I can die now


I will add more when I’ve recovered enough to do so.

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  1. O My! And you stayed conscious throughout! ;-) I hope you recover soon enough to tell us more. :-D

  2. Lovely Picture. Happy for you, Memsaab!

  3. Awesome!!! Just really, really glad!


  5. Yaaay!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!!!

    and also: SUPERWOW!!!!!

  6. H.O.L.Y F***!

    * swooning *
    * recovering, looking at the photograph again*

    H.O.L.Y F***!

  7. Oh my God!!! This is like a dream come true. I am SO happy for you my dear. You really deserved this.

  8. Aashiq hoon …..log kahe mujhe pagla kahin ka…..

  9. Lovely. I am extremely happy for you, and for the rest of us as well.

    And I cannnot wait to hear the rest of it.

  10. Wow! Amazing! :)

    Waiting to see more!

  11. I need to sleep for about twenty more hours (too bad I have to work tomorrow!) and then I will devote more time to writing about my trip in general and Shammi :) He is such a great man—still so charismatic and charming and handsome. His wife is utterly lovely and sweet too; I told her that I am more envious of her than any other woman on earth and she laughed. I have a feeling that she’s heard it before! I did not faint, but I’ll tell you that I have never been so happy to meet anyone ever in my whole life before. And he did not disappoint AT ALL.

    I did tell him that you guys all love him too, and promised to send him a link to the blog, so now is your chance to let him know how you feel! :)

  12. Mubarako, i’m really happy for you, Shammi stole my heart ever since i saw him in teesri Manzil in particular the Aaja aaja number, God bless him and his face comes to mind when i think of ’60’s bollywood

  13. How? When? Details and more pictures!

  14. HOLY SHIT!!! WOWOWOWOWOW memsaab when i saw that picture i could just see your happy ecstatic face at the scene!
    You lucky woman!



    As for this “aasmaan ka farishta”, I got one thing to say:

    O jaaneman dilara, ek nazar idhar bhi. ;)

    Greta, am so very happy for you!! I can’t imagine the excitement you must have felt…

    We love you, Shammi ji, and no one can ever be like you were on the silver screen. God bless!

  16. Yahoo!!!!! How thrilling!!! Welcome back to the Internet! XD

  17. Yahoooo! OMG! So happy for you! Can’t wait for more details on your meeting! I feel like jumping in the air! Oh…. another YAHOOOOO!

  18. He actually put his arm around you *swoons with envy*

    I am so, so happy for you!!! – And can’t wait to see more pictures, plus what you chatted to Shammi Kapoor about. How absolutely wonderful!

    Okay, I’m getting a bit incoherent and silly now (don’t know what i’d have done if I’d faced the man himself)…

    • Oh it was so cute—he asked his wife’s permission before he put his arm around me for the photo :) She was an absolute sweetheart too: I made her pose with me as well. She is lovely and warm and kind, and I’d say he really had a gift for picking his wives!

  19. Gosh.. He is the best ever ! Other stars come and go but Shammi will shine forever! Lucky Lucky Lucky you !

  20. Oh Greta, that picture made my day!! What a wonderful end to a wonderful trip!!!

  21. Yahoooo! Can’t wait for details… We love you Shammi.. Lovely and lively picture. I can almost picture Shammi’s deep voice going… “Greta hold on”

  22. Actually to be honest, more than being happy for you, I am happy for HIM, that he still has fans like you. :) God bless!

    • I don’t think he has any lack of fans despite his retirement from the screen. He surely deserves all of us—I have spent so many happy hours being entertained by and swooning over him! Nothing can pick me up from a bad day better than a Shammi Kapoor film :)

      • He surely deserves all of us

        :) Like I said, amen to that.

        • My first reaction to the photo was, and is you made
          his day. So as a fan, thank you. :)

          Shammisaab, if you read this – I am serious when I
          say this – watching Bramachari as a lonely 19 year
          old failing in engineering college – seeing you
          riding the toy train, with all the kids and that dog in
          “Chakke Pe Chakka” – it saved my sanity – if not
          more. :) So thank YOU.

  23. Escatic for you Memsaab. But Shammiji we all want a hug….you got to be fair…

    Memsaab, he will be delighted by your website… you do a fabulous job… really.. kya haseen modh pur aa gayi zindagani, ki haqeeqat ban gayi tumhari kahani….

  24. Wow mesaab – ur dream has come true! Do I need to pinch myself ? And u got a hug too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yay memsaab, truly truly happy for you.

    Some body is right in singing the An Evening in Paris song – Aasman se aaya farishta pyar ka sabak sikelaney.

    My fav shammi song from this movie is “Akeley Akeley kahan ja rahey ho” – This is the only movie I saw thrice! I hope shammi sahab reads this comment of mine!

    Congratulations memsaab on a successful India trip. Hope u get all the sleep in the world to refresh and share ur shammi tale with us !



  25. I hope you will recover soon.

  26. Wow !!!

    Fantastic picture, Greta.
    I can imagine how you must have felt – and are still feeling.
    This is just so brilliant !!!
    It is like a Hindi movie – the build-up, the maybe-you-meet-him-maybe-you-don’t, and then then the finale, the happy ending.

    Obviously we are all waiting to hear more details but this pic is a great opening statement.

    And if Shammiji is reading this, Shammiji, we are all HUGE fans of yours.

    My pathetic attempt (I sooo want Rafi saab’s divine voice for this) :
    Dil ke jharokhe mein aapko bitha kar
    Filmon ko aapke hum dil se lagaakar
    Rakhenge bas apne paas
    Aap hain sachmuch bahut khaas

    Translating for non-Hindi speakers (loosely)
    Placing you in the window of our hearts
    Keeping your films close to our hearts
    We will always keep you close to us
    You are really somebody special

  27. WooHoo! memsaab, can we guess that you’re never washing that arm or those clothes again? :-D


  28. You know, something just occurred to me, Greta: when you were in Delhi, I hugged you. And then you went to Mumbai and got hugged by the man. I’m just one hug away from him. Yippppppppppppeeeeee!!!! I’m just about as excited as you, possibly! I can die happy now.

  29. I would not wash that top if I were you!

    What sleep? You think you will ever sleep again???

  30. OMG!! what a picture!! i can’t believe it – you did it!! i’, so happy for you!! and please: details!!! :)

  31. How totally awesome! Lovely picture, and congratulations on meeting your favourite!

  32. BRILLIANT! clappings!
    and of course… “YAHOO”!

  33. I am SO happy you met him….I am a fan..and always will admire him….you lucky gal!

    can’t wait to hear and see some more from your trip, memsaab!

  34. Once I am caught up with sleep AND work :) (hopefully soon) I will do a proper post on my adventures, I promise! I had a fabulous time, and loved meeting friends from this blog in person finally. Took many photos which will go up on flickr (although not many from the 3 Idiots set yet since I wasn’t supposed to take photos there in the first place!)…

  35. Jealous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Whoaa! Great photo.

    ‘Brahmachari’ was the first film I saw in my life. No other hero has lived up to Shammi Kapoor since then in my eyes.

    Want to hear more.

  37. Memsaab, WELCOME :)

    And with such a lovely picture. One can see how happy both of you are and it brings people who look at it happiness too, so thank you and Shammi ji both.

    Congratulations to you and I know how one feels meeting her screen idol, gets to spend some time with him and finds out that he is a very good person in real life. It is a once in a life time experience!

    And set of 3 Idiots!!!!!!!! Tell us more please, and don’t leave us with this big of a cliffhanger.

    I’m looking forward to reading your next post :)

  38. *tap tap tap* she tapped her toes and “fiddled fiddled fiddled* with her bonbonniere in impatience. She then loosened her whalebone corset enough to sigh deeply. She was after all, on edge for the next blog entry.

    Her heart fluttered like a bird under her lace blouson trimmed with pink ribbons. She reached down to her slender waist, fumbling at the lacings of her pink china silk skirts. Her rosy tipped small hands patted her austrian crystal bottle of smelling salts and lavender scented handkerchief in the lacings. She would need them to revive her and wipe away the tears of joy running down her rosy cheeks and delicate blue veined throat.

    All this for when Memsaab would publish more pictures of Shammi fabulosity!

    Meanwhile back at the farm, dozens of village belles dressed in colorful skirts and carrying milk pails sang and danced in unison. The duke sighed with content and continued to shoot innocent animals on his fecund lands. He would go harrass some poor peasants later. There was always time for that, right now it was just an impatient time waiting for Memsaab to update.

    Having grown uo on Barbara Cartland and Hindi movies, I did my best :) Hee!

  39. OMG!!!

    I’m so happy for you. And you visited the 3 Idiots set? Okay, now I’m just jealous. ;)

  40. ohhhhhh..wowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  41. Wonderful to see this pic. You were quite lucky to meet him.
    Read somewhere that he wasn’t keeping well. I hope he’s doing better now.

  42. He seemed pretty well. Very sharp of mind for sure. He spends three days a week in the hospital for dialysis but he seemed quite philosophical about it all. I guess his legs are weak so he needs a wheelchair, but he looks wonderful :)

  43. am really very very very happy for you!

  44. That’s such an awesome picture.

  45. I just saw, he didn’t have one of his kaftans/robes on but a T.Shirt! Specially for you, eh?

  46. Oh. My. God. You make a great pair with him!

    He looks great :)

  47. What would it take to get SHammiji to post on your blog…. on this thread… he could do that amongst his surfing.. I would Frame that post! :)

  48. Nice snap! Both of you are adorable.

  49. It has to be a good photo since the number two director in Hindi cinema (according to Filmfare magazine) took it! :-)

    And Shammi does look great, he really really does. How I love him! even more now than before, if such a thing is possible.

  50. Sounds like you had a fun time. Did you manage to stock up on new movies while you were there?

  51. I got a few movies, but mostly the DVD-walas looked at me like I was insane when I asked for old Dara Singh films and Shaitani Dracula (sadly, could not find it)…

  52. Don’t worry memsaab, i would say “join the club” ie DVD wallah’s reaction. When I ask for old hindi movies during my visits – their reaction is typical – how long since you have been out of the country? Where r u from? UK? USA? ha ha

  53. Well, I too look up for obscure movies (for me VCD also do) and I reject many movies as they are not old and obscure enough for me. ;)

  54. WOW! He’s really pressing you. It’s so warm and not at all a casual hug, a realy friend hug!

  55. OH MY GOD! I stay away from your blog for a couple of weeks and then this!!!!!! OH MY GOD! *speechless, senseless*

  56. Ha! That’ll teach you to stay away :-)

  57. memsaab, where can I read the interview with Shammi Kapoor? I am a big fan of SK, and was intrigued when I came across your page!

  58. I didn’t interview him, I had tea with him :-) I have given a little more detail about our conversation in the post after this one though (at the end)…

  59. Shammi Kapoor wins the Phalke Legend actor award 2009!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an honour…. I just got to know about this!!!!

    Hopefully we will get to see some more pictures of Shammi Kapoor.

  60. Shammi Kapoor wins the Phalke Legend actor award 2009!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an honour…. I just got to know about this!!!!

    Hopefully we will get to see some pictures of Shammi Kapoor at the award ceremony (to be held in a few days from now.).

  61. I saw that too, and am very happy about—he very much deserves it! :-) Definitely hope to see photos from the ceremony.

  62. I am so late to comment on this..but also, very happy for u…the happiness just shines through …YAAAAAAHOOOOOOO….

  63. Dear Memsaab,
    When a long standing dream is fulfilled one is ecstatic. Now that you have met Shammi ji you must be on cloud nine.
    By the way my father Vrajendra Gaur was a film writer and wrote a few films for Shammi ji like China Town, Singapore, Jaane Anjaane.
    He also wrote Teen Deviyaan, Jaali Note, lal Paththar, Kati Patang, Anuraag, The Great Gambler, dulhan Wohi Jo Piya Man Bhaye and he was a very good friend of Shammi ji. And see my misfortune that I have never been able to meet the great man. Whats Shammi ji’s address and phone number.
    Atleast I can write with an autograph request.
    Kind Regards,
    Suneel V.Gaur

    • I don’t have his address or phone number but you can reach him on his email which is shammikapoor at gmail dot com.

      He’s pretty good about answering it, I think. Your father must have had a great many very interesting stories to tell! All the best in your quest to meet him :-) It’s worth the effort!

  64. This pic really shot my BP up ,I am so jealous of u that wish if I were u in this snap ,I am sad very sad,but I can do nothing to put myself instead of u here.
    I wish if I would have died before I had seen it.
    Ms unlucky.

    • OMG I am laughing so hard at this. Hilarious!!! I hope, Ms Sad & Unlucky, that your wish comes true and you someday meet the lovely man himself. I will send lots of energy to that end in your direction!

      *goes into another gale of laughter and falls off chair*

  65. Thank u so much
    May ur hope comes true and I can meet him someday , really I will reborn if I can do it.
    My life dream to see him personaly and look at him face to face.
    It is top my wishes, pls pray for me.

    But why u laughed at my comment ,it is real and not joke u know.
    pls send him my greeting.
    Tell him abt my dream may be he will feel pity for me pray for me too.
    God bless u
    Thank u one more time,
    Ms sad

  66. I am soooooo jealous!!!! I was heart broken when he died.. I wanted to meet him once before he died.

    I used to really lurrrrve him. His movies a d antics were like sunshine on a gloomy day. And his antics notwithstanding he was quite charming and polished. More so than the rest of his family!

    Sorry have been rambling on, my name is Devika and I love old movies and happened to stumble on your blog accidentally. Have been reading your musings on the movies a lot and completely agree with your perspective on all of them!

  67. Luckiest memsaab in the world :D What a hug! Shammi Kapoor is still with us through his movies, and songs. Everyday, I must hear one of his songs.. Thank you Rafi saab!

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