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April 23, 2009

Ted Lyons & His Cubs update

My favorite band Ted Lyons & His Cubs have been spotted two more times now (film numbers five and six!) by dustedoff (thank you for letting me know).

They accompany a shimmying Laxmi Chhaya (and some guy with a lampshade on his head) in 1967’s Raat Aur Din which I am dying to see but cannot find anywhere *sob*:


And here they are in 1965’s Mere Sanam (review coming up!):


Incidentally, this guy shows up in the same scene, dancing with Asha. I need to know who he is! Pompadour Man! I see him everywhere.


Someone said once that he might be Vijay or Oscar from the choreographer duo, but I can’t find much about them either.

So many questions, so few answers. Hindi film history is so murky and veiled in mystery. Sigh.

Edited to update: He is in fact Oscar! One mystery solved.