supposed to take pictures (beefy men in uniforms warned me against it). I think I have mostly covered everything of note in my comments earlier so I won’t repeat them here. I will just reiterate that I had great fun with the cast and crew of 3 Idiots, and it’s going to be a really good film.

I did take the usual photos of stray dogs and children:



and managed (when allowed) to document the historic monuments I visited (this is part of the Qutb Minar in Delhi):


I loved the Charminar and Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, and the tombs there. I have decided that I need some built-in shelves like the women in the zenana at Golconda had:


The intense heat in Bengal nearly killed me, but Suhan’s beautiful mother lent me a cool, airy Bengali cotton saree to wear one evening. The handlooms there are just so gorgeous!


In a village on the way to the Sundarbans I saw a new (to me) kind of school bus that cracked me up, where cyclists towed along cages crammed with small boys. They seemed completely untroubled by this form of transportation and waved at me happily.



The Sundarbans are gorgeous even though I felt like I was being slowly roasted on a spit:


And though we didn’t see a tiger we did see spotted chital deer and a creepy gigantic monitor lizard which was almost as large as the deer:


I discovered the luscious, mouthwatering joy of mosambi (fresh sweet lime juice):


Why do we not have this fruit here in the US? Why? Or do we, and I just don’t know it?

Also keeping me hydrated: a very special kind of bottled water:


It uses Reverse Osmosis AND Ozonisation. Drinko!

I ate way too much fried bread as usual and don’t really regret it one bit:


I always gain weight in India!

I was very happy to meet the talented Banno (and Dhanno and Teja)—they fed me a yummy lunch at their home and gave me some lovely gifts including two of Teja’s drawings. Yay! In Delhi I met Madhu, who went shopping with me (not a task for the faint of heart!) and took me to a great Italian restaurant for lunch (owned, apparently, by a guy from Sicily who came to India to escape the mafia). It was just great to meet my filmi soulmates in person finally! They also both took me on auto rickshaw rides (I love auto rickshaws) and I accidentally caught both of them in the rear-view mirrors.


And as you all know by now, back in Bombay Shammi graciously agreed to meet me (thanks to Aamir). Raju went with me, and we were greeted at the door by Shammi’s lovely wife Neila Devi, who laughed when I told her that I was more envious of her than any other woman on earth. She said: “I was a big fan of his too when I married him!” When Shammi appeared, he took my hands and looked me over, and I really did almost faint. Those eyes of his! So green and sparkly and penetrating! We were there for about an hour (we had afternoon tea with them). Shammi is still very handsome and charismatic. I am even more smitten now than I already was. They both told Raju how much they like his films (Shammi said that Lage Raho just blew him away), and we talked a bit about some of Shammi’s early ones. He said that he himself has not seen Miss Coca-Cola, and that he would love to see Coffee House again since it’s the film where he and Geeta met and fell in love. His wife and I both want to see Raat Ke Rahi too, but it doesn’t seem to be available either, in any form.

I told him that I wished he’d directed more films, and he said that he really enjoyed making Manoranjan and had wanted to make it since he saw Irma La Douce on a London stage in the early 60s. (He also confirmed that the “Goyake Chunanche” lyrics which had initially puzzled me were indeed just nonsense). I think he found my taste a little suspect when I told him that I also liked Bundal Baaz—he said he had meant it to be a children’s film, but didn’t seem to be as fond of it as I am. We talked about computers too—we are both Mac users from the early days, and he showed me the room where he sits and surfs the net. Before we left Raju took some photos. Here is another of me with Shammi, and one with his wife. I really really liked her. Shammi is a lucky man!



I feel pretty lucky too.

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  1. Wow! So Memsaab finally got her way ;)….Now if only somebody would introduce me to Deepika Padukone :P…..Well,good to see ya back in action and waiting for some new posts :)

  2. Memsaab looking forward to an Aamir Khan film for a change?! ‘Awesome’ is all I have to say ;P Thanks for sharing the pics!

    • Hey I often look forward to Aamir’s releases! Just not Ghajini :-) He asked if I’d seen it and I sadly had to say No and that I don’t really want to…although he seemed to understand when I explained that it doesn’t really seem like my kind of film (I think at that point maybe Raju jumped in to explain that Dara Singh is my kind of film). I thought of you often while there though! He is a nice guy, intelligent, good sense of humor and not at all self-absorbed. I liked him.

      • Oh, no, no, I was only kidding, Memsaab! But you have yet to see Mangal Pandey, I think ;) ROTFL at that Dara Singh comment! Jokes aside, it’s freakin awesome (for lack of a better term) you got to meet him!

  3. He has got pretty big forearms! Is he gymming? lol!

  4. Great pics, Memsaab! You’re a good photographer. Interesting commentary that compliments your photos. Reverse osmosis Drinko! Cool! Momsabi – sweet lime Juice?!! Did you find time to ask Shammi about working with Helen? Miss Coca-Cola? Wasn’t Helen in that? They appeared in so many great films together: Teesri Manzil, Junglee, etc. and my favorite “Pagla Kahin Ka” where Helen had a rare starring role as Shammi’s girlfriend. Would love to see it released on DVD someday. Thanks so much for sharing your trip to India with us!

    • It’s nearly impossible to take bad photos in India :-) He did mention Helen, but we didn’t talk about her specifically. I think they keep in touch and are still good friends though. I too am waiting for Pagla Kahin Ka to come out on DVD with subtitles! I’ve seen the VCD of it, but until I become fluent in Hindi I still need those subs.

  5. Oh, Memsaab! What a story (and a true one, at that!):)
    I loved your photographs! You’re a talented photographer. :)
    Can’t believe you got to meet Aamir and SHAMMI(I know he’s your fave!)…I can’t wait to see 3 Idiots, either!:) I would have died just meeting Aamir alone. Unfortunately I’ve never seen a Shammi film yet but when the time comes I will know just who to ask!
    You looked gorgeous in a saree. And fried bread–YUM!
    As for the sweet lime juice, I don’t know why we don’t have that here. I think I had something similar in Mexico.
    Ok, sorry for all the smiley faces but I literally cannot stop smiling after reading your post…

    • It was lots of fun, and thanks (again—hard to take bad pics in India!)…Raju showed me a rough cut of the opening scenes of 3 Idiots and I didn’t want it to stop. He is really a talented filmmaker, even if I am a *little* biased about it. The songs are really nice too :-D

  6. Memsaab, good to have you back! I’m glad you enjoyed in India.. and you look just FABULOUS in that Bengali cotton saree!! Hey, please let me know when you plan to visit Bangladesh.. you’ll love it too!! :D

    • Sarees are so graceful, and it was so much cooler than wearing western clothes. I love the handwoven fabrics there….I would love to visit Bangladesh, but in the WINTER :) Need to revisit Cal again sometime (in the WINTER) too!

  7. You know what always puzzled/saddened me? Shammi must have become a pretty heavy drinker to become the “father” of Saira Banu – the heroine he introduced! in Zameer – when he was 44!

    Rajesh Khanna – who reigned for all of 6 years – if that – had a shorter time at the top. For that matter even Amitabh had a 13 year reign, followed by 14 years of struggling before finally finding respectibility.

    Put against that, times have changed a lot what with the Khans going on and on for some 20 years now. I blame it all on slick marketing. :)

    • Perhaps, or if I remember it correctly, Shammi Kapoor hasn’t given any due importance to his role as the father of Saira Banu in Zameer on the ground that its just acting – whether one does the role of a father or a lover. But to his fans, of course, this doesn’t augur too well.

      In fact, personally, I was put off at his MANORANJAN used as I was seeing him as a handsome hero in so many films.

  8. Speaking as someone who loves her wine and fried bread and is past 40 (oh how the metabolism slows down!) :) I think Shammi maybe just got tired of having to watch his weight. He had really bashed up his body too with all his onscreen antics, so wasn’t able to exercise as much any more either. He looks great now, I can tell you.

  9. Lol-ok, I can’t seem to leave your blog after reading this story, I just keep reading more and more posts and have to get back to studying! A pleasant distraction, though…focus, Nida, focus!

  10. He looks great now, I can tell you.

    He IS gymming. I can tell from the size of his forearms. :)

  11. Might be propelling himself around in the wheelchair has done it too :-)

  12. Awesome photos… I felt a little sad when I heard about the wheel chair… for someone who literally danced on his toes…

    Wish we could see his green eyes… His wife looks really royal and no wonder as per IMDB she was the queen of Bhavnagar…

    Thanks for making my day…

  13. Forgot to add… memsaab has perfected the, what we call in India… the “Colgate Smile”… or you must have been really happy :)

  14. you look very rpetty in that sari ;p

  15. Sigh! So he is not as fit as he looks in the photos. Makes me even more glad that I shot him a mail. Will forward it to you too if you gimme an id.

    BTW the drinking I extrapolated from uperstall bio of his

  16. It is really lovely to read about your experiences in India, Greta. And very good pictures too.

    It is humbling (am not sure this is the right word but cannot think of another one) to realize that some things that we Indians take for granted – like the mausambi fruit – can be an object of interest for somebody not used to it at all.

    I can imagine how hot & humid Kolkata must have been. I have been there at this time of year. Did you have “daab” ? (coconut juice straight from the coconut shell itself). Very tasty – and importantly very cooling also.

    What I really admire about Shammiji is that he still seems young at heart. So it is not just an image that he used to portray in his films. He was the first celebrity in India to embrace the Internet – this was when it was very much in its infancy in the country. His attitude towards life is more admirable than any of his films – and THAT is saying a lot !

    Hope you have managed to get enough rest and recover from your trip – I mean physically. The memories will of course remain for ever. Cheers !

    • I was so hot that I started calling myself the “tandoori gori”…sadly I have never been a big fan of coconut anything, but I did love the mosambi!

      And of course I agree completely re: Shammi :-D

  17. Fabulous!!! I’m happy to hear you had a great time and met the man himself! An hour’s time… surely enough time to spill out, “IHAVEAFRIENDNAMEDPPCCWHOLOVESYOURLILBRO!!!!” :)

    So, when are you going back?!

    • I think I forgot *looks around in fear* to even mention Shashi…

      sorry sorry sorry! please don’t hurt me!

      • That’s okay – next time! When you guys are baking cookies during your next visit, just casually drop a line like, “I bet Shashi likes cookies. You know who else likes cookies? My good friend, the eminent blogger, PPCC. Maybe we should hook them up or something?”

        And he’ll be like, “Why yes, Memsaab, that is a good idea! Coincidentally, Shashi actually keeps the PPCC on his Google Reader!”

        And you can say, “O RLY?”

        And he would reply, “YA RLY!”

        And I would just die.

  18. I think you look really lovely in the saree w/ Suhan’s mom- the color really works for you perfect. Also love the pic of the submerged trees in sundarbans. And cant thank you enough for the pic of Neila Devi- am really seeing a current pic of her for the 1st time. Am so glad to know u had a lovely time- and even gladder ur back posting- missed ya!

  19. shweta, I really liked Neila Devi. She is extremely warm and gracious and didn’t mind at all that I was drooling at her husband in front of her. She even gave him permission to put his arm around me for the photo :) And glad you like the photos…I’m gradually putting them up on flickr but it will take a while! There are lots of them!!!

  20. Hi Greta,
    Well thanks so much for all that emotion and pleasure! I was telling my wife yesterday in the bathroom about your “I can die now” , and we had a good laugh!
    I wonder at all your connections, how you can just go to India (where I’ve never been yet, sigh) and meet all those well-known people and be introduced to even more! What’s the secret? Write a blog like yours? Or be on TV like you were, or be Obama’s fellow-citizen??!
    Anyway, all this shows me that fun and happiness are possible on this earth, and that there’s a lot of GOOD to be had from a passion.
    I loved the pictures too, thanks. That LIZARD, whoosh!
    I think I had seen that “school-bus” somewhere in some film, but no surprise I can’t remember.
    Thanks to you I have been to India a little too.

    • My only connection is Raju, who I was just lucky to meet through a mutual acquaintance. In fact, he’s even the one who encouraged me to write a blog after we bonded over our love for Hindi films. So you can all thank him (or not) for memsaabstory! :)

      You must go to India of course. It is like no place else on earth. And that lizard was scarier to me than any tiger could possibly be. Ugh!

  21. You not only went to India in summer, you did sight-seeing, too! I happened to be in Delhi one summer (8 years after leaving Delhi) and I sincerely hope I need never be back in summer again!!!

    lol at the “school bus” – they were very common in my childhood and for some reason I thought they must be extinct by now. Glad to see some things dont change!

    Isnt Golconda awesome? I saw it as a kid and was fascinated by the “telephone system” where anything spoken at the highest point (the fort look-out, I guess) is audible in the guard-rooms by the gate. I dont know if our guide was just spinning stories for the kids, or if it was true.

    You do look lovely in sarees, and the one you have on in the pic is really pretty.

    • I found an awesome sunscreen, which I then tried to find again without any luck. It miraculously kept me from getting burned and the various drivers towing me around kept me hydrated with “thanda paani”—the most useful Hindi phrase in summertime to know!

      Golconda was mind-blowing. No wonder Akbar had to lay it under siege for so long, but too bad he was so mad by the time he got in that he tried to destroy it. Must have been quite impressive! The “telephone system” is apparently true although I didn’t experience it myself (I think Suhan has though)…

      And thank you :)

  22. I know everybody’s been saying this, but I have to, too: you look gorgeous in a sari! And thank you for sharing more about your chat with Shammi Kapoor – that man is just so awesome. And reading about a tete-a-tete with him had me smiling and adoring him even more! Thank you.

    PS. I never realised you managed to get me in that shot ;-)

    • I didn’t realize it either until I saw the photo on my computer! And too funny that I got Banno as well in the same way.

      Shammi…sigh. Absolutely lived up to everything I have ever felt about him. And that is saying something!

  23. Hey Memsaab, now that you are well introduced to Shammi I think you might start visiting India more often ;)… Raju is indeed a great film maker…had a privilege to discuss stories with him couple of times and the man is a SUPERHERO when it comes to stories :)

    • Hey, you know Raju too? :) How fun! Yes, one of the biggest strengths of his films is that he writes spectacular stories/scripts. And he never forgets that it’s the most important thing.

      I truly hope to keep visiting India often, and maybe even to shift there for a while! I really, really need to learn Hindi so I can stop depending on subtitles, entertaining as they may be :)

  24. “(thanks to Aamir)”

    Hahahahaaa! It must be a good feeling to be able to write that :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and I loved the photos – especially the rickshaw one with mirrors.

    And I join in everyone, you look great in that sari!

    • Ha ha—too much? I don’t want to gloat. At least not enough to alienate all of you :)

      I’m putting photos up on on flickr as I find time so you can check the link from my sidebar if you are interested.

      And thank you again!

      • OH NO! There is no gloating in the post, there is only sharing with sincerity and believe me reading these made me very happy. And that was the reaction I have when I read that Aamir quote. I was laughing from happiness actually (but I guess that didn’t translate well in writing, sorry about that)

        Your blog is my favorite because your humour is very kind and not only your prose is excellent, it is also non judgemental. And devoid of anything mean. Even when you heavily critizise a film you have a way of doing it nicely. I love that. And now I know that I have to thank Mr.Hirani too! :)

  25. pP.S Is there any technique for that wonderful smile of yours? Or is that jus just natural? I ask because I always come out looking wierd in photos. :)

  26. You are nice :) But I think it’s just because I have a big mouth! It helps a lot if the person taking the picture is quick about it and doesn’t make you wait while he/she fiddles with the camera!!!

  27. So glad you had a great time in India Memsaab! It sounds like a total filmi visit nahi? I can’t explain how I envy you – have been a Mumbai resident and obsessed with Hindi movies for most of my life but couldn’t be further away from the film world. You lucky woman!!!

  28. OM, thanks for sharing your experience. I am soooo happy for you that you were able to meet Shammi.

  29. It is posts like these that make me smile, make me feel life is worthwhile and that’s when I realize how blessed I am to be on this earth with you all divine beings and to be able to interact with you in one way or the other. God bless.

    Thank you, Memsaab.

  30. Thanks for sharing these beautiful moments with us Memsaab!
    Juanito khush hua…I’m Happy!

  31. Memsaab, it was great to know that you enjoyed your visit to India. Also proves that you are a true Shammi Kapoor fan. And, O My! Don’t you look georgeous!

  32. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful, amazing trip! Thank you so much for sharing about it.

  33. I must add my delight at the beauty that is you in a sari, Greta!

    I look very forward to seeing your photos!!

  34. So great to read all this stuff about the Shammi visit.

    He must look really charismatic in real life. Babe, you made the climb to Mt. Everest and back. Good for you.

    I always drop weight in India because I am afraid to eat anything.

  35. What an amazing trip, Memsaab! Beautiful pictures to boot. Your filmi connections never cease to amaze me :) Thanks for posting pics so the rest of us can live vicariously through you!

    You look absolutely lovely in that handloom sari – love those! The color is fantastic.

  36. By the way, isn’t it beautiful and otherworldly to walk around in palaces in India? You almost expect to catch a glimpse of a maharani’s ghagra swooshing around a corner any minute. It really is incredible to see and touch and pass through history like that.

    Have you managed trips to Udaipur/Jaipur/Jodhpur in your travels?

  37. memsaab,
    I agree with everyone who said you look gorgeous in the sari…I hope you bought yourself some Bengal cottons- my absolute favourite cottons as well!

    SounLooks and sounds like you had a wonderful time, am glad the Shammi visit worked out for you..


  38. You are all so very nice and I feel so warmly welcomed back! More photos are up on my flickr site (link to them is in my sidebar) if you’d like to see them.

    Movie reviews should start coming again soon, as soon as I can stay awake in the evening long enough to watch one!

  39. hmm
    goyake means – that is to say…
    chunanche means – hence
    in urdu
    of course dont mean much when strung together in the song but they are actual words
    Oh and I am very happy for you

  40. Oh, Memsaab, Memsaab…. (henceforth to be pronounced the way Mr. Shashi Kapoor does in ‘ Jab Jab Phool Khile)

  41. I was looking at the photos and really enjoying them. Here is a question. Why were you not allowed in Jama Masjid? Or was it just taking photos that is forbidden?

  42. Is there anything left unsaid that I can say ? In any case let me have my say as well.

    I was following this blog regularly to find out your progress in India and I was very pleased like everyone else when I came to know that you realised your long time wish of meeting Shammi Kapoor. Through you, all of us feel like we too have met him vicariously.

    The photographs are lovely. people have coomented on you in a sari. I can only reiterate their observations. I have gone through your pictures in flicr and I found that you looked just as pretty in other “desi” dresses as well.

    You visited and enjoyed India not as an outsider but as an insider since you knew just the right people in India, viz Raju to get an insider’s view of Bollywood Bollywood, and Madhu and Suhan to get an insiders view of India. The fact that you were willing to go that extra mile, instead of just following the usual tourist itenerary is what made your journey all that interesting even for desis like me.Going shopping with local ladies and stumping shopowners with your knowledge of desi hadicrafts and even local lingo, this is dream stuff and one cannot get enough of it.

    And of course, getting to meet Shammi Kapoor in the last lap of the tour- even Manmohan Desai could not have written a plot like this.

    It has been a great great experience for you as well as for your internet acquaintances like me. I have just loved reading about your passage to India.

    • You found a lot to say, and all of it so sweet! :) I love wearing Indian clothes, in fact I even wear salwar suits in the summer here at home (I only wear sarees in the house). They are so elegant and comfortable…and I am just so lucky that Indians are so welcoming and treat me like family when I am there! It’s a much better way to travel than a tour bus!

      LOL@Manmohan Desai—I would have loved to have been in one of his films, does that mean I can pretend I have been?

  43. Manmohan Desai was a past master at the Lost and Found Plots. LOL!

  44. Memsaab, GOYA KE CHUNANCHE are in my opinion not nonsensical words. It’s true that R.D. Burman thought them to be so and used them as a filler in the song of that name. GO KE would mean, AF IF, AS THOUGH, AS IF IT WERE, and such connotations. CHUNANCHE (CHUNAANCHE) would mean AND SO, a sort of finality. Therefore, the words convey the meaning of THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF IT.

    Regarding BUNDALBAAZ, it’s true that this is a comedy film with a a genie in it. Probably it was inspired by some Hollywood movie called something as A GENIE IN NEWYORK.

    You know what Memsaab, a revelation has come from Rajesh Khanna himself that he was paid a very fabulous amount by the producer of BANDALBAAZ, Nadiadwala. This amount, considering the inflation, is the highest that has ever been paid to a Bollywood actor. That’s no child movie! LOL…..

  45. Lovely, lovely photos. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time here. You look gorgeous in that sari.

  46. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. You look lovely in that beautuful sari.

  47. *IMG_0236 von memsaab.
    These smelled so sweet at night and early in the morning when they opened*
    This plant is called raatraani (queen of the night) in hindi and the latin name is Cestrum nocturnum.
    IMG_0211 is ixora.
    IMG_0152 is lagerstroemia indica or also called (don’t ask me why) pride of india.
    IMG_0300 is the fish tail palm (Caryota urens)

    • Raat Rani (Literally Queen of the Night) smells heavenly to say the least. It is often said that the fragrance of these flowers attract cobras and snake.

  48. nasir: I don’t know about cobras and other snakes. But they do attract moths, who act as pollinators of the flowers.
    it is a good experience to sit in a garden listen to soft music, with your ner and dear ones and with the fragrance of raatrani in the air. *sigh*

    • That’s okay, harvey. I was speaking of the area where there is a heavy concentration of fragrant shrubs and plantations. Again, for example, the sandalwood trees which are also infested by snakes. Anyway, take care you don’t play the Nagin music in the garden – joking of course.

  49. The raat rani was lovely, and did smell v.v. nice :-) Thanks for the info on these! I loved the fish tail palm too, it was so bizarre!

  50. Thanks for posting the photos and story I always enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of different people.

  51. Memsaab,

    This is an old post but when I saw you in that beautiful saree i just had to say you look like gorgeous Mumtaz in that. I was in India in April too –up in the hills –and I’m going again in December! I’ve gone a little India deewana.

    • Oh I’m jealous :) I might go back in December too, if I can take the time. If not, certainly I’ll be back next year at some point though.

      LOL@Mumtaz! The first time I ever saw her, I thought: oh my god, she looks like me (a much younger me, anyway). When my sister saw her, she said: oh my god, she looks like you! And then when I met Banno in India, she too said that I reminded her of Mumtaz. I really did when I was younger (looked like the younger Mumtaz). Something about the same snub nose and round face I guess.

  52. You’ve been to the UK right? I suppose you’ve been to Southall! That’s where I feed my passion for everything India, if only they could fit in the wonderful road side stalls, the rickshaws & the roaming cows!

    • I have been to London many times but never to Southall…I know, I know :)

    • LOL! That’s exactly what I do.
      Just a hop from continental Europe.
      On my last visit a couple of weeks ago I was very sorry to see that they closed down Himalaya Cinema Hall there.

      For me that was a part of the routine. Eat, buy DVDs, eat, do shopping for Indian stuff, watch a film.
      They’ve even bricked it all up :-(

      • Don’t worry! It has been resurrected many times – it was a run-down indoor market when I was little, before turning into the Indian movie cinema as you know it. I’ve read in my local newspaper not long ago that Himalaya Palace Cinema is listed, so it’s architectural design is protected. I’m sure it will open again one day.


        Before I was born, there used to be at least four other cinemas in Southall – all architecturally awe-inspiring – and most of them were eventually showing Indian films, before being forgotten by the public. One of these cinemas were turned into what I always knew as Queenstyle, a furniture shop. I don’t know why these cinemas in Southall become unpopular – you can’t find cinemas showing Indian films everywhere in the UK! Maybe because of competition with the cinema in Feltham? Maybe the awe-inspiring architecture doesn’t seem so welcoming to the current modern cinema-goer? Or perhaps the home viewing experience via videos are hindering the progress of these cinemas…?

  53. Memsaab, permit me to say you are just as BEAUTIFUL as your ever green posts…Shammi really looks dashing..

    I was wondering if you have ever met Amitabhji and Dharmendrapaaji???

  54. Great Post. Thanks!

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